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🎁 101 Camping Gifts for Kids

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As a parent of kids who’ve camped and travelled a lot, I know just how important it is to keep their gifts not only compact and light but also simple and useful. Some good camping gifts for kids include sand toys, vouchers, hydration packs, binoculars, an action camera or a snorkelling set, just to name a few. 

In this guide, I offer over 100 camping gifts for kids to help with some inspiration.

I also know how much of a struggle it is for family members to come up with gift ideas for the kids for Birthdays and Christmas. Here you’ll find something to suit all ages and budgets.

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Camping Gifts for Kids

Toys, Games & Books

When it comes to toys, less is more. The old-time favourites always win out.
The latest trends and fads end up being tossed to the side when the novelty wears off, which results in being a waste of space and money. 

With camping gifts for kids, stick to the classics and you can’t go wrong.
Spotto Books

Spotto Books

Send the kids off on adventures (or while looking out the car window) to see how many ‘spotto’ items they can tick off in their Spotto Books.

Including various animals, camping equipment & surrounding features.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Spotto Books


Lego or Blocks

A little container of Lego or blocks will always provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Lego can be pulled out on a rainy day in the camper or be taken outside to make creations on an outdoor mat.

➤ eBay: Lego

Childrens Books

Books & Comics

Not every child will sit down and read a book, but for those who are content readers (or story-time listeners), books are great.

They provide great entertainment for winding down and when the weather isn’t so favourable.

➤ eBay: Kids Books

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Card Games

Card Games

Card games are all all-time classic and best of all, they don’t take up much storage space!

So many games can be played with even two decks of standard playing cards.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Card Games
➤ eBay: Card Games

Australia Jigsaw Puzzle


Puzzles are a great family activity!

Kits with a smaller number of puzzle pieces are ideal as you probably won’t have enough room to leave them out for days on end.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Jigsaw Puzzles
➤ eBay: Jigsaw Puzzles

Remote Control Car

Remote Control Car

An off-road Remote Control Car with rechargeable batteries is a great way to explore new campgrounds.

Action-seeking kids love to hoon around with an RC car & create imaginative storylines.

➤ eBay: Remote Control Cars

Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are great for both indoor and outdoor play for the little ones.

The best thing is, they’ll last for years and can be handed over to another family when you’re done with them!

➤ Adventure Awaits: Wooden Toys
➤ eBay: Wooden Toys

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Sensory Fidget Toys

Sensory Fidget Toys

Fidget and sensory toys are ideal for kids who get restless during long car rides, especially kids who are prone to anxiety.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Fidget Toys
➤ eBay: Fidget Toys

Australian Bird Guide

Flora & Fauna Fields Guides

Field guides make great camping gifts for kids who want to learn all about the natural world around them. From birds and animals to plants, rocks, planets and water systems!

➤ eBay: Field Guides

Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is compact and light, making it easy to store and can be used in any campground you’re likely to visit.

Kids often come up with so many additional uses for skipping ropes besides just skipping!

➤ eBay: Skipping Ropes

Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tiles

Connetix can be magnetically clipped together to make shapes, structures, towers and more.

Stack the magnetic toys away into a small box for travel, then pull them out and make big constructions at playtime.

Adventure Awaits: Connetix →

Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Another good, old-fashioned toy that kids love to play with is the hula hoop.

Just like the skipping rope, hula hoops can be incorporated with other imaginative & explorative play.

➤ eBay: Hula Hoops

Matchbox Cars

Matchbox Cars

Young kids can always have hours of fun in the dirt with a handful of Matchbox Cars.

Add in rocks, sticks, water and anything else that’s lying around and they will create an entire world!

eBay: Matchbox Cars →

Monopoly Australia

Board Games

Kids love to play board games with each other and with the adults as well. They’re great for lazy or rainy days around camp.

Adventure Awaits: Travel Games →
eBay: Board Games →

Sand Toys

Sand Toys

Loads of fun can be had with a set of sand toys. Not only at the beach but also at rivers, dams, creeks and even in the dusty outback.

eBay: Sand Toys →

Tonka Truck

Tonka Truck

Give a kid a Tonka Truck and the world around them becomes their playground!

eBay: Tonka Truck →



Frisbees are great for throwing around the campsite, at the beach or park… anywhere really.

eBay: Frisbee →

Aus Line Break

Personal Stuff

Investing in good quality personal items is a ‘must’ when travelling. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the Outback with holey shoes or broken items.

