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51 Must Have Caravan Accessories & Gadgets (Most Popular)

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Caravanning is getting pretty fancy these days with so many new caravan gadgets and accessories hitting the shelves every month.

Figuring out what exactly will make your caravan must-haves list can be tricky, especially if you haven’t yet hit the road for a few trial runs. Between 12-volt fans, vacuums, privacy screens, sand pegs and break-resistant crockery, there are just too many things to decide upon.

Remember that a simple setup is always the most enjoyable because it speeds up the setting up and packing down routine.

A good rule of thumb is to favour items that have more than one use, reducing the amount of stuff that you need to pack.

This is in no way a complete list of all must-haves and gadgets that you NEED for your caravanning adventures around Australia. It’s purely a collection of the most popular caravan accessories that can make travelling a bit simpler and more enjoyable depending on the style of travel that you prefer.

Here are 45 caravan storage ideas to help keep your van organised.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind before buying half of your local BCF store is that you will still need to stick within your caravan weights. Click on the full guide below to work out your caravan towing weights.

How to Work Out Your Caravan Weights →

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INTERIOR Caravan Accessories

Sirocco 12 Volt Fans

12v Sirocco Fans

One of the most popular caravan accessories we ever invested in was a handful of 12 volt Sirocco Fans.

We had four of them – one for each of us directed at our beds. When you’re caravanning and camping off-grid in the stinking Australian heat, you’ll be glad you’ve got these bad boys!

10 TIPS: Keeping the Van Cool in Summer →

Do they have to be the expensive Siroccos? Not necessarily, but with all things electronic, you get what you pay for. There are a variety of different styles and brands of 12 volt fans available for you to choose from.

Things to love about 12v Sirocco Fans:

  • 3 different speed settings
  • 3 different timer settings
➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $35 AUD
12 Volt Fans →
➤ eBayFrom $23 AUD
12 Volt Fans →

Washing Machine

Washing Machine
Caravan Washing Machine

If you ask the caravanning community on Facebook whether or not to travel with an onboard washing machine, the overwhelming response is always ‘Yes!’

Putting washing through at a Laundromat can cost you anywhere from $4 – $8 per load. That adds up pretty quickly, especially if you’re travelling with kids in tow.

Doing a load a day in your caravan washing machine will stop the washing pile from breeding. I reckon it’s totally worth having one as long as you’ve got enough water supply to use it.

14 RV Washing Machines + Off-grid Tips →

For those who don’t have an in-built washing machine installed, the Portable Twin Tubs are a popular caravan gadget, which will easily run off a small inverter.

We ran our onboard washing machine through a 350 Watt inverter with no troubles.

Scrubba Wash Bag
Scrubba Wash Bag

A simpler caravan accessory for getting the washing done while travelling is with a Scrubba Wash Bag. They roll up to be very compact for storing away, plus they only use a tiny amount of water. Inside the Scrubba Wash Bag is an in-built washboard for getting your clothes clean.

➤ Adventure Awaits$69 AUD
Scrubba Wash Bag →
➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $112 AUD
Caravan Washing Machines →
eBayFrom $100 AUD
Caravan Washing Machines →

Rechargeable Vacuum

Black & Decker Dustbuster

The humble rechargeable vacuum is one of my favourite caravan must haves, which I wish we’d invested in way sooner.

You can go for a 12 volt option, however, even a 240 volt vacuum with a rechargeable battery will easily charge through a small inverter. The best style of vacuum for a caravan is one that has multiple attachments to use as both a dustbuster and a full-sized vacuum.

I recommend going for a decent brand so that it’s got good sucking power. I tried a $49 cheapie and took it back within the week – it just didn’t cut it.

22 Ways to Clean the Caravan →

Eventually, we got ourselves a handheld Black & Decker Lithium Dustbuster, which was the best thing ever! It easily charged via our 350-watt Inverter while off-grid, so we never had an excuse for dirty floors again.

Caravan RV CampingFrom $79 AUD
Vacuums →

12 Volt Smart TV

12 Volt Smart TV

Many people say, “why bother going camping if you’re going to watch TV?!” But times have changed and camping is really more like glamping these days.

There’s a reason that 12 volt TVs always make the best caravan accessories lists.

For people who travel extensively or live on the road, a 12 volt Smart TV is pretty much essential. Sometimes it’s just an awful, rainy day and all you want to do is curl up with a movie. We sure did!

