Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions

🔥 Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions: A Helpful Guide

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If you’ve just bought yourself a Chinese diesel heater off eBay, you’ve probably noticed the lack of instructions. And if you were lucky enough to get some kind of user manual, you’ve just won yourself the Chinese diesel heater golden ticket – user manuals are a rarity!

Chinese diesel heater instructions can range from being less than informative to completely non-existent.

Here I’ve pulled together all of the information I can to help provide a useful resource for Chinese diesel heater instructions in the absence of many of us receiving hard copies with our purchase.

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Chinese Diesel Heater Installation Instructions

The following installation diagram is a brief overview of what your diesel heater installation is going to look like.

Chinese Diesel Heater Installation Instructions

You’ll have a wiring loom, which will connect to your caravan’s battery in order to power the 12 volt heater.

The fuel line will connect to the diesel tank, with the connection of a fuel pump and fuel filter along the way. Note that the angle of the fuel pump (once mounted) needs to be between 15 – 35º.

There will also be an exhaust system and intake pipe, which will both be mounted outside of the caravan.

Chinese Diesel Heater Installation Instructions:

1.Choose install locationSelect a spot to install the diesel heater – under the bed/ dinette seating is the best place. Be sure to check underneath the van that the space is clear and you won’t be cutting into anything.
2.Cut mounting plate holeUse a saw to cut a round hole in the floor of the van for the mounting plate to sit. This is where the pipes & hoses will poke through to the outside of the van.
3.Attach mounting plateUse silicone and screws to attach the mounting plate in place.
4.Install air inlet & outlet ventsCut two holes in the cabinet (under bed or dinette) for the diesel heater’s air inlet & outlet vents to poke through. Attach the ducting & vent casings.
5.Bolt heater to the floorGet under the van and bolt the diesel heater unit to the floor.
6.Attach air intake pipeAttach the air filter & air intake pipe to the bottom of the heater from underneath the van. Secure using brackets.
7.Attach exhaust systemAttach exhaust pipe & muffler to the bottom of the heater underneath the van. Mount muffler with drainage hole angled down to the ground and the exhaust directed away from the caravan.
8.Mount fuel tankMount the fuel tank on the back of the caravan or in the front boot. Install the fuel line nipple in the tank.
9.Mount fuel pump & filterClamp joiners on each end of the fuel pump & fuel filter. Mount both underneath the van with the filter closest to the tank. Both need to be angled between 15 – 35º.
10.Attach fuel lineMeasure 3 lengths of fuel line (tank > filter, filter > pump, pump > heater). Attach with clamps.
11.Connect wiring & monitorInstall the plug-and-play wiring loom & LCD monitor.
12.Seal raw timberSeal off any raw timber underneath the van with paint.

Of course, this is a simplified version for the full diesel heater installation process. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions with images, check out the link below for the full guide + video.

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Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions

Chinese Diesel Heater Controller Symbols

Now that you’ve got your Chinese diesel heater installed, let’s get it fired up! Here are the Chinese diesel heater instructions for the first start-up process.

Prime the Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

Before moving on to anything else, the very first step is to prime the diesel heater’s fuel pump.

How to Prime the Fuel Pump
1.Hold down 🆗 (OK), then push the 🔽 (down arrow)
2.You’ll see ‘H OF’ flashing on the screen
3.Push the 🔼 (up arrow)
4.Now you’ll see ‘H ON’ flashing on the screen
5.You should hear the pump start ticking underneath the van
6.Keep priming until the fuel makes it all the way to the diesel heater unit (you can check by having a look at the fuel in the fuel line). You may need to keep turning on the ‘Prime Cycle’ via the monitor as some units will automatically stop priming after 60 seconds.

Turn the Diesel Heater On & Off

The instructions for turning your Chinese diesel heater on and off are pretty standard. You can expect the heater to be smokey the first time you fire it up. Whether it’s burning off excess fuel from over priming or extra oxygen that was sitting in the lines, a bit of smoke is completely normal.

