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🍓 120+ Big Things in Victoria (Printable Checklist & Map)

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Big things in Victoria are often oversized sculptures paying tribute to something local or to help market an adjacent business. Sometimes, a Big Thing is simply about offering a unique or creative piece for onlookers to appreciate.

With well over 100 Big Things in Victoria, you can create your own Big Things tour and see how many you can tick off on lazy weekend drives or even an annual road trip. Big Things offer travellers a great excuse to have a rest from the car, admire something unusual and maybe even offer a way to support the local town in some way.

Print out your own Big Things Victoria list, use the map below as a guide and see how many you can find!

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Victoria Big Things Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in Victoria and across Australia. Don’t forget to download your printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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VIC Big Things Checklist

VIC Big Things Checklist


120+ Big Things to find in Victoria!

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121 Big Things Victoria

BIG Apple

On the front sign at The Big Apple Tourist Orchard is a cute Big Apple. There used to be a larger Big Apple, but apparently it was removed when the fruit shop closed down.

You’ll find meals and snacks, including deserts, pastries and other home cooked food at the cafe.

BIG Apple

Hanging out the front of the Gladysdale Primary School is a Big Apple made from fibreglass. Every year the school plays host to the Gladysdale Apple and Wine Festival, which helps to support the local community.

BIG Bandicoot

Standing out the front of the Bandicoot Motor Inn in Hamilton is the Big Bandicoot. Cute!

BIG Beer Glass

BIG Beer Glass, Mirboo North VIC
Big Beer Glass (Photo: Milly and P’lette)

The Grand Ridge Brewery in Gippsland is home to the Big Beer Glass. Get your pic out the front, then head inside for a brew and a meal.

To help you pack for your Big Things tour, here’s a handy road trip checklist to keep you organised.

BIG Bees

BIG Bees in Melbourne VIC
Big Bees (Photo: Visit Melbourne)

Head to Riverside Quay in Southbank and look up to see if you can spot the Big Bees that are hanging around one of the buildings. The whole colony are painted a gorgeous gold, with a gold roof-topped building to match.

BIG Bell Flowers

On the corner of the Nepean Highway and Canadian Bay Road in Mount Eliza is a bunch of Big Bell Flowers. The adjoining business was Eden Gardens Garden Centre, which has since permanently closed its doors.

BIG Bigeye Scad Fish

At the Edenhope Lions Park you’ll find the Big Bigeye Scad Fish, along with a skate park and plenty of space for the kids to stretch their legs.

BIG Birds

On the corner of the highway in Mount Duneed stands a flock of Big Birds. There’s room to pull over further up the road and walk back to get your photo.

BIG Blue Angelfish

In Fish Creek you’ll find the Big Blue Angelfish, which was one of the sea creature sculptures used in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Two local artists worked together to turn the piece into an attractive wind vane.

BIG Bogong Moth

BIG Bogong Moth, Tintaldra VIC
Big Bogong Moth (Photo: Tassie Snowbirds)

The Big Bogong Moth flies at Jim Newman’s Lookout in Tintaldra. The area used to be a meeting place for Aboriginal tribes, as it was an abundant spot for hunting and eating moths.

The giant moth is made from rusted cast iron with little moth-shaped cut outs in the wings.

BIG Boomerang

At the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Grovedale, you’ll find the Big Boomerang, an art gallery, cafe, garden, gift shop, kids playground and animal feeding experiences.

BIG Boomerang

BIG Boomerang, Lake Tyres VIC
Big Boomerang (Photo: Melbourne Design Week)

Lake Tyres in the Gippsland region was initially the land of the Gunai/ Kurnai people. It ended up becoming home to many indigenous people from around the state as they were forcibly removed from their own lands. The mission has been a popular tourist spot since the 1870’s due to the beautiful bushland and coastline of the area.

As you drive onto the private property of Lake Tyres, you’ll pass underneath a Big Boomerang.

BIG Bowling Pin

Big Bowling Pins are much like Big Golf Balls, they’re a dime a dozen. When you print out your Big Things Victoria checklist, there’s a page dedicated to these multiple finds, so that you can keep a tally.

If you head to The Alley Warragul, you’ll find a Big Bowling Pin standing on the roof.

BIG Brake Shoes

BIG Brake Shoes, Smiths Gully VIC
Big Brake Shoes (Photo: Rob Roy Hillclimb)

The Big Brake Shoes were initially constructed for the Templestowe Hillclimb, but now sit over the start line at Rob Roy Hillclimb, north of Melbourne.