When we were in the market for a Smart TV there was pretty much only the NCE option, which we tried but didn’t love. At only a few years old, most of the Apps were old and unable to be updated. It became obsolete before our very eyes, but hopefully the new ones are much better.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $359 AUD
12 Volt Smart TVs →
eBayFrom $199 AUD
12 Volt Smart TVs →

Mattress Topper/ Upgraded Mattress

Mattress Topper

There’s no sugar coating it – standard caravan mattresses are crap! You can probably put up with them on the occasional holiday or weekend away, but for longer term travel they just won’t cut the mustard.

The first thing you can try is a mattress topper. You can always give an Eggshell Mattress Topper a try, but we didn’t find that it was good enough. Otherwise, places like Clark Rubber have a variety of memory foam and other higher-quality options.

After trialling a mattress topper for about 6 months decided to bite the bullet and get a custom mattress made by Makin’ Mattresses. It was one of the best things we ever did! 

➤ eBayFrom $39.95 AUD
Mattress Toppers →

Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard

You might be wondering why a Magnetic Whiteboard has made our best caravan gadgets list, so let me explain.

Magnetic whiteboards are super handy for jotting down things you need from the grocery store, campground information and points of interest you want to check out during your travels.

They’re also a great place for sticking the shopping list, caravan park information, tourist pamphlets and bills you need to remember to pay, just to name a few things.

We had one attached to the wall above the kitchen bench, which acted as our ‘dumping ground’ for important bits of information that we needed to keep or remember.

Giving notes and paperwork a home on the wall keeps the bench clear for pouring drinks and preparing food.

➤ eBayFrom $5.95 AUD
Magnetic Whiteboards →

Quick Drying Towels


A quick-drying towel for each family member is a great addition to any caravan must haves list. There’s nothing worse than the smell of consistently damp towels hanging in the caravan.

Sometimes when you’re travelling you just don’t have the luxury of time and space to get the bath towels dry, plus they can also double up as beach towels if need be.

There are loads of companies on the market now that produce quick dry towels, including Tesalate. Most are made from microfibres and some are even made from recycled plastic bottles and yarns.

Do your research and find a brand and style that suits your own needs.

Adventure AwaitsFrom $39.95 AUD
Eco Towels →
➤ eBayFrom $8.99 AUD
Quick Dry Travel Towels →

Diesel Heater

Diesel Heater

If you really want to take self-sufficient caravanning and camping to the next level, get yourself a Diesel Heater. You’ll be toasty all winter long without having to rely on caravan parks to power your heater or split system air conditioner.

Diesel heaters are fairly easy to install yourself if you’re a handy person. Gone are the days when one would set you back over $1,000, now they’re accessible on eBay for under $200.

How to Install a Diesel Heater →
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➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $1,499 AUD
Brand Name Diesel Heaters →
➤ eBayFrom $120 AUD
Chinese Diesel Heaters →

Levelling Device

Spirit Level

You’ll want some sort of levelling device for your caravan, but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A good old Spirit Level will do the trick.

Some people like to have one on the draw bar so they can see how level the van is while winding the jockey wheel down. Others just put one on the kitchen bench to see how level it is after putting the stabilisers down. Then you can tweak things as necessary.

Another old trick is to put a glass of water on the bench and see how level the water is. We’ve done it this way many times as well.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $12 AUD
Bubble Levels →
eBayFrom $3.95 AUD
Bubble Levels →

Basic Toolkit

Basic Tool Kit

Even if you’re not a ‘handy’ person, it’s important to have at least a few basic tools with you while travelling Australia. Obviously if you’re very mechanical or handy, you kit will look much bigger than this!

A few tools to consider:

  • Stanley knife
  • Hammer
  • Various philips head & flat head Screw Drivers
  • Pliers (plus needle-nosed pliers)
  • Cutters
  • Zip ties
  • Duct tape
  • Shifter
  • Spanner set
  • Socket set
➤ eBayFrom $29.95 AUD
Pre-filled Tool Kits →

Log Book

Log Book
Caravan & Camper Log Book

If you’re interested in logging not only how far you travel with the caravan, but other parts of your journey, the Caravan & Camper Log Books are a great resource.

Keep track of:

  • Places you stay (plus rate them and add extra notes)
  • Kilometres your trailer travels
  • Fuel usage
➤ Adventure Awaits$12.95 AUD
Caravan & Camper Log Book →

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a way of keeping track of your caravan servicing schedule and maintenance items, grab the Caravan Maintenance & Service Log down below.

Caravan Maintenance & Service Log

Caravan Maintenance & Service Log

Log and track all of your caravan maintenance and servicing requirements.

  • 7-page Planner (digital & printable)
  • Caravan Service History Log
  • TICK OFF checklists
  • COMPLETE maintenance tasks
  • ADD in extra tasks
  • RECORD maintenance & service dates

Australia Map

Australia Scratch Map
Scratch Map

How great are these Scratch Maps! As you travel the country you can scratch off where you visit as a way of recording your journey.

