Caravan Packing Checklist Australia – 600+ Items! (PRINTABLE + DIGITAL PDF)

Caravan Packing List

The ULTIMATE Caravan Packing Checklist

Available in both Printable (customisable) & Digital (interactive PDF) formats

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Let’s face it, thinking about what to pack for caravanning around Australia is downright daunting! At home, you’ve got everything you need on hand or you can easily just duck down to the shops (or to a mate’s place) and buy or borrow what you need.

The thought of being in a situation without an essential item (especially if you’re in the middle of no man’s land) is enough to make anyone sweat!

On the flip-side, you can absolutely be over-prepare and find yourself shuffling around things that “I was sure I’d need!” but have never actually touched in 18 months (been there).

We certainly had many grand illusions of what we thought we absolutely needed for caravan travel around Australia… and then we spent the first few months off-loading a whole bunch of things to every second Op Shop we passed!

You just don’t need as much as you think you do. However, there are some items that are absolutely essential and can’t be skimped on.

Not only do you need to consider the limited amount of caravan or camper storage space, but more importantly, you need to stick within the weight allowances of your tow vehicle and set-up.

Furthermore, when you’re living in tight quarters, there just isn’t enough room for any excess baggage or clutter.

Some factors to consider:

  • Time of year you’ll be travelling
  • Regions you’ll be travelling through
  • Season/s you’ll be on the road for
  • Tools for handy/ mechanically-minded people
  • Work items (if woking along the way)
  • Medical/ dietary requirements
  • Style of camping – will you favour caravan parks or off-grid camps?
  • Sealed/ unsealed roads – will you be going off-road?
  • Outback/ remote travel – will you be heading remote, or sticking to the cities and towns?
If you’re camping or staying in other accommodation (Airbnb, motel etc.), the Road Trip Packing List will be better suited to your needs.
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Caravan Packing Checklist Australia

Caravan Packing List
Caravan Packing List

The ULTIMATE Caravan Packing Checklist is based on most people’s general needs for caravan and camper travel in Australia.

This checklist is not an absolute list of everything that you will need, but rather an excellent base for you to build from.

Three (3) Caravan Packing List Options:

1. PRINTABLE checklist (fully customisable)
2. DIGITAL checklist (use interactively on your device/s – no printing necessary!)
3. BOTH Printable + Digital (bundle)

REUSE the Caravan Packing Checklist for all of your trips!

Caravan Packing List - Printable

📝 PRINTABLE Packing List

  • 14 pages | 17 categories
  • EDIT to suit your needs (fully customisable)
  • PRINT it out
  • TICK items off as you pack
  • ADD in weights (to help organise payload)

📱 DIGITAL Packing List

  • 21 pages | 17 categories
  • USE on your device
  • TICK off items as you pack
  • ADD in number of items packed
  • ADD in weights (to help organise payload)
  • TYPE in extra items as needed
Caravan Packing List - Digital
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Caravan Packing List Categories


Caravan Packing List - Bathroom

Remember, you don’t need to cart around a full cabinet of makeup, lotions, potions, hair straighteners and everything in between. Keep your bathroom caravan packing checklist basic because life on the road is casual.

BATHROOM Checklist (includes 35+ pre-filled items)

☐ Cotton balls/ tips
☐ Deodorant
☐ Feminine products
☐ Floss & mouth wash
☐ Hair brush
☐ Hair ties/ pins
☐ Insect repellent
☐ Lip balm
☐ Moisturiser

☐ Nail file & clippers
☐ Razors & shaving cream
☐ Shampoo & conditioner
☐ Soap
☐ Suncream
☐ Tissues
☐ Toilet paper
☐ Toothbrush & toothpaste

Bedding & Linen

Caravan Packing List - Bedding & Linen

While it’s tempting to carry multiple spare items of linen, just like you’d stock in the cupboard at home, it’s really not necessary when travelling. However, one spare fitted bed sheet can be handy in case someone gets sick or if you’ve got a toilet training toddler.

I found that I’d only wash linen on a fine day so that it could go straight back onto the bed once it’s all washed and dried. No need for second sets.

The rule of thumb for the towels is one beach towel, plus one bath towel each. I did always have a few spare towels rolled up in the cupboard as they’re handy to throw on the floor in awful, rainy weather.

