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🪃 23 Big Things in Northern Territory – Iconic Tourist Attractions

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Australian’s can be a bit bonkers at the best of times, especially when it comes to our ridiculous, over-sized sculptures of everyday items and animals, also known as Big Things.

Australia is a bloody huge country. To get from one town to the next can take hours once you get out of the big smoke!

Collecting Big Things on your road trip adds an interesting dynamic, as well as having a good reason to stop, stretch your legs, refuel and get a fun picture to commemorate the journey.

There are over 20 Big Things in the Northern Territory, which provide some really fun stop-points for your travels through the state.

Among the most well-known NT Big Things are the Big Aboriginal Hunter, the Big Boxing Crocodile and the Big XXXX Beer Can.

Have a browse through this map and full list of Northern Territory Big Things. If you know of any others that should be on this list, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them in.

Northern Territory Big Things Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in Northern Territory and across Australia. Don’t forget to download your printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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20+ Northern Territory Big Things!

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23 Big Things in Northern Territory

Here you’ll find all Big Things in Northern Territory that I’m are aware of. Each item is listed alphabetically to make them easier to locate.

If you’re aware of any detail changes or extra Big Things that we’ve missed in the NT, please feel free to let me know so that I can update the list.

For packing tips, check out the road trip tour checklist, which covers everything you’ll need for a Big Things trip.

BIG Aboriginal Hunter – ‘Anmatjere Man’

BIG Aboriginal Hunter ‘Anmatjere Man’ (Photo: Ausemade)

Just north of Alice Springs stands the Big Aboriginal Hunter. The 17 metre high sculpture stands on top of a hill overlooking the town and the land, holding a spear.

As he represents a figure from the local Anmatjere tribe, he is also known as the ‘Anmatjere Man.’

Mark Egan, the creator, took a year to build the sculpture, which was erected in 2005. Mark was brought up all over the country with his father, taking a variety of jobs here and there. He constructed the 8 tonne man using steel frame, mesh wire and ferris cement.

The Big Aboriginal Hunter has been named after Charlie Quartpot by the Anmatjere people. Charlie was a rainmaker who once lived in the area.

BIG Aboriginal Woman and Child – ‘Anmatjere Woman and Child’

BIG Aboriginal Woman and Child, "Anmatjere Woman," Aileron NT
Big ‘Anmatjere Woman and Child’ (Photo: Wikimedia)

Three years after the ‘Anmatjere Man’ was created, along came the ‘Anmatjere Woman and Child’ to join him.

The Big Aboriginal Woman and Child was also brought about by Mark Egan, the man behind the Big Aboriginal Hunter. The woman stands 12 metres high with a child grasping her leg as she fends off a goanna.

The giant structures dominate the landscape and offer a stark contrast to the Central Australian backdrop. The Anmatjere people are the local custodians of the land, who the two sculptures pay tribute to.

BIG Barramundi

BIG Barramundi, Katherine NT
Big Barramundi (Photo: National Australian Fishing Annual)

Catching a Barra or Barramundi fish is a prized catch across the world. Sitting atop the Rod & Rifle Tackle World in Katherine is a Big Barramundi.

Since the town of Katherine sits alongside the Katherine River, which offers prime Barra fishing, the giant Barramundi can have his proud spot on the local roof. They even say that the barra are bigger up there!

BIG Battery ‘Captain Concrete’

In Pinelands of the Northern Territory sits a Big Battery also known as ‘Captain Concrete.’

Think a AA Duracell battery man that’s standing on a roof with hands on hips. I have no idea what the significance of this item of the Big Things in Northern Territory is all about or if it even connects to a current business, but there you have it.

BIG Books

BIG Books, Alice Springs NT
Big Books (Photo: Wikimedia)

Outside the entrance to the Alice Springs Public Library is a set of Big Books. All eight of the giant books are by the author Neville Shute, who wrote the book A Town Like Alice, which was later adapted into a film.

The locals weren’t too pleased about having the spines of books by an author who wrote about a town ‘like’ Alice, but not actually about Alice Springs itself. Rightfully so.

BIG Boomerang & Spears

BIG Boomerang & Spears, Curtin Springs NT
Big Boomerang & Spears (Photo: Explore Oz)

Curtin Springs Station guides you under the Big Boomerand and Spears as you walk through the entrance.

The station itself is over 1 million acres and they are very respectful of their stewardship of the land, minimising the impact of the livestock on the country. As well as being a Cattle Station, Curtin Springs is also a Roadhouse and Wayside Inn.