Think practical when it comes to personal camping gifts for kids.

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

The colourful Aussie-inspired Caravan of Conservation shirts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET). In addition, 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors.

  • 100% Post-consumer Recycle Polyester
  • 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors
  • Collar and long sleeves
  • Pockets
  • UPF50+
  • Various colours
  • Kids & adults sizes

Adventure Awaits: Caravan of Conservation Shirts →


Special Blanket

A great camping gift idea is for each child to have their own special blanket. That way, they can take them in the car on travel days, as well as use on their beds at night.

eBay: Kids Blankets →

Smarties Eco Beach Towel

Eco Beach Towel

For an authentic Aussie camping gift for kids, check out these cool eco beach towels, which are all made from recycled bottles.

Choose between Fairy Bread, Smarties, Chiko Roll, Sunnyboy, Emu, Koala and Kookaburra designs!

Adventure Awaits: Aussie Eco Beach Towels →

Montiico Kids Drink Bottle

Insulated Drink Bottles

A good quality stainless steel, insulated drink bottle is a ‘must’ for kids who are travelling and camping.

Insulated drink bottles will keep the water from boiling in the hot sun or while sitting inside the hot car.

Adventure Awaits: Insulated Drink Bottles →


Yumbox / Bento Box

These style lunchboxes have built-in compartments for easily storing a variety of snacks. A good quality compartment lunchbox will ensure that the different foods don’t spill through and contaminate each other.

Compartment luncboxes are great for packing at the start of the day and keeping the hungry kids fed all day either on the road or around camp.

Adventure Awaits: Yumbox/ Bento Box →

Insulated Food Jar

Insulated Food Jars

Easily store hot or cold foods in these insulated and well-sealed Food Jars.

These are useful for storing warm milk and baby foods right through to cold fruit, soups, pasta and other hot or cold foods.

Adventure Awaits: Insulated Food Jars →

Hiking Shoes

Hiking Shoes/ Boots

A good pair of hiking shoes or boots are an investment in comfort and support for families who do a lot of bushwalking and exploring.

eBay: Kids Hiking Shoes →

Kids Thongs (Havaianas)

Flip Flops/ Thongs

Every travelling kid needs a good set of thongs (or flip flops, depending on where you’re from) for getting around camp and exploring the country.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a spare pair in case the first set has a blowout!

eBay: Kids Havaianas →

Reef Water Aqua Shoes

Aqua Shoes

Aqua shoes are handy for protecting little feet when walking through creeks and along rocky ocean shores. There are many places around the country where sharp shells and poisonous Stonefish may be present.

eBay: Kids Aqua Shoes →



Let’s face it, kids love puddles! I mean, what better fun is there to be had on a rainy day than pulling on the gumboots and heading out on an adventure?!

Gumboots are one of the best camping gift ideas for kids who are likely to head away during wet weather. You can even get fleecy ones for colder climates.

eBay: Kids Gumboots →

Mozzie Patches

Mozzie Patches

Mozzie Patches are cute little stickers imbued with citronella to keep the mozzies away. Stick them on your arms, legs or clothing to prevent mozzie bites.

I can personally attest to these working a treat for those who are prone to being mozzie-magnets!

Adventure Awaits: Mozzie Patches →

Bite Patch


Have you got a child who is extra sensitive to mozzie bites Just pop a BitePatch straight onto the bite and let the sticker do the work.

These chemical-free mozzie bite patches quickly relieve itchiness and prevent scarring from excessing scratching.

Adventure Awaits: BitePatch →

Akubra Hat

Kids Akubra Hat

The Aussie sun can be extremely harsh, which is why a good wide-brimmed hat is a must. For those down under kids, an Akubra hat makes a great camping gift idea.

eBay: Kids Outback Hats →

Kids Sunglasses


Some kids love to wear sunnies as it makes them feel a little more like grown-ups.

