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🐋 80+ Big Things Western Australia (Printable Checklist & Map)

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Western Australia is no stranger to Big Things, which have become so iconic across the land.

From the Big Crocodile in Wyndham to the World’s Tallest Bin in Kalgoorlie, you’ll find plenty of quirky objects as you travel around WA.

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, towns and businesses were looking for ways to make them stand out against the crowd. Over time, it became increasingly popular to erect an oversized sculpture to pull in travellers and customers.

As the years went on, more and more big items popped up, to the point where there are literally hundreds of Big Things to find across Australia.

Many travellers enjoy ticking off as many Big Things as they can find, while exploring various regions. Here are over 80 Big Things in Western Australia!

If you want to tick off each one as you find it, be sure to download the Big Things Western Australia checklist for your journey and peruse the Big Things map. You can find a separate checklist for each state in Australia if you want to expand beyond WA.

For those who are planning a big road trip, here’s an essential packing list to help you stay organised.

Western Australia Big Things Map

Check out the full interactive map of all Big Things in WA and across Australia. Don’t forget to download your printable checklist below to tick them off along your way!

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Western Australia Big Things Checklist

WA Big Things Checklist


80+ Big Things in Western Australia!

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87 Big Things in Western Australia

BIG Apple

BIG Apple, Donnybrook WA
Big Apple (Photo: Big Apple Farmstay)

The biggest Big Apple in Donnybrook can only be viewed and accessed at the Big Apple Farmstay, which is private property. The cool thing is that you can climb the tower and head up to the top of the apple to take in the fantastic views.

BIG Apple Lights

BIG Apple Lights, Donnybrook WA
Big Apple Lights (Photo: Donnybrook WA)

The Big Apple Lights can be found at Ayers Gardens in Donnybrook, with a sign claiming it to be the “home of the Granny Smith apple.” Although the area was partly responsible for the beginnings of the Granny Smith, it wasn’t actually first produced there.

There are three light poles standing about 3-4 metres high with two apples on each. Around Easter time each year, head to Donnybrook if you’re keen on visiting the annual Apple Festival.

BIG Apple Men

BIG Apple Men, Donnybrook WA
Big Apple Men (Photo: Elders Real Estate)

Standing outside the Donnybrook Fruit Barn are the two Big Apple Men. You’ll find a range of fresh produce available as well as drive-thru coffee next door.

BIG Apple & Pear

BIG Apple & Pear, Donnybrook WA
BIG Apple & Pear (Photo: Kids Around Perth)

The original Apple Fun Park in Donnybrook came about through the generous donation of a local couple back in 2008. Come April 2021, the park was demolished and completely refurbished, making it now one of the biggest free-entry playgrounds in Australia.

Waving to the kids at the park are the Big Apple & Big Pear, where you’ll find something for all ages, from toddlers right up to teenagers.

BIG Apples

BIG Apples, Donnybrook WA
Big Apples (Photo: This Travel Life)

For another pair of Big Apples, make your way to the Donnybrook entrance sign where they hang, greeting the passing commuters. This pair is much the same as the Big Apple lights at the park in town, however these are a shade of red.

BIG Ball & Chain

BIG Ball & Chain, Cottesloe WA
Big Ball & Chain (Photo: Australian Public Tart)

The Big Ball & Chain was originally nestled in the sand at the beach for the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea exhibit in Cottesloe. These days it sits near the train station in a park. The creator, Norton Flavel (who also created the Big Hand in Armidale, NSW) wanted to pay homage to the first convicts who arrived by sea in shackles.

BIG Banana

BIG Banana, Carnarvon WA
Big Banana (Photo: Lets Do Something)

The Big Banana in Carnarvon, WA was built by the same guy who built the Big Banana in Mackay, QLD. Michael McEvoy created the first one in Queensland in 1986 as a way of enticing customers into his produce store.

After having good success with it, he decided to move to Northam in Western Australia and put up another Big Banana, however it never met the same success as his first one did. He sold the 10-metre banana to Carnarvon Tourist Bureau to use for promotional purposes.

These days it sits on a street corner advertising Carnarvon Sweet Bananas.

BIG Bicycle

BIG Bike, Ballidu WA
Big Bicycle (Photo: ABC News)

During the 1990s, Ballidu became an unlikely hub for visual artists, who were making the most of the increased arts funding at the time. Having so many creatives in one tiny wheatbelt town meant that what was once a bland landscape become a very aesthetically pleasing community.

