Caravan Towing Checklist

✏️ Caravan Towing Checklist – Before Hitting the Road (Printable PDF)

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Heading off in the caravan is more than just hitching up and pulling out of the driveway. It’s essential to tick off all the safety boxes before even considering hitting the road.

Not only will it ensure you and your travelling crew have a comfortable ride, but more importantly, you can feel safe knowing you’ll arrive at your destination in one piece.

Here are the all-important caravan towing checklist items to run through before every single trip (whether you’re leaving the house or leaving camp).

Download the Caravan Pre-departure Checklist at the bottom of the page

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Caravan Towing Checklist – TOW VEHICLE

Patrol, Tow Vehicle

First up is getting your tow vehicle ready for the adventure.

  1. Check vehicle fluids:
    • Windscreen wiper water
    • Oil
    • Brake fluid
    • Transmission fluid
    • Radiator coolant
  2. Check vehicle lights:
    • Headlights
    • High beams
    • Indicators & hazard lights
    • Brake lights
    • Additional spotlights & light bars
  3. Floor mats:
    • Install if you haven’t already got some
    • Shake out & clean
  4. Fuel top-up:
    • Car fuel tank/s
    • Jerry can/s
  5. Phone mount – ensure you can use handsfree to avoid fines
  6. Spare car key – stored in separate, but accessible location if possible
  7. Toll tag – ensure there’s one mounted on the windscreen with credit (for QLD, NSW & VIC travel)
  8. Towing mirrors – attach or pull out
  9. Tyres & Wheels:
    • Pressure – all tyres pumped up to the recommended PSI
    • Tread – recommended 3mm+ (minimum 1.5mm)
    • Wheel nuts – ensure they’re tight
  10. Window shades:
    • Windscreen shade (to keep car cool when parked)
    • Additional passenger shades (if necessary)
  11. Vehicle walk-around – ensure everything is secure for travel
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Caravan Towing Checklist – RV INTERIOR

Jayco Caravan Interior

Here’s the checklist I always run through inside the caravan before we even pull away from home or camp.

  1. Batteries – switch them off if applicable
  2. Blinds & curtains – open them all up
  3. Bunk ladder – remove it and sit it on the bottom bunk
  4. Cupboards & drawers – lock them all
  5. Fridge/ freezer
    • Lock the doors closed
    • Switch to 12v (if it’s not automatic)
  6. Loose items – secure any leftover things that are lying around the van (check the shelves, benches etc.)
  7. Room dividers & doors – lock them in
  8. Roof hatches & vents – close & lock
  9. Shower door – lock it
    HANDY TIP – add magnets to the shower door + door frame. So, if you do ever forget to lock the shower door before travel, the magnets will catch the door and stop it from banging open and closed.
  10. Toilet:
    • Empty
    • Clean
  11. TV:
    • Wind the aerial down
    • Lock in the TV (or remove it from the bracket & lay it on the bed)
  12. Water pump – switch it off
  13. Windows – close and lock
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Caravan Towing Checklist – RV EXTERIOR

Jayco Starcraft

Once you’ve locked down everything inside the van, move to the outside of the caravan and ensure that it’s secure and ready for travel.

  1. Awning – ensure it’s rolled away and locked in
  2. Bikes – secure and lock onto the bike rack
  3. Entry door – lock
  4. Entry step – fold away
  5. Gas – turn it off at the bottles
  6. Grey water tank – empty (if applicable)
  7. Jerry cans – top up with fresh fuel/s
  8. Leads & hoses – ensure they’ve been unplugged & packed away
  9. Outdoor cabinets, hatches & storage boxes – close and lock
  10. Water tanks – top up fresh water (if camping off-grid)
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Caravan Towing Checklist – HITCHING UP

Hitching up caravan

Now it’s time to hitch the caravan up to the tow vehicle and double-check that your entire set-up is ready to roll.

  1. Reverse the tow vehicle up to the caravan drawbar & hitch up
  2. Safety chains:
    • Attached securely
    • Crossed over
    • Not dragging on the ground
    • Enough length to allow full articulation
  3. Trailer lights plug – plug it in
  4. Anderson plug – plug it in
  5. Breakaway system – plug it in & ensure the light comes on
  6. Trailer park brake – release it
  7. Jockey wheel:
    • Wind it up
    • Store it away for travel
  8. Caravan stabiliser legs – fold them up & away for travel
  9. Check trailer tail lights:
    • Brake lights
    • Left indicator
    • Right indicator
    TIP – Get someone to stand behind the caravan and make sure all lights are working while you go through each of them from the car.
  10. Final walkaround – walk around the car and caravan and make sure it’s safe and ready for travel

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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Pre-departure Checklist (Printable PDF)

If you want your own interactive copy of this complete list, download the Caravan & RV Pre-departure Checklist below.

Caravan Pre-departure Checklist

Caravan Pre-departure Checklist


What you get:

  • 6-page checklist
  • Pre-filled with 50+ tasks to complete
  • TICK off each task as you go
  • ADD in extra tasks that you need to remember each time
  • PRINTABLE – keep in your glovebox for each trip
  • DIGITAL – use interactively on your device
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Caravan Towing Checklist
Caravan Towing Checklist

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