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New South Wales is the Australian State that arguably houses one of the very first BIG Things to have graced this land down under. I wonder what the original sculptor would say back then if they knew just what they were actually starting on a grand, national scale.

I’m of course talking about the BIG Banana in Coffs Harbour.
In actual fact, the BIG Scotsman in South Australia preceded the BIG Banana by just one year!

But, NSW and the ACT are home to more than just the BIG Banana and the BIG Prawn.

There are over 130 iconic Big Things throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Ticking them off the list as you travel gives you a fun reason to stop, stretch your legs, grab a photo and support the local town.

Keep reading to view the full NSW and ACT Big Things catalogue with map, plus don’t forget to download your checklist for your own Big Things tour. Here are some road trip packing tips to also help you prepare for your journey.

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NSW & ACT BIG Things Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in NSW, ACT and across Australia. Don’t forget to download your printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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NSW & ACT BIG Things Checklist

NSW & ACT Big Things Checklist


130+ BIG Things to find in NSW & ACT!

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128 NSW BIG Things

This is where you can find all New South Wales BIG Things that I’m aware of.

All ACT Big Things are further down the post (underneath NSW).

Each item has been listed alphabetically to make them easier to find. If you’re aware of any details that need to be changed or extra Big Things that I haven’t listed, please feel free to let me know.

BIG Aboriginal Fish

BIG Aboriginal Fish, Wilcannia NSW
Big Aboriginal Fish (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Ray Hunter Memorial Park in Wilcannia houses the BIG Aboriginal Fish. Once upon a time, Wilcannia was a bustling river port on the edge of the NSW outback. Wheat and wool were transported along the Darling River by paddle-steamers.


BIG Ant, Broken Hill NSW
Big Ant (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Back in 1980, the BIG Ant was built at the Stephens Creek Hotel in Broken Hill. In 1990 it was donated to the town and now sits near the Pro Hart Gallery, who was the original artist and creator of the giant ant. The sculpture itself is dedicated to the workers of Broken Hill and all of their struggles.


BIG Ant, Salt Ash NSW
Big Ant (Photo: The Annoyed Thyroid)

The BIG Ant is a very happy and very red character. He stands out the front of a pest control service business in Salt Ash, NSW. Although, he does live on a trailer, so if he’s not there when you go to visit, he may be out wandering.

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Batlow NSW
Big Apple (Photo: High Country Online)

The town of Batlow in the South West Slopes is well known these days for the BIG Apple. It stands testament to the local orchards that have held the town’s economy for the past 120 years. Gold was found in the area in 1854, but the deposits were soon depleted and the locals found that the area was perfect for a range of crops, including apples!

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Darkes Forest NSw
Big Apple (Photo: Invidiaz Eats Around)

Another BIG Apple can be found Glenbernie Orchard Appleshack in Darkes Forest (Wollongong region, NSW). The fourth generation plantation produces apples, stone fruit and raspberries. You can have a go at the Pick-your-own experience or enjoy tastings of cider, honeymead, juice, fruit and honey.

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Tallong NSW
Big Apple (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Jim Watling worked with a local craftsman to create a BIG Apple for his orchard shed back in 1988. Before long, Jim become known as ‘the apple man,’ with his business attracting visitors and locals, looking for fresh, local fruit.

After Jim’s death, his family gave the sculpture to the town as a memorial for Jim and his father’s contributions to the local community. Nowadays you can find the BIG Apple sitting over the Jim Watling Walkway in Tallong Memorial Park, NSW.

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Yerrinbool NSW
Big Apple (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Just in case you’re looking for another BIG Apple, you can find one out the front of Tennessee Orchard in Yerrinbool, NSW. It’s a famous orchard with nine types of apples on offer (depending on the season); Imperial Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Sundowner and more. You can also purchase juices, vegetables, jams, chutneys and free range eggs.

BIG Apple Pie

BIG Apple Pie, Bilpin NSW
Big Apple Pie (Photo: Discover the Hawkesbury)

Along the roadside in Bilpin, a small township in the Blue Mountains, sits an Apple Pie Cafe. Out the front of the cafe is a cool, old car with a BIG Apple Pie sitting on the back. It certainly makes you want to pull over and grab a slice! While you’re in town, head down the road to get a photo of the BIG Fruit Bowl.

BIG Avocado

BIG Avocado | Duranba
BIG Avocado, Duranbah NSW

There is not just one BIG Avocado in Duranbah, but two! Both avocados promote the Tropical Fruit World business. One is situated at the entranceway to the park, which is the bigger of the two. The second one is a bit smaller and sits alongside the highway, designed to get tourists to take the detour and come into the fruit world. Duranbah’s Tropical Fruit World used to be called Avocado Adventure Land, which is why its adorned with the big avocado.


BIG Axe, Kew NSW
Big Axe (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Axe was first created in 1979, but was later replaced in 2002 because of ant damage. The giant wooden axe stands next to the Kew Visitor Information Centre at 8 metres tall.


BIG Axe, Box Hill NSW
Big Axe (Photo: Flickr)

In the front yard of Big Axe Firewood in Box Hill is a BIG Axe chopping into a log. As you can imagine, they sell firewood (by the bag or in bulk), plus they are also wood heater dealers. The Big Axe makes for a pretty cool marketing tactic.

BIG Banana

BIG Banana, Coffs Harbour NSW
BIG Banana, Coffs Harbour NSW

The BIG Banana is more than just another Big Thing. It’s actually the grand entrance to an amusement park in Coffs Harbour, which is set amongst a banana plantation. The giant banana was built back in 1964 and is famous for being Australia’s first Big Thing… but the true original ‘Big’ was the BIG Scotsman in South Australia.

BIG Banana Bunch

BIG Banana Bunch, Coffs Harbour NSW
Big Banana Bunch (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Also in Coffs Harbour you’ll find the BIG Banana Bunch at a roadside fruit market called Cunningham’s Bananas. Apparently the bananas are super cheap and tasty!

BIG Banjo Paterson’s Hat

BIG Banjo Patterson's Hat, Yeoval NSW
Big Banjo Paterson’s Hat (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Yeoval is the “greatest little town in the west,” which was the famous childhood home town of Banjo Paterson. While you’re there, have a picnic lunch underneath the BIG Banjo Paterson’s Hat at the Paterson Bush Park and take a wander through the Banjo Paterson Museum.

BIG Barrel

BIG Wine Barrel, Hanwood NSW
Big Barrel (Photo: Truly Aus)

Just outside of Griffith is the McWilliam’s Wines Hanwood Estate, one of Australia’s oldest family-owned wine companies. While you’re visiting, you’ll notice the BIG Barrel Cellar Door where you can taste a variety of wines.

