BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

⛺️ BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park REVIEW, Helensvale QLD

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For a resort-style family holiday on the Gold Coast, the BIG 4 Helensvale will pretty much tick all of your boxes. Pools, water slides, dog park, games, activities, poolside bar, kids club – the list goes on.

In addition, if you’re after a really nice base camp to explore Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this one is positioned perfectly for you. You can jump straight onto the M1 and be in the heart of Brisbane within 45 minutes (59 km), or head south for 22 minutes (18 km) to find yourself in the midst of Surfers Paradise.

The holiday park is perfectly positioned for those wanting to visit the big Gold Coast theme parks. Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild and the Australian Outback Spectacular are all just over the road. Plus, you’ve got Dreamworld and White Water World not far down the highway.

Many people visit the BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park and just want to kick back and enjoy the facilities without going anywhere. That’s what we did! It’s the perfect Queensland school holiday escape without having to travel too far.  Read on for our full BIG 4 Helensvale review.

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BIG 4 Helensvale Review

BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

Camp Features

💲  Prices vary (see website)
🐶  Pet friendly (with fenced Dog Park + Dog Wash)
🐱  Pet sitting
🚽  Multiple amenities blocks
🛁  Ensuite sites
💧  Drinking water
⚡️  Power
🗑  Rubbish bins
⬇️  Dump point
♨️  BBQ’s
🎈  Giant Jumping Pillow
🏊  Swimming Pool & Spa
💦  Water Park
🏓  Games room
🍴  Camp kitchen
👕  Laundry
🎣  Fishing
🚣  Canoeing
📶  Telstra reception
🖥  TV reception
🏠  Cabins available
⛺️  Tents, Campers, Caravans, Motorhomes, Big Rigs

Camp Kitchen, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, QLD

Camp Location

The Gold Coast Holiday Park BIG 4 Helensvale offers luxury accommodation right near the iconic theme parks.

Australian Outback Spectacular1.7 km | 4 minutes
Wet ‘n’ Wild1.9 km | 5 minutes
Warner Bros. Movie World2.3 km | 7 minutes
Dreamworld + White Water World5.2 km | 8 minutes
Sea World19.3 km | 25 minutes
Surfers Paradise18.2 km | 24 minutes
Brisbane59 km | 44 minutes

ADDRESS: 66 – 86 Siganto Drive, Helensvale QLD 4212.

HEMA Gold Coast Map
Gold Coast Region HEMA Map →
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Fun Things to do at BIG 4 Helensvale

We had a super relaxing long weekend at the BIG 4 Helensvale. In fact we hardly saw the kids all weekend, they were so busy hanging out with new friends, swimming, bouncing on the jumping pillow, riding bikes and shooting down the water slides.

Swim at the Resort Pool

BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park Swimming Pool

One of best things about the BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Resort is its huge pool, surrounded by flame lanterns at night. It’s always a hive of activity, boasting a spiral waterslide that lands into the water with multiple cabanas fanning around the poolside.

Plus, no resort would be complete without a spa. My only complaint was that the spa was always so full that I never felt like I could soak in there and relax in peace.

Our visit was during winter when the pool water was heated. I didn’t feel like the water was super warm, but the heating definitely took the edge off it.

Pool Hours7.30 am – 9.00 pm
Pegless Clothesline
Pegless Clothesline
Pegless Clothesline →

Explore the Water Park

BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park Water Slides, QLD

Gold Coast Holiday Park has the tallest play structure of any Holiday Park in the Southern Hemisphere. Pretty impressive, huh! You can bet your bottom dollar that the kids will spend most of the time here at the Water Park – and can you blame them?

Included are over 40 interactive play features:

  • Multi-lane Body Slide
  • 4 x Aquatube Slides
  • 1 x Compact Slide
  • Tipping Bucket
  • Smaller zoned area for younger children
  • Total of 317m of water slide action!

Play Foot Pool

Foot Pool, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park QLD

Foot Pool is quite literally a giant version of Pool, except you’ve got a field instead of a table. The aim of the game is to be the first to ‘sink’ all of your balls into any pocket/ goal by kicking them in with the white ball.

