52 Caravan Hacks and Mods

52 Caravan Hacks, Storage Ideas & Mods!

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Get your caravan organised in no time with these 52 caravan hacks, storage ideas and mods. We’re talking storage solutions, containers, towels, hooks, holders, nooks, make-up, jewellery, crockery, laundry, linen, clothing, cleaning, boxes, mats, dust proofing, DIY, BBQ ideas and more!

After living in a caravan for four years, I think I’ve finally got everything sorted. Gosh, who am I kidding?! Caravan life is a forever-changing gig. But I have tried (and failed at) so many different ways of doing things in my tiny home on wheels, right down to which bloody bin works. 

Not only does everything need to fit in, plus weigh no more than a feather, but it needs to be out of the the way and preferably not need to be packed away every time you move. 

There are a lot of boxes to tick!

So 400 bins and 168 hooks later, plus trialling 1000 different ways of doing things, this is where I landed. I hope some of these organisational hacks help to give you some ideas towards nailing your own set-up.

I’ve compiled a list of 52 caravan hacks, storage ideas and mods that worked really well for me. As always, I’m open to even better solutions, so let me know what you’ve got in the comments down the bottom!

Before just throwing everything into the van and bringing in extra weight with storage solutions, its important that you first know how to load a caravan correctly. If you’re not sure, check out the article below.

How to Load a Caravan Correctly →

Check out these 15 caravan clothes storage tips for additional organisation.

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52 Caravan Hacks, Storage Ideas & Mods

Shower Caddies

Silicone Shower Caddy
Shower Toiletry Holder

The first of my caravan storage ideas is one (or two) silicone shower caddies.

Everything in our shower lives permanently in the caddy, which means the shower is always travel-ready. Ours has never fallen off (even with off-road travel), making it a safe and secure way to store shower essentials. This one of my favourite caravan hacks!

These ripper suction shower caddies can hold up to 5kg and are removable, plus reusable.

➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $9.95 AUD
Tooletries Bathroom Organisers →
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Hang Kids Towels in Shower

Kids Towels, Caravan Shower

Suction hooks in the shower are another one of our caravan storage ideas, perfect for drying the kids’ towels out of the way (adult ones can be a bit too heavy once wet). 

We just take the towels out and hang them over the bunk ladder while we’re all showering. Tesalate towels and other microfibre brands are great at drying really quickly.

These silicone waterproof hooks are brilliant as they can hold up to 2kg and you can move them around as needed.

Shower Hooks
➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $14.95 AUD
Tooletries Reusable Hooks →
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Screw-in Hooks for Adult Towels

Caravan Hack - storage hooks

We quickly got fed-up with the towel rail in the hallway (across from the kids bunks). So we removed the rail and wow, it opened up the hallway space so much!

Sticky hooks however are definitely not strong enough to hold an adult towel, so we screwed in two metal hooks to the wall between the shower cubical and the toilet. That way they’re out of the way, but still easily accessible.

Get a pack of handy screw-in hooks (eBay).

➤ eBayFrom $1.99 AUD
Screw-in Hooks →
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Shower Door Magnets

Caravan Hack - Magnet Strips for Shower Door
Magnet Strip for Shower Door

How annoying is it when you’re parked on an angle and the shower door keeps sliding open! Just attach heavy duty magnets to the door and the door frame and you’ll never have to worry about it again. 

An added bonus is that if you do forget to clip the door back for travel, the magnets will catch the door, rather than it banging open and closed the whole time.

Get yourself a roll of magnetic strip with adhesive backing.

➤ eBayFrom $4.99 AUD
Adhesive Magnetic Strip →
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Sticky Hooks

Adhesive Hooks

Sticky hooks are one of the greatest caravan hacks because they can be used for so many things!

  • Keys
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Jewellery
  • Belts
  • Hats
  • Sunnies
  • Towels
  • Bathroom stuff
  • Cooking utensils
  • Bits & bobs… the list goes on!

Get a pack of super strong adhesive hooks and spot them around the caravan in order to hang anything light and keep the benches clear. Think about the bathroom, entry door, above the beds, kitchen and dinette seating.

➤ eBayFrom $3.99 AUD
Adhesive Hooks →
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Collapsible Laundry Bag

Toilet, Laundry Bag
Fabric slimline Laundry Hamper

In the beginning we had a plastic washing basket that lived in the shower for our dirty washing. But, moving it in and out when showering (and having nowhere to put it that was out of the way), grew old pretty quickly. 

I picked up this large fabric laundry bag, which slots in beside the toilet just perfectly. Plus it’s light as a feather! When not in use, you can always fold it away and tuck it under the bed.

