Innot Hot Springs, QLD

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Nestled in the Atherton Tablelands is the small village of Innot, between Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet, Queensland. The town is well known for the hot waters of Nettle Creek, which has been aptly named Innot Hot Springs.

You can stay in the Caravan Park next door to the creek or come in as a Day Guest, to make use of their hot pools, which are filled with the spring water. Or you can walk right down to the creek and submerge yourself in the healing waters of Innot Hot Springs for free and be at one with nature.

The thing that I enjoyed the most about Innot Hot Springs was certainly not the ‘wow’ factor. Many people arrive with disappointment because the creek doesn’t always run very deep, but I loved the fact that it’s a beautiful slice of nature that hasn’t been all gimmicked up and commercialised. It just is what it is.

So have a soak, dip a toe in or drive right on by. It’s totally up to you.

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Innot Hot Springs QLD

Innot Hot Springs, Innot QLD

What Are Innot Hot Springs?

Innot Hot Springs are natural mineral springs that flow into Nettle Creek and further downstream.  

The water, which is up to 75°C in some sections, is said to have healing and rejuvenating properties. 

They’re not wrong about the water temperature, some sections will scald your toe when dipping it in! 

The creek wasn’t flowing strong during our visit, so we went for a walk and found some nice pools that had been dug out and were a nice temperature (still quite hot though).

If you’re intrigued to find where the hot water originates from, go for a wander along the back of the local houses. You can find where the hot water comes out and mixes with the cool creek water.

Innot Hot Springs, QLD

Chatting to the Locals

We met a local Aboriginal man while we were at Innot Hot Springs. He was soaking in his usual pool that he’d dug out for himself and visits once a week.  It was interesting to learn a bit about the local area, where he’d spent his whole life. The man also said that soaking in the springs once a week for an hour is more than enough as the minerals will dry out your skin.

We definitely felt refreshed and relaxed after spending an hour there! Don’t be deceived though, the springs aren’t very deep. This is due to mining further upstream in the past, which has washed sand down and filled it up.

Innot Hot Springs QLD

Innot Hot Springs History

In the late 1880’s, there used to be a two-storey house that sat by the springs with Bathing Sheds. Since the water from the spring was too hot, they used to pipe water to the bathtubs at 6am to start cooling down. By mid-morning, guests could come and enjoy a comfortable soak.

In the early 1900’s the Innot Cordial Factory was established in Townsville. Mules used to lug water from the springs over the Cardwell Range to have it bottled at the factory. It was then shipped over to Europe for its healing and rejuvenating qualities.

By 1912 the springs were deemed one of three “beauty spots” in the Cairns hinterland, which resulted in the Innot Hot Springs Queensland being preserved.

Best Time to Visit Innot Hot Springs

Innot Hot Springs are free and open all throughout the year, so the choice is yours. The climates in autumn and spring are perfect for warming up in the hot spring water, without it being super cold to get in and out of.

Innot Hot Springs Seasons:

  • Summer – Some people find the summertime temperatures too warm to get into the hot water, while others don’t mind
  • Winter – Submerging in the warmest sections of the hot springs in winter is beautiful, but getting out into the cold air is a struggle
  • Autumn/ Spring – Perfect climate to enjoy hot spring water, without it being too cold to get in and out
Innot Hot Springs, QLD

Innot Hot Springs FAQs

Are Innot Hot Springs worth visiting?

While Innot Hot Springs do not offer the ‘wow’ factor that some other natural springs do, they certainly offer a beautiful experience if you’re passing through the area. If you love to dip into warm natural waters, it’s worth adding to your list. For those who prefer cooler waters, Innot Hot Springs may not offer too much of interest.

Is Innot Hot Springs free?

Yes, Innot Hot Springs are a free, natural attraction at Nettle Creek in Innot, Far North Queensland. Anyone is welcome to park up and wander down to the creek to feel the varying temperatures of the naturally flowing water.

Can you swim in Innot Hot Springs?

Yes, you can submerge yourself in the healing, mineral waters of Innot Hot Springs. However, the creek is rather shallow these days due to sand being washed downstream from past mining further upstream. It’s more of a relaxing float rather than a swim.

How hot is the water at Innot Hot Springs?

The water at Innot Hot Springs can get up to 75ºC, so be careful to test with your toe before submerging yourself and accidentally getting burnt. The water in the Nettle Creek varies depending on where you are in relation to where the hot water enters the creek. Go for a walk along the back of the houses and see if you can find where the hot spring appears.

How much is entry to Innot Hot Springs Leisure Park as a Day Use guest?

The cost to use the six pools and spas at the Innot Hot Springs Leisure Park as a Day Use guest is $12 per adult and around $6 per child (kids under 5 are free). Or, you can head next door to Nettle Creek and use the natural Innot Hot Springs for free.

Getting to Innot Hot Springs

Innot Hot Springs are located along the Kennedy Highway between the towns of Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet.

If you’re visiting the hot springs from Cairns, the 145km journey southwest will take you a little over 2 hours one way.

Coming from Ravenshoe:

  • Drive 30km west along the Kennedy Hwy towards Innot
  • Go past the Hotel/ Motel in Innot on your right
  • Head over the bridge
  • The caravan park will be directly on your right (park there for day use access to the springs)

Coming from Mount Garnet:

  • Drive 16km east along the Kennedy Hwy towards Innot
  • The caravan park is on the left just before you go over the bridge into Innot (park there for day use access to the springs)
Innot Hot Springs Address
Kennedy Highway, Innot Hot Springs QLD 4872
(right next to the Caravan Park)

Use the map below to see the locations (red pin drops) of both the day-use area for hot springs, plus the caravan park next door.

