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The great Aussie dream of hitting the road to explore our great southern land has long been an adventure that many aspired towards in their retired years.

Now, it’s not an exclusively grey nomad domain anymore. Families and younger folk are packing up to hit the bitumen for their adventures of a lifetime! Whether it be weekends, holidays or even a year-long stint.

Whatever your style, these guides, tools and resources will get you well on your way with your trip planning.

The great Aussie dream of settling for the quiet, suburban life is fast being left behind. People are fed up with increased workloads and bills at the expense of less time for family and fun.

Some of the benefits of taking time out to travel:

  • MORE time… to explore, read a book, go fishing, watch a movie or play
  • MORE people… that we meet from all walks of life
  • MORE connection… to our land and to each other
  • MORE freedom… you get to choose where and how you want to spend your days – less obligations
  • MORE experiences & memories… because that’s all we really take with us anyway

But, I also know first hand just how stressful and overwhelming it is to plan a big trip!

The OZ BIG LAP Travel Resource Series is here to make your whole process easy, painless and actually FUN.

All your Aussie TRAVEL PLANNING in one easy place!

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Travel Checklists

OZ BIG LAP Travel Checklists

Stay organised and on track with your planning and preparation tasks with these handy Travel Checklists.

Feel accomplished as you tick things off and move closer towards your goal.


  • Caravan Packing List
  • Road Trip Packing List
  • Camping Food Checklist + Menu Planner
  • Caravan Pre-departure Checklist
  • Caravan Storage Checklist
  • 100 Iconic Aussie Foods Checklist
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Budget Spreadsheets

OZ BIG LAP Budget Spreadsheets

Use the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet to calculate how much money you’ll need to get set up, plus fund your trip.

Once you’re on the road, log and keep track of your outgoings (both on the road and at home) with the Expense Tracker, with monthly & year-to-date sheets.


  • BIG LAP Budget Spreadsheet
  • Travel Expense Tracker
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Planners & Guides

Planners & Guides

The planners & guides will walk you right through the steps of packing up to hit the road so that you don’t miss a thing.

After that, the Maintenance & Service Log will ensure that your van is always being well looked after & holding its value for future use & resale.


  • Packing Up to Travel Australia
  • Caravan Buyers Guide
  • Caravan Maintenance & Service Log
  • Diesel Heater Cheat Sheet
  • Travel Apps Planner
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BIG Things Australia

Big Things Checklists

Ticking off all the BIG Things you find as you travel is an iconic tradition for any Aussie road trip.

With over 600 spotted around the country, the Big Things Checklists will provide you with all street addresses and locations, so that you can find them for yourself.


  • State-by-state Checklists
  • The Complete Australian Big Things Checklist
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