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21 Pod Camper Manufacturers Australia (Full Directory)

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With an explosion in the caravanning and camping industry over the last few 5 years in particular, there was an opening in the market for something much simpler. Somewhere in between a camper trailer and a hybrid caravan sits the pod camper.

Inspired by the size and weight of a traditional teardrop camper, pod campers Australia are on the rise and with good reason. Featuring a tiny kitchen, fully-enclosed bed with solid walls and solar power for going off-grid, these compact pod campers boast a lot for their size.

For those who like outdoor hobbies, such as surfing, hiking and cycling, a pod camper is the perfect minimalist accommodation to come back to after a long day’s adventure.

There is a bit of a blurred line between teardrop campers and pod campers, as they are both based on the same principles (basically a bed on wheels, with external kitchen at the back). Some manufacturers even call their pod campers ‘teardrops,’ as that is the more commonly-known term.

So, if the camper is in more of square or boxy shape, it’s been added to this Pod Camper list, while the ones that have the tell-tale teardrop shape have been added to a separate Teardrop Camper list.

You may also be interested in the Micro Caravan list, which includes full-height vans under 14ft long or the directory of Lightweight Caravans Under 1200kg.

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Difference Between a Teardrop Camper and a Pod Camper

Teardrop Camper vs Pod Camper

A modern take on the classic teardrop caravan is the pod camper. While they both encapsulate many of the same qualities, the teardrop has the telltale rounded ‘teardrop’ shape, with the pod exuding more of a boxy, rugged feel.

Similarities between a Teardrop Camper and a Pod Camper:

  • Not much bigger than a bed on wheels
  • Can’t stand up inside the cabin
  • Generally only sleeps 2
  • A few designs may allow for a bunk inside or a rooftop tent to accommodate extra people
  • No shower or toilet (except for the possibility of outdoor facilities with a pop-up tent)
  • External kitchen at the rear (or may be a slide-out)
  • Lightweight and can be towed by most standard vehicles (if fitted with a tow hitch)

The main difference that I’ve noticed between the teardrops and the pods is their off-road capabilities.

Classic teardrops are not designed to go off-road, however many manufacturers now offer an off-road model for those who are interested. Pod campers are more inclined to be set up for going off-road, but as with most campers, there is often the option to get an on-road version if you prefer.

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Pod Camper Pros & Cons

Pod Camper PROSPod Camper CONS
• Lightweight
• Solid walls (out of the elements – no canvas)
• No set up required
• Kitchen included
• Storage for food & clothing
• Solar power for off-gridding
• Limited storage
• Can’t stand up in the cabin
• Generally only sleeps 2 (unless there’s a rooftop tent)
• Kitchen is outside in the elements
• No toilet or shower
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Pod Campers Australia

Key Weight Terms (used below):

  • TARE – empty weight of the camper
  • PAYLOAD – the amount of weight (i.e. “stuff”) you can add
  • ATM – maximum allowable fully loaded weight of the camper

Here’s a great run-down on how to work out your camper weights so that you’re safe and legal.

*Note – all weights and figures below are based upon the entry level models without non-standard upgrades.

AdventureMan Campers

AdventureMan Teardrop Campers
Source: AdventureMan Campers

AdventureMan Campers have been made and tested in Australia for over 10 years. Mark and Cheryl Byrne are the family team behind not only AdventureMan, but also Travelbug Teardrop Campers, which are the more classic style.

AdventureMan Range:

High Country580$17,200
X10 Camper700$18,900

BRS Offroad

BRS Sherpa Teardrop Camper
Source: BRS Offroad

BRS Offroad are in the business of building Australian made camper trailers. They have a small pod camper called Sherpa that has a queen bed inside the cabin, with the option for a rooftop tent, which would allow for another two people.

BRS Offroad Pod Range:



Bruder EXP-4
Source: Bruder

Bruder make extreme off-road campers, from a small rugged pod-style, to a large hybrid. However, with all of their extra features and off-road capabilities comes a hefty price and higher towing weights.

Bruder Pod Range:


Golf Caravans

Golf Camper
Source: Golf Caravans

All Golf Caravan products are designed and made in Australia for our rugged conditions. Within their range of campers and caravans, there is one pod camper, which is lightweight and built with high ground clearance.