Sunnies also protect their eyes from the bright glare at the beach and on the road.

eBay: Kids Sunnies →

Beanie & Gloves

Beanie & Gloves

A beanie and gloves are essential camping wear, especially if travelling in winter.

eBay: Kids Beanie & Gloves →

Caravan Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

Life is much easier when camping if all of the kids’ bathroom items are packed into a handy toiletry bag, ready for the shower block.

Adventure Awaits: Caravan Toiletry Bags →

Aus Line Break
Aus Line Break


Even on the road, technology plays a big part in our day-to-day living, in fact, it can even make life simpler in many ways. 

The great thing about tech gifts is the educational aspect. Learning through Apps on the Tablet or picking up new skills with video and photography.

Here are some tech camping gifts for kids…


Fitness Tracker

Sporty kids will love the active challenges that a Fitness Tracker can provide for them. They can record steps and achieve other goals through bushwalking and other activities.

eBay: Fitness Trackers →

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Get the kids DJing the campsite music with a portable Bluetooth speaker!

eBay: Bluetooth Speakers →

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies give kids a sense of independence. They’re great for playing games with other kids and keeping in touch with the parents back at camp.

eBay: Walkie Talkies →



I know DVDs are old school, but they’re great for when you’re in the middle of nowhere without internet (i.e. YouTube and Netflix).

Plus, DVDs can be picked up really cheap on eBay and on the second-hand market.

eBay: Kids DVDs →

DVD Player

DVD Player

If you go for the DVD camping gift for kids idea, then you’ll need to make sure they’ve got a DVD player.

Most caravan and camper TVs will have an in-built DVD player, but if not, a little portable one will be perfect for the car and in bed.

eBay: Portable DVD Players →



Not only do headphones keep the rest of the family sane, but they’re also good for kids to be able to switch off from the outside world and go into their own space for a while.

eBay: Headphones →

Kindle eReader

Kindle eReader

Books are heavy and take up a lot of room – eBooks are the way to go for travelling kids who are avid readers.

They can load them up with a stack of titles before leaving reception, knowing that there is plenty of reading material on hand.

eBay: Kindle →

GoPro Hero

GoPro Action Camera

For kids who are interested in film, GoPros are great for capturing action footage, underwater shots and mid-action still photos. Plus, they’re super durable!

eBay: GoPro →

Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid-style Instant cameras are great for taking photos on the go that will print out straight away.

These are perfect for taking snaps of new friends on the road, so that they can both have a happy snap to remember each other by.

They’re also great for instantly adding photos to their Kids Travel Journals.

eBay: Instant Camera →

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Banks are great for recharging devices while camping. Simply top up the power bank by sitting the solar panel in the sun during the day.

These are also handy to have in the hiking backpack in case of emergency.

eBay: Solar Power Bank →



With technology being the way of the future, tech kids will love learning how to fly a drone and capture unique footage of places they travel to.

They could even start their own YouTube channel!

eBay: Drone →



A wristwatch helps young ones with learning the time. Learning the time while camping can be even more fun as it ties in with when to start the fire, when to head to the shower block and how long the bush walk will take.

For older kids who like to know the time, it’s nice to not always be relying upon a device to tell us.

eBay: Watch →


iPad/ Tablet

Personal tablets are great for loading up with games, educational activities, music and movies before leaving reception and heading out to camp.

They can even be used as a camera and video recorder. One device to do it all!

eBay: iPad →

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Nature Discovery

Nature Discovery is fun, adventurous and educational at the same time. Kids love it! 
Nomadic kids will be discovering so much in the way landscapes, flora and fauna as they go. 

Check out these nature discovery camping gifts for kids.

Bug Discovery Set

Bug Discovery Set

Some kids are fascinated with bugs. The Bug Discovery sets help them to learn so much about this part of the animal kingdom.

eBay: Bug Discovery Sets →

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

A great tool for those curious little detectives! Let their imaginations be free while they solve the mysteries of the world around them.

eBay: Magnifying Glass →

Pocket Microscope

Pocket Microscope

Science buffs will find many things along the way to inspect under the microscope.

From leaves and rocks to bugs, feathers and bark!

eBay: Pocket Microscope →

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Every new place offers the chance to search for jewellery, coins and other metals.

Some adults even travel around with a metal detector full-time, which helps them make extra cash along the way!

eBay: Kids Metal Detector →



While sitting around the campfire at night, kids who are interested in astronomy will love to look closer at what’s in the sky.

