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During our travels through the Gulf Savannah region of far north-west Queensland we enjoyed three great Normanton free camping sites around the area.

Since then, the third campsite on this list (Walkers Creek Crossing, on the way to Karumba) has been closed down, but hopefully we will see it open back up. It was a beautiful spot and was about the only site that catered for Free Campers who wanted to explore Karumba.

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Camping in Normanton

Normanton Free Camping Locations (Map)

Below is an interactive map with a red pin drop for each of the three Normanton Free Camping sites covered in this post.

Camping Rules for Normanton

Rules for camping within Normanton:

  • Overnight parking is not permitted on roadsides or other public land within 5km of the Normanton and Karumba townships
  • Normanton only offers free camping when the caravan and tourist parks are fully booked out
  • An additional seasonal free camping site is available on the banks of the Norman River (Normanton SC RV Camp – below)

RV Dump Point

RV Dump Point Address
Normanton Works Depot, Old Hospital Road,
Normanton QLD 4890
(Behind the Council Works Depot, next to the Dog Pound)
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Normanton Free Camps

Normanton SC RV Camp

Normanton Free Camp QLD
Normanton SC RV Camp, Normanton QLD

The Normanton SC RV Camp is for self-contained RVs, caravans and big rigs only, meaning that you need to have your own amenities on board. No toilets, showers or drinking water are available, but there is a water station and dump point a few minutes away in town.

Tents, campers and vans are not permitted.

Be aware that there is a limit of only 10 vans per night on this site and you must get your permit (free) from the Information Centre or your can book here.

As this Normanton free camping spot is along the river with some of the biggest crocs in the world, you will be advised to camp at least 20m away from the river bank and absolutely no food scraps are to be left around.

Normanton Free Camp QLD
Normanton SC RV Camp, Normanton QLD

Camp Features:

💲 FREE – 48 hours (permit from Info Centre)
⚡️ Generators allowed
🐊 Crocodiles
🎣 Fishing
📶 Telstra reception
🚌 Big Rig access
🚗 2WD access (in the dry season)
🐶 Dogs allowed (seasonal – check with Info Centre)
❌ No amenities, power or drinking water

Normanton Free Camp QLD
Normanton SC RV Camp, Normanton QLD

Camp Location:

The Normanton Free Camp is located just over the bridge as you head north along the Burke Development Road out of town. Go to the Information Centre first for your permit and instructions.

Info Centre Address: Corner Landsborough Street & Caroline Street, Normanton QLD 4890.

Normanton SC RV Camp Address
North side Capt. W.H. Norman Bridge,
Normanton QLD 4890

Flinders River Causeway Camping

Flinders River Bush Camp, QLD
Flinders River Bush Camp, Normanton QLD

The Flinders River Bush Camp is a great spot with fairly limited space in the Normanton region. The north side of the causeway had spots for larger set-ups and the area south of the causeway is more suited to smaller set-ups.

If you go for a walk along the bush track on the high bank of the river, you can see quite a few fresh water crocodiles sunning themselves on the opposite bank and floating in the water – we spotted about 10.

There are definitely salt water crocodiles in there, so stay away from the waters edge! 

As the dry season progresses each year, the salt water crocs will start to eat some of the fresh water crocodiles if there is a shortage of other prey around.

If you shine a good torch across the water at night, you’ll be able to see lots of sets of eyes reflecting back at you.

Flinders River Bush Camp, QLD
Flinders River Bush Camp, Normanton QLD

Camp Features:

FREE (No time limit)
Croc spotting
Pet friendly (away from the river)
Camp fires
2WD access (in the dry season)
Big Rig access
No toilets, showers, bins, drinking water or power

Camp Location:

The Flinders River Bush Camp is located 60km south of Normanton.

Some people have a bit of trouble finding the entry from the highway. There are two entries which loop around and go the to same areas, one on the south side of the bridge and the other is on the north side of the bridge.

  • Heading north – the campsite entries are on your right
  • Heading south – the campsite entries are on your left
  • The south side entry has a gate

Check the WikiCamps app for the most up-to-date information.

Flinders River Bush Camp Address
Burke Development Road
(60km south of Normanton)

Walkers Creek Crossing

Walkers Creek Crossing, Normanton QLD
Walkers Creek Crossing, Normanton QLD
*Note – At last update, this campsite has closed. It may open back up again in the future, so keep an eye on the WikiCamps app for the most up-to-date information.

The Walkers Creek Crossing free camping site proved to be a great spot, with tons of space. There were about 10 vans there both nights that we stayed and we felt safe enough to unhitch and drive into Karumba without the caravan.

All of the fellow campers were really lovely and we had a great time sharing travel yarns as we stood on the banks of the beautiful river looking for crocodiles on the opposite bank.

Walkers Creek Crossing, Normanton QLD
Walkers Creek Crossing, Normanton QLD

Spotted 2.5 – 3m Salty Croc sun baking on opposite bank 27/7/2018. Plenty of freshies as well.

Someone had put a sign up on the fence though sharing that they’d seen a 2.5 – 3m estuarine (salt water) crocodile only a month prior, eeek! We saw up to 5 fresh water crocs at one stage, but no sign of the elusive salt water croc (thank goodness!). 

People were walking their dogs and letting their kids splash along the causeway, but I absolutely wouldn’t recommend that with sightings of highly predatory crocodiles about.

Camp Features:

 Croc spotting
 Pet Friendly
 Fires Allowed
 2WD Access
 Big Rig Access
 No showers, toilets, power, drinking water or Telstra reception

Camp Location:

You can find the free Walkers Creek Crossing bush camp about 43km east of Karumba and 32km north of Normanton. The camp sits along the north side of Walker Creek (east side of the road) on the Burke Development Road (just before the Karumba Road turn-off).

Keep an eye on WikiCamps to see if this camp becomes available again.

Walkers Creek Crossing Address
Burke Development Road, just before the Karumba Road turn-off
(43km east of Karumba & 32km north of Normanton)
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Things to Do in Normanton

Krys the Savannah King, Big Crocodile, Normanton QLD

We spent our afternoons in Normanton hanging out at the river bridge looking for crocodiles, which is where all of the locals will tell you to go. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any.

Take a drive around the streets of Normanton and see how many unique buildings you can spot – from the colourful numbers, right through to heritage listed buildings.

I recommend stopping in at The Purple Pub (along the main street) for the $10 lunch!

No trip to Normanton is complete without visiting the replica life-sized sculpture of ‘Krys the Croc.’ As legend tells it, Krys was the largest crocodile to ever be shot and it happened right up here in the Gulf Savannah region of far north-west Queensland. Here’s the full story on Krys the Savannah King.

For more to keep busy with, check out these 15 things to do while visiting Normanton.

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