Gift Ideas for Caravanners

🎁 78 Caravan Gifts! (Useful Ideas for Caravan Owners)

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Finding the most useful caravan gift ideas for those caravan owners in your life can be tricky.

I mean, you know they don’t have a lot of space for “stuff” when they travel and you want to get them something that’s actually useful. When it comes to gifts for caravanners, they will be much more appreciative of an insulated wine tumbler or a compact hose bag than a fancy ornament.

Maybe you are the caravan owner who finds yourself scratching your head when the family ask, “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?”

I definitely fell into that camp because, well, I really didn’t need much at all. Living a simple, minimalistic lifestyle meant that I would rather have someone’s presence than presents (or a fuel voucher!).

As I always say, less is more and experiences rate better than “stuff.”

Of course, we can’t forget the caravanning kids! Check out the post below for some great gift ideas for kids who travel.

101 Camping Gift Ideas for Kids! →

This list has been put together to get your creative ideas flowing. It’s tailored towards people who travel on the road in a camper, caravan or the like. Have a browse through and see if you can find that one really special item that will really make a caravan owner’s day!

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OUTDOOR Caravan Gifts

Here are 16 useful outdoor caravan gift ideas!



The swing-away BBQARM easily connects to the caravan drawbar, rear bar or chassis in just a few minutes.


  • BBQ table
  • Happy hour nibblies table
  • Extra food prep space
  • Workbench for maintenance etc.
  • Fishing bench
5% OFF Code – ‘MYRIG’

BBQARM: Kits & Accessories (use % code above) →

Pegless Clothesline

Pegless Clothesline

Camping clotheslines can be bulky, which is what makes the Pegless Clothesline so popular!

The kit folds up easily for storage and multiple packs can be added together for extra length.

Comes with two bungee cords, which can be attached to whatever you can find around you. No pegs required, just tuck the clothing corners into the slots along the clothesline.

Adventure Awaits: Pegless Clothesline →

10 Caravan Clothesline Ideas →

ShooFly Eco Food Covers

ShooFly Eco Food Covers

Keep the flys away from the food with a ShooFly Food Cover.

Each cover is made from recycled water bottles and trimmed with weighted eco linen.

With a variety of colours and a handy matching patch, these make a cute caravan gift idea.

Adventure Awaits: ShooFly Food Covers →

Cast Iron Camp Oven

Cast Iron Camp Oven

A quality cast iron camp oven (that is well looked after) will last forever, making them an investment caravan gift idea.

Perfect for cooking stews, roasts and even pies in the hot coals of a campfire.

Caravan RV Camping: Camp Ovens →

Muk Mat


MUK MATS are famous for their outstanding ability to collect dirt, prickles, sand and grass off feet and shoes.

They come in a range of sizes to suit the caravan entry step, outside the caravan door and even for cleaning feet before getting into the car.

Keep the outside out with a MUK MAT!

MUK MAT: View the range →

Zippet Pet Restraint

Zippet Pet Restraint

The Zippet Pet Restraint is one of the pet-friendly caravan gift ideas.

With Zippet, dogs can easily be restrained, yet still have the freedom of a zipline that can be attached to the awning arms, caravan chassis or on pegs in the ground.

AMD Touring: Zippet Pet Restraint →

Outdoor Flooring Mat

Outdoor Flooring

A decent outdoor mat or piece of flooring is one of the most important caravan accessories.

Whether camping on dirt, gravel, grass or prickles, the awning area will also be nice and clean underfoot.

When considering an outdoor mat as a caravan gift idea, ensure that it’s the same length as the caravan owner’s awning.

Caravan RV Camping: Annex & Camping Mats →

Shoo Away Fly & Bug Fan

Shoo Away Fly & Bug Fan

Keep the bugs and flies away from food while caravanning with a Shoo Away.

These are a lightweight, chemical-free way to keep the flies off the food, plus safe for kids and pets.

Adventure Awaits: Shoo Away Fly Fan →

Hose Bag

Hose Bag

Keep the hoses all nicely organised and compact in individual hose bags. Especially handy when leads and hoses are wet or dirty.

  • Grey water hose
  • Drinking water hose
  • Power leads

Caravan RV Camping: Hose & Lead Bags →

Collapsible Water Container

Collapsible Water Bag

Water is one of the most essential resources when caravanning, so having plenty of storage for fresh water is extremely important.

