Richmond RV Camp + Things to Do, Richmond QLD

⛺️ Richmond RV Camping + Things To Do, QLD

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Richmond is a wee little community in North-West Queensland with a population of only 648 people. This town forms part of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, as the area used to be part of a prehistoric inland sea. Available for travellers in Richmond is a great, cheap RV camping area.

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Richmond RV Camping

Richmond Free Camp, QLD

Camp Features

💲 $5 – collect permit from Kronosaurus Korner
⏰ 3 day limit
⛺️ Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs – self-contained vehicles only
🐶 Dogs allowed
💧 Drinking water
🗑 Rubbish bins
⬇️ Dump point
⚡️ Generators allowed
📺 TV reception
📶 Telstra reception
🚗 2WD & Big Rig access
❌ NO power or camp fires

Camp Location

Richmond is located 406km East of Mount Isa and 498km West of Townville, QLD. The FREE Camp is located on Hillier Street.

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Aus Line Break

Things to do in Richmond, QLD

Kronosaurus Corner

Kronosaurus Corner, Richmond QLD

If you’re following Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, this is where you’ll find Kronosaurus Corner, which is an easy 5-minute walk from the Free Camp. Inside is a unique Museum dedicated to prehistoric creatures of the sea. It’s interactive with plenty of replicas, a movie and a kids corner to keep the little ones occupied.

FULL GUIDE to Australia’s Dinosaur Trail →

If you collect the Big Things while travelling, this is where you’ll find the BIG Kronosaurus. Grab the full list of QLD Big Things below, with each street address included.

QLD Big Things Checklist

QLD Big Things Checklist

See if you can find all 150+ Big Things as you travel around Queensland!

  • 17-page checklist
  • Pre-filled with 150+ items
  • Categorised into 6 regions
  • QLD Regional Map
  • Full street addresses
  • Record finds & dates

Lake Fred Tritton

The town Lake offers fun for the whole family!

  • Water Park
  • Bike/ walking tracks,
  • Swimming, skiing, canoeing
  • Fishing (lake is stocked with 18 species)
  • Boat ramp
  • BBQ
  • Picnic tables
  • Amenities
Lake Fred Tritton, Richmond QLD
Lake Fred Tritton, Richmond QLD

Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre

A replica of the original homestead from the late 1860’s has been built out of local flagstone rock. Wander inside the Cambridge Downs Display Centre and take a step back in time to see how folk from 150 years ago used to live.

COST: Free

Richmond QLD

Skate Park & Bike Track

At the end of Richmond Woolgar Road, as you head North out of town, is a great Skate Ramp and Bike Park for the kids to burn off some energy. It asn’t too far to ride up there from the Free Camp.

Richmond QLD
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