However, over the past ten years or so, many of those people have since moved on to different areas. This was probably influenced by the changes in funding, meaning that they needed to look elsewhere for work. Standing on the corner of the highway, as you head in and out of town is the Big Bicycle.

BIG Bin (World’s Tallest Bin)

BIG Bin (World's Tallest Bin), Kalgoorlie WA
Big Bin – World’s Tallest bin (Photo: Travel Forever)

No visit to Kalgoorlie is complete without a selfie in front of the 8-metre-high Big Bin, or World’s Tallest Bin, as it’s known. The inception of the Big Bin came about in 1980 when the Keep Kalgoorlie Klean Kommittee put it in place as inspiration for the Tidy Towns competition.

A rusty piece of pipe was put into place and some of the local school kids painted it. The handles and title ‘The World’s Tallest Bin’ were added at a later date. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, this oversized bin has not yet made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

BIG Black Dog

BIG Black Dog, Corrigin WA
Big Black Dog (Photo: Australia 247)

Keeping guard out the front of the Corrigin Mini Railway is the Big Black Dog. This park makes a nice stopover on the way to Wave Rock to stretch your legs and have some lunch.

BIG Blue Head

BIG Blue Head, Leederville WA
Big Blue Head (Photo: Treschaud’s Reviews)

The 3m high Big Blue Head in Leederville was built by Ken Sealy after winning the contract over five other entrants. The funding for the project was provided by the Town of Vincent’s Art Scheme.

To make the giant head, Sealy used foam slices, which were then impregnated with concrete and linked by metal poles. This guy has been gazing at the Administration & Civic Centre next door since 2013.

BIG Bobtail Lizard

BIG Bobtail Lizard, Kalamunda WA
Big Bobtail Lizard (Photo: Pinterest)

The Big Bobtail Lizard in Kalamunda was carved in 2012 out of rammed earth and modelled off a local blue-tonged lizard, which lived on the block at the time. The artist, Roman Antoniuk, scaled the sculpture up to an impressive 9 metres long by 1.3 metres high.

BIG Boomerang

BIG Boomerang, Wangara WA
Big Boomerang (Photo: Collections WA)

Hanging out with the Wangara entrance sign is the Big Boomerang. This particular Big Boomerang is not as grand or colourful as some of the other ones around the country, but it still gets a slot on the Big Things of Western Australia list.

BIG Bowling Pin

Sitting on top of the roof at the Super Bowl Melville is a Big Bowling Pin. Download your Big Things Western Australia checklist and tally up how many Big Bowling Pins you find as you travel around the state – they’re a pretty common find.

BIG Bunnies

BIG Bunnies, Perth WA
Big Bunnies (Photo: Homely)

These Big Things of Western Australia seem rather random, however you can find four Big Bunnies lighting up the outside of an apartment building in Perth. They’re each 2.5 metres tall and are based on the kids popular night lights in the 1960s. It’s fair to say that not all of the City of Perth councillors were keen on the idea, claiming that it’s too family orientated for a building designed for workers.

BIG Camera

BIG Camera, Meckering WA
Big Camera (Photo: Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre)

Step inside the giant SLR Big Camera to explore the only museum totally dedicated to photography in Australia. The collection includes more than 3,000 working cameras, enlargers, projectors, kaleidoscopes, slides, movie projectors, magic lanterns and more.

Entry CostsAdult – $15
Child – $10
Under 12 – FREE
Opening Hours9am – 5pm Daily (Closed Wed, Thur)

BIG Crayons

BIG Crayons, Geraldton WA
Big Crayons (Photo: Everything Geraldton)

Standing out at a pedestrian crossing in Geraldton are the seven Big Crayons. Its all a part of the city’s bid to get local artists to help make the town brighter and more vibrant.

BIG Cricket Bat

BIG Cricket Bat, Narrikup WA
Big Cricket Bat (Photo: Bradbury Cricket)

The largest cricket bat in the southern hemisphere humbly stands at the Narrikup Cricket Club. What started as a project to collect and recycle as many cricket bats as possible to create the unique Cricket Bat Fence, resulted in an 8 metre tall Big Cricket Bat being donated to the club!

