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600+ BIG Things Australia Map & Checklist (Printable)

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What is it about Big Things that we folk in Australia are so fascinated with? 

It may have all begun with a handful of obscure sculptures in the mid-1900s, but now, moving into the next century, there are well over 600 Big Things dotted around Australia!

Even some of the smallest towns have been known to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars putting their village on the map by installing a quirky, gigantic sculpture. 

Big Things Australia give travellers a reason to stop, stretch their legs and have a look at something unique and unusual, which often leads to tourist dollars being spent in their town.

If you’re keen to embark on your own Big Things tour, check out the Big Things Australia map and checklists below. Each state has its own printable list with full street addresses and tick boxes so that you’re armed and ready to go on your adventure.

For packing tips, check out our road trip checklist with over 120 items.

Big Things Australia Map

Below is the complete Big Things Australia map with over 600 items listed.

As Big Things are often associated with businesses, their existence and whereabouts can sometimes be a bit fluid. If you’re aware of any Big Thing changes, removals or additions, feel free to drop a comment down below so that I can update the Big Things Australia map for everyone.

How to Use the Interactive Map Below:
1. Click ‘View larger map’ (top right corner) to access the state-by-state informational column
2. Click, drag & zoom to move the map around
3. Click on each ‘Big Thing’ in the left-hand bar to access individual information
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Big Things Australia

Big Gumboot, Tully
BIG Golden Gumboot, Tully QLD

What are Big Things?

A Big Thing is basically an oversized sculpture, generally attached to or associated with a business. They’re quite often a humorous exaggeration of something that is endemic to the local town or region.

Big Things Australia can be anything from an everyday trinket to a native animal, something of historical significance or even a commodity that is produced locally.

What was the first Big Thing in Australia

It all started back in 1964 with the BIG Banana in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The gigantic piece of fruit was erected to promote a banana stall and is famously known as the first Big Thing in Australia.

Or… was it? 🤔

Big Things Australia

That’s what popular belief would have you think, but in fact the Big Banana wasn’t actually the first Big Thing in Australia. The BIG Scotsman in South Australia is the true owner of that title.

Paul Kelly is the guy who designed ‘Scotty’ back in 1963 to promote Scotty’s Motel (known as the Comfort Inn these days). He stands 5 metres tall on the corner of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road in Medindie, Adelaide.

That makes the BIG Scotsman older than the BIG Banana by just one year!

Interestingly, Paul Kelly also went on to create the BIG Lobster in Kingston, South Australia.

Big Things Facts & Stats

BIG Ned Kelly, Maryborough QLD
BIG Ned Kelly, Maryborough QLD

Looking at the results of surveys carried out by Wotif, it’s easy to see that Big Things in Australia are still as popular as ever!

BIG Things Stats:

  • 90% of Australians have visited a Big Thing at some stage
  • The average traveller has seen at least 5 Big Things in Australia
  • 39% of people will travel out of their way to see a Big Thing
  • 47% are more likely to spend time in an area with a Big Thing
  • 2 in 3 tourists are happy to see other local attractions in a town that has a Big Thing
  • 60% of travellers will stop if they see a Big Thing on the highway
  • 80% of people reckon that Big Things are “uniquely Australian”
  • 40% of Aussies wish there were more Big Things to visit

Big Things Australia Road Trip

Years ago, back in 2009, I found myself at the famous Big Prawn. Back then it was still on top of the transit centre roof in Ballina, NSW. So, of course, I got the obligatory snap with my mobile phone. These days the Big Prawn has relocated and now sits alongside the Bunnings car park (still in Ballina).

But that did get me thinking… wouldn’t it be cool to do a road trip of Big Things and create an album dedicated to them all. Those were still the days of printing out photos and actually putting them into physical albums… I know, old school, right!

BIG Orange, Gayndah QLD
BIG Orange, Gayndah QLD

Fast forward to 2017 when I’d hit the road full-time and was travelling through Gayndah in rural Queensland. Remembering that that’s where the Big Orange lived, we pulled in to have a look and get a photo.