The brake shoes are almost 10 metres high and weigh 3.5 tonnes.

BIG Brussel Sprout

Big Brussel Sprout, Coldstream VIC
Big Brussel Sprout (Photo: Adams Farms)

Visit Adams Farms in Coldstream to get your photo with the Big Brussel Sprout.

Initially, the Adams brothers were farming cabbages, but soon decided that they needed to try something else in order to be able to have enough work for their employees. Brussel sprouts were the vegetable of choice as they’re in the same family as cabbages.

The farm has since been passed down the line and now sits with Arthur’s son, Bruce and his two sons Daniel and Jeremy.

Adams Farms are big supporters of the local community with sporting club sponsorships and weekly Food Bank donations.

BIG Bulldog

There are many Big Bulldogs around the country, which are associated with the Mack Truck company and associated businesses and service centres. For a Victorian Big Bulldog, there’s one standing guard at Johnsons Truck & Coach Service in Mildura.

BIG Cassette Player

We don’t always need to wait for the council to approve multi-thousand dollar Big Things. Why not create your own, just like someone did in Torquay with the Big Cassette Player. Hidden in a back alley is a shipping container, which has been painted up to look like a giant tape player from the 80’s – very cool!

BIG Chainsaw

There are also a multitude of Big Chainsaws spotted around Australia and one of them can be found at Hiredepot – Equipment Hire Fairfield. Drive by and get a snap.

BIG Chicken

BIG Chicken, Myrtlebank VIC
Big Chicken (Photo: FOODBEVG)

To pair up with Myrtlebank Roaming Farms fresh produce stall, they’ve creatively added a Big Chicken near the roadside to draw in customers. It looks like the chook is made from scrap metal and is actually pretty well done.

BIG Chicken

Another Big Chicken stands in the garden as you enter Casaccio Egg Farm in Werribee. The third generation business offers free range eggs from across three farms of very well looked after chooks.

Food products you’ll find at the Casaccio Egg Farm:

  • Fresh eggs
  • Chicken
  • Quail
  • Spatchcock
  • Turkey
  • Rabbit
  • Pasta
  • Cheese
  • Deli products
  • Finger foods
  • Honey

BIG Cigar

BIG Cigar, Churchill VIC
Big Cigar (Photo: Les Street on Twitter)

The Big Cigar is a 32-metre high sculpture, built in 1967, which was initially called ‘The Spire.’

If you have a look at the brick wall beneath which the Big Cigar stands, you’ll be able to read the names of the people who first lived in the town, which was first called Hazelwood. Later, the town’s name changed to Churchill.

Although it’s easy to assume that the giant cigar was built in memory of Winston Churchill’s well-known cigar, it was actually just installed purely for interest.

BIG Cigarette

The world’s largest smoke can be found at the Tobacco Co-Operative of Victoria, in the High Country. The Big Cigarette stands 25 metres tall. Despite the business being listed as ‘permanently closed,’ the huge cigarette can still be spotted from the road.

BIG Clown Fish

BIG Nemo, Lakes Entrance VIC
Big Clown Fish (Photo: Lakes Caravilla Caravan Park)

If you’re looking for Nemo, he’s hiding at the Lake Caravilla Caravan Park. However the giant fish wasn’t always a Big Clown Fish, he was repainted in 2015 from a more colourful number to the orange guy who sits there now.

BIG Coffee Maker

Right in the heart of Brunswick lies Georges Coffee, which is where you’ll find the highest quality coffee from around the world. Plus, since we’re all about big things, you’ll also find a Big Coffee Maker out the front on top of a pole along the sidewalk.

BIG Cows

BIG Cows, Phillip Island VIC
Big Cows (Photo: Mapio)

To find the two Big Cows, head to the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. The huge chocolate-coloured cows will be grazing out the front.

Things to do at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory:

  • Interactive attractions
  • Make your own chocolate creation
  • Chocolate samples (you can even eat your own entry ticket!)
  • Cafe & shop
Entry FeesAdult (16+) – $18.00
Child (4 – 15) – $12.00
Pension – $16.20
Family (2A + 2C) – $54.00
Opening HoursEvery day 10am – 5pm

BIG Crayfish

To find a Big Crayfish, head to Cardens Seafood & Steak House in Dandenong. Why not grab a meal while you’re there!

BIG Cricket Bats

BIG Cricket Bats, Shepherds Flat VIC
Big Cricket Bats (Photo: Cricket Willow)

Walk through the Big Cricket Bats into Cricket Willow where you can partake in the worldwide unique experience of being able to watch the makings of cricket bats, from start to finish.

