BIG LAP Budget Spreadsheet for Travelling Australia

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

for travelling Australia

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Planning a Road Trip around Australia

Are you dreaming of doing the Big Lap or heading off on an Aussie road trip? That’s awesome! I reckon it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

One of the biggest factors, which stops a lot of people from hitting the road is money.

It can sound like an impossible dream that’ll cost a fortune.

The truth is that yes, travelling Australia is going to cost you a few bucks. But that doesn’t mean your dream has to remain out of reach.

Take us as an example – we hit the road with just $2,500 in the bank!

We spent 18 months setting ourselves up to be self-sufficient (and debt-free) so that we didn’t need to rely on caravan parks. Plus, we always planned on stopping for work along the way to keep topping up the funds.

However, one thing that I wish we did have while planning our travels was a detailed Budget Spreadsheet. With the gift of hindsight and experience, I know how much it would have helped with organisation (and motivation) as we plugged away at the dream and ticked things off the list.

With over 4 years of full-time planning & travel experience under my belt, I have created the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet for travelling Australia!

Who is the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet for?

> Those who are planning on hitting the road for any length of travel!
> Those who are dreaming of doing a big trip but need to nut out the figures!

Saving for a Road Trip

If you want to save for your entire trip before you go, this Budget Spreadsheet is an essential tool in making sure that you’ve covered all bases.

You’ll be able to come up with a pretty good estimate of what the trip is going to cost you weekly, monthly and annually. You will also be able to see (and allocate) how much money you plan on spending in each category.

Stretch your budget further and travel for longer!

Playing with the figures in the spreadsheet will help you to push money around from one area to another or even eliminate unnecessary spending.

Working as you Travel

If you prefer to just “wing it” like we did and earn your travel funds as you go, I get it.

This Budget Spreadsheet comes in handy for preempting how much you may need to earn based on your expected weekly and monthly travel expenses.

On the flip-side, you can use the spreadsheet along the way to project how long your earnings will last before having to stop for the next stint of work.

Using the Budget Spreadsheet for funding travel on the road:

  • Estimate how much you need to earn
  • Project (as you go) how long your earnings will last before needing to stop for work again
  • Estimate your expected weekly & monthly travel budget

Use the Travel Expense Tracker to log your expenses on the road.

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Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

What’s Included in the Spreadsheet

Within the travelling Australia Budget Spreadsheet you’ll find nine (9) categories with fully-automated calculators:

  • Accommodation
  • Fuel
  • Travel Expenses
  • At Home Expenses
  • Income
  • Vehicle Set-up
  • Trailer/ Motorhome Set-up

Each time you add in your own figures (into the yellow boxes), the spreadsheet will automatically update all totals to reflect your information. You have the ability to keep changing the numbers until they work for you.

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

What you get…
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - Accommodation Calculator


  • Estimate your accommodation budget
  • Input length of trip (in months)
  • Play around with number of nights in each style of camp
  • Knead the numbers to suit your ideal weekly accommodation budget
  • Helps to know ahead of time how much you can realistically spend per week on caravan parks etc.

FUEL Calculator

  • Estimate your fuel budget
  • Input your vehicle’s average litres per 100km (when towing if applicable)
  • Input current metropolitan fuel price
  • Remote area fuel loading will automatically add an extra 30% to help estimate an overall average
  • Input total km for the trip
  • You’ll get estimate total fuel costs per month + for the trip
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - Fuel
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - Travel Expenses


  • Estimate your travel expenses
  • 31 adjustable variables + space for extras
  • Accommodation
  • Fuel
  • Groceries
  • Additional expenses (attractions, laundromats etc.)
  • Gas bottle refills
  • Vehicle & trailer expenses (rego, insurance etc.)
  • Personal expenses (medical, phone, pets etc.)


  • Estimate your At Home expenses (if applicable)
  • Mortgage
  • Rental expenses
  • Insurances
  • Storage costs
  • Postal redirection
  • Credit cards & loans
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - At Home Expenses
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - Budget/ Income


  • Estimate your budget/ income
  • Starting cash balance
  • Various income
  • Government allowances
  • Superannuation
  • Employment leave entitlements
  • Tax return
  • Calculate how much you may need to earn along the way

TRAVEL SET-UP Calculators

  • Estimate the cost of building your travel set-up
  • Vehicle Set-up Calculator
  • Trailer/ Camper Set-up Calculator
  • Additional upgrades & modifications
  • Accessories & electronics
  • Safety & first aid
  • Furniture & outdoor
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - Set-up Costs
Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet


  • View the running totals as you input information
  • Monthly Expenses summary
  • Annual Expenses summary
  • Travel Set-up summary
  • Visual pie graph
  • Toggle between the ‘Travel Budget Calculator’ and the ‘Travel Set-up Calculator’ tabs

DETAILS: Customisable Spreadsheet – Instant Download

  • Estimate your road trip budget & expenses
  • 2 sheets (Travel Budget + Travel Set-up)
  • 9 calculators
  • 150+ customisable variables
  • Automated totals
  • Summary & pie chart overview

COMPATIBLE FORMATS: Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets


Now it’s time to start turning that dream into a reality!

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