A few months later I met a family in Barcaldine who were midway through one of their annual Big Things Australia road trips. Yep, there are actually people out there who do this!

You see, they plan their holidays each year purely around finding new Big Things that they haven’t yet discovered. On this particular road trip they were doing 6 weeks around Queensland (from the Coast to the Outback) with over 100 Big Things on their hit list.

They were fascinating to talk to and really inspired me. Challenge accepted!

I decided to make a solid effort to uncover as many Big Things as I could around the country throughout my own travels.

And so it began… The Great Australian Big Things Hunt!

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COMPLETE Big Things Australia Checklist

Big Things Australia Checklists
600+ BIG Things to find around Australia!

Here you will find the complete set of Big Things Australia checklists totalling over 600 items.

You can either purchase each state’s checklist individually or you can buy the bundle, depending on your personal travel plans.

Each printable checklist includes the full street address and associated businesses to help you locate each Big Thing.

BIG Thing Checklist Inclusions:

  • MAP of each State or Territory, illustrating the different regions
  • STREET ADDRESSES with adjoining business for each Big Thing
  • CHECKBOXES to tick off each Big Thing
  • DATE & PHOTO boxes to tick off & record when you capture each Big Thing
  • SPACE to record any extra finds along the way

Here’s what’s you get…

QLD Big Things Regional Map

🗺 STATE Regional Maps

The regional map for each state or territory will help you to locate the Big Things within each area that you’re travelling through.

✔️ TICK off each region as you complete it

📍 FULL Street Addresses

Each Big Thing has a full street address provided as well as any adjacent businesses or landmarks to help locate the item.

  • All addresses are categorised into regions
SA Big Things Checklist
NT Big Things Checklist

🙌 TICK off your finds

As you collect each Big Thing, get the obligatory photo, then tick it off the list!

✔️ TICK off your finds
✔️ TICK once you’ve captured each photo
✔️ RECORD the date that you find each Big Thing

📝 RECORD extra finds

If you happen upon extra Big Things throughout your travels that aren’t on the list, use the spare spaces to record them.

NT Big Things Checklist
Big Things Australia Checklists

⬇️ 7 Checklists

(One for each State and Territory)

🔹 Pre-filled with 600+ Aussie Big Things
🔹 State-by-state Regional Maps
🔹 Full street addresses
🔹 Adjacent businesses/ landmarks
🔹 DIGITAL (interactive on your device)
🔹 PRINTABLE (print hard copies if you prefer)
🔹 BONUS Checklists for common finds

Complete Australian BIG Things Checklist!

Individual State & Territory checklists below ↓
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QLD Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in Queensland:

  1. The BIG Bulls – Rockhampton (there are over 7 of them)
  2. The BIG Captain Cook – Cairns
  3. The BIG Crocodile – Normanton (‘Krys’ the Savannah King)
  4. The BIG Easel – Emerald (biggest easel in the world!)
  5. The BIG Golden Gumboot – Tully
  6. The BIG Ned Kelly – Maryborough
  7. The BIG Pineapple – Nambour
  8. The BIG Rum Bottle – Bundaberg
  9. The BIG Whale – Hervey Bay
  10. The BIG Watermelon – Chinchilla

See the full list of over 150 Big Things in Queensland!

QLD Big Things Checklist

QLD Big Things Checklist

  • 150+ QLD Big Things
  • 17 Pages
  • 6 Regions with Map
  • Full Street Addresses

NSW & ACT Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in NSW & ACT

  1. The BIG Axe – Kew
  2. The BIG Banana – Coffs Harbour
  3. The BIG Bench – Broken Hill
  4. The BIG Coins – Canberra
  5. The BIG Emu ‘Stanley’ – Lightning Ridge
  6. The BIG Frilled-neck Lizard – Somersby
  7. The BIG Gold Panner – Bathurst
  8. The BIG Golden Guitar – Tamworth
  9. The BIG Merino – Goulburn
  10. The BIG Prawn – Ballina

See the full list of over 130 Big Things in NSW and ACT!

