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The Kimberley is a huge geographical region that spreads between Broome and Kununurra. This Western Australian natural terrain encompasses the Gibb River Road itinerary & camping venture, which many Aussies have on their bucket list.

By its size, the Kimberley is three times greater than England!

A Gibb River Road camping trip offers a truly unique wilderness experience where you can really get lost amongst stunning gorges, freshwater swimming holes and many outback stations.

Despite the Kimberley’s remoteness, you are also able to find luxury accommodation and friendly Aboriginal people. If you’re a true 4WDer and dare to explore to the coast, you’ll be rewarded with the most romantic beaches in Australia during your Gibb River Road itinerary & camping journey.

Here are 11 of our best Kimberley attractions that you can tackle by car. Most of the attractions are located on or slightly off the famous Gibb River Road, which in itself, can be challenging to drive.

Our Kimberley Gibb River Road itinerary & camping trip starts in Kununurra where you can equip yourself with food, fuel, and also check your car. Remember that the Kimberley is a very remote place, and although fuel is available in some outback stations, groceries are scarce.

Have a look at the Gibb River Road map below to help plan your route. When it comes to packing, here’s a handy road trip essentials list to get you started.

13 TIPS: Finding Water on the Road →

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Gibb River Road Map

Check out the Gibb River Road map below to help get your bearings on where each of the camping and attractions are located.

The Gibb River Road itinerary route:

  • Starts/ Finishes at Derby (221km north-east of Broome)
  • Starts/ Finishes at the Wyndham/ Kununurra junction of the Great Northern Highway
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Gibb River Road Itinerary & Camping

Bungle Bungles

The best way to tackle Bungle Bungles is by 4WD only. If you are towing anything bigger than a small trailer, it’s better to leave it behind. A good place to do so is Turkey Creek Roadhouse located 220 km from Kununurra. For a small fee you can park your rig safely and continue on with your Bungle Bungles adventure.

After stopping at the Turkey Creek Roadhouse, get back onto the Great Northern Highway and head south. Turn left onto the Spring Creek Track after 70 km. This track is narrow and rocky with many sharp turns and water crossings.

I recommend doing the northern part of Bungle Bungles first. Set up your camp at Kurrajong Campground and venture up to the Kungkalanayi Lookout. From the lookout you can view the magnificent Bungle Bungles, which look especially great at sunset.

It is enough to do all three major attractions in one day. Be aware that the best time to visit Echidna Chasm is noon as the sun illuminates through the rocks magnificently. This chasm is probably the best narrow in-between rock entrance in Australia as the colours are amazing.

Mini Palms, Bungle Bungles WA
Mini Palms, Bungle Bungles WA

Thus, start from Mini Palms or Homestead Valley walk. These two walks offer spectacular valley views with Livistona palms in the distance. As you walk in the valley you will be surrounded with the Bungle Bungle hills.

Then visit Echidna Chasm and on the way back check out the two lookouts: Osmand and Bloodwoods.

Next day it is time to move to Walardi Campground, which is located in the south. From there you can walk to The Domes, Cathedral Gorge and Whip Snake Gorge. On the way back you can stop at The Window and Piccaninny Creek Lookouts.

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles WA
Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles WA

There is one more interesting track to Piccaninny Gorge, but keep in mind that it’s only for fit walkers. The walk takes you to the entrance of the gorge and then you are on your own through the whole 30 km gorge system.

Remember that if you embark on the ‘experienced’ walk, it’s very easy to lose your way. Please make sure that you have some kind of satellite communication, plus you must register at the Visitor Information Centre beforehand.