How to Turn the Diesel Heater On
1.Push the ⎋ (power) button
2.As the heater gets up to temperature, you’ll notice the lines across the bottom of the ‘diesel heater’ image increase on the screen

Here’s how to see what voltage the diesel heater is running at (with regards to your battery).

How to See the Running Voltage
1.Click through the 🆗 (OK) button until you get to a number with a little ‘v’ after it

Once you’re all warm and toasty, it’s time to turn the diesel heater off and conserve your fuel for next time.

How to Turn the Diesel Heater Off
1.Hold the ⎋ (power) button until the unit switches off
2.The heater will now go through a ‘cool down’ cycle

Set the Diesel Heater Temperature

Here’s how to adjust the diesel heater temperature once you’ve got it going.

How to Adjust the Diesel Heater Temperature
1.Push the 🔼 (up arrow) and the ⚙︎ (settings) button at the same time
2.Use the 🔼 (up arrow) and 🔽 (down arrow) to increase/ decrease the temperature

If you want to view the current temperature inside the caravan, you can do that with a simple push of the button.

How to View the Ambient Temperature
1.Push 🆗 (OK) to see the ambient temperature in ºC
2.Push 🆗 (OK) again to see what temperature you’ve got the heater set to run at

Toggle between Hz and ℃

Below is how to change the view from Hz to ℃.

How to change from Hz to ℃
1.Hold the 🔼 (up arrow), then press ⚙︎ (settings) to toggle between Hz and ℃

Set the Diesel Heater Clock & Timer

Here are the instructions for setting the clock on the LCD monitor.

How to Set the Control Panel Clock
1.Push the ⚙︎ (settings) button
2.The first number will flash
Use the 🔼 (up arrow) and 🔽 (down arrow) to change the number up or down
3.Push 🆗 (OK) to move on to the next number, then use the arrows to set the correct digit
4.Push 🆗 (OK) to get to the ‘Timer’ screen

Many of the Chinese diesel heaters have a handy timer function. They are especially useful if you want to have it automatically turn on before you get out of bed in the morning or if you’re out at night and want to return to a toasty caravan.

Here’s how to set the timer.

How to Set the Diesel Heater Timer
1.If you’ve pushed 🆗 (OK) after setting the time, you’ll now be in the ‘Timer’ screen
If not, push ⚙︎ (settings), then 🆗 (OK) four times to get to the ‘Timer’ screen
2.Push 🔼 (up arrow) to turn the timer ‘On’
3.Push 🆗 (OK)
4.Set your ‘Start Time’ using the up and down arrows, then push 🆗 (OK)
5.The next time that will show is the ‘End Time’
Use the arrows to set the time you want the heater to automatically turn off
Push 🆗 (OK)
6.You’ll be taken to a second ‘Timer’ screen, in case you want to add an additional timer
If not, it will bounce back to the original ‘Clock’ screen

Pair the Remote to the LCD Monitor

Now that you’ve had a chance to play around with the heater settings, it’s now time to pair up your Chinese diesel heater controller to the LCD monitor. No more getting out of bed on a frosty morning to turn the diesel heater on!

How to Pair the Diesel Heater Controller
1.Hold down 🔼 (up arrow) for 5 seconds
2.You’ll see ‘HFA’ displayed on the screen
3.Press ON on the remote to pair

How to View Diesel Heater Error Codes

Usually you don’t have to go digging to find out if your Chinese diesel heater is throwing an error code. It will most likely be taking centre stage on your LCD monitor.

However, if you do want find out if there are any error codes, here’s how you can access that information.

How to View Error Codes
1.Click through the 🆗 (OK) button until you get to an ‘E.’
If there are any errors, it will show an ‘E’ with a number after it (e.g. E-07)
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▶️ VIDEO: Chinese Diesel Heater Settings & Error Codes

Chinese Diesel Heater Error Codes

If you see the dreaded Chinese diesel heater error code, do not despair. Quite often, the solution to the problem is something simple, which you can fix yourself.