BIG Crocodile

BIG Crocodile, Wyndham WA
Big Crocodile (Photo: Australia’s Northwest)

The Big Crocodile in Wyndham was created in 1987 by the local kids to serve as a larger than life reminder that salt water crocodiles live in the surrounding waterways. This big guy is 20 metres long and 3 metres high. You can’t miss him as you drive through town!

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BIG Crocodile Head

BIG Crocodile Head, Roebuck WA
Big Crocodile Head (Photo: Malcolm Douglas)

Enter the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park through nothing less than the jaws of a Big Crocodile Head. Meet a range of native Australian animals as well as go on the famous crocodile feeding tour. You can also check out the museum dedicated to Malcolm’s 40 years of adventures before his passing in 2010.

Crocodile Park
Entry CostsAdult – $40
Child (5-15 yrs) – $25
Concession – $35
Family (2A + 2C) – $110
Opening Hours2pm – 5pm Daily

BIG Dhufish

BIG Dhufish, Cervantes WA
Big Dhufish (Photo: RAC)

The Cervantes Mens Shed, along with some other local organisations, came together to create the Big Dhufish as the first installation for the town’s Art Trail. As you enter Cervantes from Indian Ocean Drive, you’ll be able to see the various sculptures along the way.


BIG DNA (Photo: WA Achievers)

The Big DNA Tower at Kings Park in Perth is directly inspired by the Double Helix of DNA, which exists in all cells on Earth. For the highest viewing platform in the city, make your way up to the top of the 15 metre staircase, which has a total of 101 steps.


BIG Dog, Fremantle WA
Big Dog ‘Chimera’ (Photo: Freo’s View)

Until sometime in 2023, the Big Dog ‘Chimera’ stands on the corner of Pioneer Park in Fremantle. The bronze sculpture is 2 metres tall, 3 metres long and weighs more than a tonne. Technically it’s not a dog, but a mythical beast with the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent.

Susan Flavell is the artist who created Chimera and has loaned it to the City’s Public Art Collection from 2018 – 2023. Maybe that time frame will be extended, but only time will tell.

BIG Dragons & Dinosaurs

BIG Dragon, Byford WA
Big Dragons & Dinosaurs (Photo: Cohuna Koala Park)

Spotted around the Cohuna Koala Park are a variety of Big Dragons and Dinosaurs to be discovered. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the Big Quokka, Big Koalas and the Big Humpty Dumpty.

BIG Dreamtime Statues

BIG Dreamtime Statues, Wyndham WA
Big Dreamtime Sculptures (Photo: Tripadvisor)

In 1988, the Big Dreamtime Statues were created as part of the Bi-Centenary project and were initially pegged to sit in Kings Park in Perth. However, their final resting place is actually at Warrui Park in Wyndham.

The scene interprets early Aboriginal life at Wyndham 3 Mile, including the characters of an aboriginal family, a dingo, goanna, snake and a kangaroo.

BIG Electric Shears

BIG Electric Shears, Pingrup WA
Big Electric Shears (Photo: Pinterest)

In its heyday, Pingrup used to hold state wide sheep shearing competitions. Professionals and greatly talented shearers would gather from all over the country to put themselves up against others in the arena. It’s only fitting that this shed holds the Big Electric Shears in memory of the good old days.

BIG Film Reel

BIG Film Reel in Victoria Park WA
Big Film Reel (Photo: Colourful World)

Sitting out the front of what used to be a movie theatre is the Big Film Reel, which cleverly incorporates the bench seating beside it. The theatre shut down in 1964, but ‘The Reel Seat’ stands to remind us of this corners yesteryear.

BIG Flowers

On the main street of Wongan Hills are a bunch of Big Flowers. I’m not sure of any significance besides beautification.

BIG Grain Man

BIG Grain Man, Carnamah WA
Big Grain Man (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Grain Man sits in the heart of Carnamah with a sign underneath saying, ‘Rock Solid,’ expressing that they’re a rock solid community. The sculpture was created by Robert Hitchcock in May 2004.

BIG Guitar Men

BIG Guitar Men, Boyup Brook WA
Big Guitar Men (Photo: Aussie Towns)

The little farming town of Boyup Brook can be found in the south-west pocket of WA. Boyup Brook boasts a collection of 27 vernacular sculptures around town, including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Located just 5km out of town is the Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Centre, which hosts the Harvey Dickson’s Rodeo every October.

