Notch Point Reserve Free Camping, Ilbilbie QLD

⛺️ Notch Point Reserve FREE CAMPING, Yarrawonga Park, Ilbilbie QLD

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Notch Point camping QLD is absolutely spectacular! You’ve got turquoise ocean on one side and rolling green mountains on the other.

Yarrawonga Park, Notch Point Reserve is located in Ilbilbie, Queensland (90 km south of Mackay). Notch Point is available for Free Camping and is easily accessible by 4WD. No amenities are on site, so make sure you’re fully self-contained.

With a cattle property right next door, the friendly cows roam the grounds freely, mixing the country feel with the coastal experience. The water was oh-so-tempting, but with crocodile warning signs everywhere, we thought it best not to tempt fate with a swim.

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Notch Point Camping

Notch Point Camping, Ilbilbie QLD

Camp Features

💲 FREE (7 day limit)
🐶 Pet friendly
⛰ Scenic views (ocean & mountain)
🎣 Fishing
🚤 Boat ramp
🐊 Crocodiles
⚡️ Generators allowed
🔥 Open fire pits
📶 Telstra reception
📺 TV reception
⛺️ Tents, Camper Trailers, Off-road Caravans (no Big Rigs)
🚙 4WD access only (slippery when wet)

Notch Point

Notch Point is hands down one of the BEST Free Camps in Queensland!

Getting into Notch Point

Getting out to the point definitely requires a 4WD. We also learnt that access is tide dependent. There are two sections along the track on the way in that fill up with water as the tide gets high (we were lucky to have arrived at low tide – pure fluke).

Prepare yourself ahead of time and get the Four Mile Beach Tide Guide.

Notch Point, Yarrawonga Park QLD

Notch Point Entry Track:

  • Unsealed road
  • A few sandy sections
  • 2 small water crossing points (approx. half way up your 4×4 wheels at low tide)
  • 4WDs only
  • Off-road caravans only (clearance required)

We took the 23 ft van up over the hill and camped on a prime slab site on the other side. Apparently, the slab was the place where an old fishing hut once stood before being knocked down.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking a big van over the hill at Notch Point Yarrawonga Park Reserve. We did scrape our spare tyre (hanging off the back of the van) getting down the track, but the views were worth it!

I also wouldn’t recommend taking a van over the hill if it’s wet – it will be slippery and there’s nowhere to go but down. However, there are plenty of good camping spots before you even get to this hill, which is where many people pull up.

Watch the video below to see:

  • Time-lapsed drive of the entry track
  • Condition of the tracks
  • Height of the water crossings at low tide
  • A look around Notch Point

▶️ VIDEO: Notch Point Entry Track & Exploring the Area

Notch Point Reserve Location

Getting out to Notch Point campground from the Bruce Highway is a 16 km drive and will take just under 30 minutes.

Directions to Notch Point Reserve from the Bruce Highway:

  1. Take the Greenhill Road exit off the Bruce Highway at Ilbilbie
  2. Follow for 4.4 km, then turn right onto Notch Point Road
  3. Follow for another 7.7 km, passing Australian Prawn Farms, then turn right at the sign
  4. Continue along the unsealed road, through the gate (please close behind you) & follow out to the point
AddressNotch Point Road, Ilbilbie QLD 4738
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Notch Point FAQs

Notch Point
Are dogs allowed at Notch Point?

Yes, Notch Point is a pet-friendly camping location. However, be mindful that the land is shared with an adjoining cattle property, so it’s best to keep your dogs leashed. There was also a sign warning that if any dogs are found on the private property next door, they will be shot – so don’t let your dogs wander!

Can you take a 2WD vehicle into Notch Point?

It is recommended that only 4WD vehicles and off-road vans enter Notch Point camping area. With tidal water crossings, unsealed tracks and sandy sections, high clearance is definitely required to traverse the entry track, plus you may need 4WD if you get stuck along the way. In saying that, I did see some 2WDs and older caravans in there, so attempt it at your own risk.

Do you need to make a booking to camp at Notch Point Reserve?

No, bookings are not required to camp at Notch Point free camping ground. There is plenty of room for everyone, so just rock up and find a nice spot to set up camp. For an ocean view, you’ll need to head up and over the hill. Even though we did take our 23ft caravan up there, I wouldn’t actually recommend it, especially if the ground is wet (the only way is down if you start to slide!).

Can you fish at Notch Point?

Yes, Notch Point is known to be one of the top fishing spots along the Central Queensland coast. Be careful if you’re beach fishing as it is also crocodile territory. There is a boat ramp at Notch Point for boat fishing.

Notch Point

Are there crocodiles at Notch Point?

Yep, Notch Point sits within Australia’s saltwater crocodile territory. There are multiple signs around warning visitors about crocodiles. You can also read the memorial of a 69-year-old man who went missing on 16/12/2014. His boat was found abandoned on the shore with his boat trailer hitched up to the car and the engine still running. As he has never been seen since launching his boat, it’s feared that he has been a victim of a crocodile attack.

Can you swim at Notch Point?

Swimming is not recommended at Notch Point due to crocodiles and sharks living in the surrounding waters. The crocodile signs spotted around the campground also state that there is ‘no swimming.’

Can you have campfires at Notch Point?

Yes, you can have campfires at Notch Point. It’s always recommended to use portable fire pits or create a designated section using a rock border so that people don’t accidentally stumble into hidden coals.

Where can you get bait, ice, drinking water and other supplies for Notch Point camping?

The small town of Sarina (1-hour drive north of Notch Point) is the best place to organise all of your supplies. You’ll find a dump point there as well as shops and potable water taps. For fuel, bait and bottled water, you can head back to the Ilbilbie Roadhouse on the Bruce Highway.

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Notch Point, Ilbilbie QLD

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Notch Point Camping, Ilbilbie QLD - PIN

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