Caravan & Camping First Aid Kit Checklist

🧰 Caravan & Camping First Aid Kit Checklist (40+ Items)

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Here we share with you the essential items that should be included in every caravan or camping First Aid Kit for travelling around Australia, plus lots of additional items, which could potentially come in handy.

Australia can be one vast and dangerous land to road trip if you don’t have a comprehensive First Aid Kit for your caravan and camping adventures. In fact, we travel with multiple Caravan First Aid Kits – spread out across the caravan, car and hiking pack.

A well-stocked First Aid Kit will be your first port of call for any personal injuries during a camping trip or road trip, whether it be minor or major. If medical help is not just around the corner, then having the right tools on hand may just save someone’s life or prevent a bad situation.

The good thing is that you don’t need to make your own kit, there are plenty of ready-made ones available these days.

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Ambulance Cover for Travelling Oz →

I am not a medical professional by any means. This list has been built as a guide only, drawing on my experience as a long-term traveller. Please seek professional advice for up-to-date guidelines.

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Caravan First Aid Kit ESSENTIALS

The First Aid Kit items that we’ve listed here are basic essentials for your caravan road trip around Australia. It’s important to keep these items all together in an ‘easy to access’ bag that you can quickly grab in an emergency.

Antiseptic Wipes

The easiest way to clean any wound straight up is with Antiseptic Wipes. You don’t want those cuts or wounds to get infected, so a good wipe will keep the area clean. Antiseptic Wipes are also handy for cleaning medical instruments for next time. Needless to say, these guys are definite essentials for your caravan First Aid Kit checklist.


A variety of bandages are essential items to add to your caravan First Aid Kit checklist. Each injury and medical situation is different, so you really don’t know which bandages will work best for the situation until you’re in the thick of it.

Bandages can be used for many situations:

  • Stabilising breaks & sprains
  • Immobilising snake & spider bites
  • Wrapping wounds
  • Holding dressings in place

You should have at least two of a few different types of bandages – 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm. Plus, you’ll also need about three triangular bandages on your caravan First Aid Kit checklist.

Triangular Bandage

Variety of Bandages (eBay) →

Disposable Gloves

Wearing gloves are essential to help keep open wounds clean, as well as protecting yourself from potential infections and diseases. They are a ‘must have’ for your caravan First Aid Kit checklist.


Gauze is one of the most versatile First Aid Kit items because it can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Applying pressure to wounds
  • Cleaning cuts, scrapes and wounds
  • Soaking up blood & clotting bleeds
  • Use as a wound cover (secure with tape)
  • Keeps dirt out of a clean wound until you can get medical attention

Saline Solution

You will definitely need Saline Solution (sterile water) in your caravan First Aid Kit. It has many uses, including cleaning and flushing out wounds and flushing out eyes.

Saline Solution

Saline Solution 20mL Pods (eBay) →

Scissors/ Trauma Shears

A little pair of sharp, stainless steel scissors are an essential item for your caravan First Aid Kit checklist. Stainless steel won’t harbour germs and can be easily sterilised after use, ready to go back in your kit for next time.

Ideally though, Trauma Shears are better to have than general scissors. With Trauma Shears, you can easily and quickly cut through clothing, tape and bandages etc. Because they’ve got a blunt end, there is no risk of accidentally cutting the patient.

Snake Bite Bandages

It’s pretty common knowledge that Australia has a pretty solid reputation for being ‘land of the snakes.’ In fact, out of our 170 snake species, 100 of them are venomous!

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with a snake bite, you will need to apply a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage (a.k.a ‘Snake Bite Bandage’) quick smart.

If you only have normal bandages on hand, they will do the job as well, you’ve just got to remember to pull the bandage firm as you apply it (but not too tight that you cut off the patient’s circulation).

Snake Bite Bandage

As you’re applying the bandage, make sure the little rectangles on the bandage stretch out to be squares – that way you now you’ve applied the right amount of pressure.

One (SMART) Snake Bite Bandage bandage should be enough for an adult limb, but you can stock two if you like.

▶️ VIDEO: Applying a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage

Here’s a great little video showing you how to use the SMART Pressure Immobilisation Bandage on a snake bite.

It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself occasionally on how to use it, you never know when you might need to pull out this tidbit of knowledge.

Note: Pressure Immobilisation Bandages can also be used for:

  • Funnel Web Spider bites
  • Blue-Ringed Octopus stings
  • Cone Shell stings

*DO NOT use for any other bites or stings.

Surgical Tape

Adhesive Surgical Tape is another essential First Aid item for obvious reasons. You can use it to close up wounds in a pinch, secure dressings and so on.