The foldable fabric laundry hamper is one of the more practical caravan storage ideas for your dirty washing. Here’s the full guide to doing laundry on the road for more tips.

➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $24.95 AUD
Van Go Expandable Laundry Bag →
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Wall-mounted Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Roll Holder
Toilet Brush Holder/ Toilet Roll Holder

We attached a toilet brush holder that attaches to the wall behind the toilet. It’s totally out of the way, but easily accessible. An added bonus idea that we’ve found is that the handle holds two toilet rolls perfectly. 

You know how annoying it is when you arrive at your destination only to find a whole roll of loo paper unravelled on the bathroom floor? Yep, you forgot to remove the toilet roll from the holder before travel! Well no more of those worries when you store the loo paper on the toilet brush handle.

With this particular one of our caravan storage ideas, the toilet paper has never unravelled!

Get a wall-mounted toilet brush holder/ toilet roll holder like ours below.

➤ eBayFrom $12.99 AUD
Wall-mounted Toilet Brush Holder →
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Damp Cloths for Kids

Norwex Body Cloth
Damp washers for the kids

We hang a damp antibacterial cloth for each of the kids on the toilet roll holder when we need to conserve water. That way they can wipe their hands and feet during the day without draining the tanks.

An alternative is to have a container or bucket outside with a bit of water and a washer in it for the kids. That way they can clean up without running the tanks empty at the tap and dirtying up the floors inside the caravan.

Grab a couple of antibacterial washcloths – a different colour for each family member.

➤ eBayFrom $5.99 AUD
Antibacterial Washcloths →
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Holders for Everything!

Caravan Hack - Holders
Holders for all the bits and pieces

I prefer to work smarter, not harder, which means I don’t like having to pack everything away every time we move to a different location. There’s enough to do as it is without worry about putting the soap away. So, I declare, holders for everything! 

The toothbrushes, soap and hand towel all have permanent spots, which also keeps the ensuite fully functional when we stop on the side of the road for lunch and need to use the loo or wash our hands.

Bathroom organisers are an absolutely essential addition to the caravan hacks list – get all the rails, racks, hooks and holders you need.

Tooletries Toothbrush Holder
➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $9.95 AUD
Bathroom Organisers →
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Make Up/ Toiletry Bag

Van Go Toiletry Bag
Van Go Toiletry Bags

Even though we’ve got the ensuite onboard, I still store all of my make up and body products in a toiletry bag. It’s so much easier to grab it all out in one bag when I want to use my lotions and potions. 

It may sound super obvious, but it’s the easiest way to pop all of your items away in the cupboard to store while travelling. Caravan life is pretty minimalistic, so we don’t tend to have too much stuff anyway.

➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $29.95 AUD
Van Go Toiletry Bags →
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Jewellery Hanger

Jewellery Hanger
Jewellery Hanger

I was stumped for so long as to how I could display my jewellery and accessories. I like to have them all laid out so I can see what I’ve got, otherwise I won’t use them. 

I found this nifty singlet/ belt hanger in an Op Shop before we’d even moved into our caravan, but I just knew it’d be handy. So, it now hangs against the bathroom wall with all of my pretties on it. However, I know this isn’t always practical for when the caravan is moving. So, I just lay it on the bottom bunk for travel days, particularly if we’re heading off-road. 

Another idea is to hang it in the closet against your clothing. These days you can get stylish jewellery hangers (with slots for earrings, bracelets & necklaces) that will hang nicely in your bathroom. There are also coat-hanger style jewellery hangers that can be stored in your wardrobe.

➤ eBayFrom $5.99 AUD
Jewellery Hangers & Organisers →
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Roll Your Linen

Next is the list of caravan storage ideas is to roll up your linen and towels. This method gives you so much more storage space in the caravan cupboard. Plus, it’s easy to just grab the roll out that you need without pulling out a whole stack.

Travellers and military folk have been using the ‘rolling’ technique to maximise packing space for years.

TIPS! Stop Mould in a Caravan →
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Add a Clothing Nook

Added clothing nook in caravan
Add a clothing nook into an empty space

When we lifted the bottom bunk to access the under-bed storage, we noticed a large space above the drawer that was empty, yet could be useable. So, we added a shelf and it has effectively doubled Dom’s clothing storage from just one drawer to two!

Think outside of the box to find extra valuable space for your caravan mods. However, you always have to keep weight in mind when adding extra storage and items to your caravan.