Take a walk around the grounds, watch a cricket bat being made, select a Jabaroo bat for yourself and have a crack a hitting a ball in the Field of Dreams.

BIG Cricket Stumps

On the corner of Evans and Brook Street in Sunbury stand the Big Cricket Stumps being smash by a Big Cricket Ball. They’re not quite as big as the ones in Tassie, but still pretty cool.

BIG Dead Fish

BIG Dead Fish, Fish Creek VIC
Big Dead Fish (Photo: Broadsheet)

Yep, there’s a Big Dead Fish. It’s lies on the top corner of the Fish Creek Hotel roof in Fish Creek… almost as if someone’s just thrown it up there.

BIG Dinosaurs

Go dinosaur hunting at Dinosaur World in Somerville. Walk through the grounds and see a variety of dinosaurs spotted through the bush. This small park is best suited for 2 – 8 year-olds. Also on offer are simple snack foods (sausage sizzle, chips, potato cakes and jam donuts).

Don’t forget to see how many Big Dinosaurs you can find!

Entry FeesAdult – $15.00
Child (2+) – $13.00
Family (2A + 2C) – $52.00

Dig & Discover – $8.00
Opening HoursEvery day 10am – 5pm

BIG Dog ‘Fido’

Big Dog "Fido," Fairfield VIC
Big Dog (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Standing guard at the Fairfield Train Station is the Big Dog named ‘Fido.’ He towers over a grown man, in fact you can easily walk through his legs without even hitting your head.

The Big Dog is made out of recycled hardwood with a metal access hatch on his belly for the internal machinery that used to run his interactive functions.

BIG Dolphinfish

The Big Dolphinfish was part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and represented the country of Malta. You can find it on the side of the Gippsland Highway in Tooradin.

BIG Dulux Paint Tins

Out at the Dulux property in Mickelham, you will see the two Big Dulux Paint Tins just inside the front gates. They’ve painted up two massive tanks to replicate their own paint tins, which is cool.

BIG Dung Beetles & Cockroaches

BIG Dung Beetles, Yarra Glen VIC
Big Dung Beetles & Cockroaches (Photo: Waymarking)

Hanging out in McKenzie Reserve in Yarra Glen are the Big Dung Beetles & Cockroaches. They look very lifelike and yep, one of the dung beetles is actually rolling up a ball of dung! Go for a walk and see if you can find them in the gardens.

BIG Eagle

To stand alongside the Big Eagle, you’ll need to make your way to the town of Rosedale in the Gippsland Region. The statue sits in a public park.


Sitting pride of place at the Tamarix Poultry Farm property in Bangholme is the Big Egg. You can’t miss it as you drive past.

BIG Emus

The Imagine Estate Emu Garden is home to a mob of Big Emus. They look really cool, just wandering through the park in amongst an estate of modern day housing.

BIG Face

BIG Face, St Kilda VIC
Big Face (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the most famous big things in Victoria can be found at the St Kilda Luna Park. Of course I’m talking about the Big Face.

The idea behind the big face is to be scary and offer a thrill. The Melbourne Luna Park has been around since 1912 – over 100 years ago!

BIG Fish

The Big Fish ‘Blenny’ now sits at Canning Reserve, after being part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in 2006. Seychelles Blenny is a cryptic fish named, The One That Got Away.

BIG Fish

To see four more of the Big Fish from the Commonwealth Games, head to Wharf Lane in the Melbourne Docklands. There you’ll find a Big Bat Ray, Big Conger Eel, Big Hammerhead Shark and a Big John Dory.

BIG Fish

For another three of the Commonwealth Big Fish, head around the corner from Wharf Lane, back to the World Trade Centre. See if you can spot the Big Killer Whale, Big Sperm Whale and the Big Guppy.

BIG Flower

BIG Flower, Yarra Junction VIC
Big Flower (Photo: Big Things of Australia)

Poking out on top of the Flowers @ Junction business in Yarra Junction is a lone Big Flower. Flowers @ Junction is a beautiful, boutique store with artistic floral arrangement and fresh supplies.

BIG Flowers

The Geelong Flower Farm gives you an excuse for a nice country drive, offering flowers, plants, pots, gifts and florist supplies. While you’re there, head next door to Fork N Flower for a coffee and some lunch.

In the front car park you can get a snap with the Big Flowers. While looking at the Big Flowers, look to your left for another Big Golfball find.

