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South Australia lays claim to the very first official Big Thing in Australia. Although pop culture has lead us to believe that the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, NSW was the first Big Thing to kick off the iconic Aussie craze, that’s not quite true.

The Big Scotsman was erected in Adelaide in 1963, with the Big Banana coming in just one year later.

Big Things are usually quirky and oversized sculptures, which are designed to quickly draw people’s attention so as to get them to stop and take a look. For decades Australian travellers have been pulling over to get a photo of the Big Things they stumble upon, which often leads them to exploring further and spending money in the local town.

Here is a compilation of as many Big Things South Australia as I can find with over 50 making the list. If you know of any extra ones that you think should be added, feel free to let me know.

Don’t forget to download your Big Things Checklist and see how many you can tick off, using the Big Things map as a guide!

South Australia Big Things Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in South Australia and across all of Australia. Don’t forget to download the printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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50+ Big Things in South Australia!

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56 Big Things in South Australia

BIG Akubra Hat

BIG Akubra Hat, Cradock SA
Big Akubra Hat (Photo: Trip Advisor)

The Big Akubra Hat sits across from the Cradock Hotel in the Cradock Wildlife Reserve. The town itself sits on R M Williams way, making a Big Akubra the perfect fir for a big thing along this stretch of highway.

For a bit of relief from the outback heat, head inside the Cradock Hotel for a cold drink, a nice meal and some air conditioning.


BIG Ant, Poochera SA
Big Ant (Photo: Streaky Bay)

The sleepy little town of Poochera in the Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia is home to the world’s second most primitive creature – the Dinosaur Ant (Nothomyrmecia Macrops). They’re known to be very timid, nocturnal and only about 1cm in length. This species is said to be over 70 million years old!

The Big Ant was built in 2008 to help draw in tourists and give people a reason to stop into the town. Unfortunately, the closure of the Poochera Roadhouse hasn’t help local tourism.

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Balhannah SA
BIG Apple (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Head to the Olde Apple Shed in Balhannah for fresh apples, apple juice, cake and whatever else they have in stock at the time. The apple shed is a cute and rustic roadside stall with a Big Apple sitting atop the roof.

Here’s a great list of essentials to pack for your Big Things road trip.

BIG Backyard Items

BIG Backyard Items, Adelaide SA
Big Backyard Items (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The kids will love the Big Backyard Items in Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide. The novelty, oversized sculptures are purpose-built for exploring, running around and climbing.

In the park you’ll find a variety of oddities, which you might find in a typical Aussie backyard:

  • Big Thong
  • Big Clothes Peg
  • Big Hose
  • Big Tap
  • Big Ball
  • Big Dog Bone
  • Big Fish Skeleton


BIG Bee, Kingscote SA
Big Bee (Photo: South Australia)

The Big Bee hangs out at the Island Beehive Tourist Centre on Kangaroo Island, which is dedicated to the protection of the Ligurian Bee heritage. They offer a range of honey products from various native flora, plus honey mead, candles and wax.

BIG Birds Nest

BIG Birds Nest, Woodforde SA
Big Birds Nest (Photo: Environment SA)

One of the world’s biggest nature-inspired playgrounds is nestled in the forest just 12km north-east of Adelaide. At Morialta Conservation Park the kids will have a ball exploring the 15-tonne, 7-metre tall Big Birds Nest Tower, the Big Snake and loads more. It’s all about getting outdoors and back to nature.

BIG Bobtail Lizard

BIG Bobtail Lizard, Port Lincoln SA
Big Bobtail Lizard (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

If you head into the bushes to the left of the Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community Council, you’ll most likely stumble across the Big Bobtail Lizard. The PLACC is a resource and referral agency for the Aboriginal people of Port Lincoln and surrounds.

BIG Boomerang

BIG Boomerang, Coober Pedy SA
Big Boomerang (Photo: Real Commercial)

The Big Boomerang is really the only visible thing to draw your attention from the street when looking for Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage.

Like many other constructions in Coober Pedy, this business is not surface dwelling, but instead lives underground in order to escape the scorching 40℃+ heat.

If you’re wondering how to get into the gallery and beyond, it’s through the simple garage door behind the sign. The rest of the goods lie underneath your feet. There you’ll find many rooms displaying aboriginal art and local artefacts. There’s also a kangaroo orphanage with feeding times at 12.00pm and 5.30pm, for those interested.