At Curtin Springs you’ll find:

  • Petrol & diesel
  • Accommodation (cabins, powered campsites and unpowered campsites)
  • Homestead meals
  • Handmade native grass paper
  • Perfect base to explore Ayres Rock and Kings Canyon
  • Visit Mount Connor on the property

BIG Boxing Crocodile

BIG Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo NT
Big Boxing Crocodile (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting outside of a fuel station in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory is the Big Boxing Crocodile. As Humpty Doo is only 38 km south-east of Darwin, the town has become a popular spot on the travellers route to Kakadu, making this croc quite iconic.

You could even say that this is the world’s largest boxing crocodile.

At 13 metres high, he wears a bright red pair of boxing gloves. Apparently the inspiration came from the Boxing Kangaroo logo created in 1983 for our bid in the America’s Cup.

It was essential that the crocodile be able to withstand the tropical cyclones that pass through Darwin. The total cost of this guy was $137,000.

BIG Crocodile

While you’re wandering around the Daly Waters Pub, make sure you head into Tim’s Junkyard Shed and look up. There you’ll find a Big Crocodile leering down at you from the ceiling. He may even have some human remains in his huge jaws!

Banka Banka Station, Tennant Creek →

BIG Dinosaur “Kev”

BIG Dinosaur "Kev," NT
Big Dinosaur ‘Big Kev’ (Photo: ABC News)

A well-known Big Dinosaur, fondly named ‘Big Kev,’ was feared near extinction. The giant brachiosaurus had stood watch over a landscape supply yard since 2007.

The community worried about the future of Big Kev as plans for a new Bunnings moved forward. He’d become an icon and locals wanted to preserve their contribution to the Big Things in Northern Territory.

It took four hours to dismantle the statue, with the help of a crane and cherry-picker. He was pulled apart in four sections – neck, head, body, tail, then the four legs.

Big Kev, the 18-metre dinosaur, was reassembled at the new Bunnings warehouse in Palmerston in 2020, where he can now be found guarding the outdoor nursery.

While you’re exploring the area, consider adding one of these great Darwin tours to your itinerary.

BIG Echidna

BIG Echidna, Erldunda NT
Big Echidna (Photo: Travel Blog)

Erldunda is a tiny little town 200km south of Alice Springs, with a population of just 25 people. Many travellers pass through Erldunda on their way to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

In shed beside the Erldunda Roadhouse is the BIG Echidna, which starred in the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony.

BIG Fish

BIG Fish, Wanguri NT
Big Fish (Photo: Child Australia)

Perched on the edge of the oval at Wanguri Primary School is a colouful Big Fish. Steve Glynn is the mosaic and papier mache artist behind the barramundi creation.

I’ve had a dig around to see if could find the meaning behind the fish, but didn’t come up with much. If you know anything about this part of the Big Things in Northern Territory, please let me know in the comments below.

BIG Frilled-neck Lizard

BIG Frilled-neck Lizard, Erldunda NT
Big Frilled-neck Lizard (Photo: Tripadvisor)

Hiding next to the Erldunda Roadhouse in a shed is the BIG Frilled-neck Lizard. This guy is famous for taking part in the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony back in 2000.

The roadhouse is a popular spot for travellers to stop in on their way north from South Australia or as people head further west to Uluru (268km, 2hrs 43mins).

BIG Frogs

BIG Frogs, Darwin NT
Big Frogs (Photo: Big Things of Australia)

Sitting in the garden outside of the Ramada Suites Zen Quarter in Darwin are the Big Frogs.

Their original location was at Tom Finlays Get Stoned masonry. Once the masonry decided to relocate, the frogs were purchased and moved to the Ramada.

You can find their sisters at the Berry Springs Wildlife Park.

BIG Frogs

The siblings to the BIG Frogs above at the Ramada Zen Suites live in the Berry Springs Wildlife Park in the Northern Territory.

BIG Gold Nugget

BIG Gold Nugget, Grove Hill NT
Big Gold Nugget (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting out the front of the Grove Hill Historic Hotel always stood the Big Gold Nugget. These days, I’m not even sure if the chunk of gold is still there as the hotel officially closed it’s doors in 2018.

The historic Grove Hill Hotel was built back in 1934 using scavenged materials from mining sites in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The licensed hotel combined with a heritage museum was a great local waterhole for many.

By 2016 the owner was tired and had had enough of the bar life. The pub then closed.

But that only lasted 87 days (3 days shy of the liquor license expiring). Due to public demand, Stan Haeusler opened his doors back up.

Come late 2018, Stan had officially decided his time to retire had come and he closed the hotel for good. It was time to relax with his wife and potter around the garden. The final hurrah went off with a bang in October 2018 with a big BBQ. Could it end in any other way?

What once was a bustling pub was only serving a handful of patrons by its last days. A testament to how much the area and the economy has changed over the years.

If you know of the Gold Nugget’s current whereabouts, please let me know in the comments below.

