BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

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Easily get the washing dry in the caravan, RV or camper by using your BBQARM as a clothesline mount.

It’s as simple as slotting in the BBQARM Clothesline Connector, which is perfectly designed to securely mount a regular foldable camping clothesline.

There are two options to choose from, depending on whether or not you’ve already got a BBQARM:

  1. Clothesline Connector (for those who have already got a BBQARM Arm & Mount)
  2. Clothesline Connector Kit (complete set-up for those who have not got a BBQARM Kit)

Here’s a run-through of both kits so that you can choose the best one to suit your purposes, as well as photos showing how easy the set-up process is.

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BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit Options

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

Complete BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

This is the best option if you do not have a BBQARM Kit.

What You Get in the BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit:

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

There are 3 main components that will come in the BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit:

  1. BBQARM Arm
  2. BBQARM Mount (choice between a Universal Draw Bar Mount or the Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount)
  3. BBQARM Clothesline Connector

The Universal Draw Bar Mount will attach to most standard caravan and camper draw bars and rear bars, so that it can be used both at the front and the back of the trailer. Choose between two sizes for the Universal Draw Bar Mount – either 50mm or 60mm.

The Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount is for those who want to be able to attach the BBQARM Arm to the vehicle’s rear tow bar for either the BBQARM Table, Starlink Pole or Clothesline.

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MOUNT Options• Universal Draw Bar Mount (50 mm)
• Universal Draw Bar Mount (60 mm)
• Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount
ARM LENGTH Options• 850 mm
• 1000 mm
CLOTHESLINE CONNECTOROne size fits all (compatible with BBQARM)

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Only

This is the best option if you do already have a BBQARM Arm & Mount.
BBQARM Clothesline Connector

If you’ve already got the BBQARM Arm and Mount, then all you need to purchase is the Clothesline Connector, which will be compatible with your existing kit.

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How to Use the BBQARM Clothesline Connector

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

STEP 1 – Attach the BBQARM Mount

The first step is to attach your mount to your desired location for setting up the clothesline.

If you’ve got the Universal Draw Bar Mount, you have the choice of attaching it to either the draw bar or rear bar of the caravan or camper.

For those with the Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount, it will simply slot into the car’s tow hitch receiver.

BBQARM Universal Draw Bar Mount
BBQARM Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount

STEP 2 – Attach the BBQARM Arm

Next, slot the Arm into the BBQARM Mount, swing it around to your desired position, then tighten.

BBQARM Arm & Mount

STEP 3 – Attach the Clothesline Connector

Slide the Clothesline Connector into the end of the BBQARM.

BBQARM Clothesline Connector

STEP 4 – Attach the Clothesline

The final step is the slide the clothesline pole into the BBQARM Clothesline Connector and tighten the wingnut.

NOTE: Here’s where you can purchase a collapsible rotary clothesline for the BBQARM Clothesline Connector (clothesline NOT included in the kit).

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit
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BBQARM Clothesline Connector Discount Code

Don’t forget to use the BBQARM discount code ‘MYRIG’ for 5% Off your entire BBQARM order!

BBQARM Discount Code

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