BIG Boomerang

BIG Boomerang, Yalata SA
Big Boomerang (Photo: Yalata Anangu Community)

Another Big Boomerang can be found at the Yalata Anangu Community along the Eyre Highway. Yalata sits on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain and is part of the traditional lands of the Wirangu people. The settlement started out as Yalata Mission in the 1950s when the Pila Nguru people were moved from Ooldea Mission.

BIG Cherries

BIG Cherries, Pages Flat SA
Big Cherries (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Alerting passers-by to the location of Fleurieu Cherries in Pages Flat are the Big Cherries along the roadside. If you take the turn down the driveway, you’ll find fresh cherries of course, plus plenty of other farm gate offerings. You’ll also have the option to pick-your-own cherries, depending on the season.

Pick Your OwnAdults – $10
Children – $5
+ $17/ kg for the fruit you pick

BIG Church Block Wine Bottle

BIG Church Block Wine Bottle, McLaren Vale SA
Big Church Block Wine Bottle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The 10-metre high Big Church Block Wine Bottle is a replica of the Wirra Wirra original. To make the big cork bottle, five sections were covered in wire mesh, which were then covered in recycled wine corks. Each cork was drilled, threaded and zip-tied in place to give the effect you can see above.

Initially the big bottle lived in Melbourne for the 2010 Food & Wine Festival before being moved to the Wirra Wirra Vineyards located in McLaren Vale.

BIG Coffee Cup

Head to the 229 on Main Coffee Shop in Peterborough to snap the Big Coffee Cup on top of the roof. Inside is the converted old movie theatre with antique memorabilia spotted around to grab your attention.

BIG Cube

BIG Cube, McLaren Vale SA
Big Cube (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting out in the fields of the d’Arenberg Winery in McLaren Vale sits the Big Cube. There are no old stone refurbished buildings at this winery. Nope, this ultra-modern building has be built off the idea of a giant Rubik’s Cube. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that the d’Arenberg Cube is a one-of-a-kind.

The five-storey building took three years to build and is the quirky project of Chester Osborn, the fourth generational owner of the winery.

Here’s what you’ll find on each floor of the d’Arenberg Cube:

  • Ground Floor – Alternate Realities Museum
  • 1st Floor – Kitchen & toilets
  • 2nd Floor – Exhibition space
  • 3rd Floor – The d’Arenberg Cube Restaurant
  • 4th Floor – Tasting room
Entry$20 per person
Tasting RoomAdults (18+) – $20*
Under 18’s – $10
Under 2’s – FREE
* $5 redeemable with 2 wine bottles
The Blending Bench
(make your own bottle of wine)
$95 per person
75 mins
Opening Hours10.30am – 4.30pm

BIG Dice

BIG Dice, Winnininnie SA
Big Dice (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Dice are one of the lesser-known Big Things in South Australia.

When you’re driving along the Barrier Highway between Yunta and Manna Hill, they are sitting on the roadside near the railway line. The Big Dice are essentially five big concrete blocks, which have been stacked and painted.

BIG Divers Snorkel & Mask

BIG Divers Snorkel & Mask, Port Noarlunga SA
Big Divers Snorkel & Mask (Photo: Reef Watch SA)

The Big Divers Snorkel & Mask was officially unveiled in June 2017 to help celebrate World Oceans Day. You can find this gorgeous sculpture along the esplanade near the Port Noarlunga Jetty.


BIG Dog, Callanna SA
Big Dog (Photo: Atlas Obscura)

The Oodnadatta track in the South Australian Arid Lands was originally a trade route for the local Aboriginals who would move from one spring to the next. Then, well after the arrival of Europeans, the dirt trail was used for the Overland Telegraph Line and a railway, leading to Alice Springs.

With the closure of the railway in 1981, Oodnadatta has become a quiet little town. Ticking the Oodnadatta track off the list is a popular adventure for Aussie travellers who are keen to conquer it.

Along the way, near Callanna, you will come across the Mutonia Sculpture Park, which adds a lot of interest to the otherwise bland landscape. Look out for the Big Dog made from an old water tank, designed by Robin Cook, a former mechanic.

BIG Dublin Protest Sculptures

BIG Cockroach in Lower Light, SA
Big Cockroach (Photo: ABC News)

Along the National Highway, which passes through Lower Light in South Australia, there are a series of sculptures known as the ‘Dublin Protest Sculptures.’

Originally constructed out of scrap farming materials in late 1990’s to protest a dump being put in, the sculptures still remain even though the endeavour was unsuccessful. These days, the sculptures stand as a piece of local political history.