Domes Walk
[Class 4]
• Starts at Piccaninny Creek car park
• Loops around close to beehive domes and through spinifex

Time: 1 hour
Distance: 1 km return
Cathedral Gorge Walk
[Class 3]
• Moderate walk
• Narrow ledges, short & steep sections with ladders
• Observe striped sandstone domes, creek beds, looming cliffs, evidence of waterfalls in the wet season
• Ends at a huge amphitheatre

Time: 1 – 2 hours
Distance: 3 km return
Echidna Chasm Walk
[Class 4]
• Begins at Echidna Chasm car park
• Moderately difficult
• Short challenging climb near the end
• Spectacular long, narrow chasm
• Striking colours with Livistonia palms in the ridges above

Time: 1 – 2 hours
Distance: 2 km return
Mini Palms Walk
[Class 4]
• Leaves from the Bloodwood car park
• Steep slopes, narrow edges, large boulders to traverse
• Stairs to two viewing platforms, surrounded by Livistonia palms

Time: 1 – 3 hours
Distance: 4.4 km return
Kungkalanayi Lookout• 360º views of the western escarpment of the Bungle Bungle Range
• Brilliant reds and yellows at sunset

Time: 30 mins
Distance: 500 m return
Homestead Valley Gorge• Follows the escarpment
• Cuts deep into the Homestead Valley Range

Time: 1.5 – 2 hours
Distance: 4.4 km return
Piccaninny Creek Lookout
[Class 3]
• Leaves from the Piccaninny Creek car park
• Walk along the creek bed with water smooth rock
• Great views on the Bungle Bungle Range outliers

Time: 1. 3 hours
Distance: 2.8 km return
Piccaninny Gorge Hike & Camp
[Class 5]
• Hike through the remote gorge
• First 7 km relatively easy to gorge entrance (takes 1 day)
• Becomes moderately difficult with fallen boulders & loose rock
• Be prepared with all equipment
• No reliable drinking water (must take your own supply)

Must register at Visitor Information Centre
Time: 2 – 7 day hike
Distance: 30 km return
Scenic Flights• Helicopter flight with doors off and a closer birds-eye view
• OR fixed wing aircraft with a wider aerial perspective

See flight details.

Purnululu National Park Day Facilities

  • Bushwalking
  • Toilets
  • Shaded picnic areas
  • No pets allowed, no drinking water available

Purnululu National Park Camping

[Located nearer to the Domes, Cathedral Gorge and Piccaninny Creek]

⛺️ Camping (Per night – Adults $13, Concession $10, Children over 5 years $3)
⚡️ Generator camping or Non-generator camping available
🚽 Toilets
🍽 Picnic tables
🚙 High clearance 4WD access only
🚌 Single axle, high clearance trailers only
❌ No pets allowed, no potable water

[Larger campground, which is closer to Echidna Chasm and Mini Palms Gorge]

⛺️ Camping (Per night – Adults $13, Concession $10, Children over 5 years $3)
🚽 Toilets
🍽 Picnic tables
🚙 High clearance 4WD access only
🚌 Single axle, high clearance trailers only
❌ No pets allowed, no generators

Purnululu National Park: More Info + Bookings →
Camping Food Checklist & Menu

Camping Food Checklist + Menu Planner

  • 4 pages
  • 12 food item categories
  • Checklists pre-filled with 100+ items
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El Questro

The following day, after you’ve collected your rig from Turkey Creek Roadhouse, there is another 200 km drive between here and the next destination. El Questro is the next of our best Kimberley attractions in the Gibb River Road itinerary & camping trip.

If you have enough time, I recommend going north on the highway and stopping in at Wyndham. There you’ll find the famous ‘Prison Tree’ and the ‘Big Crocodile.’

El Questro Gorge, The Kimberley WA
El Questro Gorge, The Kimberley WA

El Questro is the place where you do horse trekking, walk to numerous stunning gorges, hidden falls and waterholes plus amazing lookouts. They also offer luxurious glamping accommodation and guided tours.

Note, that to get to some gorges you have to be part of a tour group. Alternatively you can explore the homestead land from a helicopter or airplane. Also, it is possible to visit some of the gorges and lookouts with your 4WD.

Saddleback Ridge Lookout, El Questro WA
Saddleback Ridge Lookout, El Questro WA

You could easily spend a week in El Questro, with something different to do everyday.

Spectacular El Questro attractions:

  • El Questro Gorge (walking track)
  • Chamberlain Gorge (only accessible by boat)
  • Explosion Gorge (4WD)

A ‘must’ is a visit to Zebedee Hot Springs and take a self-drive tour (otherwise there are tour options available) to the Saddleback Ridge Lookout at sunset (experienced drivers only).