BEDDING & LINEN Checklist (includes 15+ pre-filled items)

☐ Blankets x 1 each
☐ Hot water bottles
☐ Pillows x 1 or 2 each
☐ Pillow cases
☐ Sheets – fitted x 1 per bed

☐ Towels – bath mats x 2
☐ Towels – bath towels x 1 each
☐ Towels – beach towels x 1 each
☐ Towels – face washers x 1 each
☐ Towels – hand towels x 2


Caravan Packing List - Cleaning

Cleaning products on the caravan packing checklist are best kept simple when you’re travelling in a caravan or camper as space is so limited. A couple of products that serve multiple purposes are the go.

CLEANING Checklist (includes 20+ pre-filled items)

☐ All-purpose cleaner
☐ Broom
☐ Cleaning cloths
☐ Dustpan & brush
☐ Laundry bag
☐ Laundry detergent

☐ Mop
☐ Pegs
☐ Toilet brush
☐ Toilet chemical
☐ Toilet cleaner
☐ Vacuum cleaner (12volt)


Caravan Packing List - Clothing

The main thing to consider when packing clothing into the caravan is that it takes up a lot of space and can actually weigh more than you think. Go ahead, weigh a bag of clothing and see for yourself! It’s best to opt for versatile clothing items, which can be worn as multiple outfits.

CLOTHING Checklist (includes 25+ pre-filled items)

☐ 1 x Beanie, scarf & gloves
☐ 1 x Hat
☐ 1 x Jacket
☐ 2 x Jumpers
☐ 3 x Leggings/ pants
☐ 5 x Shirts (short)
☐ 3 x Shirts (long)

☐ 1 x Shoes (walking)
☐ 1 x Shoes (casual)
☐ 3 x Shorts
☐ 2 x Skirts/ Dresses
☐ 1 x Swimwear
☐ Underwear & Socks

Communication & Technology

Caravan Packing List - Communication & Technology

We live in a tech-filled world now, which very much extends into the travel realm. It’s easy to go over-board with the latest gadgets, but only half of them will actually make your life easier. Think about ‘needs vs wants’ when it comes to travel tech.

COMMUNICATION & TECH Checklist (includes 25+ pre-filled items)

☐ Batteries & chargers
☐ Bluetooth speaker
☐ Camera & lenses
☐ Dash camera
☐ Drone
☐ GoPro
☐ Internet modem/ booster

☐ iPad/ Laptop
☐ Maps (paper & electronic)
☐ Memory cards
☐ Mobile phones & chargers
☐ Satellite phone
☐ Solar charger
☐ UHF radio

Entertainment & Recreation

Caravan Packing List - Entertainment & Rec

What you pack in the way of toys, entertainment and recreational depends entirely on what you and your family like to do. Remember, on the road there’s nothing that you have to do (besides empty the toilet and top up the water), so just stick to the things that you’ll actually use and enjoy.

ENTERTAINMENT & RECREATION Checklist (includes 30+ pre-filled items)

☐ Bikes/ scooters
☐ Binoculars
☐ Board games & playing card
☐ Boat & motor
☐ Body boards/ paddle boards
☐ Fishing gear
☐ Hammock

☐ Helmets
☐ Hiking gear
☐ Magazines/ books
☐ Rackets
☐ Sand & water toys
☐ Snorkelling gear
☐ Torches & headlamps

First Aid & Medical

Caravan Packing List - First Aid

Having a comprehensive medical kit (or two) on hand while travelling throughout Australia is absolutely essential. Our towns and hospitals can be hours apart and those basic items could just save a life.

I recommend having three (3) First Aid Kits spread throughout the car, caravan and hiking pack.

FIRST AID Checklist (includes 35+ pre-filled items)

☐ Antihistamines
☐ Anti-inflammatories
☐ Antiseptic
☐ Aspirin
☐ Band Aids
☐ Bandages
☐ Calamine lotion
☐ Fire blanket

☐ Paracetamol & Ibuprofen
☐ Prescription medication
☐ Resuscitation mask
☐ Saline solution
☐ SAM splint
☐ Scissors & tweezers
☐ Snake bite bandages
☐ Thermometer

Food & Drink

Caravan Packing List - Food

Food items vary from family to family, so I’ve included a general list of items to consider for your caravan packing checklist. Think about which items will pack well into smaller spaces and focus only on things that will actually get eaten.