These collapsible bags fold flat when not in use, making them a great alternative to jerry can-style water containers.

eBay: Water Bags →

Caravan Chock-N-Lock

Chock ‘n’ Locks

The Chock ‘n’ Lock provides an easy way to chock and lock the wheels on any dual or tandem axle caravan.

Once in place, it eliminates the front-to-back rocking movement when parked or hitching up.

eBay: Chock ‘n’ Lock →

SmartSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor

SmartSense Bluetooth Gas Bottle Level Monitor

Never run out of gas halfway through cooking on the BBQ again!

The SmartSense Bluetooth Monitor simply attaches to the bottom of the gas bottle and connects to a phone app, where you can easily monitor how much gas is left at all times.

Adventure Awaits: SmartSense Monitor →
Caravan RV Camping: BMPRO Sensors →

Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy

Outdoor Storage Buddy

The Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy easily attaches to the awning outside the caravan, providing lots of pockets and storage spaces.

It’s a great way to keep all of the outdoor bits and pieces organised and in one place!

Adventure Awaits: Navigator Gear →
Caravan RV Camping: Navigator Accessories →

Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Little solar lights are great for marking out your awning space, as well as marking out obstacles that people could trip over in the dark.

eBay: Solar Lights →

Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible Bucket

Since storage is prime real estate in a caravan, having a collapsible bucket is a great way to save space.

Buckets have so many uses while camping and every set-up needs at least one!

Adventure Awaits: Collapsible Gear →
➤ Caravan RV Camping: Collapsible Buckets →

Caravan Awning Anti Flap Kit

Caravan Awning Anti-Flap Kit

These multi-purpose tarp grippers and bungee cords are specifically designed to reduce the amount of flapping and movement from the awning during windy weather.

Adventure Awaits: Awning Tarp Grippers →
Caravan RV Camping: Anti-Flap Roof Rafters →

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Aus Line Break

INDOOR Caravan Gifts

Here are 12 useful indoor caravan gift ideas!

Thermal Cooker

Thermal Cooker

A vacuum-insulated Thermal Cooker will cook food for up to 12 hours using retained heat.

Simply use the inner pot on the stove to cook the food or bring it to the boil, then take it off the heat and slot it into the insulated casing. Let the food continue to cook (without power) until finished or for up to 12 hours.

eBay: Thermal Cookers →

Caravan Tea Towels

Van Go Tea Towels

Spruce up the caravan kitchen with some retro caravan-themed tea towels!

These useful caravan gifts are hand-printed in Victoria using 100% French linen.

Adventure Awaits: Van Go Tea Towels →

Camp Eco Cleaning Box

Camp Eco Cleaning Products

Since many campgrounds are close to natural waterways, it’s super important to be using earth-friendly cleaning products.

Camp Eco Range:

  • Dish Suds
  • Body Suds
  • Clothes Suds
  • Dunny Spray
  • “The Spray” (all-purpose cleaner)

Adventure Awaits: Camp Eco Cleaning Products →

Expandable Washing Laundry Bag

Expandable Laundry Bag

An expandable laundry bag is the best solution for storing dirty washing in a caravan.

The bag can be folded up and put away when not in use, plus will expand right up when full.

Adventure Awaits: Expandable Laundry Bag →

Caravan Dish Cloth

Compostable Caravan Dish Cloth

These caravan-themed dish cloths are fully machine washable and will last up to 6 months each.

Once they reach the end of their life, they can be thrown into a household composter and return to the earth.

Adventure Awaits: Caravan Dish Cloth →

Adhesive Hooks

Sticky Hooks

Silicone removable hooks are the go-to organisational hack for any caravan owner. Throw in a nice set of sticky hooks with your other caravan gifts – trust me, they will get used!

eBay: Sticky Hooks →

Tooletries Bathroom Organisers

Suction Bathroom Organisers

Keeping things off the caravan bench tops and the shower floor is an imperative part of packing down for travel.

With these Tooletries silicone organisers, the caravan bathroom can always be user-friendly, without having to pack anything away.

Adventure Awaits: Tooletries Organisers →

52 Caravan Organisation Hacks! →

Navigator Microwave Dish Buddy

Microwave Dish Buddy

Keep the glass microwave plate safe during bumpy caravan trips (especially if going off-road).

Slide the microwave dish into the Microwave Dish Buddy, close and place back into the microwave for safe-keeping for all journeys.

