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45 Bits & Bobs for Caravan Organisation

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We all know that storage space inside caravans is prime real estate! Every nook and cranny should be utilised, every drawer and cupboard must be organised and the caravan weights need to remain low. It’s a fine line.

The first rule of thumb when trying to keep a caravan organised is to keep your belongings to a minimum. Remaining clutter-free and coordinated is much more easily achieved when you have less ‘stuff’ to contend with.

So, without further ado, here are 40 bits and bobs for caravan organisation.

Work Out Your Caravan Weights →

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Caravan Organisation – KITCHEN & LIVING

Caravan Sink Cover Cutting Board

Caravan Sink Cover/ Cutting Board

For extra storage for caravans kitchen spaces, get yourself a sink cover.

Jayco have round ones available to fit circular caravan kitchen sinks. On the top side, you’ll find a cutting board, then underneath is a sectioned serving platter – perfect for happy hour.

With more square and rectangular caravan sinks being used in modern vans, have a look on eBay for different shaped caravan sink covers.

➤ eBay: Caravan Sink Covers →

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive Hooks

Stick-on hooks easily attach to the wall with their adhesive backing. No drilling or screwing required! They shouldn’t damage the surface of the wall or paint.

Great for:

  • Keys
  • Hats
  • Tea towels/ Pot holders
  • Bags

➤ eBay: Adhesive Hooks →

Open up overhead cabinet space

Open Up Empty Cavities

Have a look through your van and see if there are any empty cavities that could be utilised.

We found this empty spot above the fridge. By removing the blank board and adding a hinged door, we had an extra kitchen cupboard – perfect for the plastics.

Repurposing empty spaces makes for great storage for caravans.

Magnetic Key Holder

Magnetic Key Holder

There are a range of magnetic key holders available that are great storage for caravans. You can hang keys and other small things from the hooks and store your sunnies and suncream in the little shelf.

Variations available:

  • Magnetic holders that stick to the fridge or a magnetic strip.
  • Adhesive holders with magnet on the shelf to hold keys.

➤ eBay: Magnetic Key Holders →

Tupperware Containers

Rectangular Containers

Use square and rectangular food storage containers to maximise the space in the caravan cabinets and cupboards.

Tupperware Modular Mates fit perfectly, but you can get other brands these days, which do the same thing.

➤ eBay: Rectangular Food Containers >

Broom Handle Holder

Broom Holder Clips

Broom holder clips can easily be stuck on the wall wherever is convenient for you. Not only are they handy for storing your broom out of the way, they’re also great for storing a torch right near the doorway.

Uses for broom clips:

  • Torch
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Dustpan

➤ eBay: Broom Holder Clips →

Caravan Microwave

Repurpose Existing Spaces

Take a look at spaces around your caravan that are being underused or not used at all. Is there another way you can use that space?

We used the microwave when plugged into power, but when we were off-grid, it was used to store extra foods (e.g. chips and biscuits). Some people even choose to remove their microwave, if it never gets used.

Another underused space can be the griller (if you have one). This space can be used to store trays, cling wrap and foil.

Tip: Bread wasn’t a good idea in the microwave due to heat rising from the stove below. Packet items stored better in there.

Cable Organiser Clips

Cable Organiser Clips

Keep all of your cables and electronic device cords organised with cable organiser clips.

Use them for:

  • TV cords
  • 12 volt fan cords
  • Phone & iPad charger cords
  • Laptop & camera cables

➤ eBay: Cable Organiser Clips →

Dish Drying Mat

Dish Drying Mat

Storage for caravans dirty dishes can be a real conundrum. There just isn’t much space to stack your dishes as you wash them.

The key is to reduce your dishes as much as you can and keep on top of the dishes by washing up multiple times per day. To save on water, just use a small amount of water in the sink – you don’t need much.

For extra drying space, grab a dish drying mat, which can slot into a drawer or cupboard for storage.

➤ eBay: Dish Drying Mat →

Non-slip Matting

Non-slip Matting

To make the most out of your caravan kitchen cupboards and drawers, add some non-slip matting.

The matting is sold in rolls, so that you can cut pieces to size, to perfectly fit your shelves and drawers.

Non-slip matting is a really important part of storage for caravans, so that you can store heavy and breakable items without having them move around during transit.

➤ eBay: Non-slip Matting →

Caravan Cup Drawer

Store Glasses in Stubby Coolers

Storing your drinking glasses inside stubby coolers serves two purpose. Firstly, it stops the breakables from clanking together, secondly, you don’t need any extra space to store your stubby coolers!