FOOD & DRINK Checklist (includes 85+ pre-filled items)

☐ Biscuits
☐ Butter
☐ Cereal
☐ Cheese
☐ Canned foods
☐ Chips
☐ Chocolate
☐ Cooking oil
☐ Dips
☐ Eggs
☐ Fruit
☐ Flour

☐ Meats
☐ Meal bases
☐ Pancake mix
☐ Rice & pasta
☐ Sauces
☐ Spices & herbs
☐ Spreads
☐ Sugar
☐ Vegetables
☐ Alcohol
☐ Milk
☐ Tea & coffee

Furniture & Outdoor

Caravan Packing List - Furniture & Outdoor

When it comes to furniture and outdoor gear, keep it simple and stick to the essentials. That way you’ll spend less time setting up and more time kicking back on your camp chair, soaking up the scenery.

FURNITURE & OUTDOOR Checklist (includes 20+ pre-filled items)

☐ Annex/ privacy screens
☐ BBQ & accessories
☐ Camp chairs
☐ Clothesline
☐ Entry mat

☐ Mozzie coils
☐ Outdoor flooring
☐ Outdoor lighting
☐ Pegs & ropes
☐ Table

Kids Stuff

Caravan Packing List - Kids

Along with the entertainment items listed above, there are a few extra things that might need to go onto your caravan packing checklist for the kids.

FURNITURE & OUTDOOR Checklist (includes 20+ pre-filled items)

☐ Colouring-in/ activity books
☐ Educational items
☐ Favourite toys
☐ High chair
☐ Lego/ blocks
☐ Nappies & wipes
☐ Pencils, paints, crayons etc.

☐ Playdough
☐ Reading books
☐ Sand & water toys
☐ Sippy cups/ bottles
☐ Stroller
☐ Toy trucks & cars
☐ Travel journal


Caravan Packing List - Kitchen

The kitchen is the central hub of your caravan, which understandably results in it being the ‘heaviest’ room in the house. The amount of items that we need for the kitchen area can add up really quickly and add a fair chunk to your payload.

Think about how you can utilise one item in multiple ways to help reduce the amount of kitchen stuff you need.

KITCHEN Checklist (includes 75+ pre-filled items)

☐ Alfoil/ cling wrap/ beeswax wraps
☐ Can opener
☐ Chopping board
☐ Coffee machine/ plunger
☐ Colander
☐ Containers
☐ Cups & mugs
☐ Cutlery & knives
☐ Drink bottles
☐ Egg rings & flipper
☐ Grater
☐ Kettle

☐ Measuring cups/ jug
☐ Mixing bowl
☐ Oven mitts
☐ Paper towel
☐ Plates & bowls
☐ Potato masher
☐ Pots
☐ Scissors
☐ Tongs
☐ Toothpicks
☐ Whisk
☐ Vacuum Food Sealer (12v)


Caravan Packing List - Pets

If you’re taking your furry friend on the road with you, of course there will be some associated paraphernalia to come along with them!

PETS Checklist (includes 9 pre-filled items)

☐ Bedding
☐ Bowl – food
☐ Bowl – water
☐ Lead/ harness
☐ Medications

☐ Paperwork/ records
☐ Pet insurance
☐ Toys
☐ Vet information

Spare Parts & Maintenance

Caravan Packing List - Spare Parts

What you choose to carry in the ‘spare parts’ department is entirely dependent on how handy and mechanical you are. There’s no point carrying a whole bunch of items if you don’t know how to use them. Keep it practical.

SPARE PARTS Checklist (includes 45+ pre-filled items)

☐ Anode (caravan hot water system)
☐ Cable ties
☐ Degreaser
☐ Filters – air, fuel & oil
☐ Fuses
☐ Glue
☐ Hose clamps
☐ Jerry cans (petrol, diesel, water)
☐ Liquid nails cartridges
☐ Motor oil

☐ Nuts & bolts
☐ Ratchet straps
☐ Silicone
☐ Spark plugs
☐ Transmission/ power steering fluid
☐ Tyre repair kit
☐ Various belts & hoses (to suit vehicle)
☐ Water filter cartridges
☐ WD40
☐ Wheel bearings


Caravan Packing List - Tools

As above, only carry what you are likely to use at some point – tools are heavy! This list is generally only for people who do their own vehicle repairs and maintenance.

TOOLS Checklist (includes 50+ pre-filled items)

☐ Battery-operated tools
☐ Duct tape
☐ Electrical connectors, tape & wire
☐ Grease gun & grease
☐ Hammer
☐ Jack & stands
☐ Jump pack/ leads
☐ Multigrips

☐ Pliers & cutters
☐ Rubber mallet
☐ Saw
☐ Screwdrivers
☐ Shifters
☐ Socket sets
☐ Spanners
☐ Tape measure

Travel Gear

Caravan Packing List - Travel Gear

There are a multitude of accessories and travel items that you’ll need for your trip. Here are some ideas to get you started.