Towing Weights Explained →
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Storage Pockets

Navigator Seat Buddy

When we bought our van, the top bunk had a storage pocket, but the bottom one didn’t because it converted into a dinette. So, we definitely needed to invest in a second storage pocket so that both kids could store their special items out of the way.

There are a range of storage buddies and pockets from Navigator, so you can mix and match what works for you and your space. You can also get all sorts of bed storage pockets on eBay, so you’re sure to find one that will do the job for you.

➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $24.95 AUD
Navigator Pockets & Organisers →
eBayFrom $8.95 AUD
Storage Pockets →
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Storage Cubes

Caravan Hack - fabric storage boxes
Fabric Storage Cubes

Our next caravan hack idea is to keep the under bed storage area organised with lightweight, fabric boxes. They are especially handy under the kids’ bunk for toys and helmets. Plus, the kids are more likely to use what they’ve got if they can actually see it.

Add some storage cubes to your caravan storage ideas list.

eBayFrom $6.95 AUD
Storage Cubes →
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Shoe Box/ Basket

Shoe Basket Box Storage

A thrifted basket pushed under the foot of our bed (which is just inside the door), is our shoe dumping ground and storage area. It’s especially handy when we’re on the move and can’t leave shoes outside the door.

There are a variety of of storage box styles around, it’s just a matter of finding what will work best with your space.

eBayFrom $6.95 AUD
Storage Boxes →
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Add Shelves

If you want more cabinet space, then adding shelves without a doubt is the best way to do it. 

Not everyone is a fan of hanging their clothes and to be honest, you don’t fit as much in when you hang it all up. Being able to stack or roll your clothing is much better use of the space, if space is what you’re looking for.

Have a look through your cupboards to see where you might be able to add extra shelves to help maximise the usage of space. We added two extra shelves to a clothing closet to help sort the shorts from the shirts.

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Change The Hanging Rail

Add a clothes hanging rail

If you’re like me and you do like to have hanging space, take out the hanging bar with the dedicated hanger slots and replace it with a normal hanging rail. That way you can fit twice the amount of hangers on it.

Get yourself an extendable hanging rail so that you can customise it to fit any sized closet. For more closet ideas, here are 10+ caravan clothes storage tips.

eBayFrom $9.95 AUD
Extendable Wardrobe Rail →
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12 Volt Fans

12 volt Sirocco Fans
12 volt fans

We’ve installed one 12 volt Sirocco fan per person in our caravan. The Sirocco brand have the best reputation, but there are others on the market that also do a good job. With the Sirocco ones you have three different speed settings, plus you can also set a timer for it to automatically turn off during the night if you wish.

These little babies are worth their weight in gold for keeping the van cool in summer! An essential hack for caravan, camper trailer and motorhome travel. Order yourself some Sirocco fans, you can thank me later.

Caravan RV CampingFrom $35 AUD
12v Fans →
eBayFrom $24 AUD
12v Fans →
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12 Volt Smart TV

12 volt Smart TV
12 volt Smart TV

Let’s face it, you can’t always get very good TV reception in a caravan (some people seem to be luckier than others), so it’s nice to have the option of Netflix if you’re in Wi-Fi range. Ours was an NCE 24″ 12 volt Smart TV.

To be honest, we don’t love it. After less than two years, most of the Apps became useless and wouldn’t update, so it became obsolete very quickly. Luckily there are more options on the market these days.


  • Axis
  • Englaon
  • Furrion
  • Monster
  • NCE
  • RV Media
  • Sphere

EBAY TV Brands:

  • CHIQ
  • Englaon
  • Kogan
  • Mitsumaru
  • Monster
  • Teac
Caravan RV CampingFrom $359 AUD
12v Smart TVs →
eBayFrom $276 AUD
: 12v Smart TVs →
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Diesel Heater

Caravan Diesel Heater Installation
DIY Diesel Heater install

Installing a diesel heater underneath your bed or dinette seating is the best caravan mod for winter camping.

You can pick one up for about $150 off eBay and install it yourself if you’re handy with tools. They also come with a timer and handy remote, so that you don’t even have to get out of bed on a frosty morning to switch it on!

Caravan RV CampingFrom $1,150 AUD
Brand Name Diesel Heaters →
eBayFrom $149 AUD
Chinese Diesel Heaters →
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Inverter Power Board

Power board plugging into inverter
Surge Protected Power Board

We connected a power board to our inverter and attached it permanently to the wall under the dinette seat for ease of use when we are using 12-volt power. This is mainly used for charging the laptop and power tool batteries.