Adventure Awaits: Microwave Dish Buddy →

Van Go Bamboo Plate Set

Bamboo Plates & Bowls

Unbreakable bamboo plates and bowls are ideal for stacking in the caravan cupboard without opening up to find them broken.

They’re eco-friendly, lightweight and come in cool retro caravan designs.

Adventure Awaits: Bamboo Plates & Bowls →

Navigator Collapsible Bin

Collapsible Bin

Navigator have two different collapsible bin sizes. One to suit a benchtop, another to sit on the floor (either inside or outside). They both zip right up to keep smells in and pests out.

Adventure Awaits: Navigator Collapsible Bins →

15 Caravan Rubbish Bins →

Corelle Crockery

Corelle Crockery

Corelle crockery is famous for being unbreakable and lightweight. For caravan owners who like to eat off proper crockery, these Vitrelle glass sets tick the box.

I personally used Corelle plates and bowls while caravanning full-time for four years and never had a breakage.

eBay: Corelle Crockery →

Camco Stack-A-Plate


Stack-A-Plate keeps plates organised and safe inside the van, even if you have to hit the breaks suddenly while travelling!

  • Non-slip backing
  • Set of 2

Caravan RV Camping: Stack-A-Plate →

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PERSONAL Caravan Gifts

Here are 14 personal caravan gift ideas!

Klipsta Hat Clip

Klipsta Hat Clip

Klipsta Hat Clips are one of the more practical caravan gifts for keeping hats stored, yet accessible on the road.

Quickly and easily attach any hat to a bag or belt using the sturdy Klipsta Hat Clip. 

  • Multiple colours to choose from

Adventure Awaits: Klipsta Hat Clips →

Alcohoholder Mugs & Tumblers

Insulated Tumblers

Keeping drinks hot in the morning and cold at happy hour is essential while caravanning.

There is an insulated tumbler, mug, tankard and wine goblet available to suit every caravan owner.

Adventure Awaits: Insulated Tumbler Range →

Aussie Road Trip Milestone Cards

Aussie Road Trip Milestone Cards

Use this set of 24 hand-drawn cards as memory markers while exploring Australia.


  • “We Crossed the Nullarbor”
  • “We Reached the Tip”
  • “Another BIG Thing”
  • “Best Scones Ever”
  • “6 Months on the Road” & more…

Adventure Awaits: Road Trip Milestone Cards →

Adventure Awaits Mozzie Patches

Citronella Mozzie Patches

Keep the mozzies away with these natural citronella patches. Simply stick them on arms, legs or clothing to prevent mozzie bites.

Adventure Awaits: Mozzie Patches →

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

Caravan of Conservation Adventure Shirts

The colourful Aussie-inspired Caravan of Conservation shirts are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET). In addition, 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors.

  • 100% Post-consumer Recycle Polyester
  • 5% of sales go to Wildlife Warriors
  • Collar and long sleeves
  • UPF50+
  • Various colours
  • Mens, womens & kids sizes

Adventure Awaits: Caravan of Conservation Shirts →

Enamel Camping Mugs

Retro Enamel Mugs

Go old school with these retro enamel mugs with caravan and camping designs.

Durable and unbreakable!

Adventure Awaits: Enamel Mugs →

Winerest Camping Chair Wine Glass Holder

Camping Chair Winerest

Here’s one of the popular happy hour caravan gifts – the camp chair wine rest.

No more having to hold the wine glass all night around the campfire. Just slot it over any camp chair arm and it’s ready to go.

Adventure Awaits: Camping Chair Winerest →

Good Riddance Bug Repellent

Good Riddance Insect Repellent

Good Riddance offers a range of natural insect repellents that are DEET-free and non-greasy.

  • Tropical Repellent
  • Sensitive Repellent
  • Tropical Essential Oil
  • Tropical Candle
  • Rescue Balm

Adventure Awaits: Good Riddance Range →

Montiico Insulated Drink Bottles

Insulated Drink Bottle

Australia is one hot country, so having a good insulated bottle is essential to keep water and other drinks cold for hours.

Montiico Insulated Bottles:

  • 24 hours of cooling
  • Wide mouth opening for ice cubes
  • Insulated double wall stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe (including the paint)
  • Bamboo lid

Adventure Awaits: Montiico Insulated Bottles →

Van Go Toiletry Bag

Caravan Toiletry Bag

Be the talk of the camp bathroom with a cool caravan toiletry bag. Keep all of the important bathroom items in one convenient bag.

