Kinbombi Falls Free Camp, Kinbombi QLD

⛺️ Kinbombi Falls FREE Camping & Walking Tracks, Kinbombi QLD

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Our first camp when we hit the road was fantastic! Kinbombi Falls offers Free Camping 50 minutes west of Gympie for up to three days. There are also three short walking trails and a waterfall to explore during your visit.

We could have stayed there for a week I reckon, but we were all itching to get back on the road and see the next thing around the corner (the camp had no time limit when we first visited in 2017).

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Kinbombi Falls Free Camping & Walking Tracks

Kinbombi Falls, Kinbombi QLD

Camp Features

⏰ 72-hour limit
⛺️ Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
🐶 Dogs allowed
🗑 Rubbish bins
🥪 Picnic tables
🚻 Flushing toilets (down 26 steps)
💧 Water (non potable)
🔥 Camp fires
💦 Waterfall
🚶🏻 Bush walks (with lots of steps!)

❌ NO: showers or drinking water

Kinbombi Falls, QLD

Supplies available from Gympie

The closest town to Kinbombi for gathering supplies is Gympie, which is 72km east (50 minutes drive).

We left the Sunshine Coast in the morning and stopped at Gympie to do our first big grocery shop with the caravan on back. There was no way we were getting into either the Aldi or Woolworths car parks, but we did find a park on a top road behind the Woolworths shopping centre. 

Of course it was absolutely bucketing down when we left the shopping centre and we had to push the trolley over to the bottom of the stairs and get a production line going to quickly get the groceries up and into the van without getting too drenched!

Kinbombi Falls, QLD

Heading to Kinbombi Falls

We headed out to Kinbombi Falls, not knowing what to expect for our first Free Camp. 

Well what a gorgeous spot it turned out to be! With only a few other campers in sight, we basically had the pick of the place. 

It had nice, flat campgrounds in a bush setting, situated right on the edge of a beautiful gorge. We ended up staying for two nights so we could have a chance to relax into this new lifestyle and explore the walks down to the creek and waterfall. 

The farmer from next door even came to drop off some fire wood on our second night – score! The kids were happy to have our first little camp fire.

We really enjoyed this spot and could easily have stayed longer, but we were really itching to see what was further up the road. So on the third day we headed off!

Kinbombi Falls, QLD

Kinbombi Falls Walking Tracks

There are three short walks at Kinbombi Falls, which take you down to the river as well as offering a nice view down over the waterfall.

The Kinbombi Falls track is only about 1 – 3km return, however with lots of steps, hills and an unsealed section on track 3, a moderate level of fitness is recommended.

Unfortunately Kinbombi Falls is not wheelchair accessible.

Track 1• Lots of steps
• Leads down to the waterfall
Track 2• Steps and concrete walking path
• Views over the gorge
Track 3• Steps & unsealed dirt hill
• Tricky to navigate, tread carefully
• Goes down into the gorge and alongside the creek

Kinbombi Falls Location

ADDRESS: Kinbombi Road, Kinbombi QLD 4601.

Digital maps these days are fantastic, but they’re only good to you if you’ve got them. Don’t forget to preload your maps before heading away from reception. It’s also wise to carry a paper map on hand as a hard copy. The last thing you want is to be stranded without a clue on direction… and yep we’ve been there. It’s not fun!

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