Make sure to get yourself a Surge Protected Power Board to protect your devices.

eBayFrom $5.95 AUD
Surge Protected Power Board →
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Clean with Reusable Cloths

Norwex cleaning cloths
Reusable Cleaning Cloths

We save heaps of space, weight and money by cleaning with reusable Norwex antibacterial cloths. It means we don’t need to buy and store disposables or bottled chemicals. 

Our cleaning products basically consist of a pile of cloths in the cupboard, which can be thrown into the wash for a clean. Many of our cloths are going on five years old and still going strong.

Here are 20+ tips for getting the caravan clean.

eBayFrom $15 AUD
Norwex Cleaning Cloths →
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Microwave Storage

Caravan Microwave
Microwave Storage

Who else uses the microwave as a storage box?! It’s a great, sealed storage unit, especially when you’re free camping and you’re not going to use it anyway. Making the most of every nook and cranny is what caravan and camper trailer hacks are all about.

EDIT – As our microwave sits above our stove, we’ve found that perishables (like bread) get moisture in them. The microwave still works as good storage for shelf items, like chips and biscuits.
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Caravan Packing List

Caravan Packing List

Never forget a thing with the ULTIMATE Caravan Packing List!

  • Pre-filled with 600+ items
  • 17 categories
  • ‘Weight’ column (to organise payload)
  • PRINTABLE – fully customisable
  • DIGITAL – completely interactive
  • Download once, use it over-and-over
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Griller Storage

Griller Storage
Griller Storage

We rarely use our griller… but it does make for a great place to store baking trays and moulds! You could store baking trays in there as well.

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Open Up Empty Cabinet Space

Open up overhead cabinet space
Open up empty spaces

Have you got any empty cabinet space that’s been blocked off? We found this nook above the fridge and decided to open it up and add a hinged door. It’s the perfect spot for storing Tupperware.

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Australia Map Wall Sticker

Map of Australia Sticker

The next in our caravan hacks is to get one of these Australia Map Stickers for the wall inside the van or outside the caravan/ car. Marking off the places you visit and roads you travel as you go is so much fun and oh so satisfying!

The Australian Map Stickers come in two different varieties – the outdoor UV stickers and the removable fabric stickers.

Removable Fabric Sticker:

  • Removable
  • Sticks to any painted surface
  • Won’t tear while applying or removing
  • Leaves the surface residue-free
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Record travels with a permanent marker
  • 40cm wide x 36.7cm high

UV Outdoor Sticker:

  • UV matt vinyl supatak with matt overlaminate
  • Not reusable
  • For the outside of the caravan or car
  • 40cm wide x 36.7cm high
Adventure Awaits$29.95 AUD
Aussie Map Sticker →
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Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard

We picked up this magnetic whiteboard and attached it to the empty wall space between the kitchen window and the door. It keeps all reminders, shopping lists and notes in one handy place (and off the bench!).

eBayFrom $5.95 AUD
Whiteboards →
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Rubbish Bin

Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas (pet food tin)
Metal container that sits under the fridge on some non-slip matting

The rubbish bin has been a thorn in my side the whole time we’ve been living in the caravan. I’ve tried many different bins and there was something that didn’t cut it with every single one of them.

Until I found this metal pet food tin, which is actually the perfect solution for our space.

The metal container sits out of the way on the floor under the fridge and the lid seals it closed really well, so there’s no chance of spillages on travel days. 

A piece of non-slip matting underneath the bin on the floor stops it from moving around during travel – hooray for not having to pack the bin away every time! 

It’s big enough to clip a rubbish bag to one end of the bin and leaves some room for recycling at the other end. I never thought I’d ever get so excited about a rubbish bin!

Navigator Collapsible Bin Buddy
Navigator Collapsible Bin

Another option is one of the handy Navigator Collapsible Bins, which are available in small (40cm high) or large (60cm high). For more bin ideas, check out the full list of caravan and camping bins.

Adventure AwaitsFrom $59.95 AUD
Navigator Collapsible Bins →
eBayFrom $15.95 AUD
Metal Food Tins →
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Pantry Organisers

Organisational boxes (caravan pantry)
Boxes & Containers

Contain smaller items in your cupboards (especially condiments and spices) in boxes or containers to keep your cupboards from being turned upside down when you’re on the move. Containers also help to keep the space organised so you can easily see and access everything really quickly.

Get a set of pantry organisers to keep your storage tidy and accessible, or just use whatever various boxes and containers you’ve already got.