Tin Can Dispenser Storage

Can Dispenser

To help keep all of your cans organised and together inside the fridge and cupboard, invest in a few can dispensers.

For extra organisation, add a little label to the front of each can dispenser in the pantry, to help identify the type of canned foods that are in that organiser.

To organise:

  • Tinned food in the pantry
  • Canned drinks in the fridge

➤ eBay: Can Dispensers →

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

To assist in storage for caravans, adjustable drawer dividers can be a really simple way to keep items organised and held in place during travel.

Drawer dividers help to:

  • Organise cutlery & utensils
  • Hold cups, mugs and plates in place
  • Organise food in drawers
  • Separate different categories of items

TIP: Take excess packaging off food and organise within dividers.

➤ eBay: Adjustable Drawer Dividers →

Cutlery Drawer Organiser

Cutlery Drawer Organiser

Every cutlery drawer needs to have a well-fitted cutlery organiser, with the caravan kitchen bing no exception.

Measure up your drawer size and get one that fits as closely to the sides as you can, so as not to waste any space.

If you store your utensils in another drawer, fit a few rectangular boxes into the drawer the keep them organised and easy to find.

➤ eBay: Cutlery Drawer Organisers >

Kitchen Cupboard Shelf

Pantry Shelf

Adding some extra storage shelves into your caravan pantry or cupboards will help with being able to see what items are hiding at the back.

In addition, you’ll be adding an extra dimension of space, making this a great storage for caravans solution.

➤ eBay: Pantry Shelves →

Pantry Box

Clear Storage Boxes

Use long boxes to store different categories of items in your caravan fridge and kitchen cupboards. It’s easier to slide the box out and find what you’re looking for than it is to rummage around behind the tinned peas when you can’t see a thing!

➤ eBay: Pantry Boxes →

Kitchen Cupboard Under Shelf Hanging Basket

Under Shelf Storage Basket

To make the most of space in your kitchen cupboards, add in one or two under shelf storage baskets.

Great for:

  • Snacks
  • Sandwich bags
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic plates and cups
  • Other light items

➤ eBay: Under Shelf Storage Baskets →

Navigator Collapsible Bin

Navigator Collapsible Bin

The Navigator collapsible bin is great for using both inside the caravan and outside under the awning.

  • Fits 82L garbage bags
  • Zip, plus clip buckles to keep smells in and pests out
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • 40cm x 40cm 60cm

➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Collapsible Bin →

Over Door Plastic Bag Rubbish Bin

Over Door Rubbish Bin

If you have enough space in your kitchen cupboard to allow for it, an over door rubbish bin might be a good waste storage solution.

It’s lightweight and can be easily tucked out of the walkway in the kitchen. The hooks will allow for tying a variety of different bags to the holder.

➤ eBay: Over Door Rubbish Bin →

15 Caravan Bin Ideas! →

Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder

Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder

Store your plastic bag stash in an empty tissue box. The box itself is easy to store in a cupboard and grabbing out the next bag is easy.

Navigator Kitchen Buddy

Navigator Kitchen Buddy

Hang up the Navigator Kitchen Buddy to help organise your spices, utensils, paper towel and other kitchen bits and pieces.

  • Corner eyelets
  • Magnet to hold something magnetic
  • Mesh & sleeve pockets
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Paper towel holder
  • Tea towel holder
  • 7kg load rating

➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Kitchen Buddy →

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers, colanders and bowls are great space savers when it comes to storage for caravans.

You simply push them down for storage and expand them out when you want to use them.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Collapsible Containers →

➤ Adventure Awaits: Collapsible Bowls, Colanders etc. →

Travel Chef 12v Vacuum Food Sealer

Remove Bulky Food Packaging

Boxes and hard plastic packaging takes up a lot of unnecessary space in your caravan or RV.

Tips for reducing packaging:

  • Empty half packets of foods into containers
  • Use a food sealer to portion meat and frozen foods into smaller packs
  • Take frozen food packets out of their boxes

➤ eBay: 12 volt Food Sealers →

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Aus Line Break
Aus Line Break

Caravan Organisation – BATHROOM

Shower Caddy

A good suction shower caddy will work perfectly for holding the shower toiletries in one neat package.

A tip is to not load them up too heavy. In over four years in the caravan, our shower caddy only fell of the wall once!