NSW & ACT Big Things Checklist

NSW & ACT Big Things Checklist

  • 130+ NSW & ACT Big Things
  • 20 Pages
  • 13 Regions with Map
  • Full Street Addresses

VIC Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in Victoria

  1. The BIG Bees – Melbourne
  2. The BIG Cigar – Churchill
  3. The BIG Dead Fish – Fish Creek
  4. The BIG Koala – Horsham
  5. The BIG Murray Cod – Swan Hill
  6. The BIG Ned Kelly – Glenrowan
  7. The BIG Pheasant – Tynong
  8. The BIG Rolling Pin – Wodonga
  9. The BIG Strawberry – Koonoomoo
  10. The BIG Wine Bottle – Rutherglen

See the full list of over 120 Big Things in Victoria!

VIC Big Things Checklist

VIC Big Things Checklist

  • 120+ VIC Big Things
  • 19 Pages
  • 12 Regions with Map
  • Full street addresses

TAS Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in Tasmania

  1. The BIG Axe – Longley
  2. The BIG Coffee Pot – Deloraine
  3. The BIG James Boag’s Can – Launceston
  4. The BIG Penguin – Penguin
  5. The BIG Picture Frame – Stanley
  6. The BIG Pitchfork – Huntingfield
  7. The BIG Platypus – Latrobe
  8. The BIG Rock Lobster – Stanley
  9. The BIG Tasmanian Devil – Trowunna
  10. The BIG Wickets – Westbury

See the full list of over 35 Big Things in Tasmania!

TAS Big Things Checklist

TAS Big Things Checklist

  • 35+ TAS Big Things
  • 9 Pages
  • 5 Regions with Map
  • Full street addresses

SA Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in South Australia

  1. The BIG Boomerang – Coober Pedy
  2. The BIG Cube – McLaren Vale
  3. The BIG Dunlop Tyre – Yamba
  4. The BIG Galah – Kimba
  5. The BIG Kangaroo – Nullarbor
  6. The BIG Lobster – Kingston
  7. The BIG Orange – Monash
  8. The BIG Rocking Horse – Gumeracha
  9. The BIG Scotsman – Medindie
  10. The BIG Wombat – Scotdesco

See the full list of over 50 Big Things in South Australia!

SA Big Things Checklist

SA Big Things Checklist

  • 50+ SA Big Things
  • 12 Pages
  • 8 Regions with Map
  • Full street addresses

WA Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in Western Australia

  1. The BIG Apple – Donnybrook
  2. The BIG Bin – Kalgoorlie (world’s tallest bin!)
  3. The BIG Camera – Meckering
  4. The BIG Cricket Bat – Narrikup
  5. The BIG Crocodile – Wyndham
  6. The BIG King Neptune – Two Rocks
  7. The BIG Mermaid – Bremer Bay
  8. The BIG Ram – Wagin
  9. The BIG Wheelbarrow – Port Headland
  10. The BIG Wool Wagon – Kojonup

See the full list of over 80 Big Things in Western Australia!

WA Big Things Checklist

WA Big Things Checklist

  • 80+ WA Big Things
  • 15 Pages
  • 10 Regions with Map
  • Full street addresses

NT Big Things

Top 10 Big Things in the Northern Territory

  1. The BIG Aboriginal Hunter – Anmatjere
  2. The BIG Aboriginal Woman & Child – Anmatjere
  3. The BIG Books – Alice Springs
  4. The BIG Boxing Crocodile – Humpty Doo
  5. The BIG Dinosaur ‘Kev’ – Palmerston
  6. The BIG Gold Nugget – Grove Hill
  7. The BIG Hand – Alice Springs
  8. The BIG NT Stubby – Larrimah
  9. The BIG Stockwhip – Acacia
  10. The BIG XXXX Can – Ghan

See the full list of over 20 Big Things in Northern Territory!

NT Big Things Checklist

NT Big Things Checklist

  • 20+ NT Big Things
  • 8 Pages
  • 5 Regions with Map
  • Full street addresses
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