SA Bigs Checklist

SA Big Things Checklist

SA Big Things Checklist


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South Australia, home of the very first Big Thing in Australia – the Big Scotsman!

But, that’s not all you’ll find in the way of Big Things in South Australia. There are plenty more Bigs to spot around the state and check off for yourself.

50+ Big Things to find around South Australia!
Big Things Australia
Big Things Australia
Big Things Australia

What’s included…
SA Big Things Checklist

🗺 SA Regional Map

Locate the Big Things within each area that you’re travelling through using the SA Regional Map.

✔️ TICK off each region as you complete it

📍 FULL Street Addresses

Use the street address, plus any listed business or landmark to pinpoint the exact location of each Big Thing.

  • Categorised into 8 SA regions
SA Big Things Checklist
SA Big Things Checklist

🙌 TICK off your finds

Once you spot each Big Thing, get a selfie and tick it off the list!

✔️ TICK off your find
✔️ TICK once you’ve captured a photo
✔️ RECORD the date you found that Big Thing

📝 RECORD extra finds

If you happen upon extra Big Things throughout your travels that aren’t on the list, use the spare spaces to record them.

SA Big Things Checklist


SA Big Things Checklist Details
🔹 12-page checklist
🔹 Pre-filled with 50+ SA Big Things
🔹 Map of 8 SA regions
🔹 Full street addresses
🔹 Adjacent businesses/ landmarks
🔹 DIGITAL (fully interactive on any device with an editable PDF Reader – e.g. Adobe)
🔹 PRINTABLE (print out a hard copy if you prefer)
🔹 BONUS Checklist for common & multiple finds

FORMAT: Interactive PDF – ⬇️ Instant Download

* Please note, no physical items will be shipped to you. This is a digital product, which can be printed out if you wish to have a hard copy.
Or get the Complete Aussie BIG Things List with 600+ items!

Let the BIG Things Hunt begin…

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