BIG Bass

BIG Bass, Bulladelah NSW
Big Bass (Photo: Business in AU)

The Bulahdelah BIG Bass was carved by a local artist out of a single Brush Box log. It ‘swims’ alongside the river in a park for all to admire. Australian Bass are freshwater fish, but like to live in coastal streams. They became endangered in the late 1980’s. Since 1991, Bulahdelah have been hosting a Catch & Release fishing competition, which helps to fund the restocking of Bass in the Myall River.

BIG Battery

BIG Battery | Ballina
BIG Battery, Ballina NSW

The BIG Battery is out the front of Ballina Discount Batteries in Ballina. Obviously it’s purely eye-catching marketing for the business.

BIG Bee & Flowers

BIG Bee & Flowers, Molong NSW
Big Bee & Flowers (Photo: Caldwell Molong Metal Recyclers)

Out the front of Caldwell Molong is the BIG Bee & Flowers. Caldwell is the local metal recycling business in the small rural town.

BIG Bee Hive

BIG Beehive, Urunga NSW
Big Bee Hive (Photo: Visit NSW)

The Mid-North Coast of NSW is home to The Honey Place. You’ll get to learn all about how bees operate and how honey is made. Check out the BIG Bee Hive out the front, which forms the entranceway.

BIG Bench

BIG Bench, Broken Hill NSW
Big Bench (Photo: Reddit)

As part of the Landscapes and Backgrounds exhibition in 2002, the BIG Bench was created in Broken Hill. It sits on top of the Line of Load, which is essentially a big hill of mineral deposits that goes right down the centre of the city. The huge Park Bench is exactly two and half times that of a regular park bench.

BIG Bicycle

BIG Bicycle, Chullora NSW
Big Bicycle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

John Ridley, Phillip Becker and Andy Lugiz together created the BIG Bicycle in 1997. It stands 27 feet long and 18 feet tall, taking pride of place out the front of the Chullora Waste Transfer Station in Chullora, New South Wales.

BIG Billy

BIG Billy, Trangie NSW
Big Billy (Photo: Flickr)

At the Goan Water Hole in Trangie, you can find the BIG Billy. Trangie was also a Cobb & Co stop in a by-gone era. A Senior’s Week grant is what started the organisation of a workshop – they wanted to come up with an idea for a project as a way to utilise the money. The group came up with “billy on the boil,” which doubles as a welcoming sculpture for people as they enter the town.

BIG Blue Heeler

BIG Blue Healer, Muswellbrook NSW
Big Blue Healer (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Blue Heeler in Muswellbrook pays tribute to the Australian Cattle Dog (aka ‘Blue Heeler’), which was actually bred at Dartbrook, 12km north of town. Thomas Hall could see a need for a different type of dog to help with managing livestock. Back in the mid 1800’s stock roamed free on the huge, unfenced stations and were only mustered once or twice annually.

The Blue Heelers are a cross between the native Dingo and the Northumberland Blue Merle Drover’s dog. The idea was to create a breed that could withstand the Australian heat, long treks and skilled at rounding up wild cattle.

BIG Bogan

BIG Bogan, Nyndan NSW
Big Bogan (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In the middle of New South Wales you’ll find a small outback town called Nyngan, which lies within the Bogan Shire. The local church Minister came up with the idea of creating a BIG Bogan to bring more tourists to the town. The Bogan Shire Council agreed and by September 2015 the giant steel cut-out was erected. He stands 5.96 metres tall and weighs almost 1,500 kg.

BIG Boomerang

BIG Boomerang, Murrook NSW
Big Boomerang (Photo: ABC News)

The Murrook Cultural Centre is dedicated to gathering, sustaining, protecting and teaching Aboriginal culture to all who are interested. The centre is located in Williamtown (Port Stephens area) of NSW. Murrook is also used as a gathering place for the local Aboriginal community. Hanging proudly above the entrance is the BIG Boomerang.

BIG Bower Bird

BIG Bower Bird, Bellingen NSW
Big Bower Bird (Photo: Bellingen Shire Council)

True to the style of the local Bellingen area, a creative local artist built a BIG Bower Bird, complete with a ‘nest’ of blue items, who hangs out at the local Waste Management Centre. It was formerly known as The Eco House, but has been renamed Bower House Community Reuse Centre after their giant blue friend. The upcycled sculpture stands a few metres tall and was commissioned by the local council.

BIG Bread Clip

BIG Bread Clip, Dulwich Hill NSW
Big Bread Clip (Photo: Australian Public tART)

Seven Visual Arts and Design students from Dulwich High School worked with local artists Alessandro Berlini and Adam Galea to create the BIG Bread Clip. ‘Monolith’ is an environmental artwork made using over 14,000 bread clips, which were bound for landfill. ‘Monolith’ sits in Johnson Park, but may be only a temporary arrangement.

BIG Bullets

BIG Bullets, Sydney NSW
Big Bullets (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The 7 BIG Bullets in Sydney’s Hyde Park created the artwork to commemorate the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander men and woman as a collective. The name of the creation is ‘Yininmadyemi Thou didst let fall.’

BIG Button

On the front of the All Buttons Great and Small store in Newtown, Sydney, is a BIG Button. I’m not going to lie, it’s not huge, but it is larger than a regular button, so it still gets a place here on our NSW Big Things list.


Standing tall and proud out the front of the Eastern Creek Tavern is the BIG Can. Eastern Creek is famous for the Sydney Motorsport Park, otherwise knowns as Eastern Creek Raceway.

BIG Cassette Player

I can’t find any information about the BIG Cassette Player in Spencer, NSW. But I can confirm that it’s super retro and sits at a jetty across from a little corner store on Wisemans Ferry Road.

BIG Cauliflower

BIG Cauliflower, Sydney NSW
Big Cauliflower (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Cauliflower Hotel is a regular inner-city Sydney pub. Although there is one major difference that sets it apart from the rest – which is the BIG Cauliflower on its roof!

BIG Cheese

BIG Cheese, Bodalla NSW
Big Cheese (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Cheese stands to remind us all of the origins of Bodalla Cheese. Although the adjacent Visitor’s Centre closed its doors in 2007, the giant wheel of cheese still draws tourists into the town. Cattle farming took over the area in the 1830’s, which resulted in Bodalla becoming known for its cheese and butter-making. These days Bodalla Cheese is owned by Fonterra Brands Pty Ltd, which has reduced the brand to something much smaller within a larger cluster.

BIG Cherries

BIG Cherries, Young NSW
Big Cherries (Wikimedia Commons)

A small town called Young in the South West Slopes region of NSW hosts an annual National Cherry Festival. Not only is it the cherry capital, it was also the first small town to install electricity in the homes and streets back in 1889. At the Visitor Information Centre you can see the bunch of BIG Cherries, which have been hanging around for the tourists since 1987.