There is so much to discover at the western attraction with memorabilia, a record room and the Big Guitar Men sculptures. The three men stand almost 14 metres tall and started out as naturally growing trees. Boots, hats, eyes, mouths and metal guitars have been added to make them what they are today.

BIG Gumnuts

BIG Gumnuts, Kalamunda WA
Big Gumnuts (Photo: Smith Sculptors)

There are four Big Gumnut sculptures spotted around Kalamunda, Western Australia. I believe three of the them are fountains, while one is smaller and sits in front of the City of Kalamunda Offices as an entrance statement.

Download your Big Things of Western Australia checklist for specific street addresses.

BIG Humpty Dumpty

BIG Humpty Dumpty, Carnarvon WA
Big Humpty Dumpty (Photo: The Blue Hats)

A pretty sad looking Big Humpty Dumpty sits on the outskirts of Carnarvon at what was said to be an old egg farm. These days there’s nothing much around besides abandonment.

BIG Humpty Dumpty

BIG Humpty Dumpty, Byford WA
Big Humpty Dumpty (Photo: Trip Advisor)

It’s incredible that there are two Big Humpty Dumptys in Western Australia. This second and smaller version can be found hanging out at the Cohuna Koala Park along with the Big Koalas, Big Quokka and Big Dinosaurs & Dragons.

BIG King Neptune

BIG King Neptune, Two Rocks WA
Big King Neptune (Photo: Atlas Obscura)

The Big King Neptune sit atop a hill watching over the old Atlantis Marine Park site, as well as keeping a keen eye on the ocean.

At 10 metres tall, he’s been a local icon since the 1980s and the community want to keep it that way. With developers moving in, questions are being asked about getting the statue heritage listed in order to preserve its existence. Let’s hope they succeed!

BIG Koalas

BIG Koalas, Byford WA
Big Koalas (Photo: Cohuna Koala Park)

While you’re at the Cohuna Koala Park, get your photo with the Big Koalas. They remind me of Blink Bill characters from the kids show back in the 1990s.

BIG Lampshades

As part of a street art project, there are three upside-down Big Lampshades on Newcastle Street in Leederville. They even light up at night.

BIG Lollipop

BIG Lollipop, Ravensthorpe WA
Big Lollipop (Photo: Yummylicious Candy Shack)

To see the largest free-standing Big Lollipop in the world, head to the Yummylicious Candy Shack in Ravensthorpe. The owners added this big thing to their storefront back in September 2019 with the intention of attracting more visitors to their town and their store.


BIG Man, Fremantle WA
Big Man (Photo: Fotogoals)

The creator of the Big Man, titled ‘Coast Guard,’ is a well-known local sculptor in Fremantle.

The idea for the sculpture came from his notion about the pawns in chess being of the least value, yet standing on the frontline. In fact, the purpose of the pawn is to sacrifice itself for something else.

The ‘Coast Guard’ sculpture pays tribute to those who do jobs for the greater benefit of others.

BIG Man & Dog

BIG Man & Dog, Prevally WA
Big Man & Dog (Photo: Jotaro’s Travels)

Titled ‘The Stick’ is the Big Man & Dog in Riflebutts Reserve, South-West WA.

As you’d expect, the reserve is a dog-friendly park with a playground for the kids and plenty of room to run and burn off energy. You can also make use of the BBQs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water bubbler.

BIG Man on a Boat

BIG Man on a Boat, Vasse WA
Big Man on a Boat (Photo: Vasse)

The town of Vasse was named after a French seaman who was lost at sea in June 1801 off Wonnerup Beach near Busselton. Then in 1834, the Wadandi people showed some British settlers the grave of a white man. They reported that he used to sit looking out to sea, waiting for his ship to return. Turns out that he had survived after all. The sculpture of the Big Man on a Boat commemorates his story.

BIG Marron

BIG Marron, Kent River WA
Big Marron (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Marron at Old Kent River Winery is fondly known as ‘Rex of the River.’ Of course locally caught Marron are on the menu inside the Slow Food Cafe.

BIG Mega Fauna

BIG Mega Fauna, Perth WA
Big Mega Fauna (Photo: Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority)

Perth is home to one of the coolest interactive parks in the country. When you visit May Drive Parkland, you can discover a range of Big Mega Fauna, which used to roam these lands 65 million years ago. The kids will have a ball climbing on top of the prehistoric replicas.