BIG Garden Pot

Big Garden Pot, Braeside VIC
Big Garden Pot (Photo: Pots Galore)

Standing tall and proud out the front of Pots Galore in Braeside is the Big Garden Pot.

They claim to be home of Australia’s largest pots and they’re certainly a real contender with the giant one out the front!

BIG Gas Bottle

What better way to advertise an LPG business than with a Big Gas Bottle, right? Well, that’s exactly what Supagas Sunshine have done. Go for a cruise past and see it for yourself.

BIG Gear Shift

Check out the Big Gear Shift in front of an automatic transmission workshop in Hallam. I reckon this would have to be the only Big Gear Shift in the country!

BIG Giant’s Chair

BIG Giant's Chair, Mt Dandenong VIC
Big Giant’s Chair (Photo: Flickr)

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is less than an hour from Melbourne and offers a beautiful day out amongst lush forests, with views to die for. At SkyHigh you’ll find a bistro, restaurant, landscaped gardens, forest walk, BBQs and picnic tables.

But, most importantly, kick back in the Big Giant’s Chair and take in the spectacular views!

BIG Golf Ball

Keep your eyes peeled in Clayton South for the Big Golf Ball, which serves to advertise the Spring Valley Golf Club. It’s home to one of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt courses with 18 holes.

BIG Golf Ball

Another Big Golf Ball can be found at the Avala Accommodation Villas in Daylesford.

To be honest, there are loads of Big Golf Balls around the country, in fact there are too many to list. When you download your Big Things Victoria checklist, you’ll find a section at the end for all of these multiple and common finds.

BIG Golf Ball

Yet another Big Golf Ball hangs out at the Esplanade Mini Golf in Lakes Entrance.

BIG Hand

Check out the Big Hand in a private property’s front garden in Bacchus Marsh. You can easily view the giant sculpture from the roadside and get a snap.

BIG Hens

Somewhere between Ballarat and Geelong, sitting on the side of the highway in Meredith, stand three Big Hens.

BIG Ice Cream Cone

Grab an ice cream from Altona Beach Bites and grab a pic of the Big Ice Cream Cone along the sidewalk. It’s not a huge deal, but bigger than your regular ice cream cone.

BIG Jackalope

BIG Jackalope, Willow Creek VIC
Big Jackalope (Photo: Wine Compass)

As you enter the Willow Creek Vineyard, you’ll be met by the 7-metre tall Big Jackalope, which goes along with the 46-room Jackalope accommodation onsite. The mythical creature is a hybrid of a jackrabbit with antelope horns.

Jackrabbits are said to exist in parts of North America, but scientists think it’s more a case of the common cottontails and jackrabbits, which have been afflicted with a rare virus, giving them the ‘horns.’ Others say that the entire Jackalope myth was created by some entrepreneurs in Wyoming to help draw in more tourists.

BIG Javelins

Wander through the Big Javelins and around the Big Shot Put at the Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre in East Cranbourne (Melbourne). It’s almost as if a giant has thrown the items, while practicing for their big event.

BIG Jerry Can

Head to the Repco in Mildura to see the Big Jerry Can ‘Now Open’ sign, which gets rolled outside the front doors each day.

BIG Koala

BIG Koala, Dadswell Bridge VIC
Big Koala (Photo: Visit Horsham)

One of the tourist attractions when visiting the Grampians is the Big Koala. It’s a convenient rest stop with restaurant, souvenirs and a tea garden. Apparently there’s also a Native and Farm Animal Zoo for the kids as well.

I reckon the Giant Koala looks pretty creepy, but it’s one of our iconic bigs nonetheless.

BIG Koala

On Phillip Island you’ll find a Big Koala out the front of the awesome Park Lane Holiday Park. Things to do at the park include A Maze’N Things, swimming pool, bocce rink, brewery and restaurant.

BIG Koran Angelfish

The Big Koran Angelfish, which was made for the Commonwealth Games ceremony, representing Brunei, sits at the Pyramid Hill Swimming Pool in the Goldfields region.

BIG Leatherback Turtle

BIG Turtle, Narre Warren VIC
Big Leatherback Turtle (Photo: Casey Arc YMCA)

The Big Leatherback Turtle was one of the sculptured guests of honour, which was paraded down the Yarra River in 2006 for the Commonwealth Games. You can see this guy still swimming through the sky out the front of the Casey ARC Aquatic Centre in Melbourne.