Various Big Dublin Protest Sculptures:

  • Rat
  • Blowfly
  • Dunny
  • Two people in an environmental lookout
  • UFO
  • Cockroach
  • Ned Kelly
  • Tin Man

BIG Dunlop Tyre

BIG Dunlop Tyre, Yamba SA
Big Dunlop Tyre (Photo: Flickriver)

Cruise underneath the Big Dunlop Tyre along the Sturt Highway in Yamba (near the SA/ VIC border) and don’t forget to get a photo. The novelty oversized tyre was built in 1985 to promote the arrival of the Formula One Grand Prix in Adelaide.

Once the Grand Prix moved to Melbourne, the council wanted to repaint the tyre as a ‘welcome’ sign instead. However, the original builder was against the repainting as it would then no longer be the famous Big Tyre, which has been well-known for drawing in tourists over the years.

BIG Fork

BIG Fork, Adelaide SA
Big Fork (Photo: Real Commercial)

Standing outside the front of what is currently a Chinese massage shop and a barber in Adelaide is the Big Fork. It’s as though a giant was just walking up the street and decided to stab the oversized fork into the ground. Fork! was originally created as part of the Adelaide City Bike Art Trail.

BIG Galah

BIG Galah, Kimba SA
Big Galah (Photo: Facebook)

The Big Galah in Kimba was originally built by the Venning family. They wanted to help entice the hundreds of travellers heading along the National Highway to stop in at their gem shop. They ended up adding fast food to the store, just to really give people a reason to pull over and stretch their legs.

The family decided on a galah because of the flocks of them that would head to the nearby grain silos. Roger, Dianne and their four kids worked on the Big Galah during the school holidays for 18 months before it was ready to showcase.

After 30 years, they sold the Big Galah and the store to Trevor and Lynette Kassebaum who are happy to have inherited the iconic Australian Big Thing.

BIG Goanna

BIG Goanna, Coober Pedy SA
Big Goanna (Photo: This Travel Life)

At the same site as the Big Opal Beetle (see further down), you can also find the Big Goanna, both in the opal mining town of Coober Pedy. Step inside the quirky Opal Bug store for some of the best priced opal jewellery in town.

BIG Goanna

BIG Goanna, Crystal Brook SA
BIG Goanna (Photo: Mapio)

The Big Goanna in Crystal Brook is really not that much bigger than a regular fully grown goanna (if at all). Yet this guy is still often included on the list of Big Thing South Australia, so he gets a spot with us too.

BIG Golf Ball

Head to the Drummond Golf store in Mile End to capture the Big Golf Ball sitting atop their roof. Inside you’ll find all of the usual golfing store paraphernalia.

BIG Hand ‘Hang Loose’

BIG Hand, Brighton SA
Big Hand (Photo: Blue Temper Ironworks)

Back in 2015, the Big Hand named ‘Hang Loose’ was installed at the Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures (across from the surf club). This item on the Big Things South Australia list was constructed out of corten (weathering) steel. It reminds us to chill out, hang loose and connect with the ocean.

BIG Hands

BIG Hands, McLaren Vale SA
Big Hands (Photo: Exploring South Australia)

While you’re at the Big d’Arenberg Cube, go for a wander around the grounds and see if you can tick the Big Hands off your Big Things South Australia list. The figures on the hands represent each of the four generations of d’Arenberg winemakers.

BIG Hills Hoist

BIG Hills Hoist in O'Sullivan Beach SA
Big Hills Hoist (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Is there anything more iconic about backyard Australia than the humble Hills Hoist clothesline? The Big Hills Hoist sits in the front of the Orrcon Steel business in O’Sullivan Beach.

The now famous brand of clothesline originated in the suburbs of Adelaide, which makes this a very fitting Big Thing for this pocket of the country.

BIG Kangaroo

BIG Kangaroo, Nullarbor SA
Big Kangaroo (Photo: Ceduna Tourism)

I reckon the most Aussie kangaroo getting around is Rooey II, the Big Kangaroo with his jar of Vegemite. He greets guests, travellers and passers-by at the Border Village Roadhouse along the Nullarbor at the SA/ WA border.

Any trip along the Nullarbor will include a stop at the famous Roadhouse, either to refuel, grab a bite to eat or just stretch your legs.

