Camping & Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas

15 Best Camping & Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas

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Finding the perfect camping or caravan rubbish bin may sound like an easy task… but the struggle is real. I’ve tried many options myself along the way, all in the quest to find ‘the one.’

Storing and disposing of rubbish is one of the less glamorous facts of life. Of course, even when you are caravanning and camping, the rubbish will inevitably continue to follow you.

So, how can you stash your trash without having to trip over the rubbish bin every time you walk through the caravan kitchen or campsite?

Here are a bunch of camping and caravan rubbish bin ideas to help you find the best solution for your van set-up and needs.

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SMALL Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas

The first of the caravan rubbish bin ideas is actually the solution I came up with for my own caravan and really loved.

A simple metal pet food container from Kmart, with some non-slip matting underneath. We went off-road all the time in the caravan and it never slid out of place.

The reason I loved this solution so much was because it was the perfect size to live underneath the fridge and stay tucked out of the way in an otherwise unused corner.

I’m sure this solution won’t work for everyone, but it’s just one of the caravan rubbish bin ideas to get you thinking.

Metal Storage Container

Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas (pet food tin)

See if you’ve got an empty corner of the caravan where a metal storage container would comfortably sit out of the way.

To stop the container from sliding around in transit, cut out a piece of non-slip matting to go underneath.

You can use bin liners in the metal storage container, just like a regular bin.

eBay: Metal Containers →

Aussie Traveller Door Bin

Aussie Traveller Door Bin

For a bin that’s at a convenient height, yet still tucked out of the way, have a look at the Aussie Traveller Door Bin.

It’s designed to be installed on the caravan entry door, but will depend on what style door you’ve got.

In addition, this bin can also be used in a freestanding position elsewhere.


  • Silver spring-loaded closing lid
  • Black tapered body with rear mounting points
  • Foam stopper block on the rear to minimise vibration
  • Mounting bracket included
Size36cm (H) x 14cm (D)
x 29cm (top W)
& 26cm (bottom W)
Caravan RV Camping: Door Bins →

Navigator Mini Bin Buddy

Navigator Mini Bin Buddy

The Navigator Mini Bin Buddy is a great size for inside one of the caravan cupboards, in a corner on the floor or even on top of the bench.

This handy little bin folds flat when not in use and can easily be tucked behind the seat in the car.


  • Hard molded zipper lid
  • Heavy duty sealed lining (moisture protection)
  • Grab handles on both sides
  • Zip pocket on the front (for bin liners)
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Access zipper at the back (for frame assembly)
CapacityFits 32L bin liners
Size25cm x 29cm x 40cm
➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Bin Buddy →

Croc Bin V2

Croc Bin

The Croc Bin is an Aussie invention, which was designed by two mates who saw the need for cleaner camping grounds.

This simple design takes grocery store rubbish bags or small bin liners. Croc Bin Version 2 has a mesh surround as an added protection against split plastic bags.

Attach the Croc Bin to a tent pole, wall or camping furniture.


  • Lid to keep smells in & flies out
  • Extra mesh layer
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Brackets included
Weight84 grams
Size26cm (lid diameter)
eBay: Croc Bins →

Dual Pull-out Bins

Caravan Pull out Bin Idea

Depending on the space in the cupboard underneath your caravan kitchen bench, you may be able to fit in a pull-out rubbish bin.

They generally come in 15L and 30L versions, so it’s worth having a look at the different shapes and sizes available.


  • Dual compartments for landfill + recycling
  • Removable bins for emptying & cleaning
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy installation
  • Under bench metal frame with sliding runners
Capacity15 – 30L
Size48cm x 34cm x 35cm (closed)
*sizes vary
➤ eBay: Pull-out Bins →

Caravan Bin with Mounting Kit

Caravan Bin with Mounting Kit

This handy little caravan bin is designed to be mounted inside a cabinet door, on a wall or at the end of a slide-out kitchen.


  • Tightly closing lid to keep bugs out & smells in
  • Mounting plate for door/ wall
  • Includes mounting plate with screws
  • Additional fitting for horizontal poles up to 27mm in diameter
Size31.5cm x 31.5cm x 19.5cm
➤ eBay: Mountable RV Bins →

Swing-out Rubbish Bin

Swing-out Rubbish Bin

A little swing-out rubbish bin is a great solution for tucking the bin away out of sight, yet still being able to easily access it.

These bins are only small though, with a general capacity of 12L – 15L.


  • Auto open lid
  • Removable inner bin
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient & practical
Capacity12L – 15L
Size29.5cm x 27cm
➤ eBay: Swing-out Bins →

Cupboard Door Rubbish Bag Holder

Kitchen Bin Bag Holder

For one of the more simple and lightweight caravan rubbish bin ideas, a cupboard door rubbish bag holder may be all that you need.