Scratch Maps are a really cool keepsake that you can keep adding to as you venture out to new places over the years. The kids love to scratch off where they’ve been to show their friends and grandparents as well.

Map of Australia Sticker

If the Scratch Map isn’t your thing, the Australia Sticker Map might be more up your alley. These guys are 40cm x 36.7cm in size and come in both a UV (outdoor) and fabric (indoor) option.

With the Sticker Map, you’re able to draw your lines on as a way of recording your travels.

➤ eBayFrom $39.95 AUD
Australia Scratch Maps →
➤ Adventure Awaits$29.95 AUD
Australia Sticker Maps →
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KITCHEN Caravan Accessories

Corelle Crockery

Corelle Crockery

Plasticware certainly serves it’s purpose when caravanning and camping, but some people like to have a more sturdy experience while eating. This is where Corelle Crockery gains a worthy spot in the most popular caravan gadgets and accessories list.

The biggest draw card for the Corelle is that it’s virtually unbreakable and super lightweight.

Benefits of Corelle Dinnerware:

  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • 99% Unbreakable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can buy in separate pieces or as a set
  • Variety of designs

You’ll find Corelle Dinnerware on eBay or in Big W (look out for when it goes on sale).

➤ eBayFrom $27.95 AUD
Corelle Dinnerware →

Collapsible Rubbish Bin

Navigator Collapsible Bins

No matter where you go, unfortunately, it’s inevitable that the rubbish will continue to accumulate. While caravanning and camping, it’s essential to have a good rubbish bin to store your waste until you can get to a proper bin.

The Navigator Collapsible Bins (pictured above) are great and can work for both the car and the caravan.

They come in two sizes, the smaller 40cm high bin, which holds a 32L bin liner, plus the 60cm high bin, which can hold an 82L liner.

15 Caravan Bin Ideas →

Finding the right bin to fit your space can be tricky! Check out the article above for a variety of different ideas to see what will work best for you.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $55 AUD
Rubbish Bins →
Adventure AwaitsFrom $59.95 AUD
Navigator Collapsible Bins →
eBayFrom $6.99 AUD
Camping Rubbish Bins →

Insulated Travel Mugs & Tumblers

Travel Cups & Mugs

When you’re packing mugs and glasses into your caravan there are a few things to consider. The first is, “are these going to break?” followed closely with, “how much do these things weigh?”

With insulated mugs and tumblers, you don’t have to worry about any of that, giving them a worthy spot on the must have caravan gadgets list.

They’re lightweight, come with a lid (handy for drinks travelling in the fridge) and being stainless steel means that they won’t break. Plus, they come in a range of funky colours, so each family member can have one of their own!

➤ Adventure AwaitsFrom $16.95 AUD
Insulated Mugs & Tumblers →

Smartspace Cookware

Smartspace Pots with Lids
Smartspace Pots with Lids

I can tell you from experience that circular pots and pans are too large and just not the right size for a small caravan stovetop. I would often find myself only using one burner at a time because that’s all I had the space for, particularly if I was using a wok.

The Smartspace pots are a great invention, which are perfectly designed for being able to use alongside each other on a caravan or camper stovetop.

When it comes to storage, they all stack inside one another (with silicone mat separators), saving loads of space in the caravan kitchen cupboard.

Smartspace Pots Kit:

  • 3 Smartspace Pots (2.8L, 1.9L & 1.4L) with matching lids
  • 3 Teflon Mats (for benchtop use)
  • 1 Detachable Handle
  • Compatible with Smartspace Frying Pan
➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $250 AUD
Smartspace Pots →
eBayFrom $310 AUD
Smartspace Pots →
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EXTERIOR Caravan Accessories

Outdoor Matting

Outdoor Flooring Mat

Having outdoor matting is an absolutely essential caravan accessory. Although we’d all love to be camping on beautiful, lush green grass all the time, that’s just not the reality in Australia.

A large piece of outdoor flooring that is the same length as your awning will be perfect to use on grass, dirt, sand and even prickles. All of the camping mats are designed for the sand and dirt to fall right through them.

Outdoor matting also saves your caravan floor from getting so dirty – they’re worth the investment.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $52 AUD
Annex Matting →
eBayFrom $35 AUD
Annex Matting →

Awning Privacy Screen

Awning Privacy Screen

We were lucky that our caravan came with an Awning Privacy Screen and End Wall, because I don’t know if we would have bought them otherwise. However, even though we only used them occasionally, they were so valuable for those times that we did need them!

I definitely recommend adding a Privacy Screen to your caravan must have accessories list.