BIG Lizzie

The Big Lizzie tractor sits at Barclay Square in Red Cliffs, commemorating the largest soldier settlement in Australia. This is the exact giant tractor, which cleared the land around the river so that the soldiers had space to settle.

Big Lizzie was built in 1915 and was the biggest tractor in Australia and possibly the world. You’ll feel like a dwarf as you stand beside the machine at 10.4 metres high x 5.5 metres wide and weighing in at 40.8 tonnes.

BIG Lotus Flower

BIG Lotus Flower, Bendigo VIC
Big Lotus Flower (Photo: Brown Signs)

Visit a slice of China at the Bendigo Chinese Gardens and check out the Big Lotus Flower as you embark on a relaxing stroll. The gardens are a nod to the Chinese heritage, which has played a part in the region since the gold rush days.

While you’re there you can have a look through the Golden Dragon Museum, filled with Chinese arts, history and culture.

Entry FeesAdult – $16.00
Child (5 – 14) – $10.00
Concession – $13.00
Family (2A + 4C) – $40.00
Opening HoursTuesday – Sunday
9.30am – 5.00pm

BIG Mallee Root

The Big Mallee Root is an actual massive tree root, rather than a manmade sculpture. The 2017 inaugural Mallee Root Festival hosted Guinness World Records officials who confirmed that it is in fact the largest mallee root on record with a circumference of 10.69 metres.

You can view the Big Mallee Root in Ouyen, Victoria, along with the Big Wheat clock.

BIG Malleefowl

BIG Malleefowl, Patchewollock VIC
Big Malleefowl (Photo: Brown Signs)

In the tiny little town of Patchewollock is the Big Malleefowl. I’m not sure if there are own or two of these big guys there these days, but if you head to the Historic Train Station, you can’t miss it/ them.


Check out the Big Man in the Konigs yard in Shepparton. Konigs is the agricultural supermarket for heavy industry, farming, contractors and gardeners.

BIG Man in a Tinnie

To see the novelty Big Man in a Tinnie, head to Hook Up Bait & Tackle in Ferntree Gully and look to the roof.

BIG Meyer’s Butterflyfish

For the Big Meyer’s Butterflyfish, which was paraded along the Yarra River in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, head to the Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre. Have a look around the outside of the building to spot the big, beautiful fish sculpture.

BIG Milkshake Cups

You can find a set of Big Milkshake Cups in Tongala at the Finlay & Henderson Road intersection.

BIG Milkshakes

BIG Milkshake, Great Ocean Road VIC
Big Milkshakes (Photo: Postie Notes)

Along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find three Big Milkshakes. One sits out the front on top of the Cheese World sign, while the other two are nestled beside a bench seat inside. The Cheese World Museum showcases objects and exhibits from Australia’s farming and dairy industry.

Unfortunately, Cheese World was closed due to world health issues, but still opens a few times a week to feed to local workers. Fingers crossed they’re all set to open back up to the public again soon.

BIG Miner

Big Miner, Warrenheip VIC
Big Miner (Photo: Wikipedia)

Found at the Gold Rush Mini Golf stands the Big Miner, who pays tribute to the tens of thousands of gold prospectors who tried their luck in regional Victoria during the 19th century gold rush.

He stands 8 metres tall and was hand-sculptured using polystyrene with a steel frame. The Big Miner was unveiled on 1 December, 2006.

BIG Murray Cod

BIG Murray Cod, Swan Hill VIC
Big Murray Cod (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting outside the Swan Hill train station is the Big Murray Cod at 11 metres long and 6 metres wide. It started its inception as a prop for a movie called ‘Eight Ball.’

The presence of the Giant Murray Cod reminds people of the abundance of the fish in the local river before irrigation and drought affected the supply.

BIG Muttaburrasaurus

McNish Reserve is fondly known as ‘Dinosaur Park’ to the locals as it’s home to Mimi the Big Muttaburrasaurus. She forms the 3 metre tall and 6 metre wide playground for kids to climb into and play. Included with the dinosaur is a ropes course, rock-climbing handles and a dinosaur egg-shaped cubby.

The Muttaburrasaurus is a well-known Australian dinosaur who lived here an estimated 32 million years ago. A set of original Muttaburrasaurus bones were dug up in outback Queensland, which can be seen at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

BIG Nassau Grouper Fish

In the small town of Donald, you’ll find a Big Nassaur Grouper Fish in a park along the Richardson River.