  • Bullockornis – resembles geese
  • Diprotodon – resemble a wombat
  • Muttaburrasaurus – resemble a little dragon
  • Phytosaur – resembles a crocodile

BIG Mermaid

BIG Mermaid, Bremer Bay WA
Big Mermaid (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Lounging on the reverse side of the Bremer Bay Resort sign is the Big Mermaid. The resort offers 4 star accommodation from deluxe spa apartments to self-contained villas and motel rooms. They also have an onsite restaurant and bar so that you can kick back and fully relax.

BIG Minotaur

BIG Minotaur, Bibra Lake WA
Big Minotaur (Photo: Adventure World)

In Greek mythology, a minotaur was a monster with the body of a man and the head and tail of a bull. At Adventure World in Perth, you can stand in front of the Big Minotaur, as he wrestles with his shackles, trying to break free. Thank goodness we’re just talking about a sculpture and a theme park ride!

Entry CostsAdult (14+ yrs) – $77.95
Child (4-13 yrs) – $67.95
Concession – $68.95
Senior – $35.50
Family (2A + 2C) – From $203.95
Opening Hours10am – 5pm

BIG Mud Crab

BIG Mud Crab, Point Samson WA
Big Mud Crab (Photo: Mapio)

Clawing its way over the brick wall at Samson Beach Tavern in the Pilbara is the Big Mud Crab. Might as well head in for a cold drink and a nice meal while you’re at it!

BIG Mushroom

BIG Mushroom, Balingup WA
Big Mushroom (Photo: Aussie Towns)

Balingup has become known, within the psychedelic community, that this little pocket of the world is the place to be when the season is just right. I’m talking of course about naturally grown Magic Mushrooms. Apparently the local police have been working hard to clamp down on what they deem as an ‘”issue,” with roadblocks to stop people from picking their own fungi.

How very apt to have a Big Mushroom in the town! To tick this one off your Big Things WA list, you’ll need to head to the Old Cheese Factory. As the mushroom sculpture sits on private property, you’ll have to be content with a roadside photo.

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BIG Numbat

BIG Numbat, Williams WA
Big Numbat (Photo: Buggy Buddys)

The numbat is Western Australia’s mammal emblem, but sadly there are less than 1,000 of them left in the wild. Sitting in a park in Williams is a Big Numbat, which kids can climb onto and have fun playing with.

Although this sculpture isn’t huge, it’s still much bigger than a what you’d find in the nearby woodlands, at 3 metres long and 1 metre tall.

BIG Numbat & Frilled Neck Lizard

BIG Numbat & Frilled Neck Lizard, Perth WA
Big Numbat & Frilled Neck Lizard (Photo: City of South Perth)

Towering over people at the Mends Street Jetty are the Big Numbat and Big Frilled Neck Lizard canopies, which stand tail-to-tail. They’re over 20 metres in length and represent the link between the CBD and the Perth Zoo.

BIG Orange Tower

BIG Orange Tower, Harvey WA
Big Orange Tower (Photo: Harvey River Estate)

The Big Orange has long been one of Harvey’s most iconic features in South West WA. It first arrived in 1986 and lived at the Harvey Zoo, which made it the first thing you’d see as you drove into town.

Once the zoo closed its doors, the Sorgiovanni family purchased and restored it for their winery estate. And that’s where you’ll find it today, perched above the citrus orchards. Visitors can climb the 62 steps right to the top of the Big Orange Tower to take in the views over the orchard and learn about the history of Harvey.

BIG Ornate Crevice Dragon

BIG Ornate Crevice Dragon, Mundaring WA
Big Ornate Crevice Dragon (Photo: Pinterest)

A really awesome park worth checking out on your adventures is the Sculpture Park in Mundaring. There you’ll find the Big Ornate Crevice Dragon, complete with baby and eggs in the sandpit. The kids will have fun uncovering her from within the depths of the sand.

BIG Paper Planes #1

BIG Paper Planes, Perth WA
Big Paper Planes (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Another great public art piece around Perth are the Big Paper Planes. You can find them at the bottom of the Elevation Tower building on Adelaide Terrace.

BIG Paper Planes #2

Up in Port Headland there is another pair of Big Paper Planes, which look like a smaller, yet identical version as the set in Perth. I’m assuming they’re by the same artist, but can’t find any information about them.


BIG Peg, Bridgetown WA
Big Peg (Photo: Bridgetown Discovery)

The Big Peg in Bridgetown was created by Bridgetown’s Grumpy Old Men, aka the local Mens Shed. This is just one piece, making up the Bridgetown Art Trail, which is an ongoing project with additional installations popping up all the time.