Benefits of an Awning Privacy Screen:

  • Privacy in overcrowded camp sites
  • Shade and protection from the elements (sun, wind, rain)
  • Helps to define your campsite, especially during busy periods
Caravan RV CampingFrom $45 AUD
Privacy Screens →
eBayFrom $45 AUD
Privacy Screens →

Straps & Pegs

Ratchet Straps
Sand Tent Pegs

It’s essential to have a few items handy to secure your awning down during windy times. In fact, you may have a perfectly calm morning and come back to camp to find it blowing a gale, by which time it’s too risky to pull the awning in. Sometimes, tying your awning down can save you a lot of headaches later on.

Items for Tying an Awning Down:

  • Guy Ropes & Springs (or Ratchet Straps)
  • Sand Pegs (for soft ground)
  • Metal Pegs (for hard ground)
➤ eBayFrom $8.99 AUD
Guy Ropes & Springs →
Ground Pegs →

Fold-up Step

Caravan Step Stool

Although you might not use it every time, having a fold-up step is one of the best caravan accessories to have.

Sometimes the ground can be a very long way from your caravan door and a simple Portable Step is welcome as opposed to having to climb in and out of the van every time. They also double up as a good little happy hour drinks table!

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $59 AUD
Folding Steps →
eBayFrom $37 AUD
Folding Steps →


Portable Clothesline
Pegless Clothesline

You can’t hit the road without some form of a washing line. Even if you don’t have a washing machine onboard, you’ll still find that you’ve got towels and clothing that need to be dried.

There are a few options available, but which one will suit your travel needs is up to you. Click below to have a look through 12 different caravan washing line ideas.

12 RV Washing Line Options →

We opted for the DIY permanent awning clothesline as it was the most compact and useful option for us. In addition, I also had some rope and springs from when I needed more drying space. The Pegless Clothesline would also work well for those situations.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $40 AUD
Caravan & Camping Washing Lines →
Adventure AwaitsFrom $12.95 AUD
Pegless Clothesline →
eBayFrom $39.95 AUD
Caravan Clotheslines →

Smalls Hanger

Stainless Smalls Hanger Clothes Airer
Smalls Hanger

These little Smalls Hangers are perfect for saving prime washing line space. We use them for socks, undies, togs (swimsuits), small kid’s shorts and shirts etc.

Another great thing about the Smalls Hanger is that you can hang it in the shower (or elsewhere in the caravan) while travelling if you’ve got a few wet things that need to be hung up.

I also love that it’s portable, so you can chase the sun with those last few things that still need more time to dry.

➤ eBayFrom $12.95 AUD
Hanging Clothes Airers →

BBQ with a Lid

Weber BBQ

Everyone knows that one of the most popular caravan accessories to have is a good old BBQ.

We’ve got the Weber Q2000, which is the ideal size for a family. You can easily fit two of the Weber fry pans side-by-side, one for meat, the other for veggies.

The best thing about having a BBQ with a lid (like a Weber or Ziggy) is that it can also double up as an oven, making them a very versatile accessory.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $45 AUD
Caravan BBQs →
eBayFrom $389 AUD
Weber BBQs →

Reusable BBQ Mat


I reckon these reusable BBQ Mats are one of the best caravan gadgets that not everyone is aware of.

BBQ Mats are great for using on your own BBQ to keep your grill or plate clean. Plus, they’re perfect for when you want to use public BBQs, because let’s face it, they can get pretty dirty. When you use a BBQ Mat, you’ll know that your cooking surface is 100% clean and that you won’t need to clean the BBQ afterwards.

When you’re done, just wipe the mat with a damp cloth or throw it into the sink with some soapy water.

➤ eBayFrom $4.95 AUD
BBQ Mats →



If you ask us what our number one ‘must have’ caravanning accessory is, we’ll hands down tell you that it’s our BBQARM!

It has massively simplified our set-up and pack-up time as well as decreasing how much ‘stuff’ we need to carry.

Full BBQARM Review →

Our BBQARM Arm lives on the side of our van permanently, we just swing it away for travel and slip the tray off to be stored in the tunnel boot. No clunky tables or stands are necessary for the BBQ.

** 5% OFF Discount Code ‘MYRIG’ **From $199 AUD
Kits & Accessories →

Camping Chairs

Camp Chair

The humble Camping Chair is a rather obvious ‘must have’ item on the best caravan gadgets list, but deserves a spot nonetheless.

I will mention that it’s worth investing in good quality camping chairs for each member of the family. When you’re travelling, the camp chairs become very well-used dining chairs and lounge chairs rolled into one.

