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Prior to 2015, Webasto and Eberspächer were the only two diesel heater brands available, which meant that the market was monopolised by just two companies.

Since then, the industry has opened up to all manufacturers, resulting in a flooding of new brands hitting the shelves. When it rains, it pours.

This poses the question, are there any Australian made diesel heaters for caravans available, or are we still having to buy in from overseas? It’s a fair question, given the common problems with Chinese diesel heaters that some people experience when buying unbranded units from eBay.

Unfortunately, there are currently no Australian made diesel heaters for caravans. However, there are multiple European brands that have years of experience and cutting-edge technology at their fingertips.

And, let’s be honest, if anyone knows how to deal with the biting cold, it’s Europe!

Find out below where each brand of diesel heater is manufactured around the world.

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Diesel Heater Brands


Autoterm Diesel Heaters

Autoterm is the third largest diesel heater manufacturer in the world and they claim to be Europe’s quietest diesel heater.

Over 90% of the Autoterm heaters are manufactured in-house, in Russia using production methods from former Russian Space and Military programs. The rest of the componentry, like the ducting and vents, are made in Germany.

Each heater is put through a one-hour computer-controlled testing cycle, to make sure it’s of the highest standard before being packaged and sold. In addition, one heater is randomly chosen from each batch and run through a 3000-hour computer-controlled test.

Browse AUTOTERM Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Autoterm Diesel Heaters →
Caravan RV Camping: Autoterm Diesel Heaters →

AUTOTERM Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureRussia & Germany
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Belief Diesel Heaters

Belief is one of the original diesel heaters to come out of China. While it’s easy to lump Belief diesel heaters in with the cheap eBay brands, Belief is actually in a different category from those.

Belief diesel heaters are made by Harbin Haoke Science and Technology Co. Ltd, which was first established in April 1998 in the Heilongjiang district of China. The company specialises in professional research, design and development around the manufacture of various types of vehicle heaters.

Beyond the eBay diesel heaters, Belief offers a high-quality entry-level unit at a much more reasonable price than the European competitors. With all of the same sensors, safety features, motor designs and warranty as the big-name brands, you can get the same benefits of a decent diesel heater for less.

Browse BELIEF Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Belief Diesel Heaters →
➤ Caravan RV Camping: Belief Diesel Heaters →

BELIEF Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureChina
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No



The hatching of the Eberspächer brand stretches as far back as 1865 when master tinsmith Jakob Eberspächer founded a workshop in Esslingen (Germany), specialising in metal-framed roof glazing.

It wasn’t until 1933 that Eberspächer started developing vehicle heating systems. Over the years, the company produced many different products including aircraft engine parts during the war, turbochargers, mufflers and catalytic converters.

1975 saw Eberspächer produce the first vehicle heater that could be installed directly into the passenger compartment with a remote control.

It’s easy to see why Eberspächer is one of the largest and most recognised brands of diesel heaters, which are still manufactured in Germany to this day.

Browse EBERSPACHER Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Eberspacher Diesel Heaters →
➤ Caravan RV Camping: Eberspacher Diesel Heaters →

EBERSPACHER Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureGermany
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Planar Heaters

Planar diesel heaters are an off-shoot of the Autoterm company, which are Russian-made. If you go for a Planar diesel heater over an Autoterm, you’ll get the same technology, but save yourself about $500.

Browse PLANAR Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Planar Diesel Heaters →

PLANAR Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureRussia
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Truma Heaters

Truma may have started out with a simple gas lamp in 1949, but these days, every camper in Europe knows the Truma brand.

Truma is a system supplier of heaters, air conditioning systems, hot water generators, manoeuvring assistants and gas supply for caravans and motorhomes.

The Truma Combi is their only diesel-run heater, which not only heats the air but is a hot water heater all in one. These heaters are specifically designed for larger vans and will even work while you’re driving. You do have the option to just heat the water in summer, without heating the air as well.

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, Truma heaters are designed in Germany and used by many Australian caravan and camper companies.

Browse TRUMA Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Truma Diesel Heaters →

TRUMA Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureGermany
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Tuite Diesel Heaters

Tuite diesel heaters are made by the Belief brand in China.

All parts for the Tuite diesel heaters are interchangeable with the Eberspacher heaters, which suggests that this may well be a knock-off of the Eberspacher (just as Belief is often said to be).

Browse TUITE Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Tuite Diesel Heaters →

TUITE Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureChina
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Warmda Diesel Heaters

Warmda LLC is a subsidiary of Good Auto Parts, a company that has been around for 25 years. Warmda is a premium brand of Good Auto Parts, which was established in 2017 in Delaware, U.S.A.

Warmda diesel heaters are made by the largest vehicle air heater manufacturer in Asia. The manufacturer produces over 50,000 heaters each year and has over 20 years of experience in the vehicle heating industry.

Browse WARMDA Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Warmda Diesel Heaters →

WARMDA Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureAsia
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No


Webasto Diesel Heaters

Webasto are German-designed and built diesel heaters, which are used extensively around the globe for commercial, recreational and marine heating.

The Webasto range has been tested in the most extreme conditions from the arctic where they are used on construction and mining machinery, to remote locations in the Australian outback.

Although Webasto is not an Australian made diesel heater, they do come with an Australian stamp and serial number, which is registered with Webasto Australia. This ensures that you’re covered under the Webasto Australia Warranty for all service and warranty and enquiries.

Browse WEBASTO Diesel Heaters:

➤ eBay: Webasto Diesel Heaters →
➤ Caravan RV Camping: Webasto Diesel Heaters →

WEBASTO Diesel Heaters
Origin of ManufactureGermany
Australian Made Diesel Heater for Caravan?No
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Summary of Diesel Heater Country of Manufacture

AutotermRussia & Germany

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