SUV Doorstep Review

SUV Doorstep Review | 4WD & Car Door Latch Step

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The SUV Doorstep is a small, foldable latch step, designed for a car or 4WD. You simply hook the SUV Doorstep onto your car door striker (where the door latches on), making access to the rooftop much easier. If you’re worried about whether or not the doorstep can take your weight, they’re guaranteed for up to 231kg.

We were asked by SUV Doorstep to trial one of these little thingamajigs and give our honest review.

So, what did we actually think of the SUV Doorstep? Read on to find out…

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SUV Doorstep Review

SUV Doorstep

One of my biggest queries with the SUV Doorstep was, “will this small contraption really take the weight of a person?”

My partner at the time, who was not a small lad (well over 100kg), put it to the test. It was a bit of a moment of truth to see how the device held up with him standing on it while adjusting things on the roof of the car.

I can honestly report that it worked perfectly, with no issues at all. He felt completely safe using it and didn’t feel like anything was going to give way underneath him.

When you step on the SUV Doorstep, the weight of your body puts a downward force on the doorstep hook and the striker of the car. Those strikers are built to withstand up to 2500 pounds (1133 kg) of force, so you don’t have to worry about the striker breaking.

The SUV Doorstep is very compact, with the hook folding away so that it packs away as one flat piece. It’s really easy to store out of the way in the door of the car, the glovebox or one of the seat pockets.

Another factor to consider is that it’s really lightweight (320 grams), which is negligible when you’re thinking about your overall payload.

Novelty Item or Essential?

To be honest, the SUV Doorstep is not an essential ‘must have’ item, because up until now, everyone has always ‘made do’ with standing on their tyre or side steps.

But, having said that, this little 4WD door latch step is a game changer in how much higher you can actually reach on the roof with ease. Particularly if you’ve got a lifted 4WD.

The SUV Doorstep definitely makes life easier, especially if you do pack a lot of items on your roof for camping and travelling. Now that we’ve got one, we’ve been using it all the time.

Our Star Ratings (out of 5)

I’ve decided to sum up our review of the SUV Doorstep with a few categories and give them each a Star Rating.

These star ratings are purely based on our own experiences and opinions.

Ease of Use★★★★★
Load Bearing Ability★★★★★
Size & Weight★★★★★


How to use the SUV Doorstep

Using the SUV Doorstep is super easy, as you can see in the photos below.

STEP 1 – Take your Doorstep out of it’s pouch

SUV Doorstep

STEP 2 – Hook it onto your door latch

SUV Doorstep

STEP 3 – Climb up for easy access to your rooftop

SUV Doorstep Pros & Cons

• Lightweight
• Compact
• Handy travel pouch
• Perfect for reaching higher up on the roof
• A bit pricey for a non-essential item ($50)
• Rubber piece slips off (we glued ours on permanently)

SUV Doorstep FAQs

Is the SUV Doorstep likely to damage my vehicle?

Nope. The SUV Doorstep design has a rubber-based bumper, plus the hook is coated with anti-corrosion paint, so you can be sure there won’t be any scratches to your car.

How much weight is the SUV Doorstep actually guaranteed for?

Surprisingly, the Doorstep can safely support the weight of up to 231kg.

Will the SUV Doorstep fit my car?

The SUV Doorstep is designed to fit the most common car door striker, which has been used in pretty well every passenger vehicle manufactured over the past 15 years. It’s safe to say that it will almost definitely work in you car.

What’s the SUV Doorstep made from?

It’s designed from Aircraft Grade Aluminium, which is currently the lightest, yet strongest material on the market.

What are the dimensions & weight of the SUV Doorstep?

6.8 x 3.5 x 1.9 inches (320 grams).

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    1. Not that I’ve ever heard of, but it’d be interesting to see if anyone has ever found that after long-term use. My ex was not a small guy and he used it plenty of times with no damage to the vehicle.

  1. Hi, Can you tell me if the SUV Doorstep still available? I’ve been trying to contact and order 2 steps but having no luck. Do you have a contact number/ email address that I could try. Thanks in advance

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