Remember, the poor man pays twice. Invest in decent Camp Chairs from the beginning.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $60 AUD
Quality Camp Chairs →
eBayFrom $35.99 AUD
Camping Chairs →

Caravan Packing List

Caravan Packing List

Never forget a thing with the ULTIMATE Caravan Packing List!

  • Pre-filled with 600+ items
  • 17 categories
  • ‘Weight’ column (to organise payload)
  • PRINTABLE – fully customisable
  • DIGITAL – completely interactive
  • Download once, use it over-and-over

Levelling Ramps & Chocks

Levelling Ramps

As much as we’d like to think that campgrounds are nice and level, they’re not. Pretty well the only place you can guarantee that you won’t need Levelling Ramps and Chocks is in a well-maintained Caravan Park.

So, if you’re planning on bush camping, free camping, low cost camping, Showground camping or any other camping besides Caravan Parks, you’ll want to get yourself a set of Levelling Ramps and Chocks.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $34 AUD
Levelling Ramps & Chocks →
eBayFrom $49.95 AUD
Levelling Ramps →

DO35 Hitch

DO35 Hitch

The Cruisemaster DO35 Hitch is the most popular caravanning hitch on the market today and with good reason.

This hitch allows for high articulation in all directions, which makes sure that the trailer always follows you in any terrain. The high articulation also offers safety on the road in the case of an accident. If the caravan flips, the articulated hitch can prevent the car from flipping with it.

Another reputable brand is McHitch, but Cruisemaster seem to be the most popular.

CruisemasterFrom $460 AUD
Caravan RV Camping: Cruisemaster DO35 →
eBay: Cruisemaster DO35 →

Hitch Lock

Cruisemaster DO35 Hitch Lock
Hitch Lock
Hitch Lock

Another of the most popular items for your caravan accessories list is a Hitch Lock to secure your caravan coupling and prevent theft.

13 Caravan Security Tips →

If you want to feel secure in knowing that when you unhitch no one is going to reverse up and take off with your caravan, then you need to lock it up every time.

Which lock you buy is entirely dependent on your style of hitch, so make sure you get the correct one for your set-up.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $50 AUD
Hitch Locks →

Water Jerry Can

Water Jerry Can
Blue Water Jerry can

It’s extremely important to always have spare drinking water with you while travelling in Australia. We live in a hot, dry country and you don’t want to get caught without enough drinkable water.

Even if you go from one Caravan Park to another, there is the possibility of breaking down on the side of the road and having to wait a long time for help.

If you’re like us and Free Camp a lot, then carrying as much spare water as you can is a must.

Where to Find Water While Travelling →

We’ve also had multiple occasions where air locks in the caravan water pump were preventing us from accessing our water from the tanks. At least with a spare 20L water jerry can with us at all times, we didn’t have to stress about not having adequate drinking water in the interim.

🔵 BLUE & CLEAR are the universal colours to use for WATER CONTAINERS

➤ eBayFrom $12.99 AUD
Blue Water Jerry Cans →
Collapsible Water Containers →

Water Bladder

Water Bladders

Have you ever found yourself at a ripper Free Camp and you really don’t want to leave but… your water is running out?

Well, you can really extend your off-grid camping stays with a simple water bladder.

We had a long 150L water bladder, which we found on eBay. It fitted perfectly across the back floor when we needed to fill it up (the kids just put their feet on top of it or crossed their legs). The rest of the time it was stored rolled up in the back of the car.

Between the 150L bladder and 20L water jerry can, we could top up our tanks with an extra 170L of water, which could stretch our stay out for another few days if need be.

➤ eBayFrom $58 AUD
Water Bladders →

Hose Bag

Hose Bag

Hoses can be a pain in the butt to store, but these handy Hose Bags keep them all organised. You could have one for your drinking water hose and another for the grey water hose, just to keep things sanitary, clean and orderly.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $21 AUD
Hose Bags →
➤ eBayFrom $14.95 AUD
Hose Bags →

Assorted Tap Fittings & Hose Connections

Spare Tap Fittings for filling water tanks

Most taps that you encounter while travelling Australia will not have fittings or connections available for you to use. And if they do, people will unfortunately knock them off.

Be prepared and make sure you’ve got a variety of your own tap fittings and hose connections for any occasion. Chances are you’ll leave yours behind somewhere at least once along the way and probably not even realise until you go to fill up your tanks again in another town!

➤ eBayFrom $12 AUD
Tap Fittings & Connections →

Inline Water Filter

Inline Water Filter

Although most drinking water in Australia is pretty good, you just never know when you’re going to get a batch of water that could give you a tummy bug. Things happen and the water quality in each town is different.

