Travelling around full-time for a few years meant that our caravan was our home. I absolutely loved the freedom and simplicity that came with that!

The caravan was a 2015, 23 foot Jayco Starcraft Outback & the rig was a 2005 Nissan Patrol 4.8L.

It honestly took about two years worth of research and trial & error to get to that set up. What you want to travel in is such a personal choice, making them all vastly different. Choosing the right set up takes time, patience and research. This page may help you with your own planning.

Click below to check out the Patrol & Starcraft in more depth!

2005 Nissan Patrol
2015 Jayco Starcrafft
Things I loved about our set-up
  • Minimal setting up and packing up;
  • Having an onboard ensuite (shower, toilet and washing machine);
  • Having a full kitchen inside, out of the elements;
  • Having permanently made beds – rain, hail or shine!
  • Pulling over on the side of the road and being able to access whatever we needed from the van without having to unpack things or set anything up (great for making lunch on the go);
  • We never had to worry about running out of power;
  • We could go Free Camping for as long as we liked;
  • The whole rig was easy to manoeuvre, with the ability to jackknife it safely if need be.  We could also easily do a u-turn in the street in one clean sweep, without it becoming a 16-point turn (despite the length);
  • The 4.8L was a very capable vehicle and had no problem pulling us up those steep ranges or getting us out of a boggy situation.

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