BIG Golf Ball

BIG Golf Ball, Darwin NT
Big Golf Ball (Photo: Tropical Darwin)

Sitting atop a big tee is the Big Golf Ball at the Darwin Golf Club. While you’re there why not have a hit or stop in for some lunch.

BIG Hand

Big Hand (Photo: Mapio)

Nestled in Alice Springs is the quirky Central Second Hand Shop.

Out the front in the garden is a Big Hand. It’s not an ordinary-looking hand though, it’s a giant red hand, with the index serving as a smaller hand. I guess you have to see this one for yourself…

This treasure trove of a store has something for everyone. Books, museum pieces, bikes, fancy dress, bedding, boots, furniture. It’s definitely worth poking your head in for a look while you’re there. Never know what you might find!

BIG Jumping Crocodile

BIG Jumping Crocodile, NT
Big Jumping Crocodile (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

You can find the comical Big Jumping Crocodile at the Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises.

This famous Adelaide River Cruise will take you out on the water for an hour to view the deadly saltwater crocodile in its natural habitat.

So, how do they get these wild beasts to jump? By dangling fresh meat over the water for them to eat, of course. There are three different style boats to choose from, depending on your comfort level.

BIG NT Stubby

BIG Stubby, NT
Big Stubby (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Once upon a time Larrimah was the southern extremity of the North Australian Railway from Darwin, which closed down in 1976. This middle of nowhere location was used as a linking point between the road and rail.

The iconic Larrimah Pink Panther Hotel boasts the Big Stubby and a Pink Panther sitting beside it in a chair.

The giant NT Draught Stubby holds 2,250 gallons, which is 8,500 litres. Bearing in mind that the larger bottles of beer in Australia are usually 750mL, an original NT Stubby holds 2.2 litres, thus they became famous as the Darwin Stubby.

It seems that the pub was originally in Birdum (some 92 kms south), but was relocated to Larrimah after World War II (1952) when the railway ended there.

The Larrimah Hotel is the highest bar in the Northern Territory 181 metres above sea level.

BIG Pink Buffalo

BIG Pink Buffalo, NT
Big Pink Buffalo (Photo: Oz Outback)

Standing inside the Travans Cars & Commercials car yard is the Big Pink Buffalo, a well known landmark at Darwin’s entrance.

The giant sculpture was originally grey, but the new owners painted it pink so that it stood out more. The original business was dealing in buffalo trading, so it was created as a marketing tool.

It sets to remind people of the Territory wildlife and also promotes a gift shop. As at December 2020, feral buffalo numbers were nearing 200,000!

BIG Stockwhip

BIG Stockwhip, NT
Big Stockwhip (Photo: The Telegraph)

Head to Mick’s Whips and Leather Goods to see the 25-metre-long Big Stockwhip. You can’t miss it as it takes pride of place over the driveway entrance.

Mick Denigan is famous for his appearances at the Mindil Sunset Markets in Darwin and has been teaching people how to crack whips like an expert for years.

His hand-made whips are created using high quality kangaroo hide and have ended up in the hands of many famous folk, such as Keeanu Reeves, George W. Bush and Prince Phillip. These renowned whips also starred in the movie ‘Australia’ with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

Also available in Mick’s gallery and shop are crocodile skins and products, Dundee hat bands and more.

BIG Wine Bottle

BIG Wine Bottle, Daly Waters Pub NT
Big Wine Bottle (Photo: HemaX)

The Big Wine Bottle can be spotted sitting in the back of an old truck at the Daly Waters Pub in the Northern Territory.

The history of Daly Waters Pub is an interesting one. Since its creation in 1930, the pub has been witness to murders, shootouts in the street, cattle stampeding through town and the obligatory pub brawls. Surrounding station owners ever threatened to bulldoze the place or burn it down to stop local ringers from riding into town. You can still see the old bathtub and rail to hitch your horse to.

Visitors are encouraged to leave their mark at Daly Waters. You may choose to leave your bra behind with the rest that are hanging from the roof… but it doesn’t have to be a bra. People have left all sorts of things behind to mark their journey. Have a look around the walls and see what you can discover.


Big XXXX Can (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The last on the list of Big Things in Northern Territory is a real Aussie icon.

Kulgera Pub is famously the first pub along the Stuart Highway when entering the Northern Territory from South Australia. And what better way to be welcomed than with a Big XXXX Beer Can!

Originally this was a can of West End Draught lager, but changed to XXXX. Who knows which company will lay claim to it next.

Next to the big yellow can outside the Kulgera Roadhouse Motel is a stand with the image of a headless man and woman in Aussie summer gear. Travellers are encouraged to put their heads on top and get a funny outback pic while they’re there.

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