➤ eBayFrom $9.95 AUD
Pantry Organisers →
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Potato Box

Tupperware Fruit & Veg Box (potatoes)
Fruit/ Veg Keeper

Potato boxes are a good way to store shelf veggies. They can be bulky, but the bottom of a kitchen cupboard or in a large drawer is a good spot if you have the space. Get a large Potato Keeper for your fruit and veg.

eBayFrom $39.95 AUD
Potato Keepers →
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Empty Tissue Box (Bag Box)

Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder
Store plastic bags in an empty tissue box

An empty tissue box works well to stuff empty bags into for later use in the rubbish bin. We keep empty bread bags and other packaging that is going into landfill anyway, to use as rubbish bags. It saves the need for producing (and buying) more plastic unnecessarily.

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The Cups Drawer

Caravan Cup Drawer - Storage Idea
The ‘Cups Drawer’

We each have our own insulated travel tumbler because they’re lightweight, unbreakable and work for both hot and cold drinks. Each one also has a lidded top, which means we can store drinks in the fridge without spilling the contents on travel days!

We’ve also got a few recycled jars with lids, which are stored inside stubby coolers. They’re handy to have for storing leftover odds and ends. Plus, they make great additional drinking glasses, especially when you pop in a stainless steel straw. Jars also weigh less than regular drinking glasses (yep, I actually weighed them) and are much nicer to drink from than plastic. 

A piece of non-slip matting on the bottom of your cup drawer will keep everything nice and secure while travelling.

Adventure AwaitsFrom $34.95 AUD
Insulated Tumblers →
eBayFrom $5.99 AUD
Non-slip Matting →
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Corelle Crockery

Corelle Dinnerware Crockery
Corelle crockery

Corelle crockery is made from triple-layered Vitrelle glass that is chip and break resistant. They’re extremely lightweight and are much nicer to eat on than plastic.

Corelle is not overly expensive and easily accessible at both Big W (often on sale) and eBay. Pieces can be bought either in a set or separately.

Many caravanners swear by using Corelle crockery as a great caravan hack for the kitchen.

We used Corelle for years in the van and never had a single breakage. The plates and bowls were all stacked normally in the cupboard on top of some non-slip matting.

eBayFrom $89 AUD (12-piece set)
Corelle Crockery →
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Rectangular Pantry Containers

Tupperware Containers
Rectangular Pantry Containers

Rectangular containers are a fantastic caravan storage idea for the pantry. They seem to be the easiest way to store kitchen ingredients and snacks. Mixing and matching both square and rectangular sizes means you can get the most out of your pantry space. 

There are heaps of brands around these days that sell these types of containers (such as Tupperware). Mine slot into an overhead cupboard quite well.

eBayFrom $15.95 AUD
Rectangular Food Containers →
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Dish Drying Mat

Dishes Mat
 Dish Drying Mat

A fold-up dish drying mat is the best idea for doubling your drying space in seconds! I hang mine off a door handle to dry then slot it back into a drawer for storage. 

A dish drying mat is much more compact and slimline than a bulky drying rack. Even the humble tea towel will do the job.

PriceFrom $5.95 AUD
Where to BuyeBay: Dish Drying Mat →
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Fry Pan Toaster

Fry pan, toast
Fry Pan Toaster

These Weber Frying Pans (with detachable handle) work brilliantly for cooking toast on the stovetop or BBQ when you’re camping off-grid. It takes no time at all, which saves on gas. 

I’m sure any stovetop fry pan will do the job, however these are the ones we’ve got and if you clean them properly and look after them, they will stay in good nick for a long time.

Once you’re done with cooking toast, just wipe them out with a damp cloth and pack it away. No need to store a bulky toaster!

eBayFrom $84 AUD
Weber Frying Pan →
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Grass Muk Mat

Muk Mat Caravan Grass Mat
Muk Mat

Having an outdoor grass Muk Mat before you step into the caravan (at the bottom of the steps) and another mat inside the caravan door (at the top of the steps) stops so much dirt, dust and sand from hitting the floor. Because we all know how good kids are at wiping their feet… right?

Keep the sand, outback dust and campsite dirt outside with a grass Muk Mat. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your entryways (inside and out), as well as the internal caravan step.

Muk MatFrom $50 AUD
Camping Grass Mats →
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Marine Carpet Mats

Marine Carpet Mats
Marine Carpet Mats

For an easy DIY caravan entry mat, head to Bunnings, buy a piece of marine carpet and cut out a piece to fit your caravan steps. We’ve got one for the step inside the door and one for the pull-out step (with velcro underneath). 

They are really easy to shake out or hose off if need be and again, stop a lot of dirt in its tracks. Plus, they keep your entry step carpet nice and clean underneath.