Foot Pool Rules:

  1. Toss a coin to decide who will ‘break’
  2. Kick the ball only – no hands allowed
  3. Balls must be kept in the playing field
  4. Take alternate turns to ‘shoot’ the balls into the goals
  5. If you sink one of your balls, continue until you miss a goal
  6. If you miss, sink the white ball or kick it out of the field, then the other player gets two shots
Free ball hire from reception – book your time slot in advance.

Head to the Dog Park

Dog Park, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park boasts a massive Dog Park for all of the fury, four-legged guests. It’s fully-fenced and houses a few tunnels and ramps for your pooch to sniff out and explore.

Have a Round of Bocce

Bocce, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

If you enjoy good old Lawn Bowls, then you will definitely like Bocce. The aim of the game is to get one of your boules closest to the ‘Pallino’ or ‘Jack.’

Bocce Rules:

  1. Toss a coin to see which team starts first
  2. Boules can be tossed or rolled
  3. The winning team member tosses the ‘Pallino’ into the playing area – the first team then throws their boule
  4. Taking alternate turns, each team throws their boules towards the Pallino to get their ball closest
  5. Games are played alternately from one end of the court to the other
  6. In each game, only one team scores – 1 point is given for each bocce ball that is closer to the Pallino than the opposing teams bocce balls
  7. You can choose how many points you wish to play to
Hire boules from reception or use your own.

Go for a Kayak

River, Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

The BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park is nestled on beautiful river frontage. It’s an easy stroll from your campsite to meander down along the water. Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not take a Kayak or Canoe out and explore the surrounds from the water.

There is a car park down near the water for easy watercraft access.

Kayak hire available through reception.

Try Your Hand at Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

Have you ever tried Frisbee Golf before? It’s much like traditional golf, only you use frisbees instead of golf balls. Head to reception grab some frisbees, the kids (big and small) will love it.

Frisbee Golf Rules:

  1. The aim is to play each ‘hole’ in the fewest throws possible
  2. The player with the lowest total of throws for the course, wins
  3. Creek and trees are out of bounds – which gives you a ‘one throw’ penalty
  4. Throws must be taken from where the frisbee lands, with the foot placed at the rear of the frisbee
Frisbees available for purchase at reception, or you can bring your own.

Do Some Laps Around the RC Track

Remote Control RC Track, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

I can’t say I’ve ever been to a holiday park with a dedicated remote control car track before, but there you have it. Yep, our kids actually had RC cars in the van when we visited, so they pulled them out and took them for a strap around the track.

It’s not huge, but still a bit of fun. You’ll find the track down the back of the park with all of the other activities (such as Frisbee Golf, Bocce, Foot Pool and the dog park). There is loads of room to drive the cars around and stretch your legs.

Arcade Room & Games Room

Games Room, BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Helensvale QLD

As you’d expect, there’s a nice, modern Games Room with a fire place, table tennis, pool table and foosball. If there aren’t any balls, you may have to check with reception.

Along with the Games Room is an Arcade Room, complete with all of those coined machines that parents hate, yet kids love! You know the ones… skill testers, driving simulators, pinball and the like.

Our kids spent quite a bit of time there with friends they made throughout the park. It’s all an essential part of holiday fun.

What did you think of our BIG 4 Helensvale review? Have you visited before? Let us know in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “⛺️ BIG 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park REVIEW, Helensvale QLD”

  1. The Holidaymaker / Renee

    Well, this indeed looks like you enjoyed the best of both worlds – camping and resort living. The amenities look amazing and fun for the entire family. Yet you are still in your camper and close to the river for an easy kayak. How wonderful.

  2. This is definitely one of the better Big 4’s that I’ve seen! There’s so much to do here for kids (and adult-sized kids haha). Foot pool looks like more fun than normal pool 😉

  3. Can’t believe how many things there is to do in the Holiday Park. This is the Disneyland of campsites!! Kayak, bocce, Frisbee Golf (!!?), you must have had so much fun there

  4. samantha karen

    The resort pool and waterpark look amazing! What a luxe holiday park. Looks like a great place to go with kids.

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