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Innot Hot Springs Camping

Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Camping Park

Innot Hot Springs Leisure Park, QLD

Camping is available right alongside Nettle Creek at the Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Camping Park. You can enjoy their 6 heated pools, all containing hot water at varying temperatures, which comes directly from the springs.

Alternatively, you can use the caravan park pools and facilities for the day (as a Day Guest) without committing to camping for the night.

Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Camping Park FEATURES:

🐶 Pet-friendly
🚽 Flushing toilets
🚿 Hot showers
🏊 Hot pools & spas (varying temperatures)
💧 Drinking water
⚡️ Power
🗑 Rubbish bins
⬇️ Dump point
🔥 Camp fires allowed
♨️ BBQ’s
👕 Laundry
📶 Telstra reception
⛽️ Petrol available
🚗 2WD access
⛺️ Tents, Campers, Caravans, Motorhomes, Big Rigs

Innot Hot Springs Leisure & Camping Park FEES
Day Guest
– use of pools, spas, amenities, BBQs and camp kitchen
• Adults – $12/ day
• Children – $6/ day (approx.)
Unpowered Site
– no pool/ spa access
• 1 person – $30
• 2 people – $40
• Extra people – $15
Powered Site
– includes pool & spa access
• 1 person – $35
• 2 people – $45
• Extra people – $15
Standard Rooms
(up to 3 people)
• $105 flat rate
Self-contained Rooms
(up to 5 people)
• 1 or 2 people – $160
• Extra people – $20
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Visit the Nearby Ravenshoe Hotel

Ravenshoe Hotel QLD

If you’ve ever wanted to step back in time to the roaring 20s, then you’ve got to check out the Ravenshoe Hotel, which is about a 22-minute drive east of Innot. It makes for a great lunch stop after you’ve had a chance to explore the hot springs.

Ravenshoe Hotel is the highest pub in Queensland, with an elevation of 916m above sea level.

This gorgeous old hotel was built in 1927 and is now back in the family. The great-granddaughter of the original owners bought it back about 6 years ago and together with her husband has done a brilliant job of preserving the 1920s charm.

Take a step through the front doors and have a stroll through the dining room, bar, pool room, upstairs accommodation, amenities and sweeping balconies.

Oh and the meals were absolutely delicious!

Ravenshoe Hotel QLD

Ravenshoe Hotel History

Ravenshoe Hotel was built in the 1920’s by John Ernest Edwards. John’s wife Silvinia was the first publican in 1927 and remained so until 1940 when they retired.

In 2013, Wendy Stanford, the great-granddaughter of John and Silvinia, bought the Hotel with her husband Wayne. They wanted to retire back in Ravenshoe after working out in the mines.

The pub was renamed Hotel Tully Falls in the 1950’s when the Koombooloomba Dam was being built at the falls nearby. When the pub reopened around 2014 it resumed its original name of Ravenshoe Hotel.

Together they’ve been restoring the old Hotel back to its former glory. You can now visit the pub, enjoy a meal and a drink in the bar, the old-world dining room or out the back in the gardens. Guests can even stay upstairs in a choice of many restored Motel rooms with a sweeping verandah overlooking the Ravenshoe township.

Wayne and Wendy encourage patrons to go for a wander and immerse themselves in the history of ye old pub. They’ve done a fantastic job! Spotted around are pieces of antique furniture, a wooden fireplace and so much more.

Ravenshoe Hotel, Ravenshoe QLD

Ravenshoe Hotel Features


  • Drinks & Meals
  • Fireplace
  • Accommodation – motel rooms upstairs
  • Toilets & Showers
  • Garden, balcony & verandah

Ravenshoe Hotel Location

Ravenshoe Hotel Address
34 Grigg Street, Ravenshoe QLD 4872
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11 thoughts on “🔥 FULL GUIDE to Innot Hot Springs (+ Camping), QLD”

  1. Innot hot springs is a remarkable place amazing water temperatures kind people and pet friendly really relaxing natural heat

    1. I live around the area and hear alot from locals .
      Was in the pool with another lady and child whom had a ringworm covered , but next week her child got a ringworm too.!
      Also I heard another lady got infection.
      The owner is abusive. I also seen 3 people’s, been giving a gentleman’s agreement to run the hotel for them , but the owner , pulls out before time and kicks them out , all of them did good things for the hotel , don’t know why he keeps abusing people’s he asked to go in there spend their money, then when all is going successfully, he pulls the pin. Yes the nettle creek is more enjoyable

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit a natural hot spring like this especially since it’s not super touristy. Something it’s nice to visit places that haven’t been commercialized. Extra bonus that the site is pet friendly and has flushing toilets 🙂

    1. Yes, I totally agree. The less touristy attractions are so nice. You actually get a solid chance of enjoying nature at its best without a million people.

  3. I have been to the Atherton Tableland but didn’t know about this hot spring. It looks like a lovely place to stop. I love a hot springs soak especially in such a natural setting.

  4. Innot Hot Springs sounds like a good spot to visit for a relaxing visit. We like to visit hot springs and explore these interesting sites. Good to read that one hour a week is enough. I might pass on the Caravan Park and just enjoy the time in nature.

  5. What an added bonus to have your campsite near the hot springs. It’s interesting to hear that it’s not touristy, nor deep – but it sure is pretty and peaceful. I can see why you felt refreshed after only an hour.

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