Below you will find what each error code means, plus the troubleshooting solutions you can try.

E-01UndervoltageRecharge the batteries
E-02OvervoltageReduce voltage to 12 volts
E-03Glow Plug FaultCheck glow plug & leads – possibly low voltage
E-04Fuel Pump FaultCheck fuel pump, fuel lines & fuel level – possibly low voltage
E-05OverheatingCheck air intake, vents, fan, ducting & temperature sensor
E-06Motor FaultCheck fan & magnet polarity – possibly low voltage
E-07Broken Circuit FaultCheck plugs & connections – possibly low voltage
E-08Flame OutCheck fuel levels, fuel filter, fuel lines & connections – possibly low voltage
E-09Sensor FaultCheck sensor plug & circuit
E-10Ignition FailureCheck fuel supply, lines & pump

Diesel Heater Error 01 (E-01) – Undervoltage

A diesel heater Error 01 (E-01) is an indication that the heater isn’t getting enough power. In other words, there’s probably not enough power available in the battery, which is causing the undervoltage error.

Error 01 Troubleshooting:

  • Switch the diesel heater off and let your batteries recharge before turning it back on

Diesel Heater Error 02 (E-02) – Overvoltage

Diesel heater Error 02 (E-02) shows that the voltage is over the permitted level.

Error 02 Troubleshooting:

  • Reduce the voltage back down to 12 volts

Diesel Heater Error 03 (E-03) – Glow Plug Fault

Throwing a diesel heater Error 03 Code (E-03) means that there is an ignition plug failure.

Error 03 Troubleshooting:

  • Check the glow plug & leads
  • Possibly low voltage (see E-01)

Diesel Heater Error 04 (E-04) – Fuel Pump Fault

When you see an Error 04 Code (E-04), you will know that the fuel pump is either broken or not working.

Error 04 Troubleshooting:

  • Check that the fuel pump is getting power
  • Check that all fuel lines are intact
  • Check that there’s enough fuel in the tank
  • Check that there are no fuel blockages
  • Possibly low voltage (see E-01)

Diesel Heater Error 05 (E-05) – Overheating

A diesel heater Error 05 Code (E-05) tells you that the machine is overheating.

Error 05 Troubleshooting:

  • Check that the air intake isn’t blocked
  • Check that all vents are unblocked
  • Check that the fan is working correctly
  • Check that the ducting is intact and hasn’t been crushed
  • Check the temperature sensor on the housing

Diesel Heater Error 06 (E-06) – Motor Fault

Seeing a diesel heater Error Code 06 (E-06) means that there is an issue with the fan motor.

Error 06 Troubleshooting:

  • Check that the fan is spinning freely
  • Check the magnet polarity and Holzer sensor position (see video below)

Diesel Heater Error 07 (E-07) – Broken Circuit Fault

Having the diesel heater Error 07 (E-07) code appear is an indicator that communication has been broken between the heater and the controller.

Error 07 Troubleshooting:

  • Check all plugs & connections
  • Possibly low voltage (see E-01)

Diesel Heater Error 08 (E-08) – Flame Out

An Error 08 (E-08) diesel heater code means that you’ve got low fuel or air in the fuel lines.

Error 08 Troubleshooting:

  • Check the fuel lines in the fuel tank
  • Check that the fuel filter is full
  • Check for blockages in the fuel supply
  • Check that all fuel connections are good
  • Possibly low voltage (see E-01)
  • May need to restart multiple times to refill the fuel

Diesel Heater Error 09 (E-09) – Sensor Fault

A diesel heater Error 09 (E-09) expresses that there is a fault with the sensor.

Error 09 Troubleshooting:

  • Check that the sensor plug isn’t loose or broken
  • Check the circuit

Diesel Heater Error 10 (E-10) – Ignition Failure

Finally, a diesel heater Error 10 (E-10) code demonstrates that the ignition has simply failed. It also indicates that there may have been multiple restarts without success (due to errors).