What you’ll find at the Border Village Roadhouse:

  • Shop with essentials
  • Fuel
  • Restaurant – try the Border Burger
  • Licensed bar
  • Accommodation (camping & caravan sites, plus rooms & cabins)

BIG Lizard Head

BIG Snake Head, Port August SA
Big Lizard Head (Photo: Restaurant Guru)

Enter the Big Lizard Head, fondly known as Rex the giant Ripper Lizard to experience the Wadlata Outback Centre in Port Augusta. Learn about the time when dinosaurs used to roam the land in the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

While you’re in the Tunnel of Time, you’ll also be able to see the Big Snake.

What you’ll find at the Wadlata Outback Centre:

  • Tunnel of Time
  • Meet the first land owners
  • G’Day Mate Theatre
  • Fossils
  • Opals and minerals
  • School of the Air kids
  • Outback Tuckerbox with ridgy didge Aussie food
Tunnel of Time EntryAdult – $21.90
Child (5 – 16 yrs) – $12.95
Concession – $19.95

BIG Lobster

BIG Lobster, Kingston SA
Big Lobster (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Larry the Big Lobster in Kingston absolutely towers over us mere mortals! At 17 metres high, he is one of the most unrivalled Big Things South Australia and helps to keep the fishing town on the map. Made from steel and fibreglass, he was constructed back in 1979 to draw people to the adjacent restaurant and Visitor Centre.

At the Big Lobster you can buy local produce, wine, beer, rock lobster and souvenirs. Or, you may prefer to dine-in at the award-winning seafood restaurant for the full experience.

BIG Map the Miner

Big Map the Miner, Kapunga SA
Big Map the Miner (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The 7-metre tall statue of Map Kernow is fondly known as Map the Miner. He proudly pays tribute to the Cornish mining history of the local town of Kapunda. Interestingly, the original Big Map the Miner statue was destroyed by fire in 2006, but was rebuilt a year later.

BIG Miner

BIG Miner, Coober Pedy SA
Big Miner (Photo: This Travel Life)

Standing tall and proud outside of another opal shop in Coober Pedy is the Big Miner. Inside you’ll find… you guessed it, handmade opal jewellery!

BIG Miner

Another Big Miner can be spotted at the Opal Cave shop in Coober Pedy, up near the entrance doorway.

Also on this property is The Spaceship, which was used in the 2000 movie Pitch Black and filmed nearby. The space ship is the actual set that was used for the crash scenes. After filming had finished, the ship was left for locals to do with as they wished. It serves as another great tourist attraction for the dusty outback town.

BIG Olives

BIG Olive, Tailem Bend SA
Big Olives (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Olives stand at the front of The Big Olive property. Unfortunately, the business has been closed indefinitely due to world health events. In fact, it’s surprising how many businesses (with and without Big Things) have been so hugely affected by it all!

Anyhow, you can still get a photo of the Big Olives from the fence line. Let’s hope the olives stay put and don’t end up being added to the long-forgotten big things list.

BIG Opal Beetle (VW)

BIG Opal Beetle, Coober Pedy SA
Big Opal Beetle (Photo: Village Smithy Opals)

The Big Opal Beetle in Coober Pedy is a one-of-a-kind creation made from an old VW Beetle, scrap metal and a fresh paint job. Head into the adjoining shop to see a vast range of opals, run by a couple who’ve been in the business for years.

BIG Orange

BIG Orange, Monash SA
Big Orange (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Orange in Monash stands at 15-metres high and 12-metres wide, making it one of the biggest big fruits in Australia. Apparently it held a cafe, souvenir shop, function room, lookout and 360º mural within the structure.

Three investors built the venue in the 1970s for $145,000, with it opening to the public in 1980. In 2022 it sold for $100,000 to $120,000 to an employment and training agency to use as a learning centre. Two years later it closed due to financial issues, then in 2006 a horticulturalist bought it with big plans. Unfortunately due to rising fuel costs and drought, that all fell through.

The Big Orange has since passed onto new owners, who want to see it open to the public again. I guess time will tell.

BIG Oyster

BIG Oyster, Ceduna SA
Big Oyster (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Head to the Oyster Barn in Ceduna to get your photo inside the Big Oyster. Ceduna is the gateway to the Nullarbor from the South Australian end.

BIG Paint Spill

BIG Paint Spills, Adelaide SA
Big Paint Spills (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Check out the Lion Arts Centre in Adelaide for the Big Paint Spills, which go all the way around the building. Originally, the building was a factory for preserving fruits.

