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Collecting Big Things while you travel around Tasmania makes for a much more interesting road trip. The iconic Australian Big Things that many of us have grown to love, offer people the excuse to check out places that they may never otherwise found themselves in!

While there are not as many Big Things in Tasmania as there are in some of the other states, I’ve still manage to collate 39 of them into the one list. To be honest, I wish there was just one more so that we could make it a round 40. Alas, we will leave that one up to the Big Thing gods.

If you’re going on a Big Things Tasmania tour, print out our handy checklist, complete with regional map and full street addresses, to help you achieve the goal. For packing tips, check out the road trip essentials list, which covers everything you’ll need.

Big Things Tasmania Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in Tasmania and across Australia. Don’t forget to download your printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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Tasmania Big Things Checklist

Tasmania Big Things Checklist


35+ Big Things in Tasmania!

Or get the COMPLETE Australian BIG Things Checklist with 600+ items!
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39 Big Things Tasmania

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Spreyton TAS
Big Apple (Photo: Trip Bucket)

The Big Apple complex in Spreyton offers a butchery and bakery, filled with fresh goods.

Spreyton Fresh apple orchards have been around since 1908! Starting in 1997, they began producing premium apple juice, with the addition of Spreyton Cider Company in 2012.

For more ideas on what to do along your trip, check out this two week Tasmanian itinerary.


BIG Axe, Longley TAS
Big Axe (Photo: Bike Odyssey)

So, what’s the story behind the Big Axe at the Longley Hotel? While I can’t find any official information, it seems that the Longley Hotel is the place to be for the annual state Woodchopping Carnival, so there you have it.

This oversized axe looks like one of the most well-looked-after Big Things in Tasmania, which scores it some extra points!

BIG Bike

Giant Devonport is an outlet for brand-name bikes, plus they offer gear and servicing. Of course, it makes sense to throw a Big Bike up out the front, just to be sure everyone knows what you’re in the business of. The bike’s not ginormous, but it’s bigger than a regular. Stand underneath and get a selfie.

BIG Bolt

BIG Bolt, Launceston TAS
Big Bolt (Photo: Nuts and Bolts Tasmania)

Sitting over top of the Nuts and Bolt Tasmania sign at the store’s front entrance is the Big Bolt. Inside you’ll find tools and hardware, plus a huge assortment of fasteners for marine, auto and industrial projects.

BIG Boot

Inside the grounds of the Swansea Primary School is a pretty cool Big Boot. You might have to wait for school hours and get permission from admin to get a pic of this one, however you can see it from the road.

BIG Bowling Pin

BIG Bowling Pin, Moonah TAS
Big Bowling Pin (Photo: Restaurant Guru)

The 24-lane Zone Bowling in Moonah has a Big Bowling Pin out the front. With arcade games, food, drinks and of course ten pin bowling, the kids will have fun ticking this one off the Big Things Tasmania list.


BIG Can, Derby TAS
Big Can (Photo: Restaurant Guru)

Sitting above the entryway into the Federal Tavern, Derby is the Big Can. The pub offers the regular stuff – cold beer, meals and coffee.


To collect the Big Cascade Lager Can on your Big Things Tasmania list, head to the Grand Hotel in Huonville. The Big Can sits on the corner wall at the intersection, you can’t miss it.

BIG Chainsaw

BIG Chainsaw, Burnie TAS
Big Chainsaw (Photo: North West Mowers)

Head to North West Mowers to see the Big Chainsaw out the front on the roof.

North West Mowers have been in the business of small engines for 30 years. They specialise in sales, servicing and repairs with a large onsite showroom offering all of the major brands.

BIG Chainsaw

For another Big Chainsaw, head to Exeter Mower & Chainsaw Centre. You’ll be able to spot the oversized Stihl sitting on top of the roof. You can head inside to purchase and repair all of your backyard power equipment needs.

BIG Cherry

There is apparently a Big Cherry at a cherry farm along Kenmore Road in Glenora. In addition to this one, there were a few Big Cherries at the Cherry Shed in Latrobe, but unfortunately that has since closed down and the cherries have been removed.

BIG Coffee Pot

BIG Coffee Pot, Deloraine TAS
Big Coffee Pot (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

An old grain silo, turned Big Coffee Pot can be found in Deloraine in the central north of Tasmania. There’s also a pottery shop nearby offering souvenirs and coffee for curious travellers such as yourself.

BIG Coke Can

Sitting on top of a sidewalk roof in Argyle Street, Hobart is the Big Coke Can. The business underneath was the Kirakira Japanese Restaurant, but according to google, that has now permanently closed its doors.

BIG Golf Ball

BIG Golf Ball, Grindelwald TAS
Big Golf Ball (Photo: Trip Advisor)

The Aspect Tamar Valley Resort is home to the world famous Grindelwald Swiss Shopping Village. There you’ll find a gorgeous Swiss-themed village filled with local arts & crafts, souvenirs, chocolate shop, ice creamery, village bakery, newsagency, general store, arcade, mini golf and lots more.

You don’t have to stay at the resort to be able to explore the village as it’s open to the public every day from 9am. If you do want to stay onsite, there are 97 rooms ranging from suites, chalets, villas and apartments.