Find a dark spot on a hill or out in the open, away from the lights, and pull out the telescope to discover the night sky.

eBay: Kids Telescope →

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Art, Craft & Stationary

You don’t need a huge amount of art and craft supplies on the road, using the recycling and whatever you find in nature is pretty handy.

For those crafty kids, here are some creative camping gifts for kids.

Bead Set

Beading Set

For those who love to make things all on their own, a beading set makes a great camping gift for kids.

They can get busy making jewellery for themselves, as well as gifts for their friends and family.

eBay: DIY Jewellery Kits →

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Kids can fill in what they’ve been up to each day along with the date, brochure cut-outs, and photos, plus draw pictures to keep a record of their trip.

Adventure Awaits: Kids Travel Journal →

Artist Pencils

Artist Pencils

A quality pencil set is invaluable to those who love to draw and sketch.

eBay: Professional Pencils →

Crochet Set

Crochet Set

Being able to crochet is a handy creative skill to have. Kids can make colourful items for themselves, as well as gifts for their loved ones.

eBay: Crochet Sets →

Photo Album

Photo Album

Photo albums are ideal for collecting postcards, brochures and photos from their travels.

You could even pre-fill some pages with pics of family and friends from back home.

eBay: Travel Photo Albums →

Watercolour Paints

Watercolour Paints

Painting is always good fun. Kids love to paint pictures and even decorate the recycling and leaves from nature.

eBay: Watercolour Paints →



Some kids need to get their emotions and experiences down on paper. A lockable diary gives them a safe space to do that and an outlet for their thoughts.

eBay: Lockable Diaries →

Craft Supplies

Stationary & Craft Supplies

If you know you’ve got a creative child who’s going to be bored sitting around camp, gift them a box of random stationary and craft supplies. This will keep them busy for hours!

eBay: Craft Supplies →

Sticker Book

Sticker Activity Book

A sticker book with activities to complete is another great camping gift for kids who like to be busy ‘doing.’

eBay: Sticker Activity Books →

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Swimming Gear

It definitely goes without saying that travelling kids will be swimming whenever they get the chance, so it’s a no-brainer to add swimming gear to the camping gifts for kids list. 



Flippers are a fun swimming accessory, especially for kids who are going swimming at the beach, exploring reef, rocks and fish.

eBay: Flippers →

Inflatable Tube

Inflatable Tube

Inflatable items don’t take up much storage space and provide great water play entertainment.

eBay: Inflatable Water Toys →



Kids love to ride the waves at the beach on a bodyboard and take them into creeks and pools.

eBay: Bodyboards →

Life Jacket

Life Jacket/ Swimming Vest

Life Jackets are extremely important for kids who will be using kayaks, canoes or going on boats.

A floatation vest for younger swimmers who aren’t as strong is also recommended, especially given the various swimming conditions in natural waterways.

eBay: Life Jackets →



Googles are always handy, particularly in swimming pools that are strongly chlorinated.

eBay: Goggles →

Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are petty simple to store and easy for kids to carry themselves when walking to the beach or creek for a swim.

eBay: Pool Noodles →

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask

The Ninja Shark is an all-in-one face goggle with snorkel at the top. These are great for exploring the underwater world.

*NOTE: Do not let kids use these without the snorkel piece, otherwise they will not have enough oxygen. Always use fully supervised by an adult.

eBay: Snorkel Masks →

Wet Shirt, Rashie

Wet Shirt/ Rashie

A wet shirt for kids is a ‘must have’ swimming item. The long-sleeved ones are even better as they reduce the amount of sun burn to the skin.

eBay: Kids Rashies →

Aus Line Break

Outdoor Gear

Given that the whole idea of camping is to get back to nature, here are some great outdoor camping gifts for kids.

Totem Tennis

Totem Tennis/ Soccer

Totem tennis and soccer doesn’t take up too much storage room and can provide great fun for kids and adults alike. The great thing is that you don’t need a huge amount of space to play with them either.

eBay: Totem Tennis/ Soccer →

Slackline Kit

Slackline Kit

Attach the slackline to trees for the daredevil kids that like to climb and explore. This removable obstacle course creates an outdoor playground.

eBay: Slackline Kit →



Hammocks are a great way to chill out in nature. Attach to trees, the car bull bar, a pole… anything really.

eBay: Hammock →



Bikes are one of the most classic ways for kids to explore, have fun and make new friends while camping!

eBay: Kids Bikes →

Is It Worth Taking Bikes Travelling? →

Off-road Scooter

Off-road Scooter

Bikes can be very bulky to pack for a camping trip, which is why scooters are often a better choice.