Guided Tours• Chamberlain Gorge Cruise (boat)
• Explosion Gorge (4WD & boat)
• Sunset Tours (4WD, drinks & nibbles)
• Zebedee Springs (bush walk & swim in thermal pools)
• Horse Trekking
• 4WD Barramundi Fishing Tour
• Emma Gorge
• El Questro Gorge
Hikes• Emma Gorge
• El Questro Gorge Trail
• Amalia Gorge Trail
• Zebedee Springs
• Saddleback Ridge
• Moonshine Gorge Circuit Walk
• Champagne Springs
• The Station Walks
4WD Tracks• Pigeon Hold 4WD Track
• Explosion Gorge 4WD Track
• Cockburn Circuit
• Saddleback Ridge 4WD Track
Helicopter Tours• Emma Gorge
• Cockburn Range Sunset Flight
• Heli-fishing Tours
• Amaroo Falls
• Miri Miri Waterfall Tour
• The Lost City Tour
• Champagne Springs Tour

El Questro Accommodation


🏠 Luxury accommodation (max. 20 guests)
🍝 Gourmet meals
🍷 Wine, beer and spirits
🚙 Selected tours


⛺️ Safari-style tented cabins
🚿 Ensuits
⚡️ Electricity
☕️ Tea & coffee facilities
🍽 Restaurant for breakfast, lunch & dinner
🚶🏻 Short walk to the Emma Gorge Walk

Muk Mat
Keep the Outback outside – Grass MUK MAT →


🏠 Air-conditioned rooms
🛏 Sleeps 4 – 6 people
🚿 Ensuites
☕️ Tea & coffee facilities
⛱ Patios
🍽 Restaurant
🍺 Bar
🏪 General store


⛺️ Powered & unpowered sites
🏕 Pre-set tents (with bed, power, towels, outdoor setting & fans)
🚿 Hot showers
🚽 Toilets
🔪 Camp kitchen
♨️ BBQs
👕 Laundry facilities
🍽 Restaurant
🍺 Bar
🏪 General store

El Questro: More Info + Bookings →
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Home Valley Station

Once you’ve fully soaked up the atmosphere of El Questro, the next stop along the Gibb River Road itinerary & camping trip is Home Valley Station. Shortly after leaving the homestead you have to tackle the Pentecost River Crossing.

This crossing can be driven with a caravan if the water level is low. We have seen many people cross it successfully. Just make sure that your car is equipped with a snorkel and when you’re crossing you have it in low range second gear.

We have crossed many creek and river crossings in our time, but in my personal opinion, the Pentecost River Crossing is the best in Australia.

This particular crossing is 100 meters long and should not be deep in the dry season. The surface is small pebbles, so I didn’t find it very difficult. In the distance, you will see Cockburn Range mountains, which at sunset looks spectacular.

Home Valley Lookout, The Kimberley WA
Home Valley Lookout, The Kimberley WA

Home Valley Station is a green oasis in the middle of Kimberley. On offer is luxurious accommodation as well as powered and unpowered camping sites. ‘The Dusty Bar & Grill’ serves delicious meals and ice cold drinks.

Stopping at Home Valley Station is especially appreciated when coming from the Derby side of The Kimberleys. After a long, dusty trip you can soak in the pool while having a drink and relax.

In the evening, you may like to drive up the hill to see Cockburn Ranges from a distance. 

Bindoola Gorge Trail• Escarpments, savannah woodland, sandstone slabs and boulders
• Typical east Kimberley gorge country

Time: 2 – 3 hours
Distance: 3.8 km return
Bindoola Gorge Lookout Trail• Fantastic rock formations and sheer cliff faces
• Great views of Bindoola Gorge, Cockburn Range, Pentecost River & the Homestead

Time: 3 – 4 hours
Distance: 6 km return
Bindoola Falls Trail• Four main walking trails
• Lookouts, large boulders, pools and creeks

Time: 1 hour
Distance: 1.2 km
Wildflower Valley Circuit Trail• Flora and fauna, scenic terrain, comfortable walk
• Abundance of wildflowers between April to June