Golf Caravans Pod Range:


Gumnut Campers

Gumnut Campers
Source: Gumnut Campers

Gumnut Campers are designed and manufactured in Geelong, Victoria – the caravan manufacturing capital of Australia. While the early production campers were imported from China, they inevitably made the move to being fully Australian made. What started out as more of a teardrop caravan has morphed into the pod campers available today.

H1 Touring500250750$24,990
H1 Adventure6203801,000$27,990

Hitch Campers

Hitch Pod Campers
Source: Hitch Campers

Hitch Campers proudly display the Australian Made green and gold kangaroo logo on their website, which is comforting for those who are looking for Aussie made products. For a back-to-basics camper, that doesn’t compromise on the comforts, take a look at Hitch Campers.

Hitch Campers Pod Range:



Jayco J-Pod
Source: Jayco

Jayco are the biggest caravan manufacturer in Australia, so of course they’d be crazy not to jump onto the pod camper bandwagon. They currently only have the J-Pod Sport (on-road) and J-Pod Outback (off-road) models in their pod range.

See the entire range from this caravan manufacturer, comparing all available lengths and weights for Jayco.

Jayco Pod Range:

J-Pod Sport756216972$24,490
J-Pod Outback9043001,204$30,190

Lumberjack Camper Trailers

Lumberjack Pod Camper
Source: Lumberjack Camper Trailers

Lumberjack are an Australian-based camper trailer company who import a range of different styles. From the small camper trailers and pods, to the larger hybrid campers.

Lumberjack Pod Range:

Sheoak Series II1,0404601,500$23,999
Sorento Series II1,2706301,900$42,500

Origin Campers

Origin Campers
Source: Origin Campers

Origin Campers make a unique pod camper, which they describe as ‘squaredrop.’ This style camper is perfect for travelling without having to set up, while still having the ability to go off-grid.

Origin Campers Pod Range:

Go Adventure540$24,200
Borderline M16804201,100$32,200
Borderline M28205301,350$38,500
Long-Range V1880$40,370
Long-Range V29004501,350$41,690

Ourgen RV

Ourgen RV Pod Caravan
Source: Ourgen RV

Ourgen is a family owned and operated business running out of Somerton, Victoria. With over two decades of experience, they currently offer a full-sized caravan, plus a pod caravan.

Ourgen Pod Range:

Australia Line Break
Australia Line Break

Riptide Campers

Riptide Campers
Source: Riptide Campers

Riptide Campers offer on-road and off-road models, ranging from small to large in size. All Riptide Campers are fully self-contained with queen bed, stereo, TV, fridge, cooktop, power, water and storage. While there are three teardrops in the range, there is currently only one pod style.

Riptide Pod Range:

Typhoon (Off Road)1,1803201,500$48,800

Roadstar Caravans

Roadstar Colt Teardrop Camper
Source: Roadstar Caravans

Roadstar Caravans have been around for years and in 2017 they added a cute little pod camper to their range. The Roadstar Colt is compact, sleeps two, has a fridge and kitchen out the back, plus comes with a solar set-up to keep you off-grid.

Roadstar Pod Range:


Smidge Squaredrop Campers

Smidge Squaredrop Pod Campers
Source: Smidge Squaredrop Campers

Smidge are in the business of creating on-road teardrop campers as well as off-road pod campers called ‘squaredrops.’ Smidge are made by Suncamper Motorhomes, who’ve been leaders in the motorhome industry since 1977.

Smidge Pod Range:

Squaredrop ‘Dash’8002501,050$30,500
Squaredrop ‘Drop’8502001,050$35,500
Squaredrop ‘Dram’8901601,050$42,000

Southern Cross Campers

Southern Cross Campers
Source: Southern Cross Campers

Southern Cross Campers offer camper trailers and hybrid caravans out of Western Australia and have been in the business since 2010. They are happy to work directly with their clients to make sure the perfect camper is delivered.

Southern Cross Pod Range:

The Bambino8506501,500$39,990

Space Pod Campers

Space Pod Campers
Source: Space Pod Campers

Space Pod Campers are 100% Australian made and owned. They boast a good sized rear kitchen with large lift up hatch, which doubles as a great instant shelter. Also included is a permanent solar 250w solar panel and independent suspension.

Space Pod Range:

Traveller LX485265750$19,890
Traveller ORX580170750$22,685


Stockman Rover Teardrop Camper
Source: Stockman

While the Stockman pod trailers are proudly Australian made, it seems that the Rover Pod Camper is imported. Their campers consist of rooftop tents, ute tents and the Rover – an off-road teardrop style camper trailer.