BIG Cherry

BIG Cherry, Young NSW
Big Cherry (Photo: Atlas Obscura)

Also in the town of Young is a single BIG Cherry. This one stands at a Coffee Shop on the highway, but I’m not sure if the shop is still running or not.

BIG Chook

BIG Chook, Mount Vernon NSW
Big Chook (Photo: Flickr)

The BIG Chook is the giant 4m x 4m mascot for The Big Chook Egg Farm in Mount Vernon. Drop in to grab some freshly laid eggs, chicken mince pet food, fresh duck, fresh chicken, fresh quail and a variety of frozen foods.

BIG Chook

BIG Chook, Moonbi NSW
Big Chook (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Another BIG Chook can be found in the small village of Moonbi, about 20 kilometres north of Tamworth in rural New South Wales. The big chicken is a mascot for the towns poultry industry with many large poultry farms around the area that contribute to the trade.

BIG Cider Bottle

BIG Cider Bottle, Batlow NSW
Big Cider Bottle (Photo: Snowy Magazine)

Although the little South West Slopes town of Batlow is famous for its BIG Apple, you can’t miss the BIG Cider Bottle while you’re visiting. After the short-lived Gold Rush finished in the area, the farmers soon realised that the area was perfect for growing crops, including apples and cherries. They even supplied dehydrated fruit and vegetables to the troops during the war, once the railway was constructed.


BIG Cod, Deniliquin NSW
Big Cod (Photo: Let It Be Food)

Perched in a garden out the front of the Riverside Caravan Park, Deniliquin is the BIG Cod. Apparently fishermen travel from far and wide to have a crack at catching the elusive Murray Cod in the Edward River, which runs through Deniliquin.


BIG Dog, Dunkeld NSW
Big Dog (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting between Bathurst and Orange sits the newly constructed BIG Dog. As of March 2020, the Dunkeld Park Pet Hotel is officially on the map!

BIG Discus

BIG Discus, Sydney NSW
Big Discus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A 7-metre (diameter) BIG Discus sits wedged into the grass at the Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush Bay. The story goes that ‘Discobolus’ was thrown by Castor, the original discus thrower, from Ancient Greece to the 21st century for the 2000 Olympics. It is no ordinary discus though, this one has appeared as a giant CD-Rom – a modern emblem of our age of cultural technology.

BIG Egg in a Nest

BIG Egg in a Nest, Newcastle NSW
Big Egg in a Nest (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Taking pride of place out the front of the Newcastle Art Gallery is the BIG Egg in a Nest. The sculpture is called Black Totem II and originally started out on Sculpture Walk in Walsh Bay, Sydney Harbour, which then ended up in Newcastle in 2013.

BIG Emu ‘Stanley’

"Stanley" The Big Emu, Lightning Ridge NSW
BIG ‘Stanley’ the Emu, Lightning Ridge NSW

Local artist John Murray is the hand behind the BIG ‘Stanley’ the Emu in Lightning Ridge, a small opal mining town in northern Outback NSW. He’s a whopping 18-metres high and constructed out of recycled VW Beetle parts with a satellite dish head.

The BIG Emu was originally destined for Birdsville, but the logistics of moving him so far became cumbersome. John Murray says that a guy in Birdsville had his heart set on calling him ‘Big Bird’ and putting him on the Birdsville track painted in XXXX colours.

The artist wasn’t a fan of painting the emu or using it to promote beer, so it managed to secure a home on the Castlereagh Highway outside of Lightning Ridge.

Guide to Lightning Ridge Car Door Tours →

BIG Filleted Murray Cod ‘Wal’

BIG Filleted Murray Cod 'Wal,' Narrabri NSW
Big Filleted Murray Cod ‘Wal’ (Photo: Knitting Nanas)

Inside the grounds of the Narrabri Fish Farm is a BIG Filleted Murray Cod affectionately named ‘Wal.’ At the farm you can enjoy guided tours, fish feeding, yabbying, fishing and camping.

BIG Film

On top of an imagery business in the town of Young sits the BIG Film. Fuji films are now a thing of the past and something of a vintage relic, so this NSW Big Thing is pretty cool as a reminder of how far photography has come.

BIG Fish

BIG Fish, Manilla NSW
Big Fish (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Singing out the front of a cafe in Manilla (northwest of Tamworth) is a BIG Fish, sporting a top hat and a cane.

BIG Fishing Rod

The waterways of the Snowy Mountains in NSW offer an amazing opportunity for the keen fisherperson. You can find Brown, Rainbow & Brook Trout, plus Atlantic Salmon. Just to help get you in the zone, there’s a BIG Fishing Rod perched over a rock at Lake Crackenback.

BIG Flower

BIG Flower, Ourimbah NSW
Big Flower (Photo: Chapman & Frazer)

The Big Flower is the biggest Nursery on the NSW Central Coast claiming over 10 acres. You can’t miss it with the BIG Flower out the front to draw in the customers. You’ll find plants, pots, statues, fountains, flowers and gifts for sale.

BIG Football

BIG Football, Pyrmont NSW
Big Football (Photo: Harlequin Inn)

Look out for the BIG Football on the roof of the Harlequin Inn, which is located in Pyrmont, a former industrial area on Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW. The Inn is available for meals, drinks, functions and other events.

BIG Frilled-neck Lizard

BIG Frilled-neck Lizard, Sydney NSW
Big Frilled-neck Lizard (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Standing guard over the Australian Reptile Park entrance in Somersby, is the BIG Frilled-neck Lizard. But he’s not the only Big Thing you’ll find hanging around. Keep your eyes peeled for the BIG Crocodile, the BIG Koala, the BIG Spider and ‘Ploddy’ the BIG Dinosaur as you wander around the park.

BIG Fruit Bowl

BIG Fruit Bowl, Bilpin NSW
Big Fruit Bowl (Photo: Zaubee)

Sitting out the front of the Bilpin Fruit Bowl is… you guessed it, a BIG Fruit Bowl! The family-run business includes a fruit orchard and a shop where you can buy pies, cakes and slices. Meanwhile, out the back (during harvest season), you can take a walk around the orchard and pick your own fruit.

Don’t forget to duck up the road and get a snap of the BIG Apple Pie.

BIG Funnel Web Spider

BIG Funnel Web Spider, Jamberoo NSW
Big Funnel Web Spider (Photo: Guiness World Records)

Jamberoo Action Park is a large water park in Jamberoo, along the New South Wales south coast. The most unique thing that sets this water park above all of the others in the country is that the slides have all been created with themes in mind. One of the slides is shaped as a BIG Funnel Web with a BIG Funnel Web Spider lurking nearby. Very cool! The other slide is a BIG Taipan, so check that one out as well.