BIG Ned Kelly

BIG Ned Kelly, Glenrowan VIC
Big Ned Kelly (Photo: Redz Australia)

Standing outside the Glenrowan Post Office is the 6-metre tall Big Ned Kelly. He is represented just as he looked in real life when he was caught close to the town back in June 1880.

The current 1.5 tonne sculpture was erected in 1992 for a cost of $12,000. However there was an original Big Ned Kelly, which called the town home before that time. Somewhere along the way it was stolen and dumped into the river.

When all of the Big Things Australia became the rage, some local business owners wanted to add their town to the map, hence the famous giant Ned Kelly sculpture we’ve all come to know and love.

BIG Ned Kelly

Along with the Big Miner at the Gold Rush Mini Golf, you’ll also find the Big Ned Kelly. This is just one of a handful of oversized sculptures of the infamous bush ranger from our Australian folklore.

BIG Ned Kelly

Possibly the most controversial Big Ned Kelly in the country stands in a home owner’s front yard in Surrey Hills.

When Arne Huchmann was advised to cut down his 10-year-old cedar tree for safety reasons, he came up with another idea. He hired a local artist who spent three days sculpting a four-metre high Ned Kelly with his chainsaw.

Some of the neighbours love it, while others think it’s offensive. Either way, the unique garden artwork has created quite a stir in the local community.

BIG Octopus

BIG Octopus, Lakes Entrance VIC
Big Octopus (Photo: Atlas Obscura)

Griffiths Sea Shell Museum has been around since 1962, which is home to one of Australia’s biggest private collections of marine life. Head inside to check out over 90,000 shells, corals, rare and weird sea creatures.

While you’re there, have a look at the model railway room and gift shop. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to snap the Big Octopus, which sits guard atop the shop roof outside.

BIG Orange Lady

For a kinda Big Orange Lady, have a look out the front of the Sunraysia Motel & Holiday Apartments in Mildura.

BIG Padlock

BIG Padlock, Wodonga VIC
Big Padlock (Photo: Wynns Locksmiths)

Advertising Wynns Locksmiths in Wodonga is the Big Padlock – how fitting. They specialise in commercial and residential sites, as well as automotive services and alarm systems.

BIG Paint Pallet

On the front of the ANZ Fine Art Gallery in Brunswick is a Big Paint Pallet. They stock fine traditional Australian and European paintings, giftware and also specialise in framing various artwork styles.

BIG Peach

For a happy looking Big Peach, head to Boris’s Fruit Shed in Shepparton. Might as well grab some fresh produce while you’re there and support the locals.

BIG Penguins

There are two locations to find Big Penguins made out of metal on Phillip Island. One pair are in a suburban front yard, while the other are on a busy street corner.

BIG Petition

BIG Petition, Melbourne VIC
Big Petition (Photo: Wikipedia)

The Big Petition in Burston Reserve (Melbourne) pays tribute to each individual who was involved with the 1891 ‘Monster Petition’ in giving Victorian woman the right to vote.

The petition was signed by 30,000 Victorian women over a 6-week time frame. It’s made up of sheets of paper glued to lengths of calico fabric and measures in at 260 metres long. The original petition still sits in the state’s Public Record Office.

Unfortunately the Bill was rejected by the Upper House, however their efforts very much paved the way for the passing of the Adult Suffrage Bill some 19 years later.

BIG Pheasant

BIG Pheasant, Tynong VIC
Big Pheasant (Photo: The Land Down Under)

Since the 1980’s, the Big Pheasant has greeted guests to Gumbuya World in Tynong. Before the theme park came into existence, the site used to house a pheasant farm until its conversion in 1978.

Interestingly, the Big Pheasant was attacked by vandals in October 2011. An explosive was attached to the rear of the pheasant, causing extensive damage, which took about six months to repair. The perpetrator was arrested and charged for $50,000 worth of damages.

Things to do a Gumbuya World:

  • Oasis Springs Water Park
  • Oz Adventure Rides
  • Wild Life Trail
  • Outback Explorers

All information can be found on the Gumbuya World website.


Sitting precariously on top of Kings Bakery & Cafe is the Big Pie, which looks pretty similar to the Big Pie in Yatala, QLD. I wonder if they taste as good? Let me know if you’ve tried them!

BIG Plate

BIG Plate, Fitzroy VIC
Bit Plate (Photo:

The trendy China Bar in Fitzroy has a Big Plate greeting its guests, which looks really cool at night once lit up.

BIG Playing Cards & Golf Ball

At the Aces Sporting Club in Keysborough, you’ll find two bigs. The Big Golf Ball on the corner and the Big Playing Cards closer to the entrance.

