How Much Do Caravans Weigh?

How Much Does a Caravan Weigh? (Comparison Tables)

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One of the biggest factors to consider, when buying a caravan, are the weights. It’s kind of like the age old scenario of the chicken and the egg.

On one hand, you can choose a caravan that your car is able to legally tow. Or, you could come at it from the other angle and choose your desired caravan first, then sort out which vehicle would best suit the job.

Either way, you will keep coming up against the same question (many times!) throughout your research – how much does a caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a caravan is 2,370kg, which is the empty, unloaded weight (empty water tanks and before any accessories are added). The average ATM (fully loaded weight) of a caravan is 2,942kg. When it comes to the allowable payload (the amount of “stuff” you can add), expect an average of 571kg.

There are many variations with how much a caravan weighs, which largely depend on the length of the caravan, the number of beds, the inclusion of an ensuite, plus other modifications and options.

From there, you will then need to look at how much caravans weigh when they are fully loaded, as that’s what you will actually be towing.

In this article, I will cover the widely used caravan weight terms, so that you know what the heck Tare, ATM and Payload even mean. Then we can go on to have a look at average caravan weights, using a cross section of 47 models for comparison purposes.

For additional models, here’s a full Australian list of Lightweight Caravans Under 1200kg, plus the entire Jayco range of weights and lengths.

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Caravan Weight Terms

Caravan VIN Plate
Caravan VIN Plates are usually found just inside the door of the van.

While pondering how much does a caravan weigh, there are a few important caravan weight terms that you will need to get familiar with as you’re researching. These include Caravan Tare Weight, Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) and Payload (or ‘loading weight’).

Caravan Tare Weight

Caravan Tare Weight

The tare weight of the caravan is exactly what it weighs as it comes out of the factory (stated by manufacturer) and will be stamped onto the caravan VIN plate.

Caravan Tare Weight includes any accessories fitted at the time of the build, but with empty water tanks, empty gas cylinders and no luggage etc. This is the weight of the caravan as you’d be driving it out of the dealership.

CARAVAN TARE WEIGHT = Weight of Empty Caravan + Only Factory-fitted Accessories

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

The Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the maximum weight that the caravan is allowed to be (set by the manufacturer).

In other words, the ATM is the maximum allowable weight of the caravan when fully loaded and unhitched from the vehicle. This weight includes all accessories, luggage, food, full water tanks, gas bottles, tool boxes, bikes etc.

ATM = Maximum Allowable Weight of Caravan

Payload (‘Loading Weight’)

Car & Caravan Payloads

Payload, which is sometimes called ‘loading weight,’ is the combined weight of all items that you add to your caravan. This is anything above the Tare Weight, without exceeding the ATM.

To work out your payload, you simply subtract the Tare Weight from the ATM. The number you’re left with is how much “stuff” you can add to the caravan.

This will include any modifications you make to the van (extra solar, tool boxes, bike racks, water tanks etc.), plus your food, water, luggage, hoses, BBQ and so on.

Payload Examples:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Water
  • Full gas cylinders
  • Kitchen & bathroom stuff
  • Hoses, ropes, pegs, privacy screens
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Upgrades (extra solar, water tanks, tool box, jerry cans & holders etc.)
PAYLOAD = Available Carrying Capacity

When you’re ready to work out your own caravan weights, head on over to the Step-by-step Instructions for Weighing a Caravan.

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How Much Does a Caravan Weigh?

Julia Creek Free Camp, QLD

Here I’ve compared the weights between 47 different caravan models so that we can come up with some averages across the various body length categories.

These averages are based on the caravan weight tables below.