It’s best to filter your water on the way in to your tanks with an Inline Water Filter. Grab a 2-pack so you’ve always got a spare on hand.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $77 AUD
Caravan Water Filters →
➤ eBayFrom $19.95 AUD
Inline Water Filters →

Bike Rack

Caravan Bike Rack
Fiamma Bike Rack

If you’re in the position of ordering a caravan brand new and you plan on using a bike rack, I’d recommend getting it installed from the get-go. Fiamma Bike Racks (as pictured above) need to be installed behind the wall during the build process.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be taking bikes travelling with you, bike racks are a great selling point as most people are looking for them (especially in bunk vans). If you’ve got kids, they make life much simpler!

Spare Wheel Bike Rack Carrier
Spare Tyre Bike Carrier
Should You Pack the Bikes When You Travel? →

If your caravan doesn’t have a bike rack installed, a great secondary option is a Spare Tyre Bike Carrier (pictured above). We used one of these for the kids’ bikes and put the adult bikes up the top on the Fiamma rack.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $105 AUD
Bike Racks →
eBayFrom $119 AUD
Spare Tyre Bike Carrier →

Combination Locks

Combination Bike Locks

It’s super handy to have one or two combination bike locks, not just for the obvious (locking up bikes), but for locking up other items too. If we’re going out for the day and feel like we need to, we’ll throw a few of these locks around our table, chairs, BBQ and solar panels.

Sure they’re not 100% fool proof, someone could just cut through them, but it’s going to take them time and the lock provides a good deterrent. At least no one can just pick up your chairs and keep walking in a hurry.

➤ eBayFrom $10.99 AUD
Combination Locks →
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POWER Caravan Accessories

12 Volt System

Battery Set-up

Caravans these days are coming out standard with good 12 volt battery systems, which is fantastic. But if yours doesn’t have that and you want to be able to camp off-grid for longer and not have to stress about your power, invest in a good quality 12 volt system.

You’ll want a couple of quality solar panels, plenty of battery storage and a battery management system.

I’d say we were heavy power users. We were regularly charging two laptops, two tablets, two phones and power tool batteries, plus running a washing machine daily – all through our 12 volt system.

Our 12 volt Power System:

  • SOLAR PANELS – 450 watts of permanent panels on the roof
  • BATTERIES – 330 amp hours of Lead Crystal Batteries (3 x 110 ah batteries)
  • BATTERY CHARGER – Redarc BCDC 1240D 3-stage Battery Charger (automatically chooses best power source)
  • CHARGER – 60 amp Enerdrive 3-bank Multi-stage Charger (for when plugged into 240 volt only)
  • INVERTER – 350 watt Redarc Inverter (for plugging 240 volt items into)
  • BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – BM-1 Battery Management System with digital gauge (to keep an eye on storage and usage)

We got our entire system upgraded by Jamies Touring Solutions on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We’ve been so happy with our set-up and have never once run out of power. I fully recommend getting any solar installs and upgrade done professionally as it’s just not worth being in the middle of nowhere with power issues.

Under the bed is a generator that we’ve only ever used once… and that was to test and make sure it’d run the air conditioner. That was 2 years ago and we’ve never had to use it since.

Because no one makes friends with a generator…

Yes, generators have their place, but with a good 12 volt system you shouldn’t really have need of one unless it’s a case of emergency or extreme weather.

➤ Caravan RV CampingFrom $255 AUD
Solar Panels →
Batteries →
Battery Chargers →
Inverters →
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Portable Solar Panel

Portable Solar Panel

Although we’ve just covered having a good permanent solar setup, an addition to your caravan gadgets list is a Portable Solar Panel.

We use our portable panel most days, when we’re not driving, to maintain the auxiliary battery in the car, which runs the fridge.

Another benefit to carrying a portable solar panel is that (if you have an extra Anderson Plug wired up) you can plug it into your caravan to help give your van batteries a boost on overcast days.

Some people like fold-up panels, while others prefer solar blankets. The choice really comes down to storage space and personal preference. 

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Portable Solar Panels →
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12 Volt USB Charger Outlets

USB Charger 12v

These 12 volt USB Charger Outlets that slip into cigarette lighter sockets are an essential caravan accessory. While newer caravans and vehicles come standard with USB charging points, the less recent ones will only have the 12v lighter sockets.

With so many devices on hand that need charging, these little guys are worth their weight in gold.

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Starlink Pole Mount

BBQARM Starlink Telescopic RV Pole
BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount

Moving forward with travel, it’s becoming increasingly important for people to have access to high-speed internet, where ever they roam. Whether it’s for work, study, entertainment or communication in case of emergency.

This is why Starlink Satellite Internet is growing in popularity. However, the snag with using Starlink is that the satellite dish must have a clear view of the sky in order to connect with passing satellites that are orbiting above.