Adventure Awaits: Van Go Toiletry Bag →

12v Hair Straightener

12v Hair Dryer or Straightener

For the ladies who still like to look good on the road, gift them a 12v hair dryer or hair straightener. They easily slot into any 12v cigarette lighter socket, both in the car and the caravan.

Adventure Awaits: 12v Hair Straightener →
Adventure Awaits: 12v Hair Dryer →

Adventure Awaits Kookaburra Towel

Eco Beach Towel

Another fantastic caravan gift idea is an eco beach towel made from recycled water bottles.

  • Various Aussie designs
  • Made from recycled water bottles & fabric offcuts
  • Return the towel to the company at the end of its life for $20 off a new one

Adventure Awaits: Eco Beach Towels →

Bite Patch


Looking for a caravan gift idea for someone who’s prone to being a mozzie magnet? BitePatch a designed to stop the itchiness of mosquito bites by simply placing a sticker on top of the bit.

Adventure Awaits: BitePatch →

Akubra Hat

Akubra Hat

Nothing gets more Aussie than a wide-brimmed leather Akubra hat. With the strength of the sun in Australia, every traveller needs a good hat.

eBay: Akubra Hat →

Aus Line Break


Here are 16 useful survival & adventure caravan gift ideas!

Survival Home First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Every caravan owner should have multiple first aid kits spread throughout the car, van and hiking packs.

Buying a ready-made kit is far easier than making your own. Plus, you’ll have the added confidence that it will be filled with a good selection in case of emergency.

eBay: Survival First Aid Kit →

First Aid Kit Checklist →

Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Snake Bite Kit

Snake bites are one of the biggest emergencies Aussie travellers can face.

Designated Snake Bite Bandages have little rectangles up the middle of them. The idea is stretch the bandage enough, while wrapping the bitten limb, that those rectangles become squares. This will ensure the correct amount of pressure is applied.

It’s important to note that regular First Aid Kits do not come with Snake Bite Bandages, they must be bought separately.

eBay: Survival Snake Bite Kit →

Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag

The world’s smallest washing machine, which folds up into a tiny pack!

Easily wash small amounts of clothing on the go without a washing machine.

A Scrubba Wash Bag only requires a few cups of water and has an internal washboard to help with washing.

Adventure Awaits: Scrubba Wash Bag →



Binoculars are great for spotting wildlife at a distance and even observing the other side of rivers, mountains and outback tracks.

eBay: Binoculars →

Hydration Pack

Hydration Packs

The best way to carry a good supply of water during hikes is with a hydration pack. Inside is a water bladder with an attached mouthpiece for sipping on the go.

There is also room to throw in some lunch and snacks so that you don’t need to carry anything else.

Sizes range from 2L to 5L.

eBay: Hydration Packs →

Fly Net

Fly Nets

Your caravan gift recipient will be thanking you for buying them a fly net hat cover, trust me!

Once they hit the outback (even in winter), the flies are relentless.

Adventure Awaits: Fly Nets →

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask

The full-face snorkel masks are ideal for exploring the underwater world, such as ocean reef and freshwater creeks.

The all-in-one set includes a detachable snorkel, however, it is not recommended to use the mask without the snorkel as the oxygen supply will be reduced.

eBay: Snorkel Masks →

Reef Water Aqua Shoes

Aqua Shoes

Sometimes, when walking through water, it’s important to protect our feet.

Poisonous stonefish can be lurking in some creeks and rivers, plus oyster shells along the ocean shoreline can do a lot of damage.

eBay: Aqua Shoes →

Bog Out Vehicle Recovery System

Bog Out Recovery Kit

The Bog Out kit is an easy and compact 4WD recovery kit to have in the back of the car.

Bog Out effectively turns your wheels into winches. It works forwards or reverse, and is suitable for sand, mud and snow.

Caravan RV Camping: Bog Out Kit →

Croc Hinge

Croc Hinge

Croc Hinge is a 4WD hinged bracket designed for roof-mounted awnings and Maxtrax.

Easily store the awning or recovery tracks down flat, then pull them back up when you need them.

AMD Touring: Croc Hinge →

Handheld UHF

Handheld UHF

Also known as ‘marriage savers.’