➤ eBay: Suction Shower Caddies →

Shampoo Dispenser Shower

Shampoo & Soap Dispenser

If you don’t like the shower caddy idea, a wall-mounted dispenser for shampoo, conditioner and soap might be a better storage solution.

There are some suction ones available, so that you don’t need to screw into your shower cubicle.

➤ eBay: Soap Dispensers →

Tooletries Bathroom Organiser

Tooletries Bathroom Organisers

With a variety of silicone shower and bathroom organisers to choose from, Tooletries are perfect storage for caravans.

  • Silicone
  • No adhesives or suction caps
  • Grips to shiny surfaces
  • Razor Holder, Toiletry Holder, Toothbrush Holder, Anti-fog Mirror & Soap Holder

➤ Adventure Awaits: Bathroom Organisers →

Shower Hooks

Silicone Hooks

Tooletries also do silicone hooks, which can be placed anywhere in the shower and bathroom, for each hanging space.

  • Removable and reusable
  • Stainless steel hooks (rust-free)
  • Silicone
  • Hold up to 2kg
  • Great for towels & accessories

➤ Adventure Awaits: Tooletries Suction Hooks →

Expandable Washing Laundry Bag

Expandable Laundry Bag

Another compact way to store dirty washing is with an expandable laundry bag.

These Van Go bags can be used to collect the dirty washing, while being stored next to the toilet in the bathroom, alongside the bed or even in the underbed storage area.

When not in use, you can easily fold it away and stash it in a drawer or cupboard for next time.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Expandable Laundry Bags →

Collapsible Laundry Basket

Collapsible Laundry Basket

If you’re still keen on having a solid laundry basket, a collapsible one may be the way to go. It’s going to take up more space than a fabric hamper, but it will still push down into more of a slimline package to slide away when not in use.

➤ eBay: Collapsible Laundry Basket →

Caravan Bathroom Ensuite Washing Machine

Store Dirty Clothes in the Washing Machine

If you’re fortunate enough to have a washing machine in your caravan, consider using it as the ‘dirty clothes basket.’

Since the machine is taking up space anyway, you might as well throw the dirty clothes straight in there. This saves the need for a bulky plastic washing basket.

14 RV Washing Machines + Using them Off-grid →

Storage Box

Storage Boxes

Lightweight storage boxes for inside the cupboards and cabinets will help keep all of your toiletries, make-up, bathroom and laundry items organised and secure.

Fabric and plastic storage boxes are great because they are so light and can be folded away if they’re not in use.

➤ eBay: Storage Boxes →

Rolls Towels & Linen

Roll Linen & Towels

To maximise the space in your linen cupboard, roll up each item. It’s easy to see what each item is and you can easily pull one item out without bringing the whole stack with you.

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Caravan Organisation – BEDROOM

Shoe Basket Box Storage

Shoe Basket/ Box

Add a simple box or basket underneath the end of your bed (or somewhere out of the way) for all shoes to live. That way you won’t have to contend with piles of shoes strewn throughout the doorway.

Foldable Hooks

Foldable Hooks

These foldable hooks are great for the bedroom area and inside the caravan storage closets. You can easily pull down the hook when you want to throw your belt, hat, jacket etc. onto it. Then fold the hook back out of the way when it’s not in use.

Great for:

  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Jewellery
  • Jackets
  • Dressing gown/ robe

➤ eBay: Foldable Hooks →

Foldable Drawer Organiser

Foldable Drawer Organisers

Keep your caravan closet drawers and spaces well arranged with foldable drawer organisers.

Great for:

  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Children’s clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Accessories

➤ eBay: Foldable Drawer Organisers →

15 Tips for Caravan Clothes Storage →

Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

Sometimes the best way to utilise your caravan closet storage is to add a hanging wardrobe organiser. If you don’t want to hang too many items in your closet, then some vertical storage is going to make much better use of your space.

➤ eBay: Hanging Wardrobe Organiser →

Caravan Clothes Storage Ideas

Add Shelves to the Wardrobe

If you don’t want to hang a wardrobe organiser, but still want to make the most of your caravan wardrobe space, you can add in your own shelves.

If you’re handy on the tools, it’s a simple enough task and will allow you to separate shirts, shorts, jumpers, swimwear etc.

Bed Storage Pocket

Bed Storage Pocket

Slimline bed storage pockets are great for stashing all kinds of things out of sight. They are so lightweight and you’ll barely even notice that it’s there!

