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Embarking on a road trip across Australia’s vast and expansive landscapes is a well-earned adventure for many Aussies. However, along with enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and exploring new locations, you’re also navigating the practicalities of life on the road.

One of the most essential considerations for anyone travelling with an onboard toilet is the management of waste, which is where the humble dump point enters the conversation.

Use the Dump Points Near Me map below to quickly find your nearest dump point from over 900 locations around Australia.

The Dump Points Near Me map includes public dump points only (caravan park dump points not included).

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Dump Points Near Me Map

Tips for Using the Dump Points Near Me Map

  • ZOOM in or out using the ➕ or ➖ buttons (bottom right corner)
  • CLICK on a dump point to see Name, Facilities & Address
  • SCROLL each state/ territory alphabetically using the ⍈ button (top left corner)
  • VIEW larger map using the ‘expand’ button (top right corner)

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Aus Line Break
Aus Line Break

RV & Caravan Dump Point Etiquette

Gumma Reserve Dump Point, Macksville NSW
Most dump points can be spotted by their blue lid, while others are simply a drain hole

Use the Dump Point as Intended

Caravan dump points are designed for the disposal of RV and caravan black waste only. Do not use them for any other purpose.

Never use wipes in your toilet as they can clog up your emptying process and shouldn’t be disposed of at the dump point. While we’re on that topic, never dispose of wet wipes, nappies, sanitary pads or anything else in the dump point – they are designed to take black waste only.

Be Patient

If there’s a line of people waiting to use the dump point, join the queue and wait your turn patiently. There’s no rush! That’s the beauty of caravan life.

Prepare in Advance

Before you arrive at the dump point, make sure your cassette or waste tanks are properly prepared for emptying. This includes having your toilet chemical on hand, closing valves and securing hoses (for those with a black water tank) to prevent any spills.

Leave the Dump Point Clean

If you accidentally spill any waste or water, clean it up straight away using the hose provided. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Respect the Space of Others

While waiting to use the dump point, keep a reasonable distance from other RVers and give them the privacy and space required to complete this crappy task.

Be Efficient

Once it’s your turn, empty and rinse your cassette or tanks as reasonably quickly as you can so as not to hold up the queue behind you.

Don’t Use Drinking Water Hoses for Rising

Never use drinking water hoses or connections for rinsing your cassette or sewage hoses. This can lead to contamination of your potable water.

Don’t Use the Dump Point Hose/ Tap to Fill Up Water Tanks

Never use the rinsing tap at a dump point for your drinking water. There is too much of a risk of cross-contamination, even if you think it looks sanitary.

Finding Potable Water While Travelling →

Report Any Issues

If you notice any problems with the dump point (e.g. if it’s full), kindly let the local council know as they may not be aware.

Respect Local Rules & Signage

Without having the use of public dump points, we’d be pretty well stuffed as caravanners, campers and RVers. Be sure to always respect whatever the local signage asks of you, whether it’s to throw a gold coin into the donation box or only use the dump point for cassettes.

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