BIG Pocket Watch

Hanging on the second level of the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre is the Big Pocket Watch weighing in at 2 tonne. Every hour a display with galahs, cockatoos and minstrels drop down from the bottom of the watch and perform Waltzing Matilda.

BIG Potatoes & Forks

BIG Potatoes & Forks, Trafalgar VIC
Big Potatoes & Forks (Photo: The Spud Shed)

To help draw customers into their fresh produce store, The Spud Shed in Trafalgar have the Big Potatoes & Forks out greeting passers-by on the highway.

BIG Pram

In a little laneway in Eaglehawk hides the Big Pram atop the roof of Bendigo Baby & Child Car Seat Fitting Professionals. It’s one of those cute old-fashioned style prams – see if you can spot it.

BIG Public Purse

BIG Public Purse, Melbourne VIC
Big Public Purse (Photo: City of Melbourne)

Unveiled in September 1994 was the Big Public Purse, right in the heart of Melbourne. In January of that year, the city called for unique submissions of street seating. The cool oversized purse looks as if a giant has walked through the street and dropped it along their way.

BIG Rainbow Trout

The Mountain Fresh Trout & Salmon Farm in the High Country is home to the Big Rainbow Trout. Yep, this guy was also one of the novelty aquatic sculptures featured in the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

BIG Redfin Fish “Rusty”

Big Redfin Fish "Rusty," Boort VIC
Big Redfin Fish (Photo: Bendigo Region)

Take the gentle 3.5km Sculpture Trail around Little Lake Boort and see if you can find ‘Rusty’ the Big Redfin Fish. You can also spot a range of other animal installations as you wander.

BIG Roach Fish

At the Cranbourne Swimming Centre you’ll find another one of the oversized fish from the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. The Big Roach Fish is hanging on one of the walls inside the centre.

BIG Rolling Pin

BIG Rolling Pin, Wodonga VIC
Big Rolling Pin (Photo: Australian Public tART)

At Henri’s Wondonga Bakery you have the choice of sweet and savoury bakery goods, breakfast and lunch menus, plus coffee and smoothies.

But, let’s be honest, the real reason to visit this little old bakery is to see the world’s largest rolling pin, which actually spins! The Big Rolling Pin weighs in at 2 tonnes and sits on top of the bakery at 14 metres long.

BIG Rooster

Head to Birds ‘R’ Us in Golden Square to see the Big Rooster keeping watch out the front. In the store you’ll find native and exotic birds, pet products and accessories.

BIG Seed Pods

At the entrance to Royal Park, Melbourne’s largest open space, lay the Big Seed Pods. The huge steel pods, named ‘Fruition,’ were created by artist Matthew Harding, giving credence to the primal vitality of natural lifecycles.

BIG Shoe

Big Shoe, Baxter VIC
Big Shoe (Photo: Land of the Bigs)

Back in 1967, the Bata Shoe Company created a truly unique Big Shoe for the Frankston Australia Day parade. As legend has it, the managing director and his nephew even slept in the shoe the night before, just to keep it safe for the big day.

People loved the shoe so much, it ended up featuring in many parades across Victoria for years after its unveiling. In the end, it landed at the Two Bays Garden Supplies in Baxter.

These days, the Big Shoe is looking pretty dilapidated and in desperate need of repair.

BIG Skipping Girl

BIG Skipping Girl, Melbourne VIC
Big Skipping Girl (Photo:

One of the most iconic pieces of advertising in Melbourne is the Big Skipping Girl, named Little Audrey. The original was constructed in 1936 to market Skipping Girl Vinegar. The current animated neon sign is slightly smaller, but has still claimed a place on the Victorian Heritage Register.

BIG Soup Can

If you’re travelling through the Goulburn Valley region, go and check out the Big Soup Can at the Campbell’s precinct. It looks like a big water tower that’s been painted up to look like one of their iconic cans of soup.

BIG Sphinx

BIG Sphinx, Geelong VIC
Big Sphinx (Photo: Pokies Near Me)

For a touch of Egypt, head to The Sphinx Hotel in Geelong and enter the 15-metre Big Sphinx. With lots of food and entertainment on the menu, you can enjoy a meal in the Pharaohs Bistro and check out some music and comedy in the Luxor Showroom.

BIG Strawberry

Big Strawberry, Koonoomoo VIC
Big Strawberry (Photo: Trip Advisor)

The Big Strawberry is one of the most photographed big fruits in Australia. At the Koonoomoo Big Strawberry, you’ll find plenty to do while you’re there getting your snap with the big thing.