Off-road scooters have bigger wheels and can easily be used on gravel, dirt, grass etc.

eBay: Off-road Scooters →



It goes without saying, that if the kids are taking bikes or scooters camping, they will definitely need a helmet to go with them.

In fact, many of the caravan parks have a ‘no helmet, no riding’ policy.

eBay: Helmets →

Camp Chair

Camping Chair

Every travel member should always have their own dedicated camping chair. There are loads of styles to choose from, but essentially, one that folds down nice and compact is the way to go.

CaravanRVCamping: Camping Chairs →
eBay: Camping Chairs →


Skate Board

For the skater kids, they’d probably prefer to take a skateboard to a bike or scooter.

Skateboards are great for pathways and local skate parks, which even outback towns offer these days!

eBay: Skateboards →

Elbow & Knee Pads

Elbow & Knee Pads

Keep the daredevils a little safer with elbow and knee pads.

eBay: Elbow & Knee Pads →

Fishing Rod

Skate Board

Teach kids the skill of fishing while camping. It’s great for relaxation as well as catching dinner (hopefully!).

eBay: Kids Fishing Rod →

Fishing Tackle Box

Tackle Box

Kids who are into fishing will love their own Tackle Box filled with hooks, lures and sinkers.

eBay: Tackle Box →

Crab pots

Crab Pots

Kids can learn how to catch crabs in the surrounding creeks and rivers, then cook them up for dinner.

eBay: Crab Pots →

Colourful Fire

Mystical Fire

Throw the special sachet into the fire and watch the rainbow flames come alive!

Mystical fire creates a bit of colour and entertainment around the campfire.

Adventure Awaits: Mystical Fire →

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

It’s always handy to take a ball camping for kicking around the campground.

eBay: Soccer Ball →

Cricket Set

Cricket Set

Cricket is a great family game that can often even bring in other campers around the campground.

eBay: Cricket Set →

Aus Line Break

Travel & Survival Gear

Here are a bunch of survival camping gifts for kids that the mini preppers, organisers and planners will love. The best part is, this is all useful stuff!

Fly Net

Fly Net

These fly nets slip over your head or hat when travelling through the Outback to keep the flies out of your mouth and nose.

This may seem a little over the top, but trust me, any trip through the Outback requires a fly net (yep, even in winter!)

Adventure Awaits: Fly Nets →

Car Seat Organiser

Car Seat Organiser

Car seat organisers are handy for kids to store all of their travelling essentials (and hopefully keep at least some of it off the floor).

The organisers with an iPad pocket are particularly handy for watching movies on travel days.

Adventure Awaits: Car Seat Organisers →

Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack

A hydration backpack is the easiest way for kids to carry their own water on hikes. You can get various bladder sizes to carry from 2L up to 5L or water per person.

There’s also room in the pack to add their lunch and snacks as well.

eBay: Hydration Packs →

Adventurer Binoculars


Binoculars are such a handy camping companion. From spotting animals in trees to looking out across the water, there are so many things to spy with a set of binoculars.

Adventure Awaits: Junior Binoculars →



Some kids who are a little older like to be more independent by having their own sleeping quarters. A swag is a great, simple option without having to carry extra tents and beds.

CaravanRVCamping: Swags →



Learning how to read a compass can be a great skill for kids who go bush walking or exploring off the beaten track.

eBay: Compass →

Australia Scratch Map

Australia Scratch Map

Scratch Maps are a cool way for kids to record all of the places they’ve visited and hand on to as a keepsake.

eBay: Australia Scratch Map →

Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel

If you’ve got flint and steel, you can start a campfire anywhere without the need for matches or lighters.

Learning how to use flint and steel is a skill worth gaining for young survivalists.

eBay: Flint & Steel →


Torch/ Headlamp

Every camping gifts for kids list needs to include a torch (if they don’t already have one)!