Head to the mini golf section to find the Big Golf Ball.

BIG Golf Ball

Another Big Golf Ball sits at the Huon Valley Golf Club in south-east Tasmania. This golf club is a beautiful 12-hole course, which sits along the banks of the Huon River. As the area is known as the Gateway to the South-west Wilderness, you’ll be surrounded by old growth forests and gorgeous natural scenery.

BIG James Boag’s Can

BIG James Boag Can, Launceston TAS
Big James Boag’s Can (Photo: Trip Advisor)

Some kind of old tank or vat has been done up at the James Boag’s Brewery to represent one of their famous brews. Provided is a small platform for visitors to get a snap in front of the Big James Boag’s Can.

Step inside to take a tour, have a meal and taste some samples of Tasmania’s finest beer. The brewery itself is located in the historic section of Launceston’s CBD, surrounded by old, yet well-kept convict buildings.

Here are 14 more things to see while exploring north-east Tasmania.

BIG Jellyfish

BIG Jellyfish, Burnie TAS
Big Jellyfish (Photo: Fish Frenzy Burnie)

Fish Frenzy Burnie is home to the Big Jellyfish, but that’s not all you can find there. The restaurant opened its doors in 2008 and became quite well-known for its quality seafood.

It’s now a popular spot for a meal with locals and tourists alike. Sit back and enjoy some top-quality food while watching the water traffic cruise by.

BIG Penguin

BIG Penguin, Penguin TAS
Big Penguin (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Arguable one of the most popular Big Things in Tasmania is the Big Penguin. The famous statue is located on the foreshore in the charming little town of Penguin, which sits on the Bass Straight. As you explore Penguin, you’ll notice the animal theme is everywhere!

BIG Penguin

For a smaller Big Penguin, head to the town’s Visitor Information Centre. This guy hangs out in the front yard, greeting guests and travellers as they walk through the front door.

BIG Picture Frame

BIG Picture Frame, Stanley TAS
Big Picture Fram (Photo: Twitter)

While you’re in Stanley looking at the Big Rock Lobster, head up to Jimmy Lane Memorial Lookout. There you’ll find the Big Picture Frame, which is so big you can get the whole family literally standing in the frame, while you capture a beautiful shot of The Nut in the background.

BIG Pitchfork

BIG Pitchfork, Huntingfield TAS
Big Pitchfork (Photo: Help Me Covid)

Dug into the ground of The Fork in the Road Mitre 10 in Huntingfield, stands the Big Pitchfork. Inside you’ll find all of the usual hardware offerings of a Mitre 10, such as timber, trade, paint, plumbing, tools, hardware and gardens needs. The Big Fork has been used for ads to help market the store.

BIG Platypus

BIG Platypus, Latrobe TAS
Big Platypus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Latrobe is a beautiful town situated on the Mersey River in north-west Tasmania. If you head to the river in the late afternoon or at dusk or dawn, you might be lucky enough to spot the elusive platypus. It’s no wonder this town is dubbed the Platypus Capital of the World!

If you don’t get lucky, you can always get your photo with the Big Platypus at the Axemans Halls of Fame.

What you’ll find at the Axemans Halls of Fame:

  • MUSEUM – tribute to the pioneers of the industry, plus the competitive woodchoppers
  • AXEMANS EMPORIUM – specialist classes and handmade crafts
  • MAKERS MARKET – open several days per week, plus a full Sunday market
  • THAI IMPERIAL – Thai restaurant open Wednesday to Sunday
Museum & EmporiumTues to Sat: 11am – 3pm
Sun: 9am – 3pm
Thai ImperialWednesday to Sunday
Lunch: 11.30 – 1.45pm
Dinner: from 5pm


BIG Pot, Melrose TAS
Big Pot (Photo: The Big Pot Nursery)

The Big Pot Nursery is a family-friendly plant nursery, which includes a playground to keep the kids amuse while you’re browsing. Get your photo with the Big Pot at the driveway’s entrance, then head in for a wander.

BIG Raspberry

BIG Raspberry, Westerway TAS
Big Raspberry (Photo: Derwent Valley)

Head to the Westerway Raspberry Farm to pick your own fresh berries (or buy them from the stall) and get a photo with the Big Raspberry of course.

BIG Rock Lobster

BIG Lobster, Stanley TAS
Big Rock Lobster (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

How freaky is the Big Rock Lobster, creeping down the roof at Hursey Seafoods in Stanley! The seafood company is a well-known catcher of the crayfish in Tasmania. While you’re there, be sure to take in the sights of The Nut (volcanic plug) behind the shop and the gorgeous Tatslow Beach out the front.

BIG Rubik’s Cube

Sitting atop the Graham Woodhouse Conveyancing building in Burnie is the Big Rubik’s Cube. To be honest, it’s not that big, but still much bigger than a regular one, so it gets a spot on the Big Things Tasmania list.

BIG Seal

BIG Seal, Eaglehawk Neck TAS
Big Seal (Photo: Blue Seal Cafe)

Head to the Blue Seal Hotel for accommodation, pizza, curries, seafood and water views from the top balcony. Keeping post out the front is the Big Seal.