The Tweezers that come standard in First Aid Kits are ideal as they will be stainless steel that can easily be sterilised. Along with that, they will be the perfect shape for getting out splinters and debris easily, resulting in less pain for the patient.

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Caravan First Aid Kit EXTRAS

Now that you’ve got your absolute essentials for your caravan First Aid Kit checklist, it’s time to add in some additional extras.

Remember, there’s no point having your kit stocked to the hills if you don’t know how to use the stuff. You’ll just end up feeling overwhelmed in an emergency situation, which is less than ideal. Keep it fairly simple and don’t forget to restock your supplies after you’ve used them.

The items that we’ve listed here are more ‘every day’ items, so you can keep them in a box/ bag under the bed or in a handy cabinet in the caravan.

TIP: Remember to regularly check the expiry dates on medications and first aid items.

Aloe Vera

Gel or spray to apply to sunburnt skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Spray (eBay) →


To treat insect bites and mild allergic reactions (cream + tablets).



To ease muscle pain, strains and sprains.

Advil Anti-inflammatory


Cream or ointment for preventing wound infection (like Bepanthen or Betadine). Good for minor skin irritations.


For reducing pain, fever or inflammation, you can use Aspirin. It’s a good remedy for toothaches, muscle aches, headaches and a cold.


Aspirin (eBay) →


Variety of sizes for small cuts, scratches and wounds.

Band Aids

Band-Aids (eBay) →

Burn Cream

For minor and first degree burns. Provides pain relief and helps the healing process.

Burn Cream

Burn Cream (eBay) →

Calamine Lotion

It’s always handy to have some Calamine Lotion on hand to treat itches and dry out oozy wounds.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion (eBay) →

Cling Wrap

Can be used as a make-shift bandage to cover wounds or use to splint limbs.

Cling Wrap

Cling Wrap (eBay) →

Cold & Flu Tablets

Good for when you’re seriously under the weather and good old rest just isn’t cutting it (especially if it’s a travel day and you’re feeling really crappy).

Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu Tablets (eBay) →

Cold Packs

Instant cold packs reduce swelling and pain.

Duct Tape

Multiple uses in an emergency situation.

Eye Wash

For dry eyes or if you’ve got something that needs to be flushed out of the eye.

Eye Wash

Eye Wash Kit (eBay) →


Gastro generally needs to run its course to heal your body. But sometimes you just need to stop or lessen the symptoms.

Hand Sanitiser

Good for quickly sanitising your hands before treating a wound.

Dettol Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser (eBay) →

Heat Packs

Instant heat packs are good when you need quick heat for pain relief. Wheat Bags and Hot Water Bottles are a better long-term solution.


Rapid rehydration following excessive sun/ heat exposure, fever or illness. Comes in a powder form (mix with water), as a pre-made drink or in ice-blocks.


Hydralyte (eBay) →

Insect Repellent

A spray or cream to prevent midge and mozzie bites.

Notebook & Pen

To write down notes in case of emergency so that you can pass on vital information to medical staff and emergency workers.

Pain Relief Medication

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen & Aspirin (for kids and adults).


Paracetamol & Ibuprofen (eBay) →

Prescription Medication

Any regular prescriptions (including Epipen, Asthma Puffers etc.) that you and your family need.


Resuscitation Mask

Provides a safe barrier between first aider and the patient (with mouth piece).

Resuscitation Mask

Resuscitation Mask (eBay) →

Safety Pins

For securing bandages and slings.

SAM Splint

Flexible, mouldable split boasting versatility.

Sterile Adhesive Dressings

Variety of sizes to dress different sized wounds (adhesive gauze pads).


Minimise pain, itch and irritation.


An Australian caravan First Aid Kit essential! The higher the SPF the better.

Super Glue

Use it to close wounds. Pinch wound edges together and dab some on the cut.

Super Glue

Super Glue (eBay) →

Thermal Blanket

To hold in body heat and reduce shock.


Under arm or ear thermometer for when fevers arise (especially in children).


Thermometer (eBay) →

Throat Lozenges

Soothers or Butter Menthols for a dry, sore throat.

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Ready-Made First Aid Kits

The best way to make sure you’ve got a good, comprehensive camping First Aid Kit for your travels around Australia is to buy a ready-made one. It will seriously take the stress out of wondering if you’ve got the right stuff by simply letting the professionals do the work.

There are plenty of options on the market, but you can’t go wrong if you stick to well-known companies, such as St John and Survival.