Great for:

  • Books
  • Laptop
  • Remote controls
  • Shoes
  • Belts & accessories
  • Tissues

➤ eBay: Bed Storage Pocket →

Under bunk bed storage boxes

Under Bed Storage

Rather than throwing a whole bunch of items under the beds and bunks, keep things organised and categorised with fabric storage boxes.

➤ eBay: Fabric Storage Boxes →

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Caravan Organisation – OUTDOOR

Bikes on the Caravan
Extra bike storage with a spare wheel bike carrier
Spare Wheel Bike Carrier

Spare Wheel Bike Carrier

If your van doesn’t have an inbuilt bike rack, or if you need extra bike storage, check out these spare wheel bike carriers.

They simply strap to your car or caravan spare wheel and allow you to attach two bikes.

We had a double bike rack on the back of our van, but needed to accommodate two more bikes, so this was a great solution for us.

➤ eBay: Spare Wheel Bike Carrier →

Is It Worth Travelling with Bikes? →

BBQARM Wuruma Dam, QLD


The absolute easiest storage for caravans with BBQs is with the nifty BBQARM.

The no-drill mount easily slips over a drawer bar or rear bar, then slot in the arm, tighten up the clamp, then slip your table on top.

No slide-outs or extras tables required!

Use ‘MYRIG’ at checkout for 5% OFF!

Hose Bag

Hose Bag

Keep your hoses and leads nice and tidy by rolling them up and storing them in hose bags.

There’s nothing more annoying than pulling out a tangled mess when you pull up to camp!

➤ eBay: Hose Bags →

Navigator Awning Buddy

Navigator Awning Buddy

Outdoor storage for caravans is made easier with the Navigator Awning Buddy.

Just slide the two awning straps into the sail tracks on the awning and attach the bottom eyelets with pegs.

Included is the storage pocket for all of your outdoor caravan storage needs.

➤ Adventure Awaits: Navigator Awning Buddy →

Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible Bucket

Every caravanner needs a bucket, but plastic buckets are so awkward to store.

A collapsible bucket folds down flat and means that you don’t have to forgo the handy bucket, just because there’s nowhere to store it.

➤ eBay: Collapsible Bucket →

Jerry Cans

Jerry Can Holders

The easiest way to store spare fuel and an extra container of drinking water is to attach a few jerry can holders to the front or back of your caravan.

Make sure you lock up your fuel jerry can to reduce fuel theft, especially when travelling through some outback regions.

➤ eBay: Jerry Can Holders →

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Checkerplate Tool Box

Tool Box Storage

If you find that you don’t have enough storage in your front boot or tunnel boot, see if you can add a lightweight tool box to your draw bar.

Great storage for caravans hoses, power leads, tools, awning walls and matting, levellers, wheel chocks etc.

➤ eBay: Tool Boxes →

Now it over to you – time to get your caravan organised from top to bottom!

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10 thoughts on “45 Bits & Bobs for Caravan Organisation”

  1. These are all great items. I have a small apartment so many of the things on this list I already use as well. I don’t have the collapsable bucket and am thinking I should get that!

  2. We’re planning our big travel North America trip, and as we’re looking at RV’s, etc – your posts always provide such insightful and useful information. I never would have thought of any of these things. Your wisdom is appreciated!

  3. Whew, Emma this list is either awesome or totally stressful for a checklist nerd like me! I love how you found so many ways to utilize all the space in your Caravan RV that I may have to start incorporating it all into my actual home too cause we have a small place.
    To me those adjustable drawer dividers are pretty genius. I wonder if they are more functional than the actual cutlery drawer set up. I guess it depends on how many forks you actually have.
    I do think the Over the Door Rubbish Bin is a bit problematic for most Men as you know that we will channel our inner Michael Jordan and constantly try to dunk on the rim of the bin thus crashing it down.

    1. Haha I didn’t mean to stress you out! Maybe there are too much choices or too many organisational tasks to get on with. Just pick a few to suit your space and disregard the rest. Many of these hacks would definitely work well in a house as well, I’ve implemented a few in my little place. Oh my goodness, I hadn’t even thought of the ‘big kids’ who need to dunk the rubbish… hmmm.

  4. I must admit that we love storage systems. And even though we don’t don’t have a caravan I looked through this post with interest. I love the idea of different baskets for different things. And the collapsible laundry bags are a great idea.

  5. This post made me laugh but in a good way. I’ve thought about getting a caravan and heading off for a while but I’m in the middle of buying an apartment from someone who lived on the road for a year. And his place is full of these storage ideas. I guess he just moved his caravan storage indoors. It’s very practical and I do love the collapsible containers.

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