Oftentimes, getting the dish above the caravan (provided there are no trees too close) is a secure way to mount the dish, as well as maintain good reception.

BBQARM is a leader in the market when it comes to offering a very secure and solid Starlink Pole Mount if that’s the style of internet you’re going for.

You can read all about how the BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount works, as well as step-by-step photos of how easy it is to assemble.

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SAFETY Caravan Accessories

Alarms (Smoke & Carbon Monoxide)

Smoke Alarm
Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

The first items that you need for your caravanning safety accessories list is a Smoke Alarm and a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Carbon monoxide is created when fuels such as gas, oil, coal and wood don’t burn properly. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in enclosed spaces that aren’t ventilated properly and if there is a carbon monoxide leak present. Cases of this happening are rare, but not impossible, hence why it’s important to have a detector installed. Detection is impossible without an alarm as you will not be able to see or smell the gas if it’s present.

I think we all know the importance of having a smoke alarm inside the caravan on the ceiling.

These two little devices could quite possibly save you and your family’s lives one day, so make them a priority and remember to regularly check the batteries in them.

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Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket

Fire Extinguisher
Fire Blanket

Having a Fire Extinguisher fitted in your caravan is absolutely essential. All vans should come with one by law, but it pays to check that you definitely have an in-date Fire Extinguisher, that’s in an easy-to-grab location. They’re usually placed by the caravan entry door

An extra worthwhile addition is a Fire Blanket. They don’t ever expire (unless they’ve been used) and are a much easier way to put out a spot fire, rather than making a mess with the Fire Extinguisher.

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First Aid Kit

Survival Travel First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kits are jam-packed full of all the gear for a whole range of medical situations that may arise during your travels around Australia.

You can easily make your own First Aid Kit, but unless you’re a medical professional, there will likely be things that you’ll miss. Here are 40+ items to include in your DIY caravan first aid kit, otherwise opt for a ready-made one.

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VEHICLE Caravan Accessories

Let’s be honest, caravanning is not just about the caravan. It’s actually largely about your tow vehicle and having the right set up to get your caravan to its destination. There are quite a few accessories for the car side of things. Some are pretty well essential in this day in age, such as towing mirrors, but not everything here is a ‘must have’ accessory.

Towing Mirrors

Towing Mirrors

Another ‘must have’ caravan accessory are the all important Towing Mirrors, which are a legal requirement. There are a variety on the market these days, so do your research and find the best ones for your situation.

10+ Types of Towing Mirrors →

We’ve got the permanent Clearview Mirrors, which are the best on the market for full-time and long-term travellers. If you only need towing mirrors occasionally when you go away on holidays, then removable ones are the way to go.

Types of Towing Mirrors:

  • Clamp-on
  • Strap-on
  • Ratchet-style
  • Suction Cup
  • Clearview & similar (permanent)
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Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera

Let’s face it, having a Reversing Camera is one of the perks of this modern age. They make life on the road heaps easier!

Some people have a Reversing Camera on the rear of the car, to help with hitching up. Others also have an additional Reversing Camera on the rear of the caravan for increased visibility when reversing into camps and parking the van.

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UHF Radio (In Cab)

UHF Radio

A UHF Radio is an absolute must have gadget for caravanning! A proper in-car UHF Radio will have a far longer range than the simple hand-held UHFs.

Here’s full guide to UHFs for travelling Australia, including a channels list.

Reasons to have a UHF:

  • Other drivers on the road can contact you
  • You can contact other drivers
  • Truck Drivers can communicate with you while they’re overtaking
  • You can hear when there are Oversized Loads coming your way
  • Listen out for local information on the road that may be relevant to you
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Handheld UHF

Handheld UHF

Also known as “Relationship Savers!”

I know, we’ve just covered UHFs, right? It’s true, a proper UHF inside the vehicle is one of the best caravan accessories you can invest in for both safety and communication.

However, it’s handy to also have a handheld UHF in addition to the in-car unit.

Handheld UHFs are humorously known as “relationship savers” on the road. If you don’t want to be that couple that’s yelling instructions at each other while trying to reverse into the campsite, invest in a handheld UHF.

One person can be outside of the car talking through the handheld, while the other person can be inside the car communicating with them via the in-car UHF Radio.

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Car Fridge/ Freezer

Car Fridge/ Freezer

While you can survive without a spare fridge in the back of the car, they do make life heaps easier as you can store so much more in the way of food and drinks.

When travelling around Australia, it’s important to note that once you get into more remote locations, grocery stores can be scarce. Having the ability to stock up when you can means that you’re able to travel for longer.

