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25 Teardrop Campers Australia (Manufacturers Directory)

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Teardrop campers in Australia are not as popular as they are overseas, however, their use here is slowly growing. With the rise in the caravanning and camping movement, teardrop campers provide a smaller, simpler approach, while still being afforded some of the creature comforts that make a trip more enjoyable.

Teardrop campers became popular in the 1930s and 1940s once World War II came to an end. After the depression was over and the economy was getting back on track, people wanted to be able to get away for holidays again.

The lightweight teardrops could be towed by the cars of the time, which had smaller engines and people even made their own teardrop campers at home! Teardrop camper popularity ran right up into the 1950’s.

The unique shape is what traditionally gives the teardrop camper (or teardrop caravan) it’s name. One end will be rounded, with the other end tapering down and being narrower – like a teardrop.

One of the biggest perks of teardrop campers and caravans is their smaller size and weight, meaning that almost any car (with a tow hitch) can pull a teardrop. Without the need for a big, modified 4WD, teardrop campers offer a much more attainable camping solution for the average vehicle.

If you’re looking for tiny caravans that you can stand up in, check out Micro Caravans and Lightweight Caravans Under 1,200kg posts for the full lists.

To help you out on your tiny camper quest, I’ve pulled together all of the teardrop campers and caravans in Australia that I can find to create a complete directory.

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Teardrop Campers vs Pod Campers

Teardrop Camper vs Pod Camper

With the comeback of the teardrop caravan, some manufacturers are opting for a more modern take – enter the Pod Camper. While both the teardrops and pods are basically a bed on wheels with an external kitchen, the pod campers are generally a bit more rugged and built with off-roading in mind.

Teardrop & Pod Similarities:

  • Cabin with solid walls
  • Double or queen sized bed
  • External kitchen
  • Can’t stand up inside the cabin
  • No bathroom facilities
  • Light enough to be towed by most standard vehicles

Check out this post for the full directory of pod campers Australia.

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Teardrop Campers Australia

Key Weight Terms (used in this article):

  • TARE – empty weight of the camper
  • PAYLOAD – the amount of weight (i.e. “stuff”) you can add
  • ATM – maximum allowable fully loaded weight of the camper

To work out all of your camper weights and make sure you’re legal and safe, check out this post on camper trailer weights.

*Note – all weights and figures below are based upon the entry level models without non-standard upgrades.

Caretta Australia

Caretta Teardrop Campers Australia
Caretta Australia

Caretta teardrop caravans are built in Turkey by a company who’ve been making caravans for 44 years. Caretta Australia have been importing and testing their teardrop campers in Australia since 2013. The off-road model has been extensively tested in the Outback and in conditions including sand, gravel, corrugated roads, water, snow and ice.

Caretta Australia Range:

On Road Camper500200700
Off Road Camper5804201,000

Century Trailers

Century Trailers Teardrop
Century Trailers

Century Trailers are a market leader in the Australian trailer market. While they make a huge variety of car, boat, cattle and other trailers, they also have three caravans in their range (with one being a teardrop).

Century Trailers Teardrop Range:

Mercury 108056951,500$30,000

Cool Beans Campers

Cool Beans Teardrop Campers
Cool Beans Campers

Every single Cool Beans Teardrop Camper is handmade in Fremantle, Western Australia. They will work with you to fully customise exactly the type of camper that you’re looking for.

Cool Beans Camper Range:

Retro Model$41,800
Off-road Model$45,000

Cruizy Campers

Cruizy Campers
Cruizy Campers

Cruizy Campers are proud to be the only Australasian importer of South Africa’s oldest manufacturer of Vagabond Teardrop Campers. These days, Vagabond Caravans are made by EVOFibre, with over 50 years of combined outdoor, caravan and fibreglass experience.

Cruizy Campers Range:

Vagabond Possum580170750$32,000
Vagabond Joey5805601,140$38,500
Vagabond Brumby5805601,140$43,750

Friday Trailer Company

Friday Trailer Company
Friday Trailer Company

Friday Trailer Company was created with that Friday feeling in mind. It’s all about grabbing your gear and escaping the daily rat race at a moment’s notice.

Sustainability is a massive part of the Friday Trailer Company building process with 100m² of land being revegetated in the Lofty region of South Australia for every trailer that is produced. In addition, their workshop is powered by a 9.5 kW solar system and they are working towards using as many sustainable materials as possible.

Friday Trailer Company Range:


Getaway Teardrop Campers

Getaway Teardrop Campers
Getaway Campers

Getaway Campers look to offer custom-built teardrop campers and squaredrop campers.