  1. Average Caravan TARE WEIGHT – 2,370 kg
  2. Average Caravan PAYLOAD – 571 kg
  3. Average Caravan ATM – 2,942 kg

Average Caravan Weight Tables

Key Caravan Weight Terms

  • BODY LENGTH – length of external caravan body, excluding draw bar & rear bar (e.g. 19 ft caravan = 19 ft body)
  • TARE – empty caravan before adding additional accessories, luggage, water etc.
  • PAYLOAD – the amount of “stuff” you can add to the caravan
  • ATM – maximum weight the caravan can weigh, fully loaded
Concept RS Off Road22,3404002,740
Jayco Journey21,7633752,138
Millard Toura22,0005002,500
Roadstar Little Rippa22,0605002,560
Royal Flair Razor XT22,1702352,405
Willow RV Conifer 52021,9305702,500
Franklin Razor 17522,1003102,410
Kokoda Cobber 222,1007002,800
Malibu Thunder22,1305702,700
Millard MFLOW22,1004002,500
Roadstar GT Classic21,8604002,260
Royal Flair Razor XT42,2315002,731
Blue Sky Tundra22,2334672,700
Canyon Viking22,1507002,850
Concept RS Off Road 18722,8105203,330
Jayco Journey21,9616002,561
Kokoda Digger 222,3204802,800
Roadstar GT Classic32,0204502,470
Concept RS Off Road22,8105803,390
Franklin Core 19642,1205002,620
Jayco Starcraft22,0006002,600
Kokoda Platoon 222,6007003,300
Malibu Raider22,2005002,700
Roadstar GT Classic22,0204502,470
Blue Sky Tundra XL22,5577433,300
Canyon Valley22,5508003,350
Concept RS Off Road 20622,9405303,470
Franklin Razor 20022,2305002,730
Malibu California22,1207802,900
Roadstar Voyager42,5005003,000
Blue Sky Seaview22,2016992,900
Canyon Classic52,4509003,350
Franklin G4 21022,4904002,890
Jayco Journey22,3336002,933
Kokoda Force 752,8406603,500
Millard MFLOW22,6508503,500
Billabong Wanderer 22’652,7504503,200
Franklin Club CX2222,7305003,230
Jayco All Terrain42,6056003,205
Kokoda Force 852,8506503,500
Millard MFLOW42,5709303,500
Windsor Genesis 220MD52,2756752,950
23 – 24 ft MODELSBERTHTARE (kg)PAYLOAD (kg)ATM (kg)
Blue Sky Tuscany22,3375632,900
Canyon Summit22,7507503,500
Jayco Silverline22,6736003,273
Roadstar Daintree22,9505503,500
Royal Flair Family Flair43,0376003,637
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Average Caravan Weights

Julia Creek Caravan Park, QLD
How much does a 16 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 16ft caravan is 2,044 kg, while the average ATM of a 16ft caravan is 2,474 kg.

How much does a 17 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 17ft caravan is 2,087 kg, while the average ATM of a 17ft caravan is 2,567 kg.

How much does an 18 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of an 18ft caravan is 2,249 kg, while the average ATM of an 18ft caravan is 2,785 kg.

How much does a 19 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 19ft caravan is 2,292 kg, while the average ATM of a 19ft caravan is 2,847 kg.

How much does a 20 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 20ft caravan is 2,483 kg, while the average ATM of a 20ft caravan is 3,125 kg.

How much does a 21 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 21ft caravan is 2,494 kg, while the average ATM of a 21ft caravan is 3,179 kg.

How much does a 22 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 22ft caravan is 2,630 kg, while the average ATM of a 22ft caravan is 3,264 kg.

How much does a 23 – 24 ft caravan weigh?

The average Tare Weight of a 23ft – 24ft caravan is 2,749 kg, while the average ATM of a 23 – 24ft caravan is 3,362 kg.

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For a full list of caravan weights, get the Australian RV Directory! ↓

RV Directory Australia
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Can Your Car Tow the Caravan?

When it comes to working out your complete towing weights, there are a few more terms and calculations that you will need to go through.

More Towing Weight Terms:

  • Vehicle Tare Weight = Weight of Vehicle + Oil & Fluids + 10L Fuel
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) = Maximum Allowable Weight of Vehicle
  • Gross Combination Mass (GCM) = Maximum Allowable Weight of Car + Caravan
  • Tow Ball Weight (TBW) = Approx. 10% of ATM
  • Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) = ATM – TBW
  • Towing Capacity = Maximum Allowable Weight the Vehicle Can Tow
Caravan Towing Weights Infographic

While this all sounds extremely confusing, once you start to wrap your head around it, things will get easier (trust me, I was mind-boggled in the beginning as well!).

Head on over to the Towing Weights Explained in Simple Terms post for the step-by-step process with pictures to help. As for working out your van lengths, check out these 6 ways to measure caravan lengths.

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