TRAVEL GEAR Checklist (includes 45+ pre-filled items)

☐ Anderson plug + wiring
☐ Alarms – smoke & carbon monoxide
☐ Articulated 360º hitch
☐ Batteries
☐ Battery charger & monitor
☐ Diesel heater
☐ Dirty gear bag (rubbish)
☐ Extension power cords (10 or 15 amp)
☐ Fans (12v)
☐ Gas bottle monitor
☐ Generator

☐ Hose & tap connections
☐ Hoses (drinking & grey water)
☐ Inverter
☐ Jockey wheel buddy
☐ Levelling ramps
☐ Reversing camera
☐ Solar panels (permanent + portable)
☐ Trailer lock
☐ Water filter
☐ Weight distribution hitch (if applicable)
☐ Wheel chocks


Caravan Packing List - Vehicle

There is no one-size-fits-all guide for what modifications and additions you’ll actually need on your set-up for travelling in Australia. However, below are some standard items that most people include on their checklist.

VEHICLE Checklist (includes 60+ pre-filled items)

☐ Awning
☐ BC/DC charger
☐ Brake controller
☐ Bull bar
☐ Dual batteries
☐ Fridge/ freezer
☐ Fridge slide
☐ Inverter
☐ High-lift jack
☐ Long-range fuel tanks

☐ Rear drawers & shelves
☐ Recovery gear
☐ Recovery hitch on tow bar
☐ Recovery points (front & rear)
☐ Roof cage/ roof racks
☐ Solar panels (roof mounted/ portable)
☐ Suspension upgrade
☐ Towing mirrors
☐ Tyre pressure gauge
☐ Wheel carriers

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The ULTIMATE Caravan Packing Checklist

Caravan Packing List

Your choice of…

  1. The PRINTABLE Caravan Packing List
  2. The DIGITAL Caravan Packing List
  3. Or both as a BUNDLE
PRINTABLE Packing List DetailsDIGITAL Packing List Details
🔹 14-page Printable Checklist
🔹 Pre-filled with 600+ items
🔹 17 categories
🔹 Tick boxes
🔹 Fully customisable
🔹 Weight columns

FORMAT: Editable Word document
🔹 21-page Digital Checklist
🔹 Pre-filled with 600+ items
🔹 17 categories
🔹 Tick boxes
🔹 Space to type in extra items
🔹 Weight columns

FORMAT: Interactive PDF (using an editable PDF Reader – e.g. Adobe)
* Please note, no physical items will be shipped to you. This is a digital product, which can be printed out if you wish to have a hard copy.

Take the stress out of packing!

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What others are saying about
The ULTIMATE Caravan Packing List…

What a great camping/ travelling tool this planner is. I am getting ready for touring next year & this is such a helpful tool & being customisable is the best ever. Thank you for the time it took you to create it & share it. Cheers.
– Brandi

In my opinion a very complete Packing List. Covers far more than we will ever pack (and have space for…) as we’ll be travelling just as two adults. But it’s always far easier to remove something from a packing list. The checklist is very well structured and easy to work with. I totally appreciate all of the effort and work you’ve put into this. Really well done – definitely worth the money! Thanks!
– Martin

Very helpful. Should not forget anything now.
– Malcolm

I found the list very comprehensive and easily adjusted as we are not travelling with kids. I particularly like the column for the weight of each item.
– Sara

Very useful. Heaps of things I would have forgotten until I was on the road…
– Claire

Amazing, thank you. I was panicking that I was going to forget something important, but not any more.
– Shennae

A great basic starting list that I have already started editing for our own needs. We are still looking for the right caravan and then will be off, so it will be a tool to replace items too as they are used.
– Linda

Love the Packing List and Expense Tracker.
– Rick

We bought this and it’s amazing – such a huge help while we prepare to leave on our Big Lap.
– Jo (‘Patrolin’ Aus’)

Shout out for your amazing effort with the Oz Big Lap Travel Resources. I purchased the Caravan Packing List, Travel Apps Planner and Expense Tracker and it’s fantastic to have such a detailed resource pack. Now I can ensure I have everything ticked off our packing list.
– Stacey (‘Love Your Travels’)

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