BIG Pen, North Perth WA
Big Pen (Photo: Real Commercial)

The BIG Pen stands in the park on Albert Street in North Perth… and that’s about all I can tell you about this Big Thing.

BIG Pen Nibs

BIG Pen Nibs, Perth WA
Big Pen Nibs (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Precariously placed in Stirling Park, Perth are five Big Pen Nibs from the old fashioned Fountain-style pen. They were placed there in memory of the planners who designed the gardens as well as those who wrote the recorded history of the gardens.

BIG Pencils

In the public park along Palmer Way in Mandurah, you’ll find a bunch of Big Pencils. Also look out for the Big Watering Can.

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BIG Periodic Table

BIG Periodic Table, Perth WA
Big Periodic Table (Photo: Capral Aluminium)

The world’s largest periodic table can be found at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, which was created in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the tables existence.

To tick the Big Periodic Table off your Big Things Western Australia list, head to building 19 in the science section.


BIG Pig, Yunderup WA
Big Pig (Photo: Punggol Playgrounds)

Adventurescape Playground in Yunderup is brimming with farm-themed exploration.

Not only can you climb into the Big Pig, the kids can dig a tractor out of the sand, wander the fencing maze with farmyard animals and slide out of the tall windmill.

Spotted around are sheltered picnic areas with BBQs and even a beached area for wading and splashing.

BIG Prawn

BIG Prawn, Exmouth WA
Big Prawn (Photo: Frequent Traveller)

A Big Prawn can be found in Exmouth, which has been around since 2004. It’s nowhere near as big as the Big Prawn in Ballina, NSW, but still big enough to claim a spot on the Big Things Western Australia list.

This 7 metre high prawn stands in recognition of the local prawning industry and weighs in at 200kg. Interestingly, the Big Prawn gets packed away for safe-keeping every cyclone season, so if you travel through the area hoping to see it then, you’ll be disappointed.

BIG Quokka

BIG Quokka, Byford WA
Big Quokka (Photo: Zoo Chat)

For a collection of Big Things in Western Australia, head to Cohuna Koala Park on the outskirts of Perth. There you’ll find the Big Quokka along with Big Dinosaurs and Dragons, a Big Humpty Dumpty and a trio of Big Koalas.

What you’ll find at the Cohuna Koala Park:

  • Koalas, kangaroos, parrots, dingos, emus, deer and more
  • Miniature railway
  • Hand-feed some of the roaming wildlife
  • Souvenir shop
  • Photo sessions
Entry PricesAdult (13+ yrs) – $20
Child (3-13 yrs) – $8
Opening Hours10am – 4pm

BIG Rainbow Sea Container

BIG Rainbow Sea Container, Fremantle WA
Big Rainbow Sea Container (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The famous Fremantle ‘Containbow’ is made up of nine shipping containers and painted in rainbow colours to create the Big Rainbow Sea Container. It towers over us at 9 metres high, 19 metres long and weighing in at 66 tonnes.


BIG Ram, Wagin WA
Big Ram (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Ram has been bringing tourists into Wagin since 1985. The town have even created a nice park and wetland area around the sculpture so that people can really make use of the area.

For those interested in stats, the Giant Ram is 9 metres high x 13 metres long x 6 metres wide and weighs 4 tonnes.

BIG Redback Spider

Scurrying around the park in Nannup is the Big Redback Spider. Go for a drive through town and see if you can spot it.

BIG Royal Hakea

BIG Royal Hakea, Ravensthorpe WA
Big Royal Hakea (Photo: Retro Suburbia)

Ravensthorpe has many sculptures around the town, with the Big Royal Hakea being just one of the bunch. The Royal Hakea plant can be naturally found from Hopetown to Bremer Bay, being a unique species to the area. But, to tick the Big Royal Hakea off your Big Things Western Australia list, head to the Ravensthorpe Police Station.

BIG Rubik’s Cubes

BIG Rubik's Cube Toilets, Geraldton WA
Big Rubik’s Cube Toilets (Photo: Michael from Perth)

This pair of Big Rubik’s Cubes would have to be the coolest toilet blocks getting around! Yep, if you take a walk around to the other side of the cubes you’ll find two unisex toilets, each with wheelchair accessibility and baby change facilities.