We’ve included a good range of ready-made First Aid Kits here that will suit a range of different scenarios during your caravan or camping road trip.

Snake Bite Kit

A complete First Aid Kit to respond to Australian snake bites, funnel web spider bites and cone shell stings.

Snake Bite First Aid Kit
1 x Cotton Gauze Swabs – 3 pack (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)Permanent Marker
1 x Emergency Blanket (2.1 m x 1.6 m)1 x Pressure Bandage (10 cm x 1.8 m)
2 x Gloves2 x SMART Bandages (10 cm x 1.8 m)
Instruction Cards + Bite Record Register1 x Splint (11 cm x 61 cm)
  • Weight: 555 grams
  • Dimensions: 18 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm

Handy First Aid Kit (small)

The smaller Handy First Aid Kit is a good one to have in your vehicle or hiking pack.

Survival Handy First Aid Kit
20 x Adhesive DressingsNote Pad & Pencil
Adhesive Tape2 x Safety Pins
Bandage Sheers1 x Saline Solution (30 ml)
3 x Cotton Gauze Swabs (7.5 cm 7.5 cm)1 x Skin Cleaning Wipes
CPR Card1 x SMART Bandage (10 cm x 2 m)
CPR Kit (Resuscitation Mask, Gloves, Skin Cleaning Wipes)5 x Splinter Probes
1 x Emergency Blanket1 x Triangular Bandage (96 cm x 96 cm x 136 cm)
First Aid BookletTweezers
1 x Gloves3 x Wound Closures
  • Weight: Just under 500 grams
  • Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 18 cm
➕ HANDY First Aid Kits (eBay) →

Travel First Aid Kit (medium)

The Travel First Aid Kit has been specifically designed with outdoor enthusiasts and campers in mind. Included in this kit is a dedicated Bites & Stings kit, which is definitely a ‘must have’ for a caravan road trip in Australia.

Survival Travel First Aid Kit
1 x Instant Ice Pack2 x SMART Snake Bite Bandages
2 x Saline Solution (30 ml)1 x Tick Removal Spoon
1 x Sewing Kit
50 x Adhesive Dressings3 x Non-adherent Wound Dressing (5 cm x 5 cm)
Adhesive Tape1 x Non-adherent Wound Dressing (7.5 cm x 10 cm)
Bandage SheersNote Pad & Pencil
2 x Cotton Gauze Swabs (3-packs – 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)3 x Plastic Bags
CPR Card6 x Saftey Pins
CPR Kit (Resuscitation Mask, Gloves, Skin Cleaning Wipes)2 x Saline Solution (30 ml)
Emergency Blanket3 x Skin Cleaning Wipes
2 x Eye Pads1 x SMART Pressure Bandage (10 cm x 2 m)
Fever Scan Strip 1 x Splinter Probes (5-pack)
First Aid Booklet 1 x Triangular Bandage (96 cm x 96 cm x 136 cm)
1 x Gloves 1 x Tweezers
1 x Heavy Duty Bandage (10 cm x 1.8 m)1 x Wound Closures (3-pack)
5 x Hydro Gel (3.5 ml sachets )1 x Wound Dressings (No 14 medium)
  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Dimensions: 21 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm
TRAVEL First Aid Kits (eBay) →

Home First Aid Kit (large)

The large Home First Aid Kit is one of the most comprehensive kits, which will set you up really well. Although it’s great for the home or workplace, it also serves really well as a fully-stocked caravan and camping First Aid Kit.

Survival Home First Aid Kit
50 x Adhesive Dressings6 x Non-adherent Wound Dressing (5 cm x 5 cm)
Adhesive Tape3 x Non-adherent Wound Dressing (7.5 cm x 10 cm)
2 x Antiseptic Wound Care (30 ml)1 x Non-adherent Wound Dressing (10 cm x 10 cm)
Bandage SheersNote Pad & Pencil
1 x Combine Dressing (10 cm x 20 cm)3 x Plastic Bags
3 x Conforming Bandage (5 cm x 1.8 m)1 x Pressure Bandage (10 cm x 1.8 m)
3 x Conforming Bandage (7.5 cm x 1.8 m)6 x Safety Pins
5 x Cotton Gauze Swabs (3-pack, 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)4 x Saline Solution (30 ml)
CPR Card10 x Skin Cleaning Wipes
CPR Kit (Resuscitation Mask, Gloves, Skin Cleaning Wipes)1 x SMART Bandage (10 cm x 2 m)
Emergency Blanket10 Splinter Probes (5-pack)
4 x Eye Pads2 x Triangular Bandage (96 cm x 96 cm x 136 cm)
3 x Fever Scan Strip1 x Tweezers
First Aid Booklet3 x Wound Closures (3-pack)
4 x Gloves1 x Wound Dressing (No 14 medium)
5 x Hydro Gel (3.5 ml sachets)1 x Wound Dressing (No 15 large)
Instant Ice Pack
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 27 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm
HOME First Aid Kits (eBay) →
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Where to Store Your First Aid Kit/s

It’s pretty much a given that a single First Aid Kit just isn’t going to cut it for your caravan or camping road trips. Most people stock multiple First Aid Kits to serve a variety of purposes.

