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🏖 Breezy Shade Review – BEST Beach Tent for Wind!

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Breezy Shade guarantees to be the best beach tent for wind. It’s the ultimate shading solution for beach, picnic, camping and more. We’ve been testing one out to see for ourselves if it stacks up to its claims. Read on for our in-depth Breezy Shade Review.

This ingenious invention consists of a stretchy piece of fabric, two aluminium poles and a carry bag. It’s perfectly designed to fill up the four corner anchor bags with sand at the beach, prop the canopy up with the poles and you’re all set for a relaxing, shady day.

Just stretch it…

Why is the Breezy Shade the best beach tent for wind? By filling the four sand pockets (or pegging them down), then propping up poles underneath the stretchy fabric, a downward force is created, which naturally resists the wind.

It’s not purely destined for beach use though. You can use the Breezy Shade anywhere, such as at a picnic in the park or while camping in the bush. All you need to do is peg the corners down instead of anchoring them with sand and it will work just the same.

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Breezy Shade Review

Breezy Shade

The Breezy Shade is effectively a large piece of top quality stretchable lycra with sand bag corners and two poles to hold it up. Although this may sound like I’m over simplifying things, it really is as straightforward as that.

We trialled the Breezy Shade for the first time in the New South Wales Highlands, as we were nowhere near the beach, but were keen to give it a go anyway. For anyone who’s ever been to Glen Innes, you’ll know just how windy that town gets, as it sits so high. Perfect for us to test out if it really is the best beach tent for wind!

Throughout this review, I have used a ★ Star Rating system (out of five) across a range of categories. Read on for my honest Breezy Shade review, taking you through how to set it up and more.

Breezy Shade Review categories:

  • Wind Resistance
  • Sun Resistance
  • Shade Size
  • How Easy to Set up & Pack Away
  • Weight & Package Size
  • Versatility
  • Cleaning
  • Pricing

What Do You Get in the Breezy Shade Kit?

  • 1 x Canopy Shade
  • 2 x Collapsible aluminium poles
  • 1 x Pole bag
  • 1 x Breezy Shade carry bag (which holds the whole kit)
Breezy Shade

The Breezy Shade boasts the following features:

  • Sun protection UPF 50+
  • Built in sand bags
  • Wind resistant
  • Super light & compact to carry
  • Easy 3 step set-up
  • Breathable & quick dry
  • Available in multiple colours

Is the Breezy Shade the Best Beach Tent for Wind?

The Breezy Shade is made from a breathable Lycra Polyester fabric, making it super stretchy and one of the best beach tents for windy days!

The material has bidirectional stretching, meaning that the fabric flows together with air movement, rather than causing resistance.

So basically, when the wind picks up you’ll notice the Breezy Shade dancing around a bit with the breeze, rather than fighting against it and wanting to take off.

By pulling all four corners down to the ground, then propping up the canopy with two poles, it means that the wind can’t get under the canopy and lift it up.

Wind Resistance Rating: ★★★★★

Is the Breezy Shade Sun Resistant?

The fabric of the Breezy Shade will screen out harmful UV rays with a rating of UPF 50+. The sunshade fabric is similar to what they use in water sports gear.

Breezy Shade canopy & poles

I’m stoked that I can actually now relax at the beach or in an open parkland without stressing about my European skin burning to a crisp!

Remember that you can still get burnt at the beach from the reflection off the bright sand and water. This isn’t a hat or sunscreen replacement, so don’t neglect the slip, slop, slap.

Sun Resistance Rating: ★★★★★

How Much Shade Does the Breezy Shade Provide?

As with any shade cover, the positioning of the sun plays a big factor. As the sun (and your shade) moves, you don’t need to move the Breezy Shade to a different position. It’s as easy as moving one or both of the poles to adjust the direction of the shadow.

Breezy Shade
This was smack bang in the middle of the day, with the least amount of shade available.

We found that it provided the least amount of shade at midday, when the sun was directly in the middle of the sky. Either side of that and your shade gets bigger.

There are three different sizes available, depending on how many people you want to share your Breezy Shade with.

Here’s a guide to help you find the best size to suit:

Breezy Comfy2.1 m x 2.1 m2 – 4 people
Breezy Family2 m x 3 m4 – 6 people
Breezy Party3 m x 3 m6 – 8 people

Shade Rating: ★★★★

How Easy is it to Set Up a Breezy Shade?

There are literally 3 steps to setting up the Breezy Shade.

STEP 1 – Spread the Breezy Shade fabric out on the ground

Breezy Shade

STEP 2 – Anchor the corners to the ground (either fill with sand or peg them through the loop)

Breezy Shade Anchor Points

STEP 3 – Stand the poles up under the fabric (after clicking them together).

