Amity Point Camping Ground, Stradbroke Island QLD

⛺️ Amity Point Camping Ground [REVIEW] | North Stradbroke Island QLD

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Located just off the coast of Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, Amity Point Camping Ground on North Stradbroke Island is a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get back in touch with nature.

Despite being only 10km off of Brisbane, Straddie (as the locals call it) feels like travelling to another whole world. With awe-inspiring scenery, pristine beaches, huge numbers of land and marine animals, plus a wide variety of outdoor activities. There’s something for everyone!

You’ll find a few different places to camp on North Stradbroke Island, but in this review I want to discuss my favourite – the Amity Point campground. Let’s get straight into it!

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Amity Point Camping Ground

How to Get to Amity Point Camping Ground

Nestled up in the north-west corner of Stradbroke Island, Amity Point is surprisingly very accessible via a ferry from Brisbane.

Head to Cleveland Ferry Terminal

You can take your own vehicle with you over to the island, or you can use public transport. However, I highly recommend that you take your own vehicle as many sights on the island are not accessible via the local bus.

If you are setting off from the Brisbane CBD, you will first need to make your way out to the ferry terminal in Cleveland. This takes about 45 minutes, although I recommend that you allow extra time if travelling during morning or evening peak hour traffic.

The last thing you need is to miss your ferry before your trip even begins!

Board a Ferry

From the terminal in Cleveland, board a vehicle ferry bound for Dunwich over on Stradbroke Island. The ferry will take about 45 minutes. You can stay in your vehicle, or head up to upper decks and enjoy the Moreton Bay scenery.

The ferry will pass right by Peel Island, so keep your eyes ‘peeled’ for that one!

Stradbroke Island Ferry, QLD

Ferry Pricing & Timetable

Pricing for the vehicle ferry varies based on the time of day and year (prices rise on long weekends and school holidays) but you can expect to pay around $150 for a return ticket.

This is for a standard vehicle, caravans and camper trailers will cost extra. The price includes all passengers in the vehicle.

Ferries depart approximately hourly, starting at about 8.00am in the morning and finishing at around 5.00pm in the evening. Extra services run during busy periods.

The ferry will book out during busy periods, so make sure that you book your ticket online in advance (preferably at least a few weeks in advance). You can do this over at SeaLink SEQ.

Those boarding the ferry without a vehicle do not need to book in advance. A return ‘walk on’ ticket will set you back $20 per person.

Stradbroke Island, QLD

Drive to Amity Point

Upon arriving at the Dunwich ferry terminal, you will need to head north up to Amity Point. The drive takes about 20 minutes by car.

Alternatively, there is a local bus, which comes infrequently. The bus will only set you back about $2.40 for an adult and $1.20 for a child.

Amity Point Accommodation

Amity Point Camping Ground, Stradbroke Island QLD

As with all camping facilities on North Stradbroke Island, the Amity Point Camping Ground is run by Minjerribah Camping.

The campsite is pretty large and can accommodate just about every type of camper. There are unpowered tent sites (both regular and waterfront options), caravan sites (powered and unpowered), cabins and even EcoShacks.

Whether you prefer sleeping in a swag, rooftop tent, or a cabin, you are welcome at Amity Point.

Prices vary heavily depending on the accommodation type and the time of year, so check out the Minjerribah Camping website to see the latest prices.

Note that if you plan on staying during school holidays or on a long weekend, you should book well in advance (3 to 6 months is preferable) to ensure that you can secure your desired spot!

Amity Point Camping Ground Facilities

🚽 Flushing toilets
🚿 Hot showers
💧 Drinking water
⚡️ Power
🍞 Picnic tables
🗑 Rubbish bins
♨️ BBQs
👕 Laundry
⬇️ Dump point
🏊 Swimming
🎣 Fishing with jetty
⛺️ Tent, Camper, Caravan & Motorhome friendly
🏠 Cabins available
❌ No pets or Big Rigs

Amity Point Camping Ground, Stradbroke Island QLD

The campsite itself is well provisioned with plenty of amenities to make your camping trip run as smoothly as possible.

Two toilet/laundry/shower blocks are located at each end of Amity Point Camping Ground. They have 8 showers each as well as hot water running all day. Just be aware that you have to press the hot water button for your cubicle before using the shower (this gives you around 3 minutes of hot water).

In terms of cooking, there are plenty of gas operated BBQs located around the campsite, which you can use for free. The BBQs are located undercover along with picnic tables.

There are also a few playgrounds where the kids can tire themselves out, as well as open space to kick a ball. Vehicles can enter the camp ground, but the speed limit is 10 km/h, so it’s safe for the kids to ride a bike or otherwise play on their own (as long as they are old enough to play unsupervised).

Amity Point Camping Ground, Stradbroke Island QLD

The campsite is encircled by a lovely sand beach. This beach faces Moreton Bay rather than the ocean, so there aren’t any waves. This makes it a lovely place for a relaxed swim after lunch, or perhaps for reading a book on the sand.

A very important point to be aware of is that there are not any lifeguards patrolling this beach, so unlike the rest of the campsite, kids should definitely be under adult supervision while enjoying the beach.

Swimming around dusk is also not advised as sharks have been seen in the area around sundown. In saying that, there is often a group of dolphins which hang around the beach at sunset. They are usually fairly close to the shore, so if you are lucky you may be able to spot them!

Stradbroke Island, QLD

The sunset alone is worth seeing, so even if you aren’t lucky enough to spot some dolphins, you should get a great view over the water.

Amity Point camping ground has a jetty located within the property, which is popular for fishing. Bait and other equipment can be purchased from the corner store.

Stradbroke Island is just one of the many islands in Australia worth visiting. The nearby Moreton Island is another popular island camping location right off Brisbane.