Don’t forget to pack some batteries.

eBay: Torch →
Adventure Awaits: Headlamp →

Army Knife

Army Knife

Army knives are great for the hiking backpack in case of emergency. Kids who are into survival and camping often enjoy learning how to use an army knife.

eBay: Army Knife →

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag, rated for cold weather is a welcome camping gift for winter travellers.

CaravanRVCamping: Quality Sleeping Bag →

Insulated Backpack


If kids have their own backpack, they can carry their own items when hiking, which is handy if they don’t have a hydration pack.

This also gives them space to pack special items for the car on travel days.

eBay: Hiking Packs →

Aus Line Break

Vouchers & Experiences

The best gift you can give any youngster is the gift of presence rather than presents. 
Consider an entry ticket for an experience or a gift card for them to buy things that they may need along the way. 
‘Experiences’ are the best gift idea for kids who are camping and travelling.

Caravan RV Camping Gift Card

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is a surefire way to know that the recipient will end up with a useful gift that they love.

CaravanRVCamping: Gift Vouchers →

Australian Money

Spending Money

Depending on where the kids are going camping, some spending money could make a really great gift idea.


Wallet or Purse

A good quality wallet or purse for kids to store their spending money in.

eBay: Wallets & Purses →


Streaming Membership

Being able to watch movies or a good series on the road is great for winding down at night or even during a rainy day.

You can just buy one month or pay for the whole year.



Magazines are a great, visual way to flick through and absorb information. For kids who aren’t too fond of reading novels, magazines (within their interests) can still provide great offline camping entertainment.

Magazine ideas:

  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Beauty & Teen
  • Puzzle books (crosswords, sudoku etc.)

Spotify App

Digital Music Membership

For those who are heavily into music, they would fully appreciate a premium music membership (Spotify, Youtube etc.). That way they wouldn’t have to listen to ads and are able to download songs and playlists before heading out to areas with no internet reception.

Entry Ticket

Entry Ticket

The final idea is this camping gifts for kids list is to pre-purchase (or pay for) the child’s entry into something really cool.

See if there are any awesome attractions near where they’ll be going camping that you could shout them to.

Aus Line Break

Travel Planning Tools

Travel Checklists
Planners & Guides
Budget Spreadsheets

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14 thoughts on “🎁 101 Camping Gifts for Kids”

  1. This is a very comprehensive list with lots of fabulous gift ideas to use on the road. Crafty things, play dough and ball sports were always popular with my kids and of course electronic items. As they grow older, money is often the best gift so they can buy what they want or save.

    1. It’s great to hear that the simple favourites still last the test of time. But yeah, gift cards and money seem to win out with older kids.

  2. Renee | The Holidaymaker

    Great list! I was scanning the list for items that would be special to represent Australia as a gift or souvenir as I often bring back something unique to my niece and nephew when I travel. I didn’t see anything that I could get here that I can’t get at home. So, perhaps a book might be a good option, and easy to travel home with.

    1. Oh yes, I hadn’t thought of the souvenir aspect. I was mainly thinking about kids from Australia that set off on a road trip adventure with their family in their home country. Thanks for your input.

  3. We don’t have kids, but we would buy and use some of the items above for ourselves when traveling! Although not a Swiss knife – or any knife, since we got it confiscated twice already! Once in the USA and once in China…

    1. Yes true, taking a knife internationally is definitely not recommended! For road tripping kids it can be handy to have if they’re interested in learning about off-grid survival stuff.

  4. samantha karen

    What a great list of gifts! I feel like a Fitbit is a really good idea, it is a fun way for children to track their health and become more aware of this while traveling!

  5. At first I thought going around Australia would be the gift! But I guess you need to keep kids entertained on those long drives and when the weather is poor… I like the idea of a crochet or knitting set, it’s very portable and lightweight, and very creative!

    1. Yeah I agree that travelling and being present is the gift in itself. But grandparents will still inevitably want to buy them Christmas and Birthday gifts.

  6. I checked our your kid gift list for something that was a bit unusual. Lots of great ideas. Especially if you can get books or clothing with Australian animals on them! I was intrigued when I read the “Doona Cover” as I have never heard of that before. A bug discovery kit would have been a great idea to bring home to my son when he was small. I might buy the colourful fire for myself!

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