These days it’s used as a popular live music venue, as well as offering an arts centre, studios, galleries and offices, all in the heart of the city.

BIG Peace Sign

BIG Peace Sign, Seacliff SA
Big Peace Sign (Photo: Food With a View)

Along Seacliff Beach, near the Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club, is the Big Peace Sign called ‘Peace of Mind.’

The plaque reads…

This sculpture isn’t complete without you, by standing in the middle you become the centre line of peace, acknowledging in order for our world to gain peace it starts with you.

BIG Pelican

BIG Pelican, Loxton SA
Big Pelican (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

“Percy” the Big Pelican started out as a 1979 Mardi Gras star, which was used on a float in the parade. The paper mache sculpture was used a few more times, before eventually landing in Loxton along the river.

BIG Pigeon

BIG Pigeon, Adelaide SA
Big Pigeon (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Pigeon, creatively named ‘Pigeon,’ pays tribute to the oodles of feathery friends, which grace the city with their presence each and every day. The mirror, stainless steel piece cost $174,000 and is over 2 metres tall. Now the Malls Balls are not the only meeting place in Rundle Mall!


BIG Ram, Karoonda SA
Big Ram (Photo:

The Big Ram in Karoonda has been one of the iconic Big Things South Australia since 1997. The 2-metre tall ram gives credit to the importance of the sheep industry for the region.

This particular ram was created from the likeness of the 1996 Adelaide Show Champion ram. The tiles placed around the bottom were made by the Karoonda Area School and East Murray Area School students, as well as some local residents.

BIG Rocking Horse

BIG Rocking Horse, Gumeracha SA
Big Rocking Horse (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In the days before the Big Rocking Horse was surrounded by trees, it was actually used by the Country Fire Service as a lookout point. Guests are invited to climb the world’s biggest rocking horse, however it will cost you $2 per person. The first platform is accessed by steps, then the rest is done via steel ladders.

Here’s what else you’ll find at the Big Rocking Horse:

  • Wooden Toy Factory
  • Wildlife Park
  • Cafe (breakfast, lunch, kids menu, gluten free options)
  • Picnic Area
  • Gift Shop (toys & souvenirs)
Rocking Horse Climb$2 per person
FREE – Under 3 years
Wildlife Park$2 per person
Feed the Animals$2 for a bag of food

BIG Santa

BIG Santa, Adelaide SA
Big Santa (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The massive Big Santa has been a popular Christmas decoration in Adelaide since the 1960s. For years it sat on the outside of the John Martin’s building in Rundle Mall, which then changed over to David Jones. When the mall went through some big renovations in 2014, the sculpture was removed. By 2015 he was given a new home at the Adelaide Central Market.

A Christmas in July party was thrown in July 2022 by radio presenter Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello to help raise funds to get the Big Santa refurbished so that he’ll be able to remain as the Adelaide icon that he is. Let’s hope he does!

BIG Scotsman

BIG Scotsman, Medindie SA
Big Scotsman (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Scotsman, sitting on the corner of Scotty’s Motel in Medindie, takes the prize for being Australia’s first Big Thing. Although many believe the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour to have been the first, the Big Scotsman was completed one year prior in 1963.

Paul Kelly, who also created the Big Lobster in Kingston, was the mastermind behind the Big Scotsman. The 5-metre tall Scotty has a fibreglass outer, which sits over a steel frame, and was then filled with polystyrene foam.

BIG Shark Head

BIG Shark Head, North Shields SA
Big Shark Head (Photo: Port Lincoln Caravan Park)

Port Lincoln Caravan Park on the Eyre Peninsula is home to the Big Shark Head. The waters south of Port Lincoln are known for sharks with plenty of cage-diving ventures being offered for anyone who’s brave enough.

BIG Snake

BIG Snake, Port Augusta SA
Big Snake (Photo: Truly Aus)

While you’re at the Wadlata Outback Centre capturing the Big Lizard Head in Port Augusta, be sure to do the Tunnel of Time. It’s in there that you’ll come across the Big Snake. The Outback Centre is an interactive experience where you can learn all about the history of the region, dating right back to prehistoric times.

BIG Snake

BIG Snake, Woodforde SA
Big Snake (Photo: Play and Go)

The Morialta Conservation Park near Adelaide has one of the best kids playgrounds for getting them back to nature and exploring the world around us. There you’ll find the Big Snake, which is big enough for kids to run through! There are also multiple Big Birds Nests spotted around, which you can’t miss.