BIG Generator

BIG Generator, Coffs Harbour NSW
Big Generator (Photo: Real Estate World)

On top of the Coffs Motorcycles and Lawn Care roof in North Boambee Valley, is a BIG Generator. It’s a Honda, of course! There are a few of these oversized generators spotted around the country, so keep your eyes peeled.

BIG Gold Panner

BIG Gold Panner, Kelso NSW
Big Gold Panner (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Not only is Bathurst the oldest inland settlement in Australia, but it also sits in what is often called Gold Country. This region of the Central NSW Tablelands was where the first gold discovery took place. You can see how fitting it is for a BIG Gold Panner to be looking hopefully into his tin pan along the roadside.

BIG Gold Pick & Pan

BIG Gold Pick & Pan, Grenfell NSW
Big Gold Pick & Pan (Photo: Flickr)

Situated between the Goods Shed and historic Station Building in Grenfell is the BIG Gold Pick & Pan. The giant gold mining paraphernalia was constructed under supervision of the Men’s Shed as a hat’s off to the Australian gold era in the 1860’s.

BIG Golden Dog

BIG Golden Dog, Glenreagh NSW
Big Golden Dog (Photo: Coffs Coast)

In Glenreagh, a small town in the NSW Northern Rivers, stands the BIG Golden Dog, adjacent to The Golden Dog Hotel. A prior owner of the pub commissioned the construction of the 4 metre by 6 metre giant dog. According to legend, back when it was an abundant gold mining area, a man ran into the pub one day with a large golden dog-shaped nugget!

BIG Golden Guitar

BIG Golden Guitar, Tamworth NSW
Big Golden Guitar (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Tamworth is Australia’s Country Music Capital, which is also the home of the BIG Golden Guitar, based on the Golden Guitar Awards. It stands 12 metres high and weighs half a tonne! While you’re in town, make sure you also check out the Country Music Wax Museum, National Guitar Museum and the Strings and Beans Cafe.

BIG Golf Ball

There are literally dozens of BIG Golfballs spotted around not only NSW, but all of Australia. We aren’t going to list them all here, but there is one out the front of the Port Macquarie Golf Club that might tickle your fancy.

BIG Golf Ball & Driver

To help promote the Forbes Golf Course is a BIG Golf Ball & Driver, which sit on top of the entrance sign on Parkes Road.

BIG Golf Ball & Monkey

BIG Golf Ball & Monkey, Coffs Harbour NSW
Big Golf Ball & Monkey (Photo: Weekend Notes)

Not only will you find a BIG Banana at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, but there is also a BIG Golf Ball & Monkey as well.

BIG Guitar

Along Sydney’s original Guitar Strip, is the Downtown Music Sydney store, trading in guitars and other instruments. It first opened in 1957 and is now family-owned and operated since 2013. You can find three rooms filled with pre-loved, vintage and rare guitars, basses, amps, pedals and plenty more. As you’re driving along Parramatta Road, you’ll be sure to notice the BIG Guitar on top of the shop roof.

BIG Guitar

BIG Guitar, Narrandera NSW
Big Guitar (Photo: Auloca)

Tucked away on a wall inside the Narrandera Visitor Information Centre is Australia’s largest playable guitar, where visitors are encouraged to try their hand at playing a tune. It was back in 1988 that the BIG Guitar was built to help promote the Country Music Club of Narrandera. It’s constructed using plywood and measures 5.8 metres by 2 metres.

BIG Hardware Man

BIG Hardware Man, Unandera NSW
Big Hardware Man (Photo: Australia 247)

Taking pride of place out the front of The Hardware Man store in Unanderra is the BIG Hardware Man. As you may have guessed, The Hardware Man is an extensive hardware store, servicing the local area.

BIG Headphones

BIG Headphones, Newcastle NSW
Big Headphones (Photo: Hunter Valley Living)

Standing 3 metre tall are the BIG Headphones in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. They came about in 2015 as part of the Headphone Project. The most unique aspect of this Big Thing is that it actually serves the same purpose as it’s original, regular-sized counterpart. Yep, that’s right, you can actually plug in to the giant amplifier and play at no cost. It’s all part of Helping Local Musicians Be Heard.

BIG Hotdog

BIG Hotdog, Tempe NSW
Big Hotdog (Photo: Eat Liven Love)

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels has been serving food for over 80 years.

Some of their famous customers include Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Prince Harry! It began when Harry ‘Tiger’ Edwards opened up a Caravan Cafe near the Woolloomooloo Naval Dockyard in Sydney, NSW. At the time, the laws of the local council stated that he needed to move his caravan a minimum of 12 inches per day!

You can visit Harry’s Cafe to spot the BIG Hotdog on the roof of the diner.

BIG Joint

The BIG Joint always hung pride of place inside the Hemp Embassy in Nimbin as an important political statement. It’s all about cannabis (in all of its forms) being made legal for its medicinal purposes and properties.

I’m not sure it it’s still there these days. Let us know in the comments below if you can confirm it’s permanent whereabouts!

BIG Kangaroo & Emu

BIG Kangaroo & Emu, Lockhart NSW
Big Kangaroo & Emu (Photo: Just Me Travel)

Just out of Lockhart in rural NSW stand the BIG Kangaroo and Emu at 7 metres tall. They were built in 2011 by locals throughout some community farm art workshops after they received a Festival Australia grant.

Both sculptures were created using scrap metals, such as old car bodies, drums, galvanised iron and recycled farm materials. The first workshop, where they worked on the BIG Kangaroo, was facilitated by Stephen Coburn, Sydney artist, as part of Lockhart’s Spirit of the Land festival.

BIG Kewpie Doll

BIG Kewpie Doll, Bungendore NSW
Big Kewpie Doll (Photo: Riotact)

Often sitting out the front of Village Antiques in Bungendore, NSW, is a BIG Kewpie Doll. It’s one of 12 dolls that took part in the Sydney 2000 Olympics’ closing ceremony.

Sometimes the 6-metre doll can go for a wander, so you may have to keep your eyes peeled if she’s not standing tall and proud in front of the antique shop.

The store owners are rather fond of their ‘Pansy,’ so if she’s missing and you’re looking for her, they can probably point you in the right direction.

BIG Knight

BIG Knight, Knockrow NSW
Big Knight (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Macadamia Castle in Knockrow (Northern NSW Hinterland) was constructed in the late 1970’s. A few years later the BIG Knight was added. The original intention was for the knight to stand sentry at the car park entrance to the previously named Knockrow Castle.