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Annex Matting

This caravan hack idea might seem a little obvious, but it is an absolute must. 

Get the biggest annex matting that you can and make sure it fits the whole length of your awning. You’ll thank me when you pull up to a dusty bush camp with not a blade of grass in sight (but plenty of prickles)!

Annex Floor Matting

Find the correct sized annex matting below to suit your set-up.

Caravan RV CampingFrom $70 AUD
Annex Matting →
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Permanent Awning Clothesline

Awning Clothes line
Permanent Awning Clothesline

Adding a permanent clothesline to our caravan awning arms was one of the best caravan hacks to date. The total cost for the materials was around $20 and took under an hour to install.

Caravan awning clothesline supplies:

  • Cable Saddles
  • Cable Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Anchor Thimbles
  • Wire Rope Turnbuckle

Check out the DIY caravan awning clothesline article for full installation instructions. Or for more inspiration, here are 12 caravan washing line ideas.

I was initially using rope on springs until we got around to installing the permanent awning clothesline. 

We were once hit with a big storm that came from nowhere and we weren’t able to pull the awning in quick enough with all of the springs being attached. So, getting around to putting up a permanent clothesline got bumped to the top of the list.

The Pegless Clothesline is also a very popular caravanning clothesline as you can hang it up between any two secure points (poles, trees, car and van etc.).

Pegless Clothesline
Adventure AwaitsFrom $12.95 AUD
Pegless Clothesline →
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Smalls Hanger

Stainless Smalls Hanger Clothes Airer
Smalls Hanger

These little clothes hangers are a great idea for hanging socks, undies and other small bits. They create more hanging space without actually taking up any extra room on your clothesline. 

Another bonus for having a smalls hanger with you while you’re travelling is the fact that they’re so portable. You can it anywhere inside the van and even chase the sun outside with it.

The stainless steel ones are great because they won’t disintegrate in the sun like the plastic versions.

To help you get the washing done on the road, here are over ten RV washing machine options.

eBayFrom $11.95 AUD
Stainless Clothes Airer →
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Peg Bag/ Apron

Peg Bag/ Apron
Peg Bag/ Apron

A peg bag is one of our handy caravan storage ideas, which is much more practical to use than a container. Mine is actually a Peg Apron, handmade by my beautiful late Aunty. I’ve just tied it up like a satchel, so I can throw it across my body when I’m hanging the washing. 

Let’s face it, you can be hanging washing in all sorts of places on the road, so convenience is important!

eBayFrom $5.95 AUD
Peg Bags →
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Wuruma Dam QLD - BBQARM

One of my fave caravan hacks is the addition for our BBQ – it’s a nifty BBQARM. We were sick of having a collapsible table for our BBQ, which was taking up too much space in the tunnel boot. Plus we didn’t like the idea of giving ants direct access to the BBQ. 

Our BBQARM stays on the caravan permanently and swings away for travel. The tray easily slips off and is stored in the tunnel boot, which is much more compact than our previous setup.

You can read all about how the BBQARM works to see if it will suit your needs.

** 5% OFF Code ‘MYRIG’ **From $199 AUD
Kits & Accessories →
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Weber BBQ as an Oven

Weber Accessories, Trivet, Convection Tray, Fry Pan
Weber Accessories to make cooking easier

If you don’t have an oven in your caravan, never fear, the Weber BBQ is here! Yep, a Weber can easily be used as a griller as well as an oven. By placing the Weber Trivet and Convection Tray on top of the grill plates, then closing the lid, you can use it just like a normal oven.

We’ve got two of the Weber Fry Pans with detachable handles, which fit side-by-side on the Weber Q2000. Plus we’ve got the Weber Trivet and Convection Trays, which turn the BBQ into an oven (think cakes and pizza!). 

We don’t cook directly on our Weber Grill plates, ever. It’s way too messy and hard to clean. Plus, with limited water supplies at times, I don’t want to add any unnecessary cleaning to the list. 

It’s much easier to put a fry pan or trivet in the sink (or under the outdoor tap) to wash rather than having to clean the whole BBQ.

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Weber Trivet →
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Outdoor Cupboard

Outdoor Cupboard
Outdoor Cupboard

We’ve got a small in-built outdoor cupboard which is under the bunks (but only accessible from the outside). This is a great spot to store all of the ‘outdoors’ items so that they’re readily accessible.

Things to store in an outdoor cupboard:

  • Pegs & clothesline bits
  • Picnic rug for the kids to play on
  • Outdoor table cloth
  • Citronella candles
  • Mozzie coils
  • Bug spray
  • Ropes, pegs & springs
  • BBQ cooking utensils

Some outdoor hatches also have 240v and 12v power outlets, which are handy for charging devices and plugging in the 12v TV for sporting events and movies under the awning.