Benefits of a Car Fridge/ Freezer:

  • Use it as the drinks fridge
  • Use it as a deep freezer
  • Use it for extra fridge space
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Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Having your own onboard Air Compressor is so handy while travelling Australia.

It gives you the ability to pump up your tyres once you come off a corrugated track without needing to find a Service Station. They’re also great for pumping up the bike tyres.

If you’re thinking of installing Air Bag Suspension in your tow vehicle, then having an onboard Air Compressor will be a must have accessory.

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Fuel Jerry Can

Fuel Jerry Can

No one wants to be stuck between Petrol Stations without fuel while travelling in Australia. It’s important to always carry spare fuel, particularly in rural and outback regions where fuel stations are a lot further apart.

We’ve been in situations before where we’ve hit a headwind or a mountain range that we weren’t aware of and you basically watch the fuel disappear before your eyes! It’s better to be prepared and never have to use it than to have regrets.

Legalities of Carrying Fuel on the BACK of a Caravan →
Standard Recognised Fuel Container COLOURS
🔴RED = Unleaded
🟡 ⚫️YELLOW/ BLACK = Diesel
🔵 ⚪️BLUE/ CLEAR = Water

The Jerry Can definitely is one of the most popular caravan accessories and for good reason!

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Dirty Gear Bag

Navigator Wheel Bin Buddy

The final item on our must have caravan gadgets list is the Dirty Gear Bag (aka Spare Wheel Bag).

They have so many uses like storing the rubbish and recycling until you can get to a proper bin, or stashing away dirty gear like straps, levelling ramps & wheel chocks. We’ve also been known to throw sandy kid’s toys in there as well.

Dirty Gear Bags easily strap over any spare tyre, whether it’s on the back of the car or the caravan.

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That wraps up my list of most popular caravan accessories and gadgets worth having for most caravanners. Let us know in the comments down below if you can recommend anything else.

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16 thoughts on “51 Must Have Caravan Accessories & Gadgets (Most Popular)”

  1. Hi Emma,
    We are planning to buy a caravan in the near future and take of to warmer areas when it is winter here. Reading up on lots of stuff like batteries, powerstation, inverters and generators. This article sofar is the best I have seen concerning day to day living and what you need for it. Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jos. All the best with your upcoming adventures. Many Southerners seem to migrate north in the winter, so you’ll find plenty of others on the road at that time to enjoy campfire chats with.

  2. Hi Emma…
    I was going to buy a small caravan, now need a much bigger one now after all the goodies you have opened my mind too:)))
    Cannot wait to start my adventure.

  3. Great list Emma! We are just starting to get a list of accessories to buy and take with us…it does seem never-ending!
    We’ll definitely taking bikes and a washing machine.

    1. Thanks. I know, there’s just so much to think about, even though you’re trying to keep things as minimalist as possible. It can feel like a complete paradox at times.

  4. This was a fascinating read! I think I was most surprised to see that you have a laundry machine, but I could totally see that cost adding up over time (plus it just being very inconvenient to always have to use a washer that isn’t yours). I think I might have to get one of those Australia scratch maps, it looks really nice! Also interesting to learn that carbon monoxide is a danger in caravans just like in homes.

    1. It’s totally inconvenient having to lug your washing to a Laundromat. Then you’ve got to sit around waiting for it as well. Wouldn’t be without my own.

  5. I would definitely get the washing machine too especially since it saves you money in the long run. Plus I don’t like having other people do my laundry. Growing up in Japan, I’m accustomed to hanging my clothes to dry (we didn’t have a dryer) so that part of doing laundry is normal to me 🙂 Having a fridge also seems like something I must have as well.

    1. We’re the same in Australia. Being such a sunny country, we all hang our own washing out to dry. In fact I quite enjoy it (it’s kind of therapeutic). Definitely need a fridge!

  6. This post proved how ignorant I am about RVing haha. I had no idea they made portable washing machines!! I bet that would save a lot of trouble and money if you’re living on the road though.

  7. We full-time RV’d across North America for 8 years so we pretty had all of these things…but different brands! We would have preferred many of the branded items but opted for cheaper stuff that gave us a lot of problems along the way.”

  8. That’s quite a list! We used to have an RV a while back but we maintained it with our backpacking equipment, so it was rather spare. Though we did have a proper fridge and stove, that made quite a difference. We are now looking for a 4WD so there are a few things we will need to get in addition to our camping gear. Oh, and I had to laugh about “Because no one makes friends with a generator”. As campers in the summer night, hearing the generators over the crickets was for sure a bummer.

    1. Simple really is better. There’s no way you’d never every single thing on this list, but it’s a good base to start building ideas from. Even having a fridge and stove feels amazing – it’s the simple things!

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