The enormous 6.5m tall design was based off an actual suit of armour that was on display inside Knockrow Castle. He holds two weapons – a sword on his left and a trident-shaped spear on his right.

BIG Knitting Needles

BIG Knitting Needles, Nundle NSW
Big Knitting Needles (Photo: Weekend Notes)

Nundle is a little village south of Tamworth in rural New South Wales. Like many of these now sleepy towns, they were once bustling with Gold Rush activity. If you’re someone who’s a lover of knitting, crochet, felting, textiles, spinning and weaving, then the Nundle Woollen Mill should be high on your list.

The building opened up in 2001, with Nick and Kylie Bradford having owned the Woollen Mill since 2007. In 2013, they moved their Sydney-based wool fashion business to the tiny town. As would be fitting for an oversized thing in a small town, you’ll find some BIG Knitting Needles in the nearby park, which actually form the framework for the children’s swings.

BIG Koala

BIG Koala, Bulahdelah NSW
Big Koala (Photo: Mount View Motel)

One of the newer additions to the NSW Big Things is the BIG Koala in Bulahdelah. He sits comfortably out the front of the Mount View Motel.

BIG Koala

BIG Koala, Gundagai NSW
Big Koala (Photo: Cafeata)

If you’re ever passing through Gundagai, take a stop at Oliver’s Real Food to stretch your legs and get a snap with the BIG Koala. Although it’s not THE biggest, it certainly is big, cute and cuddly-looking.

BIG Koalas

BIG Koalas, Port Macquarie NSW
Big Koalas (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Did you know that Koalas sleep for an average of 18 hours per day? Well these two BIG Koalas are wide awake and perched on a tree trunk out the front of the Port Macquarie Billabong Zoo Koala & Wildlife Park.

BIG Kookaburra

BIG Kookaburra, Kurri Kurri NSW
Big Kookaburra (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Perched on a log in Rotary Park in Kurri Kurri is the BIG Kookaburra. This Aussie native stands 4.5m tall and commemorates the bird, which is the same symbol that’s used locally for many sporting and community groups. The BIG Kookaburra was constructed in 2009.

BIG Lantern

Hanging off a sign in Cooma (Snowy Mountains) is a BIG Lantern. The sign is quite quirky and built with the style of a wagon in mind. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

BIG Lawn Bowl

BIG Lawn Bowl, Lake Cathie NSW
Big Lawn Bowl (Photo: Camden Courier)

Lake Cathie Bowling & Recreation Club is the home of the BIG Lawn Bowl. Apparently it’s the largest Lawn Bowl in the world and was erected in November 1975, ten months after the club opened. Reg Ellery and Stan Kanaar constructed the huge bowl in Stan’s workshop underneath his house.

The bowl is 1.9m in diameter and weighs in at 2 tonnes. The outside surface is made with cement plastered onto a framework of water pipe and reinforced steel. The steel framework was wrapped in two layers of wire mesh.

BIG Lips

BIG Lips, Erskineville NSW
Big Lips (Photo: Sydney-City)

There is a warehouse in Erskineville (an inner-Sydney suburb) that is famous for a set of BIG Lips that brighten it up. The building has gone through many personas, including a photography studio and even a Pokestop in the popular Pokemon GO app.

A proposed future use for the warehouse is to turn it into a residential complex with six stylish townhouses. Along with the oversized 3 metre long lips is a mechanical tongue that moves from side to side.

BIG Lizard

BIG Lizard | Burringbar
BIG Lizard, Burringbar NSW

In someone’s front garden is the BIG Lizard in Burringbar, just down the road from the township. We can’t find any information regarding where it came from, but it’s pretty cool.

The front garden is more of an entranceway to a long driveway, leading to a house way up the back. We thought maybe the Big Lizard was originally from a show or festival, but really have no idea.

BIG Lizard ‘Larry’

BIG Lizard, Muswellbrook NSW
Big Lizard (Photo: Top Rated Online)

Have you ever seen a 10-metre tall lizard with a 70-metre long tongue? Well, you need to head to Highbrook Park playground in Muswellbrook to see it for yourself. This BIG Lizard ‘Larry,’ is actually the giant playground itself with the tongue being one big, long slide.

BIG Matchsticks

BIG Matchsticks, Sydney NSW
Big Matchsticks (Photo: Backpacker Travel)

Okay, so the BIG Matchsticks are pretty random. The two are named ‘Almost Once’ and stand together in Domain Park, Sydney NSW. The artist wanted a piece that would reflect on life and death. It’s about being burnt out after a hard day’s work and looking at how you’ve lived your life.

You’ll find a miniature version of the matchsticks at the door to the artists studio in Surry Hills.

BIG Merino

BIG Merino, Goulburn NSW
Big Merino (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Back in 1985 one of the most iconic NSW Big Things was created. The BIG Merino is a testament to Goulburn and the surrounding district’s fine wool industry. This big fella weighs in at 97 tonnes and is a life-like model of ‘Rambo,’ a stud ram from Bullamallita, a local property.

He is absolutely massive at 15.2 metres high and 18 metres long! To help keep Goulburn on the map after a bypass went in, the Gift Shop and Australian Wool Exhibition went in as permanent fixtures. hese days you can browse the range of giftware, cosmetics, souvenirs and accessories.

BIG Miner ‘Garry’

The Club in the Scrub, Grawin - Lightning Ridge, NSW
BIG Miner “Garry,” Cumborah NSW

When you pull up to the Club in the Scrub, 40km south-west of Lightning Ridge, the first thing you’ll notice is the BIG Miner ‘Major Garry.’ For a unique look at a still-active opal mining area, Grawin offers it all. Quirky locals, outback Aussie pubs, opal field housing, dusty roads and loads more – you’ve got to explore it for yourself.

BIG Miner’s Lamp

BIG Miners Lamp, Lithgow NSW
Big Miners Lamp (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

As you approach the Lithgow Visitor Information Centre, you can’t miss the BIG Miner’s Lamp. Not only is it huge, but it actually forms one corner of the building. Every year the town hosts an annual festival The Lithgow Ironfest. As the area has a big history of mining and ironworks, the festival brings in thousands of tourists each year.

BIG Mosquito

BIG Mozzie, "Ozzie the Mozzie," Hexham NSW
BIG Mozzie ‘Ozzie,’ Hexham NSW

There’s a particular mosquito species that lives locally in the Hexham area, which are notably famous for their size and ferocity.

These little guys are fondly referred to as the Hexham Greys. But the most famed one of them all is the BIG Mozzie called ‘Ossie (or Ozzie) the Mozzie’ who lives on top of the Hexham Bowling Club sign. Hence why the local retired bowlers are affectionately known as Hexham Greys.