You’ll find them at the northern end of the foreshore in Geraldton.

BIG Ruler

BIG Ruler, Rockingham WA
Big Ruler (Photo: South Metropolitan TAFE)

How cool is the Big Ruler! This large entrance statement can be found at South Metropolitan TAFE Rockingham, reminding people to “measure twice, cut once.”

BIG Scrabble Tiles

BIG Scrabble Tiles, Perth WA
Big Scrabble Tiles (Photo: Top Rated Online)

At the Ellesmere Reserve Park in Perth, you can spot the Big Scrabble Tiles reading ‘Imagine.’ Another set of almost identical (yet more colourful) tiles with the same wording sits in one of the main streets of Mackay, Queensland.

BIG Seed Pods

Sitting on the property of the Kununurra Neighbourhood House are two Big Seed Pods, as though they’ve just fallen out of the trees above.

BIG Shears

BIG Shears, Ongerup WA
Big Shears (Photo: Flickr)

Pointing travellers in the direction of the Ongerup township along Gnowangerup-Jerramungup Road are the Big Shears. Ongerup is a small wheat and sheep centre, however it has also become well-known for its Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre, which is working towards the conservation of the endangered bird species.

BIG Silver Redfin Perch

BIG Silver Redfin Perch, Boddington WA
Big Silver Redfin Perch (Photo: Aussie Towns)

Boddington is a town in the Peel region of Western Australia, which lies on the Hotham River. Behind the caravan park, you’ll find the Big Silver Redfin Perch, which was a donation from the Newcrest Boddington Gold Mine.

BIG Skull

BIG Skull, Bibra Lake WA
Big Skull (Photo: West Travel Club)

While you’re at Adventure World ticking the Big Minotaur off your Big Things Western Australia list, make sure you head up to the Big Skull. Taking the stairs into Skull Rock will give you a great vantage point to take in the sights of the park.

BIG Snail

BIG Snail, Bremer Bay WA
Big Snail (Photo: Bremer Bay WA)

The Big Snail sits on The Snail Trail in Bremer Bay at an impressive 10,000 times its regular size. The 2.6 metre long sculpture is a representation of the importance that the local native snail plays in the ecosystem. While on the one hand it helps to break down vegetation so that plants can make use of it, the snail is also food for larger animals further up the food chain.

BIG Sneaker

To advertise Jim Kidd Sports store in Morley, keep your eyes peeled for the Big Sneaker out the front. It’s an actual giant sports shoe, which looks really cool.

BIG Spoon

Just up the road from the Big Film Reel in Victoria Park is the Big Spoon. The spoon is attached to a public rubbish bin, which used to be painted up as a slice of cake. Unfortunately, the cake/ rubbish bin was repainted a boring old grey, turning the Big Cake & Spoon into just the Big Spoon.

BIG Sundial

BIG Sundial, Cottesloe WA
Big Sundial (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Sundial in Cottesloe was largely constructed by volunteer labour over a five year period because of a lack of funding for the materials. This particular sundial is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere and was built between 1988 and 1993. The 3 metre high gnomon casts a shadow onto the 4 metre curved plates.

BIG Tin Dog ‘Rosey’

BIG Tin Dog "Rosey," Dowein WA
Big Tin Dog “Rosey” (Photo: Shire of Dowerin)

The Tin Dog ‘Rusty’ has been going solo since 2004 (read more about him below). However, in 2001 he was joined by the Big Tin Dog ‘Rosey.’ She stands to acknowledge the massive contributions of the women pioneers who helped to create the town of Dowerin that exists today.

BIG Tin Dog ‘Rusty’

BIG Tin Dog "Rusty," Dowein WA
Big Tin Dog ‘Rusty’ (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The idea of ‘Rusty’ the Big Tin Dog came about in 2004 by the Dowerin District High School kids. They wanted to come up with something to help entice people travelling through to pull over and stop in their town. From there they sourced funding for the project and hired an artist to build the big dog.

Rusty is inspired by the local Tin Dog Creek legend. It’s said that miners in eras past used to stop at 13-mile soak as they made their way to the Goldfields. They’d often leave their empty “tinned dog” (aka tinned beef) cans alongside the water soak. Hence the name Tin Dog Creek.

BIG Tin Horse ‘Whoppa’

BIG Tin Horse "Whoppa," Kulin WA
Big Tin Horse ‘Whoppa’ (Photo: Seniorocity)

One of the more quirky outdoor gallery experiences can be found in Kulin, Western Australia.