Time: 4 – 5 hours
Distance: 5.3 km
Nyarli Lagoon Trail• Great for bird watching
• Large, deep lagoon
• Melaleuca trees and sandstone escarpments

Time: 20 – 30 mins
Distance: 1.2 km
Cockburn Lookout Trail• Easy and pleasant walk
• Great views, perfect for sunset photography

Time: 30 mins – 1 hour
Distance: 1.1 km return
Mount Bald Lookout Trail• 360º panoramic views
• Expansive vistas and distant landscapes

Time: 1 – 1.5 hours
Distance: 3.6 km return

Home Valley Station Camping & Guest Rooms

⛺️ 2 camp grounds – powered & unpowered (from $50 per night)
🏠 Cottages, Guest rooms & Eco Tents available
🍺 Bar & Grill
🚿 Hot showers
🚽 Toilets
💧 Drinking water
🔥 Campfires
⚡️ Generators allowed (River Bush Camp only)
🐶 Pet friendly

Home Valley Station: Bookings & Info →
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Ellenbrae Station

Only 112 km west from Home Valley is Ellenbrae Station, a most welcome oasis amongst these best Kimberley attractions. It is a huge station (over 1 million acres) farming predominantly cattle, which is now a very popular destination to visit in The Kimberleys. It may look a bit rough but it has its own taste.

Ellenbrae Station offers camping sites and cabins and in the river nearby you can find freshwater crocodiles. Not to mention their famous (and very tasty) Gibb River Road Scones!

Ellenbrae Station, The Kimberley WA
Ellenbrae Station, Gibb River Road WA

Ellenbrae Station Day Facilities

  • Toilets
  • Picnic area
  • Tyre repairs
  • Cold drinks & food (including Scones)
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Bush walks

Ellenbrae Station Camping & Cabins

⛺️ 2 x Campsites
🏠 Cabin accommodation
🚽 Toilets
🚿 Showers (hot water)
🍽 Dinner & Breakfast (cabin guests)
♨️ BBQ facilities (cabin guests)
🔪 Outdoor camp kitchen (cabin guests)

Ellenbrae Station: Pics, Info + Bookings →
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Mitchell Falls

Getting to Mitchell Falls by car is not that straightforward. It’s 135 km from Ellenbrae Station to Drysdale River Station. After 80 km you have to turn right onto the well-corrugated Kalumburu Road. 

When you arrive at Drysdale River Station at least one night’s stop is a must for your best Kimberley attractions bucket list. They serve awesome burgers that taste amazing – especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere!

Drysdale River Station Camping

⛺️ Powered & unpowered sites (Per night – Adults $20 | Children over 5 years $10 | extra $25 per night for power)
🚽 Toilets
🚿 Hot showers
👕 Laundry (coin operated)
🍺 Bar & Restaurant

Drysdale River Station: Camping & Info →

Next day, when you leave in the morning it will take another 4 hours to drive along your Gibb River Road itinerary & camping journey to reach Mitchell Falls. The reason is simple. Mitchell Plateau Track (85 km) is even more corrugated, so it tends to be a slow drive.

Mitchell Falls, The Kimberley WA
Mitchell Falls, The Kimberley WA

Mitchell Falls Campground is so good, it even made this list of best campsites in WA. While you’re staying there, pencil in a walk to the falls (4.3 km one way, allow 2 – 3 hours) first thing in the morning and then take a helicopter flight back. It is only a 7 minute flight, which you can book at the campground.

The walk to Mitchell Falls is filled with many beautiful views especially when you pass Millstream Falls. Then, you are hit by the enormous three cascade Mitchell Falls – possibly the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia.

When you take a helicopter back you will get the perspective of how all of the waterways are joined, while viewing the gorge below. Mitchell Falls is simply stunning and should definitely earn a place on your best Kimberley attractions ‘must do’ list.

