Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD

⛺️ Neil Turner Weir (Donation Camping) Mitchell, QLD

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The small Outback Queensland town of Mitchell offers a fantastic camping area at Neil Turner Weir as well as a unique Great Artesian Spa experience. Mitchell itself is located 587km west of Brisbane in the south-western part of the State.

The locals assured us that they are more than happy for travellers to stay as long as they like. After all, it brings much needed dollars to the town and local businesses.

Mitchell also offers travellers a Free Courtesy Bus, which runs a few times a day between the camp, the main street of town and the Artesian Spa. A fantastic resource for tourists!

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Neil Turner Weir Camping

Neil Turner Weir, Mitchell QLD

Camp Features

💲 Donation
⏰ No time limit
⛺️ Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
🐶 Dogs allowed
🚻 Flushing Toilets
💧 Drinking Water
🥪 Picnic Tables
🗑 Bins
⚽️ Playground (tiny)
⚡️ Generators allowed
♨️ FREE Electric BBQ’s & Wood BBQ
🚌 FREE Courtesy Bus
🏊‍♂️ Swimming
🎣 Fishing
📺 TV reception
📶 Telstra reception
🚗 2WD & Big Rig access
❌ No showers

Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD
Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD
Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD
Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD
Neil Turner Weir Camping, Mitchell QLD

Camp Location

AddressRacecourse Road, Mitchell QLD 4465
Aus Line Break
Aus Line Break

Mitchell Artesian Spa & Pools

Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell QLD

You can’t visit Mitchell without soaking in the revitalising waters of the Great Artesian Spa. The hot pool sits at around 40℃, which is naturally heated from the Artesian Basin. Right beside it is a colder pool, which is perfect for plunging into at 25℃.

Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell QLD

The water from the Great Artesian Basin is well known for its healing properties for the body and soul. Throughout history, people have travelled from far and wide to make use of the therapeutic qualities of the mineral waters from the Artesian Basin.

Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell QLD

Artesian Spa Facilities

  • Hot Spa (around 40’C)
  • Cool Pool
  • Hydro Chair (for those with restricted mobility)
  • Gym (free for everyone)
  • Yoga Classes
  • Cafe on the Deck (offering Friday Morning Tea, All Day Menu, Lunch Menu & Sunday Breakfast)
  • Change Rooms with hot showers
  • Visitor Information Centre

For more info, check out the Mitchell Artesian Spa.

Opening HoursEvery day – 8 am to 6 pm
Tuesday & Thursday (Nov – Mar) – 8 am to 6 pm
Admission• Adult – $10.00
• Concession/ Students/ Children – $8.00
• Family – $32.00
Address2 Cambridge Street, Mitchell QLD 4465
Aus Line Break

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12 thoughts on “⛺️ Neil Turner Weir (Donation Camping) Mitchell, QLD”

  1. I may not be drawn by the idea of camping but I can always use an artisanal spa. These days I could use waters that are said to have healing properties for the body and soul. Love that Mitchell also offers a courtesy shuttle into town.

  2. Now that’s how you would get me camping again, with a promise of a spa experience! I love how most of your camping places only require a donation. It’s a wonderful incentive for people to embrace camping.

  3. It looks like I will be doing a long road trip when my two children a bit older in a few years time and I hope to drive around the big island (gonna need 6-9 months me thinks). Campsites like this will be used so if they are all like the ones here in Mitchell, then I am going to be happy (especially if its super hot). The swimming pool is the appealing part and the question is, is the pool open at night. After a long days drive, I think that is the first place I be heading for before I have a cool brew.

    1. That will be an amazing family trip. If you could manage 6-9 months, you’d be well on the way to doing a lap. Not all campsites are like the one in Mitchell, but there are plenty like it along the way. It looks like the pool closes at 6pm at the moment.

  4. I have not spent much time inland from the Australian coasts but this area does look inviting. I am a fan of naturally heated spas (there are a lot of them here in NZ). I like that only a donation is asked for camping.

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