Stockman Pod Range:


The Teardrop Camper Company

The Teardrop Camper Company
Source: The Teardrop Camper Company

The Teardrop Camper Company build pods that are fully customisable, so you can personally order exactly what you’re looking for. The Teardrop Camper Company trailers are 100% Australian made, with all parts being manufactured in house.

The Teardrop Camper Pod Range:

Brumby LS480$16,160
Brumby 1217404601,200$20,990

Track Trailer

Track Tvan Hybrid Camper
Source: Track Trailer

Track Trailer are experts in creating truly off-road and off-grid campers. With a history in making military grade trailers, their reputation in design and testing products in the harsh Australian environment is well known in the industry.

Track Trailer Pod Range:

Tvan Tanami9855151,500
Tvan Inspire9905101,500
Tvan Zenith1,1306701,800
Tvan Murranji1,2006001,800

Travelbug Campers

Travelbug Teardrop Campers
Source: Travelbug Campers

Travelbug Campers came about in response to the booming camper industry, while fulfilling the need for something smaller, more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. Travelbugs come in four different models, three of which are teardrop caravans, while one is a pod camper.

Travelbug Pod Range:

Escape Pod AdventureMan480

Vanglass RV

Vanglass RV Teardrop Camper
Source: Vanglass RV

Vanglass RV can custom build any type of camper you like, including teardrop and pod caravans. They can also supply the parts if you want to be an owner builder.

Custom build or owner buildTo be advised upon commencement of design


Wotpods Teardrop Caravan
Source: Wotpods

Wotpods are a newer brand who build Australian made teardrop pod caravans in the Northern Rivers, NSW. Customise your camper with a huge range of colours, from brights to metallics.

Wotpods Pod Range:

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Pod Camper Manufacturers Australia

AdventureMan CampersUnit 4/96 Link Crescent
Coolum Beach QLD 4573
adventuremanteardropcampers.com.au →
BRS OffroadRedhead NSW 2290
brsoffroad.com.au →
Bruder115 Muriel Avenue
Moorooka QLD 4105
bruderx.com →
Golf Caravans1 Reynolds Court,
Burpengarry QLD 4505
golfcaravans.com.au →
Gumnut CampersGeelong VIC 3220
gumnutcampers.com.au →
Hitch Campers3/19 Gateway Court
Coomera QLD 4209
hitchcampers.com.au →
Jayco1 Jayco Drive
Dandenong VIC 3175
jayco.com.au →
Lumberjack Camper Trailers290a Princes Highway
Corio VIC 3214
lumberjackcampertrailers.com.au →
Origin CampersCaloundra QLD 4551
origincampers.com.au →
Ourgen RV23/1 Northpark Drive
Somerton VIC 3062
ourgen.com.au →
Riptide CampersUnit 3/14 Logistics Place
Arundel QLD 4214
riptidecampers.com.au →
Roadstar Caravans824 – 830 Cooper Street
Somerton VIC 3062
roadstar.com.au →
Smidge Squaredrop Campers9 Sefton Road
Thornleigh NSW 2120
smidgeteardropcampers.com →
Southern Cross Camper Trailers31 Hammond Road,
Cockburn Central WA 6164
sccampertrailers.com.au →
Space Pod Campers159 Boniface Street
Archerfield QLD 4108
spacepodcampers.com.au →
Stockman13 Sahra Grove,
Carrum Downs VIC 3201
podtrailer.com.au/campers/rover →
The Teardrop Camper Company3/20 Walker Street
South Windsor NSW 2756
theteardropcampercompany.com.au →
Travelbug CampersUnit 4/96 Link Crescent
Coolum Beach QLD 4573
travelbugteardropcampers.com.au →
Track Trailer1/640 Dorset Road
Bayswater North VIC 3153
tracktrailer.com.au →
Vanglass RV29 Pioneer Road
Yandina QLD 4561
vanglassrv.com.au →
WotpodsByron Bay NSW 2481
wotpods.com →

Do you see any pod campers Australia that need to be added or omitted from this list? As the camping industry in Oz is rapidly evolving, camper manufacturers can also come and go. Please let me know in the comments below if you notice any required updates that I’ve missed.

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