Error 10 Troubleshooting:

  • Check the lines and pumps for any blockages
  • Check the fuel supply

For lots more on Chinese diesel heater troubleshooting and solutions, head to the article below.

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17 thoughts on “🔥 Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions: A Helpful Guide”

  1. Great guide thank you. I am having and issue where the heater starts but after 30 seconds the whole unit including the control unit switches off and then comes back on after 15 seconds. I have noticed that the voltage drops on the display before it goes off. Batteries seem good and the rest of the electrical system is working fine. Any advice would be great.

  2. I have a newer vevor unit. It loads up with fuel till it smokes and turns off.

    Some of the units have access to settings like using the 1688 code but mine does not.

    All I have is a alpine setting, which does not lean out the fuel mixture or delivery rate enough.

    Is there a access code for my style of controller, which looks almost the same, or do I have to buy the other style controller and board?

  3. I have two heaters, one 2kw and the other 5kw. on both of them the glow plug goes off after a couple of minutes and it stops. Brand new they run for few hours each. Second time I try to turn them on, they seem to start running but because the glow plug goes off too fast, they do not heat up good enough to ignite on their own and because the glow plug goes off and smokes like hell, until it cools off and stops. So, why the glow plugs goes off that fast?.
    I ‘ll try to power on, the glow plugs, independently, to see what’s gonna happen. Any idea?

  4. I keep getting e-5 error on my deasel heater I have replaced the heat sensor after about 10 minutes it cuts out . Have checked all the vents they are all clear

    1. Ahh bugger. The fuse should be in your caravan fuse box. Our fuse box was in a little black cabinet underneath the fridge inside the van.

  5. Allison Bennett

    Hi we have just bought a Chinese diesel heater and every set of Instructions tell me how to change the temperature yet it doesn’t work. Even at 1.0hz the heater is heating up to 220 degrees C. It melted the pvc connections. I press the function and up button at the same time and nothing happens
    Is my controller faulty? It doesn’t show the battery symbol either. Please help

  6. We’ve been living in our van for a couple of months and run our diesel heater most nights all night for the past 6 weeks
    Now when we start it, there’s an outpoor of white smoke and tonight it sounded like it was struggling to start…I did google that running it on low gets a buildup and needs a good burn out. Is this correct or is it a simple fix/ maintenance procedure
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Amanda, yes you’re absolutely right. Running a diesel heater on low for long periods will definitely cause a build up of soot inside the unit. Try running the unit on high for a while to clean it out and burn off that soot. If that doesn’t do the job, you may need to pull the heater apart for a clean and service (success has been found in spraying Brake Cleaner up the exhaust pipe and down into the combustion chamber, after removing the glow plug).

      Blowing white smoke may also indicate not getting enough fuel for ignition, which simply means you need to top up the fuel tank.

      You can find answers to many Diesel Heater Problems here on the Troubleshooting page

  7. Hi Emma, my diesel heater instructions say that to enter certain functions, I need to be in the non-entry mode, but there is no indication of what that is or how to enter it or get out of it. For example, it says to prime the fuel pump, I need to be in the non-entry mode and then press and hold the OK button and whilst doing so, press the down arrow as well, but all it does is changes (reduces ) a range which was set at 5 before I started which I think is fan speed. This would indicate that it is not in non-entry mode at the moment. The problem is, I cannot seem to enter any other parameters either.

    1. That is odd, I’ve never come across the non-entry mode instruction. What brand of diesel heater have you got? The fact that you’ve got somewhat useful instructions makes me think it possibly not the cheap Chinese one? Is there a manufacturers number or email that you can contact?

  8. Thanks a lot I keep coming back. if anybody gets one of those new Handheld red controllers, that pair with the blue wired one, you hold OK to switch it from Chinese to English. Cheers!

        1. I’m not sure. I’ve had a search around and can’t find any info on SN error codes. You could be right with it being connected to the fan settings.

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