Handheld UHF’s are great for communicating with the driver while reversing the caravan and keeping in touch with the kids while they’re wandering the campgrounds.

Caravan RV Camping: Handheld UHFs →

Full Guide to UHFs for Caravanning →

Flint and Steel

Flint & Steel

There’s no need to worry about damp matches or out-of-gas lighters when you’ve got flint & steel.

Survivalist campers will prefer to use the old flint & steel as a means of getting the fire going.

eBay: Flint & Steel →

Army Knife

Army Knife

A good old army knife has an unlimited number of uses, all folded up in one handy tool.

They’re great for the glove box and hiking packs.

eBay: Army Knife →

Navigator Shovel with Bag

Shovel & Bag

This adjustable shovel pulls apart into three pieces and packs away nicely into a storage bag.

Shovels have many uses on the road and are always good to have in the car.

Adventure Awaits: Navigator Shovel Buddy →



Headlamps are perfect for having your hands free at night while still having high visibility.

Great for ducking to the loo, cooking the BBQ, walking through the bush and making your way to the campfire.

Caravan RV Camping: Headlamps →

Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing Gear

Any avid fishing enthusiast is always happy to have more supplies in their stocks. Lures, lines, hooks, sinkers etc.

eBay: Fishing Supplies →

Aus Line Break


Here are 6 great entertainment caravan gift ideas!

Monopoly Australia

Monopoly Australia

Board games provide hours of fun for couples, friends and families alike.

Monopoly has an Australian version, perfect for an Aussie road trip. See if you can tick off some of the plots along the way!

Adventure Awaits: Monopoly Range →

Kindle eReader


An eBook reader, such as a Kindle, is perfect for the avid reader who’s tempted to pack 10kg worth of books.

They’re compact, lightweight and convenient.

eBay: Kindle →

Colouring book

Art Therapy Colouring Books

Art therapy is extremely relaxing. Kicking back in the camp chair, with an adult colouring book is a great way to slow the mind and be present in the moment.

eBay: Art Therapy Colouring Books →

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Keep the music going no matter where you are with a Bluetooth speaker. Charging up is easy on 12v power, with the speakers easily being portable.

eBay: Bluetooth Speaker →

Card Games

Card Games

Having various card games on hand is perfect for rainy days and lazy nights around the campfire.

Adventure Awaits: Card Games →



An iPad or tablet is such a handy device to have while travelling. Use it to read, watch movies, keep in touch with loved ones and catalogue travel photos.

eBay: iPad →

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TECH Caravan Gifts

Here are 6 tech & gadget caravan gift ideas!

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Give the caravan owner the gift of striking it lucky while they’re travelling. It’s amazing what you can find in the most random of places – jewellery, coins and other bits and bobs.

eBay: Metal Detector →



The most convenient, compact and durable action camera on the market. Take it under water, on hikes and even attach it to the car. Both a still camera and video camera in one!

eBay: GoPro →

Travel Chef 12v Vacuum Food Sealer

12v Food Sealer

Food sealers are great for flat-packing food into the fridge and portioning out meals.

Buy meat in bulk before heading out to camp, plus pre-cook meals for the freezer.

eBay: 12v Vacuum Sealers & Bags →
Caravan RV Camping: 12v Vacuum Sealers & Bags →

Best 12v Vacuum Sealers →


Fitness Watch

For those who like to keep track of their fitness goals and steps, a Fitness Watch is a great caravan gift idea.

With all of the walking around camp, as well as hikes and attractions along the way, there is plenty of exercise to be had.

eBay: Fitness Watch →

USB Camping Fan


Rechargeable USB fans are perfectly designed for caravanning and camping.

Charge up the fan with any 12v USB plug, then move the portable fan around with you to keep cool. It even has a handy hook for hanging.

eBay: USB Fans →



A drone offers a completely different perspective with film and photography for travellers documenting and sharing their adventures.

eBay: Mavic Drones →

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Here are 8 travel planning gift ideas!

Caravan Packing List

Caravan Packing List

The ULTIMATE Caravan Packing Checklist covers everything needed for each caravanning adventure!

  • Pre-filled with 600+ items
  • ‘Weight’ column (to organise payload)
  • Printable & Digital
  • Download once, use over-and-over again

Caravan Packing List →

Map of Australia Sticker

Australia Map Sticker

Choose an indoor or outdoor sticker to place on your vehicle or inside the van, then use it to help track your trip.