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Outdoor Tap

Outdoor Tap
Outdoor Tap

Before we bought our van I thought an outdoor tap was something we’d use occasionally. How wrong was I – we use it all the time! For rinsing clothes, washing muddy shoes, rinsing very dirty dishes (it saves dirtying up the kitchen sink), the list goes on. I highly recommend including an outdoor tap in your install.

We added a stone guard to the drawbar to protect the tap from things flicking up and damaging it. The last thing you’d want is to find the tap knocked off and your whole water supply drained out.

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Seal Up Your Screens

Sealing the Window Frames
Seal around your screens

We sealed around every screen frame on the inside of the van with No More Gaps/ Silicone to stop tiny bugs from getting in, plus to further insulate the van from draughts and dust.

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Another of the great caravan hacks is to dust-proof your entire van. We sealed every nook and cranny we could find outside and underneath the van to stop the dust from finding its way in. 

After travelling through the outback, the only place we found dust inside was behind the washing machine. There’s obviously a spot down there that we missed!

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Fly Screen Vents

One of our really simple caravan hacks is to cover your vents with fly screen mesh to stop the little bugs from finding their way in. This won’t make your van 100% bug proof, but it certainly helps a lot when you’ve got the windows open at night and the lights are on inside the van.

You’ll usually find a little vent above the door. Take off the frame and attach a small piece of the fly screen mesh inside, then reattach the frame. Easy as!

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Fly Screen Mesh →
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Single Grey Water Outlet

Caravan Drainage Pipes
Single Grey Water Outlet

We added a permanent grey water outlet for the hoses. Now it’s one simple, single hose that we connect when we pull up, instead of three individual ones. 


  • 1 x 40mm 90° angle pipe
  • 2 x 40mm T-piece pipe
  • 4 x joiners (to fit 40mm)
  • 40mm outlet with screw-on fitting

Once you’ve got all of your bits lined up correctly, glue the pieces together with PVC Pipe Glue. We then spray painted ours all black to match in with our other hoses.

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Insulate Pipes

Insulated pipes
Insulate pipes underneath the caravan

And for the final idea in our caravan hacks and mods post… insulate all of your pipes underneath the caravan.

We covered all of our pipes with Air-Conditioning Pipe Insulation. The insulation stops the pipes from perishing from the glare off the road, which can cause damage over time. Plus, it also protects the pipes from being hit with sticks and rocks, putting them at risk of springing a leak.

This modification is time consuming, but worth it in the long run.

13 Tips for Caravan Security →
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Bonus Caravan Hacks

Air Conditioning for Caravans

Let’s face it, Australia is hot. Gone are the days where camping is all about being uncomfortable for the sake of ‘camping.’ 

These days most caravans come with built-in Air Conditioners, but many of the older vans don’t. Here’s a great article on the Best Air Conditioners you can easily add in to your Caravan or Camper. 

Magnetic Spice Rack Wall

If you’re looking for a great caravan storage solution for your spices, creating a magnetic wall is a great idea. Have a look at RV Inspiration’s Magnetic Spice Storage Wall to find out how to make your own.

What are your best caravan storage ideas, hacks and modifications?  Share them with us in the comments below. 👇

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48 thoughts on “52 Caravan Hacks, Storage Ideas & Mods!”

  1. Hi and thanks for the great tips. We need to get organised because our ‘van looks like a house movers truck when we arrive and open the door! My tip isn’t storage related, it’s about keeping the kids happy. instead of TV’s my kids use their tablets so I hooked an old router in the back of a locker and connected a raspberry pi running kodi on it. I put my dvd collection on it for them to watch using a file explorer, and they can also play games like Minecraft together. It’ll also play the films on the tv over hdmi or wirelessly for a smart tv. If you’re camping away from others you could also put your music on it and run it through the stereo but we tend to be on sites and don’t want to be ‘the noisy one”!

  2. We’ve only just ordered the caravan and I’m making lists from your tips already. Thanks so so soooo much Emma and everyone else who had those great ideas. Looking forward to our future adventures.

  3. Wow, what FABulous ideas!!! Thank you so much for the time you have put into sharing these! We are brand new to the parallel universe of caravanning, and I will be sure to implement all of your well thought out suggestions as soon as I can! Again, thank you!!!

  4. Thanks for these tips! To make the most of our hanging cupboard space, I hung multiple shoe hanging racks (mine are from ikea). The result was four vertical hanging shelves! In some of them we use a fabric storage box to store a few kids toys etc.

