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📍 Caravan & RV Water Fill Stations Near Me (Map)

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The main resource that you will need while caravanning and camping is water. Having earned its reputation as “liquid gold” for very good reason, we simply cannot survive without it.

From cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, bathing and of course drinking, water is the most essential resource on the road.

I remember worrying about being able to have enough access to water while travelling before I realised that most towns are happy to offer it for free (or a small donation).

The interactive map below includes over 1,200 caravan and RV water fill stations around Australia. This map includes public water fill points only (caravan parks not included).

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Caravan & RV Water Fill Stations Map

Tips for Using the RV Water Fill Stations Map

  • ZOOM in or out using the ➕ or ➖ buttons (bottom right corner)
  • CLICK on a water fill point to see Name, Facilities & Address
  • SCROLL each state/ territory alphabetically using the ⍈ button (top left corner)
  • VIEW larger map using the ‘expand’ button (top right corner)

▶️ VIDEO: How to Use the Fill Stations Map

While travelling, be sure to download offline maps with your favourite camping app (e.g. WikiCamps or Camps Around Wide so that you can always find your nearest caravan and RV water fill stations.

13 Top Camping Apps →
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Caravan Water Filling Tips

Inline Water Filter
Using an inline water filter while filling tanks

Common Places to Find Water

If you ever desperately need water and don’t know where to find it, your first port of call should always be the local Visitor Information Centre. They will often have a tap where you can fill up, or at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Here are some regular places to find water on the road:

  • Visitor Information Centres
  • Service Stations (ask if you can top up water when buying fuel)
  • Public Parks
  • Cemeteries
  • Showgrounds
  • Caravan Parks (when staying the night)

Always be courteous of the local rules so that you don’t end up stealing water that isn’t freely available. Also, keep in mind that some towns are on water restrictions.

Use an Inline Water Filter

Always filter any water that gets put into your caravan tanks. This helps to keep your tank health good and reduce the risk of getting gastro from lower-quality water.

Inline Water Filter
Inline Water Filters →

Use a Stand At Ease Water Tank Filler

The ‘Stand At Ease’ is a handy little gadget created for faster and easier filling of water tanks, by not having to stand there holding the hose in the right place for the whole fill.

‘Stand At Ease’ benefits:

  • Helps reduce air locks
  • Fills water tanks faster
  • Holds hose in correct position
  • Swivel connection
  • Angled flexible pipe for ease of use
  • Works with a standard hose
Stand At Ease Water Tank Filler
Stand At Ease Water Tank Filler →
(Caravan RV Camping)

In addition, the Stand At Ease helps to reduce air locks by getting the hose further down towards the tank. This effectively stops the water from spluttering and pushing air into the tanks.

If you’ve ever struggled with water tank filling problems, check out the troubleshooting post below.

Water Tank Filling Issues + Troubleshooting →

Carry Multiple Hose & Tap Fittings

Spare Tap Fittings for filling water tanks
Various tap and hose fittings

Always have a selection of hose and tap fittings on hand. Most taps will be threaded, but you will need to supply your own gadgets to hook up your hose.

Have At Least 20m of Hose

In addition to various fittings, it will be to your advantage to have at least 20m worth of hose length with you.

Some taps are clean and potable, but the parking area may be a fair distance away. If you’re able to hook up a decent length of hose, you’ll still be able to top up the water tanks.

Get a Tap Key

You will notice that many of the potable water taps around the country have no tap handles. That is to reduce water wastage by local kids and so on. Oftentimes, you’re still welcome to access the water, but you’ll need to use your own tap key.

Tap Key
Anti-Vandal Tap Key →

I recommend getting a 4-way Anti-Vandal Tap Key (as pictured above), which will work on most taps around the country. You can pick one up from eBay for under $20.

Have Additional Water Storage

It’s always wise to carry extra water storage vessels with you, just in case you’re in desperate need of water and can’t get your van close enough to the only potable tap in town. Or, maybe you don’t want to pack up camp just to tow the van to a tap for water.

Water Storage Ideas:

Always keep a supply of 20L drinking water in case of emergency! Safe travels.

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