Things to do at the Big Strawberry:

  • Snack on strawberry inspired foods
  • Get a photo of the Big Strawberry
  • Let the kids play on the indoor playground (ages 0-3) or the outdoor playground (ages 4-12)
  • Enjoy some wine tasting
  • Eat homemade ice cream
  • Pick your own strawberries
  • Shop strawberry gifts and souvenirs
  • Mancave memorabilia
  • Indoor hive and “strawbees”


BIG Tap, Phillip Island VIC
Big Tap (Photo: Appliances Online)

If you find yourself on Phillip Island, be sure to visit A Maze ‘N Things theme park to snap the Big Tap. Clue: you should spot it from the car park.

Things to do at A Maze ‘N Things:

  • Magic Manor
  • Puzzle Island
  • Maxi Mini Golf
  • SkyTrail
  • Maze
Puzzle Island, Magic Manor + MazeMaxi Mini Golf
Family (2A + 2C)$126.00$61.00


Take a wander along The Esplanade in Caroline Springs and see if you can spot the Big Tap along the water.


For a small Big Tap, head to Langtree Mall in Mildura. While you’re there, grab a bite to eat from the popular Banjo’s Bakery & Cafe.

BIG Teapot

Check out the Fish Creek Community Garden in the Gippsland region for a Big Teapot.

BIG Tigerfish

Inside the Hamilton Indoor Leisure & Aquatic Centre hangs the Big Tigerfish from the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. This guy is native to Botswana.

BIG Vundu (fish)

One of the more colourful of the Commonwealth Games oversized fish sits on the outside of a building at Bass Coast Specialist School. The Big Vundu has been painted in rainbow colours and represented the United Public of Tanzania.

Since you will have to head onto private property to snap this guy, you’re best off heading to the school office and asking for permission first.

BIG Watermelon

At the Big Watermelon in Wantirna South, you’ll find a variety of fresh produce, all locally grown and at a cheaper price than you’d find in the supermarkets. Right out the front is the Big Watermelon sculpture with a big bite taken out of it.

BIG Wave

BIG Wave, Phillip Island VIC
Big Wave (Photo: Phillip Island Camps)

At The Island Accommodation on Phillip Island, climb into the Big Wave and get your pic riding the surfboard! While you’re there explore The Islantis Surf Experience and have a bite to eat at The Haven Wave Cafe.

BIG Whale Shark

The opening ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games featured 72 oversized sea creatures, which were floated down the Yarra River on 36 barges. Each aquatic animal represented a different country, which was competing in the games.

Once the games finished up, 62 of the artworks were offered to various Victorian councils as a way of expanding tourism to their regions. Not all of the sculptures have survived the perils of Australian weather, as they were never intended for prolonged outdoor use.

However, you can find the Big Whale Shark hidden on the wall of the Apollo Bay Fisherman’s Co-op building (facing the water).

BIG Wheat

The Mallee – Ouyen clock at Blackburn Park in Mildura stands as three Big Wheat stalks. There’s plenty of room to park the camper and stretch your legs while you stop to collect your photo.

BIG Wheat & Seeds

BIG Wheat & Seeds, Minyip VIC
Big Wheat & Seeds (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Wheat & Seeds would have to be among my favourite Big things Victoria. Minyip is a heavy grain-growing region, which is what makes this roundabout scene so ordinary. You almost have to look twice to realise its actually an oversized sculpture (besides the farmer).

BIG Wine Bottle

BIG Wine Bottle, Rutherglen VIC
Big Wine Bottle (Photo: Victoria’s High Country)

The Rutherglen Water Tower is affectionately known as the Big Wine Bottle these days. It was built in 1900, holding 72,000 gallons of water to serve the local town. By 1945 a new reservoir was built, making the water tower their backup supply.

In 1969 the mesh top was added to the water tower to give it the appearance of an oversized wine bottle from a distance. The funds for the project were raised through the Rutherglen Wine Festival, which is now known as Winery Walkabout.

BIG Yellowtail Snapper

The final aquatic creature from the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony that sits on this Big Things Victoria list is the Big Yellowtail Snapper. This guys swims inside the Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre against the glass windows.

BIG 8 Ball

On the back of a little Suzuki ute sits the Big 8 Ball. You’ll often find the ute in the parking lot for the business in which it promotes – Snooker City in Wendouree. As this one’s not a permanently mounted big thing, you’ll have to catch it when it’s there.

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