BIG Motorcycle

Big Motorcycle, Mooball NSW
BIG Motorcycle, Mooball NSW

Parked up right across the road from the Moo Moo Roadhouse in Mooball is the BIG Motorcycle.

The big Yamaha YZR500 is apparently an oversized replica of the bike Wayne Rainey raced in 1993. The seat is about 2 metres off the ground.

The town of Mooball have really embraced the whole moo cow thing with cow prints everywhere. It’s an interesting little roadside stop with a retro diner to grab some lunch from, particularly popular with weekend riders.

BIG Murray Cod

BIG Murray Cod, Wagga Wagga NSW
Big Murray Cod (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

On top of the big brick sign for Murray Cod Hatcheries in Wagga Wagga is the BIG Murray Cod. After 50 years of operation, the site was closed down due to safety and financial reasons around 2019.

BIG Murray Cod

BIG Murray Cod, Tocumwal NSW
Big Murray Cod (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the earlier NSW Big Things is the BIG Murray Cod in Tocumwal, which was constructed in 1968.

The local Women’s Auxiliary wanted to do something to put their town on the map. After much fund-raising, they were able to cover the costs of building and installing the BIG Murray Cod. Initially the sculpture was placed alongside the old swimming pool, but these days it sits on the foreshore.

BIG Orange

BIG Orange, Mildura NSW
Big Orange (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Just 8 minutes drive north of Mildura is Orange World. You can’t miss it as you’ll see the BIG Orange greeting you out the front.

As you’d expect, Orange World is a 50-acre working citrus property, offering tours, fruit tasting and citrus products for purchase. Near the entrance to Orange World, you can spot two BIG Oranges, plus an oversized avocado and lemon. Then as you wander around inside the property, you’ll also notice two BIG Orange Slices.

BIG Oyster

BIG Oyster, Taree NSW
BIG Oyster, Taree NSW

The BIG Oyster in Taree was once a popular restaurant and souvenir shop. These days it sits as a car dealership. The big windows that serve as the oyster’s teeth, offer great panoramic views over the coast. The oyster is about 3.5 metres tall and 9 metres wide.

BIG Paintbrush

You can’t miss Tilly’s Art & Office Supplies with the BIG Paintbrush standing over the entrance, announcing your arrival. Tilly’s is located in Rozelle, an inner city Sydney suburb. You’ll find art supplies, printing and signage experts, plus office resources.

BIG Peach

BIG Peach, Anna Bay NSW
Big Peach (Photo: Bakker’s Big Peach)

At Bakker’s Big Peach you won’t be surprised to find a BIG Peach out the front on top of a pole. Bakker’s Big Peach is a fruit shop in the Newcastle region specialising in locally sourced fresh produce, including food grown on their own property. Big, juicy peaches take centre stage, of course!


BIG Peg, Canowindra NSW
Big Peg (Photo: Canowindra Pheonix)

As you drive along Cargo Road in Canowindra (Orange region), keep your eyes peeled for the BIG Peg. It stands pinching a pile of dirt on the private property of the Stacey family. Pete Stacey got the idea for the giant 750kg peg from a similar one that he saw in a Belgium field and decided that one day he was going to do the same.

BIG Pencils

BIG Pencils, Dundeoo NSW
Big Pencils (Photo: Mudgee Guardian)

The BIG Pencils were created to promote Dunedoo’s annual Art Unlimited competition. Previously, the pencils were always carved from Black Cypress Pine with coloured painted tips. Each year they would be taken down, then remade and put up again the following year.

Now the permanent pencils have been made from ironbark and fitted with coloured metal tips. They stand pride of place on the edge of the golf course as tourists come into town from the east.

BIG Pharaoh (Tutankhamun)

BIG Pharaoh, Buronga NSW
Big Pharaoh (Photo: Hotel Contact)

Sitting proudly out the front of The Edge Hotel Motel in Buronga, is strangely enough, a Pharaoh. I’m not sure what the significance of the BIG Pharaoh is, but you can dine inside at Tutankhamun’s Bistro if you have the urge.


BIG Pig, Pendle Hill NSW
Big Pig (Photo: Sydney Mums Group)

Hanging out in the carpark hedges at the Pendle Hill Meat Market is the BIG Pig. He stands beside a cow statue, although the cow looks to be regular size. The meat market has been serving the Western Sydney suburbs for over 40 years.

BIG (little) Pineapple

BIG Little Pineapple | Ballina
BIG Little Pineapple, Ballina NSW

When you think of the BIG Pineapple, most people immediately think of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Well Ballina has it’s own mini Big Pineapple… like really mini. It’s to the side of a service station and the kids can climb inside for a bit of fun.

BIG Platypus ‘Queany’

BIG Platypus, Queanbeyan NSW
Big Platypus (Photo: Canberra Times)

If you’re looking for one of the best platypus spotting spots in NSW, Queanbeyan has claimed that title. They’ve even constructed a 500kg BIG Platypus ‘Queany’ monument on the banks of the Queanbeyan River near the Isabella Street footbridge.

BIG Potato

BIG Potato, Robertson NSW
Big Potato (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Probably one of the most unappealing Big Things around Australia would have to be the BIG Potato. It sits 10 metres wide and 4 metres tall in the small town of Robertson.

The area is known for its rich, red soil, which is perfect for growing potatoes. The Big Thing was built in 1977 and was meant to be a Potato Information Centre, but that never came about.

BIG Prawn

BIG Prawn, Ballina NSW
BIG Prawn, Ballina NSW

Of course, one of the most famous BIG Things in New South Wales is undoubtable the BIG Prawn in Ballina. It was originally built in 1989 and sat atop the local transit centre. In 2013 it underwent a massive restoration, which included adding a tail and moving it to the Bunnings car park. The total makeover cost was $400,000 (funded by Bunnings).

It wasn’t all rainbows for this big guy though. Back in 2009 he was set for demolition, until the community of West Ballina banded together to save him. The Big Prawn is 9 metres high and weighs in at 35 tonne, making it the World’s Largest Artificial Prawn, making him pretty special.

BIG Prawn

BIG Prawn, Crangan Bay NSW
Big Prawn (Photo: A Travelling Jack)

Although the BIG Prawn at Ballina is by far the biggest and most well-known, it’s not the only one getting around. Perched atop a service station sign in Crangan Bay, Central Coast, is another BIG Prawn.

The giant crustacean was created in 1991 and was the only thing to survive the 2013 bushfire, which grounded the servo.

BIG Pterodactyl

On the corner of Camp Road and the Newell Highway (running into Dubbo from the south) is a BIG Pterodactyl in someone’s paddock. A bit random.