BIG Slide Rule

Found inside the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, hangs the Big Slide Rule on a wall. I’m not sure how accessible this Big Thing of Tasmania is, however it’s there if you can get to it!

BIG Spud

BIG Spud, Sassafras TAS
Big Spud (Photo: Huon View)

While you’re ticking off Big Things Tasmania, you can’t forget the dodgy looking Big Spud in Sassafras. He goes by the name of Kenny Kennebec, which is a specific type of potato.

The big potato was sculptured by a local man who has also played farmer, councillor and Deputy Mayor in his lifetime. The idea was to advertise the local fresh produce stall, yet over 30 years later, the Big Spud still stands on his pole, smiling and waving to passers-by.

BIG Tasmanian Devil

BIG Tasmanian Devil, Mole Creek TAS
Big Tasmanian Devil (Photo: Trip Advisor)

The Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary is not only home to the Big Tasmanian Devil, but is also the heart of Tasmanian wildlife conservation.

Trowunna has been caring for Tasmania’s natives since 1979 with over 70 acres of land for the wildlife. The sanctuary has its hand in five different breeding conservation programs, which work heavily towards the survival of endangered and threatened species.

You don’t have to enter the park to see the Big Tasmanian Devil as he stands out the front, poking out of a rather large hole in the earth. However, if you do want to check out the park while you’re there, below are the details.

AdmissionAdults – $30
Concession – $26
Children (3 – 15 yrs) – $18
Opening HoursDaily 9am – 5pm
Interactive Tours – 11am, 1pm & 3pm

BIG Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

BIG Tasmanian Tiger, Mole Creek TAS
Big Tasmanian Tiger (Photo: Clubs and Pubs Near Me)

Prowling on the roof of the Mole Creek Hotel is a Big Tasmanian Tiger to pair up with their Tassie Tiger Bar inside. The bar is more than just a place to enjoy a drink, it also offers an abundance of information about the infamous Tasmanian Tiger. Take a wander and explore the displays, newspaper cut-outs and memorabilia.

BIG Tasmanian Tiger

Relaxing in the Heritage Forest Park in Invermay is the Big Tasmanian Tiger. You’ll have to take a walk to find this guy, then you can sit with him (or her?) and get your obligatory photo.

BIG Thumbs Up

BIG Thumbs Up, Scottsdale TAS
Big Thumbs Up (Photo: Pinterest)

As you drive into the town of Scottsdale, get ready to be met with the Big Thumbs Up and a sign saying, “G’day mate, welcome to Scottsdale.” Then as you head back out of town, the sign will read, “Hooroo, travel safely.”

BIG Trout

BIG Trout, Cressy TAS
Big Trout (Photo: Aussie Towns)

It only makes sense to have a Big Trout in Cressy, the town who claim the title of being the ‘Gateway to Trout Fishing Paradise.’ Every year the town hosts the Tasmanian Trout Expo with a $10,000 prize catch up for grabs! It’s no wonder this little Tassie town manages to attract anglers from around the world.

BIG Wave

BIG Wave, Devonport TAS
Big Wave (Photo: Nice Local)

Check out the Big Wave at Canoe ‘N’ Surf in Devonport, breaking across the roof.

Canoe ‘N’ Surf is one of Australia’s longest running independent surf stores and has been family owned since 1976. Inside you’ll find all things water sports and clothing, such as surf boards, body boards, kayaks, canoes, SUPs, skateboards, scooters, wet suits, scuba gear and loads more.

BIG Whale

To be honest, I wasn’t going to add the Big Whale to the list, because technically, while huge to us, it’s probably just a regular whale size. However, I know many Big Thing collectors have this on their list, so here it sits.

You can find the Big Whale at Whale Lookout in Recherche, Tasmania. It’s a bronze statue of an infant Southern Right Whale, which were almost brought to extinction due to over-poaching in the 1800’s.

The whale was seen to be a valuable resource at the time for their meat and oil. Thankfully, the population is slowly creeping back since humans have finally left them alone.

BIG Wickets

BIG Wickets, Westbury TAS
Big Wickets (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Wickets sit on the corner near the Westbury Sports Centre in Tasmania. They 6-metre high wickets were pushed into the ground to pay tribute to the local player Jack Badcock, who was Tasmania’s first Test cricket player.

BIG Wine Bottle

To spot the Big Wine Bottle, head to The Winston in Hobart. Rather than using the main entrance, head around to the left and look up above the Eagle Hawk Inn sign.

BIG World Globe

BIG World Globe, Ulverstone TAS
Big World Globe (Photo: Coast to Canyon)

While not gigantically huge, the Big World Globe is still unusually larger than a general world globe. The coolest feature with the last item on the Big Things Tasmania list is the fact that this globe actually spins like a real one!

The reason behind having a globe in a park is to provide something interactive to go with the World War 2 information provided there.

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Tasmania Big Things Checklist

Tasmania Big Things Checklist


35+ Big Things in Tasmania!

Or get the COMPLETE Australian BIG Things Checklist with 600+ items!

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