Gwydir Riverside Camping, Bingara NSW

⛺️ Gwydir Riverside FREE Camping, Bingara NSW

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The beautiful Bingara is a small country town in the New England region of New South Wales. One thing we were surprised to find is how much camping is available around the area.

Bingara itself offers three Free Camping spots along the Gwydir River. As you head south-east out of town towards Copeton Dam, which feeds the Gwydir River, you’ll find another three free river camps along the way.

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Free Camping Bingara

When we pulled into Bingara, we thought we’d drive around and check out all three of the Free Camping sites on offer. All of them were beautiful and situated right along the flowing Gwydir River with plenty of prime spots.

Three FREE Camping Spots in Bingara

  • Faithful Bingara Riverside Camp West (7 day limit)
  • Bingara Gwydir River Common Camp (7 day limit)
  • Bingara River Camp (no time limit)

Our pick of the bunch was the Faithful Riverside Camp as we got a great spot right on the water where we could watch the kids while the hours away in the river.

All three camps are for self-contained vehicles only as there are no facilities on site. There’s a Dump Point in town with rubbish bins and a potable water tap, which costs $3 per 1000L of water.

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Wildlife & Local Horses

Horses in the Gwydir River, Bingara NSW

We were pleasantly surprised with how many animals we were spotting every single day. Wandering around are the gorgeous horses from Wade Horses who are more than happy to pop in and say hello!

It was so lovely at night to hear them splashing through the river or clip-clopping around outside camp, looking for some fresh green grass amongst the dry lands caused by the drought.

As we were relaxing one afternoon our neighbours called out that they’d spotted two Echidnas that were down at the water having a drink.  Along with that there were loads of bird species, plenty of ducks roaming the waters all day every day, plus wallabies, kangaroos and lizards.

Bingara Free Camping, NSW
Echidna, Bingara NSW
Can you spot the two Echidnas?
Galahs sitting in a tree, Bingara NSW
Two Galahs sitting in a tree.

Campsite Features

⏰ 7 day limit
⛺️ Self-contained vehicles only (Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs)
🐶 Dogs allowed
🔥 Camp fires allowed
🎣 Fishing
🏊 Swimming
📶 Telstra reception
⚡️ Generators allowed
🚙 2WD & Big Rig access
❌ NO: showers, toilets, water or dump point

Bingara Free Camping, NSW
Bingara Free Camping, NSW
Bingara Free Camping, NSW

Camp Location

AddressGwydir Terrace, Bingara NSW
Aus Line Break
Aus Line Break

Sawn Rocks, Narrabri

Sawn Rocks, Narrabri NSW

If you’re looking for a fantastic day trip while visiting Bingara, check out the Sawn Rocks Formations near Narrabri. Nestled in the Mount Kaputar National Park are the giant organ-like structures. You’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a land of giant honeycombs!

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10 thoughts on “⛺️ Gwydir Riverside FREE Camping, Bingara NSW”

  1. The River Camp with no time limit seems like the perfect place to unwind, over a few long weeks. Would be quite an experience. Getting really close to nature, while being at peace with her birds and animals and the plantlife all around!!

  2. The free camping facilities in Bingara look really good. The best part is that one can wake up in the lap of nature listening to the morning sounds of nature. The horses look lovely, it is always a pleasure to see the grace of horses in the wild. A really good place to camp in and visit nearby sites.

  3. Every time I come across one of your campsite posts I kick myself for not exploring more inland when we were road tripping NSW!! Especially when you see things like Echidna’s!!

  4. This looks like such a peaceful place to camp, especially with all the wildlife around. I can’t say I’ve ever had a horse crash my campsite! I love how its just perfectly happy to hang around with you and your kids and have a snack. Lol!

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