BIG Rabbit Trap

BIG Rabbit Trap, Albert NSW
Big Rabbit Trap (Photo: Clubs & Pubs Near Me)

Sitting atop the Rabbit Trap Hotel in Albert (a tiny town 140 km west of Dubbo) rests the BIG Rabbit Trap. It’s 9.5 metres wide and 3 metres high and was erected around 2011.

Neville Owen, the pub’s owner, came up with the idea as a way to give back to the town (by attracting in tourists) after surviving a bike accident five years prior.

BIG Roller Skate

BIG Rollerskate, Penrith NSW
BIG Roller Skate (Photo: Weekend Notes)

Penrith Skatel in Emu Plains, New South Wales, has the BIG Roller Skate on its entrance roof. You can visit the rink for skating lessons, public skating sessions, birthday parties, speed skating and skate fit sessions.

BIG Rubik’s Cube

BIG Rubik's Cube, Maroubra NSW
Big Rubik’s Cube (Photo: All Green Gardening & Landscaping)

For years, there sat a huge concrete block on the beach at Maroubra in Sydney. But, in the middle of the night one December eve, two artists (and a sentry) transformed the boring block into an iconic BIG Rubik’s Cube.

BIG Satellite Dish

BIG Satellite Dish, Parkes NSW
Big Satellite Dish (Photo: Visit Parkes)

Parkes in Central West NSW is famous for one thing in particular – the BIG Satellite Dish at the Parkes Observatory. The 64-metre radio telescope has been an icon of Australian science since 1961, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

BIG Sherrin Football

BIG Sherrin Football, Ungarie NSW
Big Sherrin Football (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

An 800kg BIG Sherrin Football stands in the small town of Ungarie in central western NSW.

The giant football commemorates Australia’s most famous footballing family, the Danihers. Terry, Anthony, Neale and Chris Daniher are all Ungarie born and bred. They’re also the only set of four brothers to play on the field together in a premiership match.

BIG Spider

BIG Spider, Urana NSW
Big Spider (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Andrew Whitehead, a Urana council worker and artist, created the BIG Spider out of old piping and tubing. The inspiration comes from the towns football team, who were once known as The Spiders until the 1980’s. You’ll find the spider hanging off the side of the town’s water tower.

BIG Spindle

BIG Spindle, Port Macquarie NSW
Big Spindle (Photo: Historical Australian Towns)

In a public part in Port Macquarie is the BIG Spindle – could it be the world’s biggest?

BIG Strawberry

While this isn’t the biggest strawberry, it’s a BIG Strawberry nonetheless. You’ll find it in Luddenham (Penrith area of Sydney) sitting on top of the Luddenham Strawberries sign.

BIG Sundial

BIG Sundial, Singleton NSW
Big Sundial (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Representing the link between old and new, stands the BIG Sundial in Singleton. The contrast between the ancient telling of time amongst the new developments in the area. The giant Sundial is the gateway to the Hunter River, picnic areas and sporting facilities, constructed in the 1988 Bicentennial project, weighing in at 30 tonnes.

BIG Swan

BIG Swan, Dunedoo NSW
Big Swan (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Swan sits on top of the Swan Motel in Dunedoo (central western New South Wales). ‘Dunny’ is a slang Australian word for ‘toilet.’ But the word ‘Dundedoo’ is an Aboriginal word for ‘black swan,’ hence the Swan Motel.

BIG Taipan

BIG Taipan, Jamberoo NSW
Big Taipan (Photo: Mapio)

If you’re looking for a super cool water park to take the kids to, then you’ve got to check out the Jamberoo Action Park. Their slides are all themed, with one being a BIG Taipan, while another is a BIG Funnel Web & Spider.


BIG Tap, Broadmeadow NSW
Big Tap (Photo: Tradelink)

Attached to the front of a Tradelink store in Broadmeadow is a BIG Tap. It’s actually very big and very cool – check it out if you’re in the area.

BIG Teapot

BIG Teapot, Leura NSW
Big Teapot (Photo: Aust Business Supplies)

If you’re into antiques and vintage items, in particular, teapots… then you must visit the Treasured Teapot Museum. You’ll find the beautiful tearooms nestled in the village of Leura, Blue Mountains NSW. Also on offer is the retail emporium and accommodation. Of course you can’t walk inside without taking a snap of the BIG Teapot out in the front garden.

BIG Tennis Racquet

BIG Tennis Racquet, Barellan NSW
Big Tennis Racquet (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Celebrating 100 years of Barellan, a small town of the Riverina, stands a 13.8 metre long BIG Tennis Racquet.

The giant racquet helps to commemorate the relationship between the town and Evonne Goolagong-Cawley (Australian tennis player), who grew up there.

The Dunlop racquet is an exact 20:1 scale model, complete with Evonne’s signature.

Length13 metres
Handle7.8 metres
Head6 metres
Tennis Ball1.25 metres

BIG Tooheys Beer Can

BIG Tooheys Beer Can, Cobar NSW
Big Tooheys Beer Can (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Tooheys Beer Can, sitting on the roof of the Grand Hotel entrance in the main street of Cobar, is said to be one of the world’s largest beer cans. It was placed up on the roof back in 1990 and took out the Guinness World Record straight away.

The giant can is 5m tall x 2.5m wide and would hold 22,000 litres if it were to be filled.

BIG Trout

BIG Trout, Adaminaby NSW
Big Trout (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Found in the small town of Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains, is the 10-metre high BIG Trout. The fibreglass sculpture was made in 1973 by a local artist to help showcase the spot for its popularity in trout fishing.

BIG Trout

BIG Trout, Oberon NSW
Big Trout (Photo: Trip Advisor)

Oberon is a small town in the central tablelands area of New South Wales. Jumping out the front of the Big Trout Motor Inn is… you guessed it, the BIG Trout. The Motel is close to Lake Oberon for trout fishing and only 29 kms from the well-known Jenolan Caves.

BIG Ugg Boots

BIG Ugg Boots, Thornton NSW
BIG Ugg Boots, Thornton NSW

Mortels Sheepskin Factory in Thornton, NSW is where you’ll find the BIG Ugg Boots. In fact they’re the world’s largest at 13 times the size of a women’s size 8 UGG Boot. These ‘Big Things’ were constructed in 2015.

BIG Ukulele

Coastal Music in Port Macquarie claims to be a ‘one stop ukulele shop.’ So, it seems rather fitting to have the BIG Ukulele out the front to help market the business. But it’s not just ukuleles that they sell, you can also find a huge variety of instruments, sheet music and accessories.

BIG Vacuum

At Coffs Cleaner World in Coffs Harbour, you’ll find the BIG Vacuum hanging off the front of the building. Obviously it’s all about clever marketing for the business.

BIG Watering Can

For the BIG Watering Can, head to the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. It’s a little disguised as a cubby house in the kids playground. See if you can find it!