  5. I placed two lengths of 40mm electrical conduit down inside one of my chassis rails then cut my grey water hose in half and store each half in each of the conduits. When setting up camp if I only need a short hose I only use one half and if I need a longer hose I join the halves together. Storing it this way also prevents excess water and food scraps leaking in one of my tunnel boots.

    1. Another tip is to use the anti slip mats on your fridge door shelves to prevent aluminium cans marking the shelves especially when travelling dirt roads. Can’t hurt to use them on all fridge shelves to prevent movement.

  6. We are pretty new to caravanning and have found your list absolutely great, we only have a small caravan and are finding it quite a squeeze to fit in the stuff we need for our journeys but with all your hints and tips I think our next holiday will be less of hassle (hopefully) if we get the chance to make some changes before we hit the road. Thank you

    1. It can be super tricky to get everything in and have it organised so that you’re not driven insane with ‘stuff!’ I hope you find what works for you. Enjoy your next trip!

  7. Thank you for all your tips, some great reading. Safe travels
    Also added my email address for more information, Thanks Joanne

  8. Some great ideas there we do same with some of them. Wearing peg bag is really good idea. For the rubbish bags I keep them in a cereal container a roll fits in plus extra strays we use for the rubbish.

  9. Hi , fantastic list, a good read. If I may say be careful with your vents being fitted with added fly mesh, these vents are designed for airflow for the gas appliances, the mesh restricts airflow, either have a gas alarm or turn the gas off at night while sleeping. I’m not being critical just thought you should be aware. Again thanks for the post, some we have but now I have a bigger list from the wife. Cheers Allan

    1. Thanks Allan. Keeping the ventilation flow is something we have made sure of, thank you. We’ve also got the carbon monoxide alarm fitted. Have fun with your mods!

    1. Hi Carmel. We haven’t been anywhere too freezing in winter yet, so we have been fine with an extra blanket and hot water bottles on the colder nights when free camping. Cooking inside or boiling the kettle helps to get some warmth in there too.

  10. Thankyou for sharing, I’m also a Norwex user n my van is full of it. I’m going to borrow your tissue box idea and swap you with one of mine. I have old cane paper plate holders that I use at home n in the van I use these when we are having sandwiches/ toast fruit anything light . I place a serviette on tray, place the food on this, when food is eaten you can wipe your hands n face, keep serviette to put in fire. Shake the tray and put away also serviette could be used to wipe utensils down. Saves water.

  11. Sherrie McGowan

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Can I ask what brand of fans you use in the kids bunks, they look great. 😉

    1. Thanks Sherrie for the feedback! We bought the 12 volt Sirocco fans – they are brilliant. They’ve got three different settings, plus you can set a timer for them to turn off automatically if you like.

  12. Whilst Corelle is great in the caravan or for camping, IKEA does exactly the same white range (Oftast) made from the same glass-based chip resistant material for only 65c per piece. It has dinner plates, side plates, large bowls and small cereal bowls all for the same price. You can buy exactly the amount you need for your family. A family of 4 can have one of each of the dishes and it will cost you just $10.40 which is still less than a quarter of the cost of a Corelle set when it is at its most heavily discounted at Big W.

  13. You have put a lot of effort into not just coming up with these hacks but in presenting them to us. Very much appreciated, some great info here.

    1. Oh thanks so much Suze! It did end up being a much larger task than I first anticipated, but it was fun putting it all together.

  14. Fantastic list. We have many of these in place already.We would like to set up our grey water as you have in #51, do you have any dimensions of attachments etc / instructions that would help us.

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for commenting. We used different sized piping from Bunnings.
      Here are the materials – 1 x 40mm 90′ angle pipe, 2 x 40mm T-piece pipes, 4 x Joiners (to fit 40mm). Plus, we added a 40mm outlet with a screw-on fitting. Once we were sure we had the right pieces, we glued them together with PVC Pipe Glue and spray painted them black to match. I hope that helps.

  15. Could you give further info description to number 48 sealing the screens?
    Those little sucker are annoying I was going to replace screen with micro/mini mesh from Bunnings

    1. We had the same problem and couldn’t figure out where the little suckers where getting in. Then one day we actually saw one sneaking in around the window screen frame. So, I sealed them all around the edges with No More Gaps/ silicone (smoothed it off with a wet finger to get the smooth finish). It was pretty easy although some spots where a bit of a pain to get into. But it’s worth it in the end, the difference is noticeable! I hope this is helpful for you.

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