The 15 kilometre Tin Horse Highway offers travellers a fun experience as they make their way along spotting the various colourful sculptures made from reclaimed farming materials.

The Big Tin Horse ‘Whoppa’ is the biggest of them all. He starts the tour on the western side of town along Corrigin-Kulin Road.

Here’s a full guide with map for the Kulin Tin Horse Highway self-guided tour.

BIG Turtle & Eggs

BIG Turtle & Eggs, Bibra Lake WA
Big Turtle & Eggs (Photo: Tangelo)

At the Bibra Lake Playground in Perth, you’ll find a very lifelike Big Snake-necked Turtle crawling ahead of its baby and cracked eggs, just like when they head into the water during hatching season. The park is a whopping 7,000m² in size!

What you’ll find at Bibra Lake Playground:

  • Skywalk
  • Assault course
  • In-ground trampolines
  • Splash park
  • Giant turtles
  • Aboriginal fish trap climbing frames
  • General play equipment

The purpose of the adjacent wetlands are a final attempt to save these Western Australian turtles. Unfortunately due to foxes and cars, a huge number of the turtles (including pregnant females) were consistently being found dead.

BIG Watering Can

If you head to the public park on Palmer Way in Mandurah, you can find the Big Watering Can and some Big Pencils.

BIG Western Rock Lobster

BIG Western Rock Lobster, Dongara WA
Big Western Rock Lobster (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Dongara is a town in the Mid West region, which is renowned for crayfishing. In fact, the area is often referred to as the Rock Lobster Capital of Australia. So, I guess it’s only fitting to have a Big Western Rock Lobster greeting locals and tourists alike along the highway.

BIG Whale

BIG Whale, Eucla WA
Big Whale (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the older and lesser known Big Things in Western Australia is the Big Whale in Eucla. This guy sits near the carpark at the Eucla Motel and Caravan Park, which is a popular tourist stop for food, drinks, amenities and accomodation as people cross from SA into WA.

This area was once home to the only whaling station in the southern hemisphere, which thankfully is now a museum instead. The 4 tonne, 10 metre long whale pays tribute to the history of the area.

BIG Whale Shark

BIG Whale Shark, Exmouth WA
Big Whale Shark (Photo: LWL Adventures Around Oz)

Just up the road from the Big Prawn in Exmouth is the Big Whale Shark. It sits adjacent to the service station, so you’ve got plenty of room to pull over for a selfie. Exmouth is the entry point for the natural wonder known as Ningaloo Reef. Whale sharks are commonplace throughout the reef, with multiple whale shark tour operators around town.

BIG Whale Tail

BIG Whale Tail, Esperance WA
Big Whale Tail (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Big Whale Tail in Esperance celebrates the Southern Right Whales, which travel along the local coastline during the winter months. It also represents the strong connection between Esperance and the ocean.

The gorgeous tail sculpture was installed in 2014 and incorporates glass panelling that reflects the evening colours and sunsets.

BIG Wheat Sheaf

BIG Wheat Sheaf, Mingenew WA
Big Wheat Sheaf (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Cecil Newton Park in Mingenew is a beautiful green patch where you can find the Big Wheat Sheaf. While you’re there, make use of the BBQ facilities while the kids burn off some energy at the playground and skate park.

BIG Wheelbarrow

BIG Wheelbarrow, Wedgefield WA
Big Wheelbarrow (Photo: Wheelbarrow Things)

In decades gone by, the miners of Port Headland used to run a fundraiser wheelbarrow race event, which initially started out as a bet between two blokes.

Port Headland is predominantly a mining town, with not much to look at besides mines and mining paraphernalia. Hence why the Big Wheelbarrow was put in place with the hopes of enticing travellers to actually stop into their town.

BIG Wool Wagon

BIG Wool Wagon, Kojonup WA
Big Wool Wagon (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Standing at 1.5 times regular sizing is the Big Wool Wagon in Kojonup. The region around Kojonup has been predominantly sheep farming, with the wool industry beginning to boom in the 1860s. The area still produces some of the best Merino wool in the world.

The replica Giant Wool Wagon shows how the early settlers used to transport their bales to the markets and depots. This sculpture was a much appreciated gift to the Kojonup people from the Rotary, Apex and Lions Clubs.

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