BIG Wicket

BIG Wicket, Cootamundra NSW
Big Wicket (Photo: Trip Advisor)

Sir Donald Bradman, Australia’s legendary cricketer, was born in the town of Cootamundra. What is now a sleepy little town was once bustling during the 1860’s Goldrush. Head to Bradman Oval to see the BIG Wicket and then make your way to Bradman’s Birthplace Museum, which is the very home where Bradman was born.

BIG Windmill

BIG Windmill, Coffs Harbour NSW
Big Windmill (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Windmill is actually a corporate and family motel in Coffs Harbour. It was built by a Dutch family in 1968, who created the windmill, plus 43 rooms for accommodation.

BIG Wine Bottle

Standing out the front of the Bottlemart Bottle Shop in Kooringal is a BIG Wine Bottle.

BIG Wine Bottle

BIG Wine Bottle, Pokolbin NSW
Big Wine Bottle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Hunter Valley is known to be home to some of Australia’s best vineyards. Here you’ll find the BIG Wine Bottle, which stands 7 metres tall by 1.5 metres wide. The neck of the bottle is actually a chimney for the fireplace inside the building!

BIG Wine Bottles

Griffith City Council have created a row of BIG Wine Bottles to help draw attention to Griffith being the area of biggest winegrape production in New South Wales. The first wine bottle was on display at the airport with two rows of vineyards in 2011.

I believe that the bottles now stand alongside a vineyard on Remembrance Drive – please let me know if the comments below if you have any updated information on their exact whereabouts.

BIG 8 Ball

Sometimes you just need something quirky out the front of your business to help create that landmark that people will remember. That’s what the folks at The Trailer Factory have done in Port Macquarie with the BIG 8 Ball.

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10 ACT Big Things

Here are all of the ACT Big Things that I’m aware of. Please let me know if you’ve found something that needs to be added to the list.

BIG Acorns Pod Playground

BIG Acorns, Canberra ACT
Big Acorns (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Acorns Pod Playground is all about seeds being the beginning of life in the forest. Kids can explore the pod cubbies, nest swings, musical instruments and climbing features. Adults can enjoy the mountain views, cafe and gift shop.

BIG Coins

BIG Coins, Canberra ACT
Big Coins (Photo: Wikipedia)

If there’s one thing that Canberra is famous for, it’s the Royal Australian Mint where all of our coins are produced. Out the front of the building on a low wall you can find each of the Aussie BIG Coins.

Entry into the Mint is free, so why not go for a wander upstairs to the factory and have a look at where our coins are made.

BIG Galahs

BIG Galahs, Watson ACT
Big Galahs (Photo: Flickr)

On the corner of Tay Street and Antill Street in Watson are two BIG Galahs sitting on a log. I have no idea what the significance is, but there they sit.

BIG Kangaroo & Joey

Throsby Playground is a newly established playground (built in 2018) in the Gungahlin area, surrounded by new housing. There are slides, trampolines, climbing things, half basketball court and a waterway with birdlife. The feature artwork is a BIG Kangaroo & Joey on the grassed area.

BIG Mushroom

BIG Mushroom, Belconnen ACT
Big Mushroom (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, you’ll find a children’s playground nestled under a BIG Mushroom.

The markets put on year-round entertainment, shopping and eateries. It was in 1998 that the giant mushroom was unveiled, being 6 metres high with a cap diameter of 15.5 metres. Kids can even go inside the hollow stalk to look through the windows and access the slides.


BIG Owl, Canberra ACT
Big Owl (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The BIG Owl in Macquarie has actually become famous in the area for something other than a beautiful and powerful creature.

If you view the statue from behind it looks like a certain feature of the male body, giving it the nickname, ‘Penis Owl.’ Either way, check it out as you drive down Benjamin Way.

BIG Parcels

BIG Parcels, Canberra ACT
Big Parcels (Photo: ACT Government)

A bit random, but you can find a stack of two BIG Parcels on the corner of Alinga Street and W Row in Canberra. I wonder what’s inside?!

BIG Pool Ball

The BIG Pool Ball can be found at Yarralumla Play Station, which houses one of Australia’s biggest mini golf courses.

BIG Red Cups (Pot Plants)

BIG Red Cups, Deakin ACT
Big Red Cups (Photo: Weekend Notes)

Beaver Galleries in Deakin serves as Canberra’s largest privately owned commercial art gallery. Out the front on the grass stand three BIG Red Cups (you know, the disposable party kind..) which are in fact pot plants. Pretty basic, but kinda cool.

BIG Thorny Devil

Explore the Red Centre Garden at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Acton.

The landscape is based on ecosystems within 500km of Alice Springs. It features dunes, sand plains, rocky escarpments, desert rivers and many species endemic to the region.

Keep your eyes peeled for the BIG Thorny Devil, a very unique central Australian lizard.

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NSW & ACT Big Things Checklist

NSW & ACT Big Things Checklist


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  1. Hello yes the big joint is well and truly still around, it’s just inside the help embassy.
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    I’m not joking.

  2. I think it’s great that NSW and the ACT has so many iconic Big Things to explore. It’s an exciting and unique way to experience these places and really get to know the local area. The checklist is a great way to stay organized during your travels, so you can make sure you don’t miss any of these highlights! It’s also a great way for tourists to help support the local towns they visit, as many of them depend on tourist dollars.

  3. There seems to be a few more Big Things in NSW & ACT that you haven’t mentioned – Are you going to update soon?

  4. I didn’t know this was something to keep an eye out for in NSW! There is so much creativity in both the designs and the concepts. I love the story about how the Big Rubik’s Cube was painted one night. I know a few people who are fans of solving them, and I’d love to get a shot with that one to send to them!

    1. There are loads of ‘Big Things’ around NSW, it’s crazy! I love the story behind the Rubik’s Cube as well, it’s one of my favourites.

  5. This is so interesting!!! It’s my first time hearing about all of this and I guess it’s a fun way to attract tourists/travellers. Seems like fruits is a common theme although I’d personally like to see BIG Kangaroo and Emu. I love that they’re made of metal scraps and such. Great way to recycle junk!

    1. Yeah, there does seem to be a lot of fruit that plays a common theme with the ‘Big Things.’ I guess it’s because so many small town’s economies are driven by local produce industries.

  6. Who knew that this even existed? So many BIG things, makes for an exciting adventure to see them all. I would be interested in BIG cherries, any festival dedicated to one of my favourite fruits intrigues me.

  7. This was an interesting post. I have seen many signs and art pieces with “big” things. But there seems to be a lot in NSW Certainly a fun way to draw attention. I am sure many younger people have no idea what the cassette player is when they see it! Certainly some spots for great photos.

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