Jetty, Stradbroke Island QLD
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Things to do on North Stradbroke Island

Explore the Beaches

Point Lookout, Stradbroke Island QLD
Point Lookout, Stradbroke Island QLD

One of the most popular things to do on North Stradbroke Island is to go for a swim or a surf. A 15-minute drive from Amity Point will get you to Cylinder Beach or Main Beach at Point Lookout, both fantastic surf beaches that are patrolled by lifeguards.

However, once you have had enough of the beach, there are still plenty of other activities to enjoy.

Spot Some Local Wildlife

Amity Point is home to a number of koalas, so if you go for a walk, you may be able to spot some. I personally haven’t been able to see any yet, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

As mentioned earlier, dolphins can be spotted at dusk and dawn in the shallows at some of the local beaches. See if you’re lucky enough to spot any.

Another animal to keep a look out for during the sunrise and sunset hours is the humble kangaroo, nibbling on grass along the sand dunes.

Common North Stradbroke Island Wildlife:

  • Wallabies
  • Kangaroos
  • Echidnas
  • Koalas
  • Bandicoots
  • Turtles & Tortoises
  • Lizards & Frogs
  • Variety of birds
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Dugong

Enjoy a Meal

In terms of restaurants, the Captain’s Galley is just a few minutes walk from the Amity Point campgrounds. Otherwise, the Stradbroke Hotel is a short drive away – they tend to serve better food here as well.

CafesFishes Cafe
Island Fruit Barn
Oceanic Gelati & Coffee Bar
Coffee in Cylinders
ClubsAmity Point Community Club
North Stradbroke Island Golf Club
Little Ship Club
North Stradbroke Island Rugby League & Allsports Club
Point Lookout Bowls Club
Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Bistro
North Stradbroke Island RSL
RestaurantsSealevel 21
Take AwayFins ‘N’ Fries
Skip’s Snackbar
Stan’s Chicken & Beer
CJs Island Pizza

Take a Walk

North Gorge Walk, Stradbroke Island QLD
North Gorge Walk, Stradbroke Island QLD

If walking is more your thing, don’t miss the incredible North Gorge Walk. It’s only about 30 minutes long but it goes around the Point Lookout headland, giving you an incredible view over the ocean.

It is not uncommon at all to witness the abundance of land and marine wildlife, from kangaroos lying under the pandanus to turtles and dolphins frolicking amongst the waves.

If you go at the right time of year, you can even see whales migrating up or down the coast!

Blue Lake (Kaboora Track)5.2 km return
90 mins
Medium level fitness
Mount Vane (Jarlo Beetle Track)8 km return
3 hours
Medium level fitness
North Gorge Walk (Point Lookout)1.5 km return
45 mins
Easy level fitness
Point Lookout to Keyholes10 km return
2.5 hrs
Easy level fitness

Visit the Fresh Water Lakes

Brown Lake, Stradbroke Island QLD
Brown Lake, Stradbroke Island QLD

There are two natural, freshwater lakes located in the centre of the island. Brown Lake is a popular swimming spot. It can be accessed by vehicle.

Blue Lake is accessed via a 40 minute bushwalk. There’s a carpark at the beginning of the walk. Make sure that you bring plenty of water if heading off on this walk!

Blue Lake, Stradbroke Island QLD
Blue Lake, Stradbroke Island QLD
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Best Time to Visit Stradbroke Island

If you’ve never been to North Stradbroke Island, I highly recommend it! Straddie is a fantastic spot and surprisingly easy to get to from either Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

In particular, I recommend that you stay at the Amity Point campsite. With a beautiful sandy beach on your doorstep, dolphins at sunset, maybe even a few koalas up in the trees – what more could you ask for?

When trying to pick the best time to plan your visit to North Stradbroke Island, there are a few points below to consider. But really, any time of year is good for Straddie.

The Queensland weather is sunny most of the time and even the winter days are still warm and beautiful. Autumn, Spring and Summer make the water warmer for swimming and snorkelling. But winter is good for Whale Watching, so take your pick.

Whale WatchingOver 10,000 Humpbacks migrate north to give birth in the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They pass within 10 km of Point Lookout from late May and you can still spot them heading south again up until early November with their new young.

Months: May to November
Temperatures: 13℃ – 21℃
PricingMost popular & expensive months: May, July and August
Least expensive month: December
TemperaturesHottest Month: January (22℃ – 29℃)
Coldest Month: July (9℃ – 21℃)

Most Humid Month: January
Least Humid Month: July

Wettest Months: January & December
Driest Months: August & October
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  1. What a detailed itinerary! It’s perfect for people unfamiliar with the area (like me ) the ferry reminds me of the one I took in Seattle, riding in a car inside a ferry can be trippy lol

  2. Stradbroke Island looks like a fantastic place to spend a long weekend. The ferry ride makes it quite an adventure and the beach is gorgeous. I love that the camp ground accommodates an array of guests. We all have different needs 🙂

  3. It is great that the Amity Point Camping Ground has a little something for everyone. And that they include some cabins for people who have not yet invested in camping gear. I would certainly appreciate a site so close to a great beach. And I am sure the kids were on the lookout for the wildlife.

    1. It’s always nice to have cabins on offer for people who aren’t that into camping but still want the experience. The calm beach is perfect for the kids.

  4. I love that they have different types of accommodation for all budgets and styles of travel too. It seems like a really great place to camp on the island too and gives you the idea base to explore. We will put this on the list for when we go back to QLD.

  5. Stradbroke Island looks wonderful with so much to do. Love the idea of seeing the dolphins from the beach! Lots of other wildlife too – though I did have to Google dugong! The campsite looks really well appointed and I would definitely consider staying here.

    1. For a small island so close to the capital city, there is so much to offer. A great campsite with lots of natural serenity and wildlife.

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