Punamii-unpuu/ Mitchell Falls Trail
[Class 5]
• Uneven ground
• Water crossings
• Scrambling over rocks
• High level fitness required
• Possible to walk one way & fly back or vice-versa

Time: 4 – 6 hours
Distance: 8.6 km return
Little Mertens Falls Trail
[Class 3]
• Easy to moderate trail
• Stunning views
• Swimming

Time: 30 mins
Distance: 1.6 km return
River View Trail
[Class 4]
• Steep and difficult terrain
• Lookout with views over Mitchell River

Time: 1.5 hours
Distance: 2 km return
Scenic Flights• Helipad and booking office at campground
• Scenic flights to Mitchell Plateau
• Either fly one way and walk the other (4.3 km) OR fly return

See flight details.

Mitchell Falls Day Facilities

  • Open during dry season only (generally May – September)
  • Toilets
  • Swimming
  • Bushwalking

Mitchell Falls Camping

⛺️ Camping (Per night – Adults $11, Concession $7, Children over 5 years $3)
🚽 Toilets
🔥 Camp fires allowed
❌ No showers, no pets allowed, no collecting firewood within park

Mitchell River National Park: Visitor safety & info →
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Mt Elizabeth Station

The way back from Mitchell Falls will take a while as first you have to drive the 85 km Mitchell Plateau Track and then Kalumburu Road. Have lunch at Drysdale River Station and continue on to the next stop – Mt Elizabeth Station.

The Mt Elizabeth Station offers walking tracks, camping, dinner, plus Bed & Breakfast packages. However the best Kimberley attraction here is Wunnamurra Gorge. 

Wunnamurra Gorge, The Kimberley WA
Wunnamurra Gorge, Mt Elizabeth WA

Wunnamurra Gorge is located 12 km from the homestead and accessible by 4WD only. The track is very rocky and towards the end becomes almost impassable. You can leave your car at any point and walk the rest on foot. If you make it to the end in your vehicle, it’s only a 2 km walk to the gorge.

In Wunnamurra Gorge you may spot freshwater crocodiles, which are harmless unless threatened. The gorge is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Due to the gorge being on private land and the track difficulty level, it’s not visited frequently by tourists, which makes it one of the more ‘untouched’ best Kimberley attractions.

Wunnamurra Gorge• 12 km from the Homestead
• 4WD access only
• Lookout
• White sandy beaches
• Swimming
• Aboriginal rock art

Fees: Gorge Pass
Warla Gorge• 19 km from the Homestead
• Also known as Hann River Gorge or ‘The Beach’
• White sandy beaches
• Swimming and fishing

Fees: Gorge Pass
Munja Track• Access between June – September (weather dependent)
• Private 220 km (one way) track from Mt Elizabeth Station to Walcott Inlet on WA coastline
• Strictly high-clearance 4WD’s only
• Many challenging sections, ‘jump ups ‘ and river crossings
• Sacred Aboriginal rock art sites
• Gorges
• Waterfalls
• Drysdale River
• Bachsten Creek Bush Camp (local knowledge, camping & food) – Ph: (08) 9191 1547

Not always accessible – check with Homestead staff
Fees: $150 per vehicle + $50 key deposit (refundable on return)
Walcott Inlet• Access between June to September (weather dependent)
• Where the Charnley River meets the Indian Ocean
• At the end of the Munja track (see above)
• Takes 2 – 3 days each way
• Filled with 4×4 obstacles
• Fishing and huge tides
• Takes you through Indigenous owned land – Willinggin Aboriginal Corporation

Not always accessible – check with Homestead staff
Fees: $150 per vehicle + $50 key deposit (refundable on return)

Gorge Passes

Please be aware that access to any of the gorges at Mt Elizabeth requires a Gorge Pass (available at the Homestead). The cost is $20 per vehicle or $15 with an overnight stay. It’s a ‘once off’ fee, covering you and everyone in your vehicle for your whole visit. Included is access to all gorges and walking trails on the property.

Mt Elizabeth Day Facilities

  • 4WD tracks
  • Gorges
  • Bush walks
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Aboriginal rock art sites
  • View cattle station operations

Mt Elizabeth Camping

⛺️ Camping
🏠 Bed & Breakfast
🚽 Toilets
🚿 Showers
👕 Laundry facilities

Mt Elizabeth Station: Bookings + Gorge Passes →
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Barnett River Gorge

Not far after you leave Mt Elizabeth Station, you’ll find Barnett River Gorge. It is located only 28 km from the Mount Barnett Roadhouse. The gorge is accessible by 4WD and the track is rocky. At the end there is a campground where you can stay for the night. 

