Redbank Park Camp, Jericho QLD

⛺️ Redbank Park Donation Camping, Jericho QLD

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We found Redbank Park Camping in Jericho by searching for Free & Low Cost Camps on our WikiCamps App. Jericho is a tiny little town located between Emerald & Barcaldine, in Outback Queensland.

This turned out to be a fabulous & cheap camp! The facilities included very clean flushing toilets, play and exercise equipment and potable water on tap where you can fill your tanks. Don’t rely on shops in town to restock your supplies as you’ll need to head to Barcaldine for that, which is an hour further west.

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Redbank Park, Jericho QLD

Redbank Park Camping, Jericho

Camp Features

💲 Donation
⏰ No time limit
⛺️ Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
→ Pull-through sites
🐶 Dogs allowed
🚻 Flushing Toilets
🚿 Showers
♿️ Wheelchair accessible
💦 Water Fill Station (potable)
🔥 Fires allowed
⚡️ Generators allowed
🥪 Picnic tables
🗑 Bins
🏞 River (seasonal)
🐦 Birds & kangaroos spotted
🛝 Playground
🏋️‍♀️ Exercise equipment
🚶‍♀️ Walking tracks
🏊‍♂️ Swimming
🎣 Fishing
🌳 Shade
📺 TV reception
📶 Telstra reception
🚗 2WD & Big Rig access
❌ No: Dump Point (you’ll find one down the road at the Showgrounds)

Our Experience of Redbank Park

When we first arrived at Redbank Park in Jericho, we had a storm chasing us. It was blowing a gale and the place looked like a giant dust cloud! But we found a great spot along the Jordan River, in front of the small amount of water that was there and once the weather settled, it was great.

Every day there were plenty of birds and kangaroos coming down to the water for a drink. There was also a nicely watered patch of green grass near the toilet block – a total oasis in the outback! 

Redbank Park in Jericho is definitely a great place to chill out on your way through. We had a wander up the dry creek bed and came across quite a few empty turtle shells and even a complete Pelican skeleton (with feathers).  At the moment they are in the third year of a drought out here and it really shows.

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Shops, Services & Attractions in Jericho

  • Jericho Drive-in (smallest operating drive-in theatre in the Southern Hemisphere – opens once a month)
  • Redbank Park bush walk (follows the Jordan River for 2km)
  • Showgrounds (with Dump Point and camping)
  • Tourist Information Centre & Library
  • Public Swimming Pool
  • Jordan Valley Hotel
  • Crystal Trumpeters sculpture
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