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⛺️ 26 Caravan Gifts for Him (Dad, Father’s Day & Birthday ideas)

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Choosing the right present for that bloke in your life can be a mission, whether it’s Father’s Day for Dad, birthday, Christmas or a ‘just because’ gift.

Guys generally love gadgets, tools, toys and things that they can use. However, since caravanning comes with such weight and space limitations, getting it right can be a fine art.

The ideal caravan gifts for him need to be useful, lightweight and bring a smile to his face. Whether he’s a gadget guy, a fisherman, a campfire chef, or prefers to simply relax around camp, this guide has got you covered!

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Caravan Gifts for Him

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

The colourful Aussie-inspired Caravan of Conservation shirts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET). In addition, 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors.

  • 100% Post-consumer Recycle Polyester
  • 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors
  • Collar and long sleeves
  • UPF50+
  • Various colours
  • Kids & adults sizes

Adventure Awaits: Caravan of Conservation Shirts →

Cast Iron Camp Oven

Cast Iron Camp Oven

A quality cast iron camp oven will last forever (if looked after properly), making them an investment caravan gift for him.

Camp ovens are great for cooking roasts, stews and even pies in the hot coals of the campfire.

Caravan RV Camping: Camp Ovens →



The swing-away BBQARM easily connects to the caravan drawbar, rear bar or chassis in just a few minutes.


  • BBQ table
  • Happy hour nibblies table
  • Extra food prep space
  • Workbench for maintenance etc.
  • Fishing bench
5% OFF Code – ‘MYRIG’

BBQARM: Kits & Accessories (use % code above) →

Hose Bag

Hose & Power Lead Bags

Keep the hoses and power leads all nicely organised and compact in individual bags. Especially handy when leads and hoses are wet or dirty.

  • Grey Water Hoses (mesh-topped)
  • Drinking Water Hoses (mesh-topped)
  • Power Leads (clear-topped)

Caravan RV Camping: Hose & Lead Bags →

Tooletries Shave Station

Tooletries Shave Station

With an anti-fog mirror and in-built razor rack, shaving in the caravan shower has never been easier.

The added bonus is not having to pack the razor away for travel, as it will sit nice and snug in its cradle for next time.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Shave Station →

SmartSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor

SmartSense Bluetooth Gas Bottle Monitor

Never run out of gas halfway through cooking the BBQ again!

The SmartSense Bluetooth Monitor easily attaches to the bottom of the gas bottle and pairs to a phone app, where you can easily monitor how much gas is left at any time.

➤ Adventure Awaits: SmartSense Monitor →
➤ Caravan RV Camping: BMPRO Sensors →

Klipsta Hat Clip

Klipsta Hat Clip

Klipsta Hat Clips are one of the more practical caravan gifts for him. Easy, yet accessible hat storage on the road.

  • Clip hats up in the caravan
  • Clip hat to a bag or belt on the go

➤ Adventure Awaits: Klipsta Hat Clips →

Alcoholder Mug with Handle

Insulated TANKD Mug

For blokes who like to drink from a cup, the Alcoholder insulated tankards with handles and lids make excellent caravan gifts for him.

  • 475 ml
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Keep drinks cold for 12 hrs
  • Keep drinks hot for 6 hrs
  • Powder coated finish
  • Slide-open lid with double silicone seal
  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

➤ Adventure Awaits: Alcoholder Insulated Mugs →

Croc Hinge

Croc Hinge

Croc Hinge is a 4WD hinged bracket designed for roof-mounted awnings and Maxtrax.

With a Croc Hinge, he can easily store the awning or recovery tracks down flat, then pull them back up for easy access.

➤ AMD Touring: Croc Hinge →

Navigator Wheel Bin Buddy

Navigator Wheel Bin Buddy

The Navigator Wheel Bin Buddy attaches to any spare wheel (either on the car or caravan).

These durable bags are invaluable for storing rubbish and dirty gear on the road without having to put those items inside the car.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Wheel Bin Buddy →

Log Book

Caravan Log Book

Keep track of all kilometres travelled, camps visited and other stats with the handy Caravan Log Book.

The log book is always a convenient way to stay on top of caravan maintenance and track the service history.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Caravan Log Book →

Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing Gear

Any fisherman will always be happy to receive more fishing supplies, which makes them great gifts for him.

Think hooks, lines, sinkers, lures and even bait!

➤ eBay: Fishing Supplies →

Diecast Model of Car & Caravan

Diecast Model of Car & Caravan

For model car collectors who also love caravanning, this is the ultimate diecast model for their collection.

  • 11.5″ long x 2.5″ high x 2″ wide
  • 1:48 scale

eBay: Diecast Car & Caravan Models →

Kevin Bloody Wilson Board Game

Kevin Bloody Wilson Pub Krawl Game

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Pub Krawl is a hilarious, fast-paced and just slightly naughty board game for 2 to 6 players.

