Mystic Sands Golf Club Camping, Balgal Beach QLD

⛺️ Mystic Sands Golf Club CAMPING, Balgal Beach QLD

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Mystic Sands Golf Club is located 60km North of Townsville, where Low Cost Camping is on offer. You can also find the usual Golf Club offerings, such as golfing, buggy hire, counter meals and a licenced bar. 

For just $5 – $10 per person (per night), you get access to all of the resort facilities, swimming pool, lawn bowling and golf course. That’s pretty good value!

I’ve met other people during my travels who have rated Mystic Sands Golf Club as one of the BEST Free Camps (it used to be free) from around the country, so I knew we had to check it out. 

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Mystic Sands Golf Club Camping

Mystic Sands Resort, Balgal Beach QLD

Camp Features

💲 $5 per adult, per night (kids stay FREE)
⏰ 72-hour limit (no bookings required, just rock up)
🐶 Pet-friendly (dogs on leads)
🚿 Hot showers
🚽 Toilets

🗑 Rubbish bins
🏊 Swimming Pool
Barefoot Bowls ($5 pp)
Golf ($25 per round)
🍝 Meals
🍻 Bar
📶 Telstra Reception
📺 TV Reception (yay, we got to watch Bathurst!)

⛺️ Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
No campfires

Mystic Sands Resort, Balgal Beach QLD

Mystic Sands Golf Club Location

Address135 Ocean Parade, Balgal Beach QLD 4816

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Our Experience of Mystic Sands Golf Club Camping

Mystic Sands Resort, Balgal Beach QLD

To be honest, I found our Mystic Sands Golf Club camping experience to be ‘okay.’ Maybe that was due to it being hyped up so much before I got there, so I had arrived with preconceived ideas.

It’s basically a Golf Club (in a small community) that’s changed hands many times over the years. Each owner tries to bring it back to life, before it eventually flops again. The energy kind of reminded me of the Kooralbyn International Golf Resort, which was just down the road from where I originated before hitting the road. Similarly, that Golf Resort has had a string of unsuccessful take-overs, which inevitably resulted in dilapidation.

However, since our stay in 2019, the Mystic Sands Golf Club seems to have had a nice turnaround. WikiCamps is filled with raving reviews and this low cost camp really offers bang for buck!

Lots Included

Mystic Sands Resort, Balgal Beach QLD

The Mystic Sands Golf Resort camping fees are very low and includes a lot of extras with your stay.

Campers are free to play Lawn Bowls at their leisure on the green, plus take full advantage of the resort swimming pool. Relax on the verandah overlooking the Golf Course while enjoying a beverage and a meal from the club or go out for a hit on the golf course.

Great Meals

We had dinner at the Golf Club one night and the meals were very well-priced and delicious! The Schnitzels were some of the best we’ve had in ages. The staff were all really friendly and helpful.

Slightly Understaffed in 2019

Unfortunately, there seemed to be more work than what the staff could keep up with during our stay in 2019. This meant that the pool and gardens were a bit neglected. However, the kids still swam and had fun and it sounds like this issue has since been resolved.

It looks like there are lots of things on the cards and we wish them all the best with the place as it has great potential.

Short Walk to Mystic Sands Beach


Go for a walk through the surrounding houses and look for a laneway, which will lead to the beach. Go for a stroll, the water is amazing, but… there are potential lurking crocodiles, so unfortunately it’s not safe for swimming.

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Mystic Sands Golf Club Camping, Balgal Beach QLD - PIN

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1 thought on “⛺️ Mystic Sands Golf Club CAMPING, Balgal Beach QLD”

  1. Neville and Del Lavis

    We stayed at Mystic Sands for 7 days and had a fabulous time. Mine hosts could not have been better and the staff excellent, friendly and so accommodating. Love you all. We played golf, bowls, enjoyed walks, so close to beach and nàture. Wonderful pool enjoyed by many whilst we were there but forgot our togs. Will be back again next year.

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