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Between people working remotely and kids roadschooling, plus our everyday lives being so intertwined with the online world, remote internet reception is pretty darn important nowadays.

With so many people travelling extensively around Australia, Starlink satellite internet is becoming the go-to internet provider for caravanners, campers and RVers.

Starlink internet requires a good, direct view of the sky so that it can tap into the orbiting satellites above. As many campers have found, getting that unobstructed view can be tricky with trees and caravans being in the way.

The BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount solves a myriad of problems by elevating the satellite dish higher than the RV. It also keeps the satellite dish secure in windy conditions and reduces the chance of theft.

Here I cover the 4 different options for mounting a Starlink RV Pole with simple BBQARM mounts, affording you the best opportunity for internet coverage while travelling Australia.

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Starlink Internet for RVs

Starlink Internet Kit
Starlink Kit (Source: Get Me Digital)

What is Starlink Internet?

Starlink internet was created by Elon Musk to address the issue of internet black spots around the planet.

Basically, Starlink internet runs via a series of satellites orbiting the Earth (with more being added to the convoy). This means that even in remote locations around Australia, which don’t even have mobile phone reception, you can still have high-speed internet access at your fingertips.

Travelling Australia with Starlink is particularly beneficial for those who work remotely, as well as for the roadschooling community.

Roadschooling while Travelling Oz →

But, most importantly, having high-speed internet on hand can quite literally mean the difference between life and death if faced with an emergency situation in the middle of no man’s land.

Starlink Roam Costs

Set up costsHardware – $924
Monthly costs$174/ month
• Pay as you go
• Pause & unpause the service as needed

Tips for Using Starlink in RVs

The Starlink satellite dish needs to have a clear view of the open sky so that it can connect with the orbiting satellites above. Because of this, the dish will continuously keep readjusting in order to keep the connection.

It’s important to get the dish up above the surrounding obstacles (trees, campers, hills etc.) to have the best internet connection possible.

Drop-outs can occur if there are obstacles in the way, which is most likely to affect online gaming and calls (both voice and video). For streaming services (like Stan, Netflix and YouTube) that are constantly pre-loading the next bit, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The same goes for internet browsing and catching up on emails.

The Starlink dish can be susceptible to being blown over and getting damaged in the wind if not mounted securely. Be careful when using the mounting stand (which comes with the kit) on top of the car or RV in windy situations.

Starlink for RV Tips:

  • Needs clear view of the open sky
  • Set up away from obstacles that obstruct the connection with roaming satellites
  • Drop-outs for gaming and calls may occur if obstacles are in the way
  • Streaming services, internet browsing & emails can usually absorb the drop-outs
  • Don’t sit the mounting stand on top of things during high winds
FULL GUIDE to Using Starlink in Caravans →
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Aus Line Break

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount

BBQARM Starlink Telescopic RV Pole

Given that the Starlink satellite dish works best when placed in a full, unobstructed view of the sky, where to mount it becomes very important.

BBQARM have come up with a solid solution, which can work in many (but not all) situations.

With the BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount, the satellite dish will sit very securely in the mounting pole, up above the height of the caravan.

In addition, you have the ability to attach the telescopic pole to either the rear bar or draw bar of the caravan, or even to the tow hitch of the vehicle, meaning that you can easily chase the clear open skies.

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount BENEFITS

  • Keeps the Starlink satellite dish above the height of the caravan (reducing obstructions)
  • Mounts the Starlink satellite dish very securely to withstand windy conditions
  • 3 different mounting positions (caravan rear bar, caravan draw bar or vehicle tow hitch)
  • Eliminates trip hazard of having it on the ground with a long cable
  • Reduces theft risk
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Using the BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole
BBQARM Telescopic Starlink RV Pole

When looking to get set up with a BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount, there are four options to choose from.

  1. Telescopic Starlink RV Pole Only
  2. Telescopic Starlink RV Pole + Universal Draw Bar Mount
  3. Telescopic Starlink RV Pole + Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount
  4. Telescopic Starlink RV Pole + Standard Jockey Wheel Clamp (if you don’t already have one – requires bolting/ welding)

The BBQARM Starlink telescopic slide allows you to choose your perfect height. Simply insert the Starlink mast into the integrated click lock adapter at the top of the pole.

Weight3.5 kg
Collapsed Length1.5 metres
Full Extension Length2.7 metre

The info below shares how the four different mounting options work. Keep in mind that you can mix and match your Starlink Pole Mounts in order to move the satellite dish around to the most optimal position.

Standard Jockey Wheel Clamp

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount (standard jockey wheel clamp)
BBQARM Starlink Pole + Standard Jockey Wheel Clamp

If your caravan has a removable jockey wheel, you can slot the BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount straight into the jockey wheel clamp, tighten it into place and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have a jockey wheel clamp, these are available to buy as an optional extra from BBQARM. Keep in mind that it will need to be welded and bolted onto your draw bar.

Jockey Wheel Clamp
Standard Jockey Wheel Clamp

Universal Draw Bar Mount – Draw Bar

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount + Universal Draw Bar Mount
BBQARM Starlink Pole + Universal Draw Bar Mount

Alternatively, the BBQARM Universal Draw Bar Mount is a much more convenient (and portable) option to the permanent jockey wheel clamp.

The Universal Draw Bar Mount simply slips over the caravan draw bar, in any location that suits and can be tightened in place using the bolts at the back. From there, just slot in the Starlink Pole and satellite dish, extend the pole to your desired height, then tighten into place.

BBQARM Universal Draw Bar Mount
BBQARM Universal Draw Bar Mount

Universal Draw Bar Mount – Rear Bar

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount + Universal Draw Bar Mount (rear bar)

The great thing about grabbing the BBQARM Universal Draw Bar Mount is that it can also be used anywhere along the rear bar. This gives you an extra option when it comes to finding the best location for your Starlink satellite when chasing internet coverage.

Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount + Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount

The final place that the BBQARM Starlink Pole can be used is with the BBQARM Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount.

This is a simple mount that connects into the vehicle’s tow-hitch making it compatible with not only the Starlink Pole, but also the swing-away BBQARM.

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For additional portability, being able to move the car to a nice clear space, then mounting the Starlink satellite dish via the tow hitch is a great way to tap into the available reception around camp.

BBQARM Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount
BBQARM Vehicle Tow-Hitch Mount


Don’t forget to use the BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount discount code ‘MYRIG’ for 5% Off your order!

BBQARM Discount Code
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