Barnett River Gorge, Gibb River Road WA
Barnett River Gorge, Gibb River Road WA

There are two walks to the gorge. The first is just 500 meters from the campground and takes you to the lower gorge. The second is a 1 hour walk that takes you to the top ridge of the plateau.

Mount Barnett Roadhouse: Current local info →
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Manning Gorge

After you’ve visited Burnett River Gorge, continue driving for another 35 km to get to Manning Gorge. There is a campground at Manning Gorge too.

Manning Gorge, The Kimberley WA
Manning Gorge, The Kimberley WA

This time the walk is more challenging and can be up to 3 hours return, without including swimming. It is not shaded so a shady hat and enough water is a must. The reward is huge as you could relax there for a full day, swimming, walking, having a picnic lunch and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. 

Some tourists say that Manning Gorge is one of the most beautiful, making it one of the best Kimberley attractions to add to your bucket list.

Mt Barnett Roadhouse

The Mt Barnett Roadhouse is the entrance point for Manning Gorge. The roadhouse is filled with camping and fishing supplies, fruit & veg, drinks, merchandise, freshly cooked meals and hot coffee.

There’s a campground only a short drive from the Roadhouse, which is where the Manning Gorge walking trail begins.

If you need more information about Manning Gorge, Barnett River Gorge and local camping, the staff at the Mt Barnett Roadhouse are the ones to talk to.

Manning Gorge is located on Mount Barnett Station →
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Bell Gorge

Another 85 km to the west and you are at Bell Gorge, the next on our best Kimberley attractions hitlist. It is accessible by a 30 km side track of Gibb River Road. Bell Gorge is part of the King Leopold Range Conservation Park.

Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road WA
Bell Gorge, Gibb River Road WA

You can stay for a night at the Silent Grove Campground. The gorge is located 11 km to the north west of the campground by a 4WD track. The 2.5 km return walk to the gorge is quite easy with a few steep sections. Once you get there, it is possible to swim in the waterholes.

Bell Gorge Day Facilities

  • Swimming
  • Bush walking
  • Toilet
  • No pets allowed, No drinking water

Silent Grove Camping

⛺️ Unpowered camping (Per night – Adults $15 | Concession $9 | Children over 5 years $3)
🚽 Toilets
🍽 Picnic tables
🔥 Campfires allowed (BYO wood)
🚙 4WD access only

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Windjana Gorge

At the end of this Gibb River Road itinerary & camping trip there are two final best Kimberley attractions – Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek.

Windjana Gorge, The Kimberley WA
Windjana Gorge, The Kimberley WA

Windjana Gorge is one of the only places in Australia where it’s almost certain that you’ll spot freshwater crocodiles. The gorge itself is beautiful with its river meandering between two huge ridges. 

In the dry season, due to the water being too cold, freshwater crocodiles sunbake on the sandy banks, which is where they can be spotted. Just make sure you stay quiet as they are very timid creatures.

Windjana Gorge Activities

Windjana Gorge Walk• Begins at the camping area
• Short ‘Time Walk’ goes through the marine life-forms fossilised in the limestone walls of the gorge
• ‘Savannah Walk’ showcases woodlands plants and animals

Distance: 7 km return

Windjana Gorge Camping

⛺️ Unpowered camping (Per night – Adults $17 | Concession $12 | Children over 5 years $3)
🚽 Toilet
🚶🏻 Access to Windjana Gorge walk
🚙 4WD access only

Windjana Gorge: Camping & Info →
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Tunnel Creek

Only 36 km from Windjana Gorge is Tunnel Creek. It is famous because the creek flows directly through the limestone of the Napier Range, which is known as the oldest cave system in Western Australia. 

Tunnel Creek, The Kimberley WA
Tunnel Creek, The Kimberley WA

You can walk all the way to the end of the tunnel at 750 meters from the start. If you’re lucky you’ll even spot one of the five species of bats living in there!