Breezy Shade

TIP – Give the canopy fabric a good stretch out as you’re anchoring it. You can easily play around with the positioning of the poles or pull the corners out further if you need to.

Breezy Shade

As you can see above, we needed to pull the corners out a bit further, which was very simple to do without the whole structure collapsing.

When it comes to setting up the Breezy Shade, it’s so easy even the kids could set it up!

Easy to Set Up Rating: ★★★★★

Is the Breezy Shade Easy to Pack Away?

When you pull out the Breezy Shade fabric you’ll notice that it’s really smooth and silky. So, the first time we put our shade back into the carry bag, it all bunched at the bottom of the bag and made it difficult to get the poles in.

But the second time we used it, we realised there was a system that would make packing it up loads easier every time:

  1. Roll the fabric into a shape that fits the carry bag
  2. Slot a portion of the shade into the bag (but don’t put it all in just yet)
  3. Put the white pole bag into the black carry bag and now slide in both the shade and the pole bag at the same time
  4. TIP – Having it flat on the ground will make it easier

As the quick dry fabric is a sand repellant, you don’t have to worry about packing the beach back into the car with you, so that’s a nice bonus.

Easy to Pack Away Rating: ★★★★

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Breezy Shade Weight & Package Size

We are really impressed with how lightweight and compact the Breezy Shade is, especially compared with a fold-up gazebo, which is heavy and awkward to set up.

Breezy Shade

All packed away in it’s carry bag, the entire Breezy Shade package is just 60 cm long, 15 cm in diameter and weighs in at 2 – 2.5 kg (depending on the size).

There’s no problem adding this to your beach bag or slinging it over your shoulder to carry.

Weight & Package Size Rating: ★★★★★

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What Can You Use the Breezy Shade For?

Breezy Shade
Photo: Breezy Shade


The Breezy Shade is ultimately designed for the beach. Just fill up the sand anchors, pop up the poles and you’re set for the day!


You’re not just bound for the beach with these shades, they can be used anywhere. If you’re having a picnic or setting up somewhere else, just slip a peg through the loop attached to each sand anchor. Heavy duty plastic pegs are available on the website, but metal ones are recommended for harder ground.


Set it up as a shaded area at camp for the kids to play under or even down by the creek while swimming. The Breezy Shade is the perfect size to to put over a swag for extra protection or beside it as a shaded seating/ cooking area. It’s so compact and easy to set up, that it quickly adds an extra shaded space wherever you go.


Apparently, the Breezy Shade also works as a brilliant trampoline cover. It sits perfectly over the frame for the net, providing the kids with plenty of shade in the summer.


You can easily attach the shade to the side of your car if you need some shade while stopped for lunch on a road trip or holiday.

Versatility Rating: ★★★★★

Cleaning the Breezy Shade

Here a few tips for maintaining your Breezy Shade and extending its life:

  • Shake off the fabric before packing up (it’s sand resistant, so sand, dirt and grass should easily fall off).
  • At the end of each season give the fabric a cold wash (by hand or in a laundry bag in the washing machine).
  • Do not iron or bleach the fabric.
  • Do not put it in the dryer – only air dry.
  • If you need a replacement pole you can order them at the Breezy Shade website.

Maintenance Rating: ★★★★★

Price & Ordering

Grab yourself a Breezy Shade, the best beach tent for wind! The price is comparable to the various shades on the market that are similar.

Payment options include Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and Afterpay. Ordering is really easy on the website and we found the delivery to be prompt.

Breezy COMFORT (2.1 m x 2.1 m)$169
Breezy FAMILY (2 m x 3 m)$189
Breezy PARTY (3 m x 3 m)$239


BeigeGreenLight GreenNavy BlueLight BlueBlueRedPeach


Breezy Shade Grass Pegs

Final Verdict

We are stoked with the Breezy Shade. It’s so quick and easy to set up that even the kids could do it by themselves!

The fact that it’s small and lightweight is a massive draw card for us. We just don’t have the space to carry around a big, bulky gazebo, nor do we want to lug anything heavy in the beach bag.

One thing I don’t like is that the fabric isn’t eco-friendly, but unfortunately I think you’d be hard pressed finding an eco fabric that would have this same functionality.

We’re really keen to descend from the highlands and hit the beach now to make full use of it. We reckon it’ll also be really handy to give the kids an extra shaded play area near camp, especially when picnicking and playing with other kids on the road.

DISCLOSURE – We were given the Breezy Shade product to try out for the purpose of this review. We always remain honest with our reviews and our opinions are always our own.

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