TIP: All First Aid Kits should be stored in clear and easy-to-grab locations.

EMERGENCY First Aid Kits

As a rule of thumb, you should have at least two ‘Emergency’ First Aid Kits:

  1. One for your caravan
  2. One for your car

Additional First Aid Kits to also consider:

  1. Snake Bite Kit (alternatively, you can add 1 – 2 SMART Bandages to your existing kits)
  2. Compact First Aid Kit (for your hiking pack)

EVERYDAY First Aid Supplies

Since you shouldn’t need to access your Emergency First Aid Kits very often, it’s much more convenient to keep your everyday medical items in a cupboard or separate bag/ box in the caravan.

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Extra Caravan & Camping Safety Items

While we’re on the topic of caravanning and safety, it’s not just medical supplies that are necessary when you head off the beaten track. Here are a few other items that you may need to add to your caravan First Aid Kit checklist.

Fire Extinguisher & Blanket

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher (eBay) →

All new caravans come with Fire Extinguishers these days, but it pays to make sure you’ve got one. We even have one in the car as well (beside the passenger seat), just in case.

Hydration Packs

Hydration Pack

Hydration Packs (eBay) →

If you’re likely to be doing lots of bush walks and hikes, Hydration Packs are the best way to make sure each family member has their own water supply. You can even slip some food and other small supplies into the backpack as well.

Matches (or lighter)


Matches (eBay) →

Matches are always handy when caravanning and camping, mostly for starting a fire for warmth or cooking. Store them in a waterproof bag or container.

Alternatively, you can pack some Flint & Steel (eBay).

Offline Maps

Australia Map

Australia is one vast continent and our data reception here is pretty crap. It’s all good when you’re in major cities and even in small towns (as long as you’re with Telstra). But when you leave the boundaries of the town, you’ll notice the GPS will lose its signal.

Make sure you pre-load your maps for ‘offline use’ before you hit the road.

Paper Maps

HEMA Brisbane to Cairns Map
HEMA Outback NSW Map

While digital maps are fantastic, it’s always good to carry paper hardcopies with you as well. Finding yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere without a direction is not only stressful, but it can also be outright dangerous.

Hema have an extensive range of maps for the various states, territories and regions of Australia.

See all HEMA Maps →

PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) – eBay →

Never heard of a PLB before? It’s basically a safety device to alert search and rescue services of your exact location in the event of emergency. They are recommended for travellers and hikers who venture out beyond where phone reception will reach.

We’ve never had need of one yet, but once we head into really remote areas we’ll definitely add one to our kit.

Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

Satellite Phones allow you to make phone calls beyond where mobile phone reception will go (as they run off satellites). Again, if you’re likely to be travelling through remote Australia, it’s worthwhile to consider getting yourself a Satellite Phone.

Solar Power Bank (+ Charging Cables)

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank (eBay) →

These little Solar Power Banks are super handy for the day pack, if you’re one who is likely to go on long hikes. They’re even good just as a back-up power source to recharge your phone off-grid.

Torch & Batteries


Torch (eBay) →

Every caravan road trip needs a good torch with plenty of batteries handy. Although we all run off solar these days, there is always a place for the humble torch.

UHF Radio

UHF Radio

UHF Radio (eBay) →

The topic of whether a UHF Radio is essential or not often comes up. If you’re travelling around Australia and planning to get off the main highway, then yes, a UHF is a definite must.

It’s the best way to stay in contact with other drivers on the road, including trucks and oversized load pilots, just to name a few.

Here’s everything you need to know about UHFs for caravanning and camping.



Whistle (eBay) →

A whistle is one of the easiest items you can have in some emergency situations. They make a very loud noise with very little effort if you’re stick or lost and need to be located.

Hopefully, this article has helped with your caravan and camping First Aid Kit checklist stock-up.

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    1. I know how you feel! Spending so much time in more remote areas of Australia really makes you aware of how self-sufficient we need to be. But as you say, I hope we never have to use any of it!

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