Be prepared to walk through small pools of water and have a torch with you, as there are some dark sections. The atmosphere of Tunnel Creek is absolutely breathtaking. This is the final item to add to your best Kimberley attractions bucket list.

Tunnel Creek Day Facilities

  • Toilets
  • Picnic tables
  • Information Shelter
  • Best camping is at the nearby Windjana Gorge Campground
Tunnel Creek: More info →
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Gibb River Road Itinerary & Camping Summary

I have shared with you just 11 of the best Kimberley attractions along the Gibb River Road itinerary & camping trip, but there is still plenty more to explore on your adventure.

Places like Carson Track (Home Valley to Kalumburu), King Leopold Ranges, Warla Gorge (Mt Elizabeth), Munja Track to Walcott Inlet (Mt Elizabeth) are less visited due to their remoteness but are similarly challenging and beautiful.

But, the Kimberley region doesn’t end there. When you’re finished along the Gibb River Road, make sure to visit Derby and Broome. Then, head back via the Great Northern Highway and visit Geikie Gorge, Laarri Gallery, Sawtooth Gorge and China Wall.

What better way to top the whole dusty journey off than to stay a few days in Lake Argyle, relaxing in the infinity pool and planning your next adventure! Or check out some of the best beaches in Western Australia.

If you get down to the South West pocket of Western Australia, here are a few articles that will help with your travel plans:

HEMA Kimberley Map

Get organised for your Kimberley adventure with HEMA Maps. While digital maps are fantastic, it’s always good to have a hard copy just in case you forget to download the maps or your device dies.

➡️ Grab a HEMA Map →
WA Big Things Checklist

WA Big Things Checklist

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  • 15-page checklist
  • Pre-filled with 80+ items
  • Categorised into 10 regions
  • WA Regional Map
  • Full street addresses
  • Record finds & dates
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  1. Thanks for showing me a new part of Australia. We might not have thought to visit that part of Western Australia. So good to know there is lots to see and do. And I do love the idea of a luxury splurge after spending time in the national parks. We would surely love a helicopter tour to get a panoramic view. I would love to plan a stop at Mitchell Falls. But I would take that corrugated road into my car rental choice!

    1. There is most definitely a lot to explore in the Kimberley region. I can see many of the city folk liking the idea of doing the luxury splurge after spending so many days in the dry outback. I don’t actually think the Gibb River Road would be covered on a rental car policy, but I may be wrong.

  2. We still haven’t made it to Australia, but of course it’s on our bucket list! The Cathedral Gorge looks absolutely awesome, it’s exactly the kind of places we love! Since it’s a moderate walk, and only takes 1-2 hours, we’ve added this walk to our to do list for when we travel to Australia. Also, it’s good to know that one can find luxury accommodations in this area!

    1. I always like it when there are a range of walks to suit all fitness levels and interests. There is a good mix in most of the places in the Kimberley region, which is good considering how beautiful and isolated it is for travellers to get to. Definitely some glamping and luxury accommodation options for those wanting to splash out!

  3. I would say that this superbly comprehensive guide is a must read before embarking on a trip to this area. So many useful tips and great advice! Coming from the UK, I never cease to be amazed at how big everything is in Australia and how huge the distances between places. We have never needed a snorkel on our car on our travels! I think this speaks volumes for just how prepared one must be to venture into this area. Just one more comment: crocodiles….timid? Really?!

    1. Thanks so much Jane. I am equally amazed at how close together everything is in the UK! A snorkel is definitely a ‘must have’ when travelling around Australia. Interestingly, the Fresh Water Crocs are timid and will generally only eat something as large as a chicken. It’s the ferocious Salt Water Crocs that you need to stay the hell away from.

  4. This is such a gorgeous area and I had no idea that it existed. In particular, the Cathedral Gorge makes me see how being in this area would make one feel close to God and the earth. If I get to Australia, I would love to grab a 4WD and head to this area. What is a car snorkel?

    1. The Kimberley is a gorgeous pocket of the planet, that’s for sure. The car snorkel helps prevent dust and water from getting into the engine and delivers cleaner and cooler air. It’s an outback Aussie essential for the 4WD.

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