Muk Mat Review

MUK MAT Review – Are They Better Than the Alternatives?

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The MUK MAT is a camping grass mat, which is brilliant at removing sand, dirt, dust and prickles from your feet and shoes before entering the caravan, camper or tent.

MUK MATs come in a range of different sizes to suit your camping needs. Once you’re ready to hit the road, just roll up your mat and secure it closed with the in-built velcro strap. The MUK MAT feels so lush and thick that it’s very satisfying to feel under your feet.

If you’re into modern caravanning and camping then you’ll know just how important it is to have a good caravan antenna as well as a solid mat at the entrance to your ‘home.’ We’d always used a basic outdoor mat from Bunnings, until this lush, grassy Muk Mat was slid under out feet. Now I don’t reckon we could go back to the standard, rubber door mat.

For those of you who are new to the Muk Mat concept, read our review to find out what makes this Aussie-made mat a pretty great accessory for your road trip adventures.

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Keep the muk outside.

We received a Muk Mat for the purpose of forming an honest opinion of the product. We were in no way obliged to provide a review, but have done so to share our experience with our readers. This post contains affiliate links, for more information, see our disclosures here.

Muk Mat Review

Muk Mat

What is a Muk Mat?

The Muk Mat is essentially an artificially created grass mat with a reinforced trim and rubber backing. 92% of the yarn and backing are made from recycled materials.

The ‘grass’ is made from UV-protected synthetics in polyethylene multi-filament yarn. The base is a Latex-backed 100% woven Polypropylene.

The concept was formed by an active Queensland family who were on a mission to keep the dirt, sand and grass out of their car after going for a surf. Before long, they found it handy for cleaning their feet after other outdoor activities, like running, golf and camping.

Rest assured that the Muk Mat products are all Australian-owned, designed and manufactured.

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Does it Really Keep the Muk Outside?

Muk Mat Caravan Grass Mat

If you’ve ever camped near the beach, you’ll know what I’m talking about with the millions of tiny sand granules inevitably finding their way into your tent or caravan (even when you wash or wipe your feet).

When you head into the outback, red dirt literally blows itself into the van and even more annoying are the prickles that get walked in. I can 100% confirm that a stray goat’s head on the caravan floor is 1000 times worse than standing on the kids’ lego!

The humble Muk Mat at the caravan doorstep works incredibly well at keeping all of these unwanted elements outside (besides the lego), where they belong.

Once you’ve finished with the mat, simply shake out all of the muck, roll it up and secure it with the inbuilt velcro strap. You can easily hose it down or rinse it under a tap if you want to give it a better clean.

What is a Muk Mat Good For?

Muk Mat Review

The versatile Muk Mat isn’t just for putting at the door of your tent, it’s super handy for a variety of scenarios.


  • For the beach (wipe feet before getting into car)
  • Stand on to change out of wetsuit/ sports gear
  • Wipe feet after a run or ride
  • Put in the back of the car to store wet/ dirty/ sandy clothes and shoes
  • Caravan door step
  • Tent entrance
  • Outdoor entry at home

Sizes, Pricing & Colours

Muk Mat Review

The Muk Mat comes in four different sizes to suit a variety of activities. The smallest one is the perfect size to insert onto your caravan doorstep. In addition, there are regular, large and extra-large mats, depending on which size best suits your needs.

MUK MAT Grass Colour Options:

  • Green
  • Grey
  • Light Grey
Muk Mat STEP
(internal caravan entry step)
58 x 26 cm$50 AUD
(external caravan pull-out step)
51 x 20 cm$60 AUD
Muk Mat ORIGINAL50 x 65 cm$60 AUD
Muk Mat LARGE60 x 90 cm$80 AUD
Muk Mat EXTRA LARGE60 x 120 cm$90 AUD

What About MUK MAT Alternatives?

You can certainly save yourself a few bucks by getting a ‘Bunnings Muk Mat’ instead of the real deal. However, the quality and longevity of the item just isn’t the same.

The grass mats from Bunnings don’t have a reinforced trim, which is what stops the corners from curling up. After using a genuine Muk Mat for years, I can tell you that I’ve never had to fight with the corners to try and keep them down so that no one trips on them.

In addition, you won’t get an in-built velcro strap for easily rolling up and storing a Bunnings grass mat, which is an invaluable addition when frequently setting up and packing down camp.

My final thought on why it’s worth spending the extra money on an OG Muk Mat is the quality of the grass, which is far thicker and softer than the cheaper versions.

However, it all comes down to your budget and how often you plan on using the mat.

Final Verdict

Muk Mat Review

I really love the Muk Mat for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is that it keeps the caravan floors much cleaner, as the mat genuinely does a very good job at cleaning shoes and feet.

Sometimes, we pull up to a camp or rest area for the night and don’t plan on fully setting up. But that doesn’t mean that the ground outside isn’t super dusty, dirty, prickly or muddy. The extra large Muk Mat is a great size for having somewhere to land once you step out of the van and are fumbling around with shoes or thongs.

The ‘grass’ mat itself actually feels really soft under your feet, which is rather nice when you’re wiping them before heading inside. It sure beats the hard, bristly feeling that many other mats provide.

I’ve been so pleased with my Muk Mat, that I ended up ordering one to put at my back door at home. You’re definitely not limited to using Muk Mats just while caravanning and camping.

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10 thoughts on “MUK MAT Review – Are They Better Than the Alternatives?”

  1. Where was this when we were living in our tiny van!! Even if we hadn’t been to the beach, the floor was somehow ALWAYS covered in sand!! This looks like it would have been a lifesaver.

  2. That looks so much better than a regular, boring foot mat. I would prefer this not just while camping but even in my home patio. You can never have enough reminders of nature.

  3. I’m definitely not into camping but this seems like a very useful item. I can imagine how untidy the van floor becomes when you are parked and it rains. Muk MAt is definitely worth investing in. I’m not sure though if this is available in this part of the world.

  4. That’s a very smart thing to have on a camping trip. I’m not very good at camping and I suspect it’s because I don’t have smart reflexes and tools like this. Bringing dirt or sand or mud into the caravan or tent is one of these things that can ruin your trip if you are too used to living in a comfy, tidy home. Great invention and definitely something to have on an epic trip!

  5. So about how long do these artificial turf Muk Mat’s last? I mean if you are constantly running around in a muddy campsite or you frolic in fields of “goat’s head” (never heard Tribulus called that before) then you will be constantly wiping your feet or shoes off wont you?
    Or am I missing it that you dont use it as a mat to wipe but rather a clean spot to stand on as you take off your shoes?

    1. Well that’s the question, isn’t it. I guess time will tell as to how long the Muk Mat ends up lasting. Obviously using it full-time, rather than just on weekends and holidays, will impact its lifespan. We use it as an everyday doormat, but others may prefer to use it as a clean spot.

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