Race the other players round town on your pub crawl, stopping for a drink at your favourite watering holes on the way. Pick up a Kev Kard and face the challenge – or pay the penalty.

If you’re looking for caravan gifts for him that can be used with a group while enjoying happy hour, this is the one!

➤ Adventure Awaits: Kevin Bloody Wilson Game →

Rain Saver Gutter Kit

Rain Saver Gutter Kit

Easily turn the caravan awning into a gutter, which filters the water down into a bucket.

Use the rainwater for washing, cleaning and laundry while caravanning, saving the precious tank water for drinking.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Rain Saver Gutter Kit →

Bog Out Recovery Kit

Bog Out Recovery Kit

The Bog Out kit is an easy and compact 4WD recovery kit to have on hand. They’re not just for off-roaders, but also useful for caravanners getting stuck in boggy campgrounds.

Bog Out effectively turns the wheels into winches. It works forwards or reverse, and is suitable for sand, mud and snow.

➤ Caravan RV Camping: Bog Out Recovery Kit →

Fire to Fork Recipe Book

Fire to Fork Adventure Cooking

Harry Fisher combines everything he knows about cooking over an open flame with over 60 of his favourite bush recipes, desserts and cocktails.

With a focus on fewer but higher quality ingredients, his meals are simple enough for any enthusiastic bush cook to prepare.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Fire to Fork Recipe Book →

Alcoholder Stubby Coolers

Alocoholder StubZero Coolers

These StubZero Can & Stubby coolers keep drinks up to 5x cooler than normal can and stubby holders.

Alcoholders are double-walled, won’t create condensation and come in seven colours.

  • Double-walled
  • Up to 5x cooler in 1hr
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel
  • No condensation
  • Tapered sides for a comfortable fit in the hand
  • Fits stubbies & cans

➤ Adventure Awaits: Alcoholder StubZero Coolers →

Sausage Mate

Sausage Mate

Never have to worry about unevenly cooked sausages again!

The Sausage Mate pair are perfectly shaped and weighted to control sausages for easier and more even cooking, finally solving the age-old problem of sausages not sitting properly.

  • Set of 2
  • Construction: Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Size:  100 x 34 mm each
  • Weight:  390 grams each (780 grams per pair)

➤ Adventure Awaits: Sausage Mate →

Navigator Beach Towel

Navigator Towel

Another fantastic caravan gift for him is a Navigator towel, perfect for both the beach and the shower.

These towels are massive and made for men, being the larger bath sheet size.

  • Thick 100% cotton (765 gsm)
  • Size: 170 cm x 90 cm
  • Hanging loop
  • Name label

➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Towel →

Van Go Toiletry Bag

Van Go Toiletry Bag

One of the cool caravan gifts for him includes a retro Van Go toiletry bag.

He can easily keep all of his personal gear in one convenient location. This helps to keep the caravan bathroom organised, plus makes amenity block visits a cinch.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Van Go Toiletry Bag →

HEMA Guide for Caravans

HEMA Guide for Caravans

The HEMA Guide for Caravans is the go-to companion for caravanners of all ages.

  • Trip planning & preparation
  • Equipment & Gadgetry
  • Maintenance, Safety & Security
  • Food and Inspiring Destinations

➤ Adventure Awaits: HEMA Guide to Caravans →

Fire Starters

Fire Starter

Start a fire the natural way with a ferro rod and striker, allowing over 20,000 strikes!

Fire starters can be used for a very long time and reduce the amount of waste produced by matches and lighters.

  • 1 x Ferro Rod
  • 1 x Striker
  • 1 x Fire Starter Mesh

➤ eBay: Fire Starter →

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

One of the more creative caravan gifts for him is the opportunity to strike it lucky while he’s travelling.

It’s amazing what can be found in the most random of places – jewellery, coins and other bits and bobs.

I even met a guy on the road who travels around and does metal detecting full-time!

➤ eBay: Metal Detector →

HEMA Map Wallet

HEMA Atlas & Map Wallet

Get a caravan gift for him that will help to keep all his maps organised and clean.

HEMA has two different sizes of Map Wallets, perfectly designed to protect the maps and ensure that they’re always easily accessible.

Atlas & Map Wallet:
• A4 size
• Holds up to 4 maps + atlas

Map Wallet:
• 210 x 300 x 20mm
• Holds up to 10 maps

➤ Adventure Awaits: HEMA Map Wallets →

Map of Australia Sticker

Map of Australia Sticker

Get him an Australia map sticker to put on the car or caravan (inside or out), which can be used to track his travels.

  • UV Matt Vinyl Supatak with Matt overlaminate
  • 40cm wide x 36.7cm
  • Use on car or caravan exterior (door, window, bonnet, caravan wall…)
  • Use on car or caravan interior (window, wall, table…)

➤ Adventure Awaits: Australia Map Sticker →

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Caravan Gifts for Him

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