Themed play areas at Morialta Playground:

  1. Eagles Nest
  2. Great Snake
  3. Kookaburra Nests
  4. Climbing Boulders
  5. Frog Island

The Spaceship

The Spaceship, Coober Pedy SA
The Spaceship (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

While not technically one of the Big Things of South Australia, The Spaceship in Coober Pedy is such a one-of-a-kind find that it still makes the list!

This spaceship was the actual set used for the 2000 movie called Pitch Black, staring Vin Diesel. The spaceship itself was used for the crashed transporter scenes and were filmed near the town. Once the filming was finished, the spaceship was left for the town to do whatever they wanted with.

Today it sits out the front of the Opal Cave and you are free to wander around it and get as many photos as you like.

BIG Teacup, Plate & Cutlery

BIG Teacup, Plate & Cutlery, Pennington SA
Big Teacup, Plate & Cutlery (Photo: Weekend Notes)

After the close of World War II, the Australian government at the time came up with the slogan, “populate or perish.” They had decided that we needed immigrants, which would be the answer to staving off future invasions.

As a result, eight migrant hostels where built in Adelaide and rural South Australia. The hostels were no more than uninsulated steel Nissen huts, which are prefabricated steel structures, usually built for military use. Imagine the bitterly cold winters and blazing hot summers for those poor people!

Pennington Gardens Reserve serves as a reminder of those harsh days for the immigrants who came in from countries including Chile, Hungary, Pakistan, Russia, Scotland, Greece and Italy. The Big Teacup, Plate and Cutlery installation showcases the Commonwealth Canteens Utensils used in the Finsbury Hostel at the time.

BIG Teddy Bear

BIG Teddy Bear, Minlaton SA
BIG Teddy Bear (Photo: Very Photographic)

The Big Teddy Bear, made from bales of hay, can be found along the Spencer Highway about 7km north of Minlaton.

BIG Thongs

BIG Thongs, Elliston SA
Big Thongs (Photo: Australian Silo Art Trail)

Along Clifftop Drive in Elliston, there are a collection of sculptures along the cliffs. One of the coolest by far are the Big Thongs. Take the Clifftop loop and see what other quirky Aussie sculptures you can spot.

BIG Tin Man

BIG Tin Man, Napperby SA
Big Tin Man (Photo: Australian Public Tart)

The Mobil service station in Napperby hosts the Big Tin Man who was originally blue. Three engineers were contracted to make a Big Thing for the servo using 400-gallon drums. The sand that the first Big Tin Man stood on eventually eroded and a second tin man replaced him, this time being green.

BIG Whale

BIG Whale, Nullarbor Roadhouse SA
Big Whale (Photo: Explore Oz)

Since the Nullarbor follows the Great Australian Bite, you can actually see whales cruising past the cliffs at certain times of the year. Hence why the Nullarbor Roadhouse has a Big Whale sculpture greeting its guests.

While this whale is probably smaller than a regular one, the novelty of the big sculpture (compared to human size) still gives it a slot on the Big Things South Australia list.

BIG Winch

BIG Winch, Coober Pedy SA
Big Winch (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Winch in Coober Pedy has been a popular attraction for the region since its inception in the 1970’s.

Claus Wirries was the original creator who’s had many jobs throughout the years. He started as ‘Banana Inspector’ the boat builder before moving out to Coober Pedy. Once in the opal town, he became known as ‘Road Runner’ the opal dealer.

The first Big Winch was destroyed by a cyclone, so the one you see there now is not the original. The car park for the tourist attraction was built in the 1990s, with the dirt being brought up from the Old Timers Mine.

It’s fair to say that the addition of the Big Winch to Coober Pedy has created nothing but positivity for the local tourist industry.

BIG Wine Bottle

BIG Wine Bottle, McLaren Vale SA
Big Wine Bottle (Photo: See Do Eat Review)

The last big thing you can find at The d’Arenberg Cube is the Big Wine Bottle. This should be nestled alongside one of the smaller brick buildings, rather than at the cube itself.

BIG Wombat

BIG Wombat, Scotdesco SA
Big Wombat (Photo: This Travel Life)

Scotdesco is the Aboriginal community in which you’ll find the Big Wombat along the Eyre Highway. The family community encourage visitors to pull in for a chat with some of the locals to learn about the area. While you’re there, grab a coffee and check out the art workshop.

Note: Scotdesco is not alway open, you just have to pull in and have a look as you’re driving past.

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