Dave’s Decals do state traveller maps if you’re after an individual state.

Adventure Awaits: Australia Map Sticker →

Big Things Australia Checklists

BIG Things Australia Checklist

With over 600 Big Things in Australia, get the entire set of checklists to tick off while travelling through each state.

  • Pre-filled with 600+ Big Things
  • Regional Maps for each state/ territory
  • Full street addresses
  • RECORD dates & photos captured

Complete BIG Things Checklist →

Log Book

Caravan Log Book

Keep track of all kilometres travelled, camps visited etc. with the handy Caravan Log Book.

It’s also a good way to stay on top of maintenance and log service history.

Adventure Awaits: Caravan Log Book →

Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

Travel Expense Tracker

The ultimate tool for logging & calculating all expenses while travelling (both at home and on the road).

  • Log & track your travel costs
  • Automatically calculates totals
  • Monthly + Year-to-date

Travel Expense Tracker →

TAWK Membership

TAWK Membership

A TAWK Membership offers travellers 2 nights free camping for kids at selected caravan parks around Australia.

There are over 100 parks now on the list, which is ever-growing.

  • One-time Lifetime Membership Fee – $40

TAWK Membership →

All Caravan Park Memberships in Australia →

Camping Food Checklist + Menu Planner

Camping Food Checklist

The Camping Food Checklist with a 7-day Menu Planner will easily organise all of the food for the trip.

  • 4 pages
  • Checklists pre-filled with 100+ items
  • Printable & Digital
  • Download once, use over-and-over again

Camping Food Checklist & Menu Planner →

Caravan RV Camping Gift Card

Gift Card

If you’re still stuck, one of the best caravan gift ideas is a good old gift card. That way the caravan owner gets to purchase something that they know they really need.

Caravan RV Camping: Gift Card →

For vanlifers, check out campervan gifts.

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Travel Planning Tools

Travel Checklists
Planners & Guides
Budget Spreadsheets

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24 thoughts on “🎁 78 Caravan Gifts! (Useful Ideas for Caravan Owners)”

  1. You’ve got a great mix of the fun and the useful there. My mum would have loved the embroidery map of Australia when she worked there. Being a much less expert stitcher, I think I’d have rearranged the states inadvertently. I like the budget tracker too; might need to get that!

  2. You have listed wonderful gift ideas for nomad travelers. Travel mug, passport holder and wallet are my choices to gift to my friends who are frequent travelers.

  3. These are some great ideas and you have compiled some lovely gifts! My favorite would be beeswax wrap as it is sustainable and innovative.

  4. Fun list with a number of the items perfect for anyone who travels, not just RV nomads. Sadly, being ones who test and review gear, we own almost all of them (not including beeswax wraps and subscriptions) in various states of tested “disrepair” For your U.S. readers, add an Amazon Prime subscription to the list as with that you get movies, tv shows, magazines, and a huge lending library 😉

    1. Hey thanks Michael. I wonder if you can pass on the tested items that you don’t need anymore to others who might use them (besides the items that are now kaput). The Prime subscription sounds really worthwhile.

  5. So many great ideas here for travellers. Haven’t heard of fly nets for your hat before. Is that really a thing? lol. And I’m not keen on metal straws. Prefer to go without a straw. But everything else is excellent and putting some of them on my Xmas list.

  6. I love this list, very comprehensive and will be great for Christmas! My favorite things on there is the Scrubba (I’ve read about it but don’t know anyone that actually has it), Spotify membership (perfect) and the entry tickets if you know they’re going to be somewhere. Especially if you can get them where they’re good for a year so specific plans don’t have to be made. Such a great idea I hadn’t thought of!

  7. One of the reasons why I don’t go camping is actually the amount of stuff you need to be self-sufficient. So much stuff and so many gadgets! I love that you have listed beeswax wraps though. I have been to many self-contained places and there is no wrap or al foil, it’s a real hassle! I actually make my own beeswax wraps, it’s so easy!

    1. Yeah camping doesn’t always feel like a holiday when there’s always so much to do! I love the beeswax wraps, they’re such a simple and eco-friendly alternative.

  8. What a great list! I’ve never heard of beeswax wraps, but now I need them in my life!
    I already have a Fitbit & I think its a great gift! It’s so fun (and good for you) to track your health! Highly recommend it:)

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