Simply sit the holder over the top of the door, put your bag in, then lock the top bracket in place.


  • Lightweight
  • Removable
  • Versatile
  • Lid to keep odours in
  • No permanent installation required
CapacitySmall rubbish bag
Size25cm x 17cm
➤ eBay: Door Rubbish Bag Holders →

RV Wall Mounted Rubbish Bin

RV Wall Mounted Rubbish Bin

For a more incognito caravan rubbish bin idea, take a look at this wall-mounted bin, which can be tucked away inside a cupboard door.


  • Swing top lid + bin base
  • Mounting screws included
  • For vertical surfaces, walls, cupboard doors, slide-out pantries etc.
Weight550 grams
Size13cm x 28cm
➤ Caravan RV Camping: Wall Mounted Bins →

Folding Kitchen Bin

Folding Kitchen Bin

A compact folding kitchen bin can be a great solution for some caravan layouts. Open it out when you’re at camp, then fold it away for travel and storage.

This style bin hangs over a cabinet door with a maximum thickness of 2.2cm, so be sure to measure your door first (read the ad, sizes may vary).


  • Easy to clean
  • No crevices for dirt & grime
  • Compact & collapsible
  • Hangs over cabinet door of up to 2.2cm thick
  • Fits a small bin liner
Size29cm x 25cm x 15cm
(8cm deep when folded)
➤ eBay: Folding Bins →
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LARGE Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas

Navigator Collapsible Bin Buddy

Navigator Collapsible Bin Buddy

For a larger camping and caravan bin idea, check out the Navigator Collapsible Bin Buddy.

This bigger option is perfect for storing on the floor underneath the table or tucked out of the way in a corner.

You can even store the Navigator bin outside by using the metal D Rings to peg it down to the ground (beware of ants though!).


  • Large heavy gauge zipper opening with clip-in buckles
  • Heavy duty sealed lining (moisture protection)
  • Grab handles on both sides
  • Large zip pocket on the front (for bin liners)
  • 4 x metal D Rings to peg the corners down
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Access zipper at the back (for frame assembly)
CapacityFits 82L bin liners
Size40cm x 40cm x 60cm
Adventure Awaits: Navigator Collapsible Bin →

Collapsible Rubbish Bin

Collapsible Caravan Rubbish Bin

For a bin that can easily be slotted away for travel days, then whipped back out when you set up camp, a collapsible bin might be what you’re looking for.


  • Space saving
  • Holds a large bin bag
  • Built-in bag storage slot
  • Heavy-duty flap lid
  • Large opening
  • Waist height (no need to bend down)
  • Easy installation
Weight1.8 kg
Size (open)70cm x 30cm x 40cm
Size (collapsed)15cm x 30cm x 40cm
➤ eBay: Collapsible Bins →

Thule Trash Bin

Thule Trash Bin

The Thule Trash Bin is a large bag, which is designed to hang on the outside of a caravan, camper trailer or back of the car. But, you might prefer to have it inside if you have the space.

This bag is idea for both rubbish or dirty laundry.


  • Closable with foldable lid on top
  • Bottom zipper for easy access & cleaning
  • Durable & weather-resistant
  • Folds up for storage
  • Mount on the side of car or caravan (mounts not included)
Size70cm x 35cm x 35cm
➤ eBay: Thule Trash Bin →

Pop-up Storage Bin

Collapsible Storage Bin

One of the most basic camping and caravan rubbish bin ideas is the mesh-style collapsible storage bin, which would also be perfect as a laundry hamper.

They fold down to an easy slimline piece, which can be slotted away for travel, then popped up when you’re ready to use it.


  • Simple & easy to set up & pack down
  • Conveniently flat-packs
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
Size60cm x 48cm (average)
➤ eBay: Pop-up Bins →

Navigator Wheel Pack

Navigator Wheel Pack

A Spare Wheel Dirty Gear Bag is a must-have for your camping and caravan rubbish bin ideas list.

The big handy bag easily attaches to your car or caravan spare tyre. In the pack you’re able to store multiple bags of rubbish, plus the recycling, until you can get to a proper bin.


  • Fits up to a 35″ off-road tyre
  • Lined with heavy duty PVC (easy to clean)
  • Draw cord secondary closure under the lid
  • Zippered pocket on lid to store bin bags
  • Twin-zippered front pocket with drainage hole
  • D Ring under pocket to attach hand sanitiser
  • Side pockets with elasticated openings
  • Adjustable webbing straps
  • Mesh base with reinforced webbing for ventilation
Size49cm x 58cm
➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Wheel Pack →

Hopefully, these camping and caravan rubbish bin ideas have given you some inspiration for a solution with your own set-up!

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