They offer an all-Aussie steel chassis with fibreglass sides and an insulated ceiling. Also included are 12v lights, 240v plug-in, power points, spare wheel and holder, 60 L water tank, 12v water pump, kitchen sink, 2 pac cupboard doors and a Kings side awning.

Getaway Teardrop Campers Range:

VariousFrom $12,500

Jag Camper

Jag Camper
Jag Camper

Jag Camper is a father and son duo, creating old school campers with all of the modern comforts. They design and manufacture everything themselves right out of Brisbane, Qld.

The Jag-TD is the first of their designs featuring a slide-out kitchen, a slide-out fridge, a 24″ smart TV, a queen bed, internal closets and more. Customise your Jag-TD by choosing out of nine different colours!

Jag Camper Range:


Jolly Caravans

Jolly Caravans
Jolly Caravans

As a global caravan manufacturer, Jolly Caravans are imported from Europe and run by an Australian family. Currently, Jolly do a mini caravan, a teardrop caravan and a camper trailer.

Jolly Teardrop Range:

Jolly Teardrop410340750$23,500

Little Guy Australia

Little Guy Australia Teardrop Campers
Little Guy Australia

Little Guy Australia specialise in making teardrop campers that are compact and will go anywhere. Every camper is airtight and leakproof thanks to decades of industrial design experience, paired with the latest laser technology and computer driven cutting machines.

You’re welcome to visit the workshop in Woodville, South Australia (upon appointment).

Little Guy Australia Range:

Deluxe Plus402193595$17,425
Rough Rider526288814$20,390

Livin Life Teardrop Campers

Livin Life Teardrop Campers
Livin Life Teardrop Campers

Livin Life Teardrop Campers are 100% Australian made and are based in Woori Yallock in Victoria. They have over 10 years experience in the industry, with many extra years in the building industry.

Livin Life Teardrop Range:

The Puddle Jumper5509501,500$19,623
The Getaway Bed6009001,500$26,840
The Optimum Classic7807201,500$37,350

Marli Campers

Marli Campers
Marli Campers

Marli Campers are a family operated business, making Australian made teardrop campers out of Dandenong in Victoria.

Marli Campers Teardrop Range:

Marli One Gangurru450$15,400
Marli X Gangurru500$18,850


Navitear Teardrop Campers

Navitear offer Australian made custom teardrop campers, built in Bedigo, Victoria. They work one-on-one with their customers to create the perfect camper to fit everyone’s lifestyle and travel needs.

Navitear Range:

Custom built camper66090750

Nimble Campers

Nimble Campers
Nimble Campers

Nimble Campers is a classic retro teardrop camper with sofa seating and a table that converts into a queen-size bed. Internal cupboards, under-seating storage and a galley-style hatch kitchen accommodate a simple getaway.

Featuring black edging and toolbox, with a variety of colour decals including Sky Blue, White & Black, Peach, Ink or Eucalyptus.

Nimble Campers Teardrop8054151,220$26,990


NooKee Campers
NooKee Campers

NooKee (pronounced “New-Key”) offers both on-road and off-road models with in-built solar and custom awning. You also have a wide range of colour options, which is a great way to personalise your camper. The brains behind NooKee have over 30 years of experience in the construction and aviation industry.

Nookee Range:

NHS-24 Standard600$18,800
NHS-24 4×4$20,500

Oz Canopies & 4×4

Oz Canopies & 4x4 Teardrop Camper
Oz Canopies & 4×4

Oz Canopies & 4×4 started in 1998 as a family-owned business selling 4×4 accessories for utes. These days they’ve branched out to include a teardrop camper and pod camper in their range.

These campers look to be imported and are much heavier than some of the Australian-built designs.

Big Teardrop Camper1,2006001,800$27,990

Ridge Teardrop Campers

Ridge Teardrop Campers
Ridge Teardrop Campers

Ridge Teardrop Campers offer handmade campers, built in Sydney, Australia. They are made from a modern fibreglass, which keeps them as lightweight as possible. Fridge and solar set-ups are all included as standard, making it a super simple set up. Just throw in food, drinks and clothes, then off you go.

Ridge Teardrop Campers Range:

Ridge Teardrop Camper480270750$32,950

Riptide Campers

Riptide Campers
Riptide Campers

Riptide Campers reckon life’s too short for long set ups! These guys offer on-road and off-road models, ranging from small to large in size. All Riptide teardrop campers are fully self-contained with queen bed, stereo, TV, fridge, cooktop, power, water and storage.

For the largest production teardrop camper in Australia, Riptide are your crew. Their campers have up to 40% more internal volume and up to 300mm more head room than others on the market.

Riptide Teardrop Range:

Swell XL580170750$23,400
Swell Ultimate$28,900
Tsunami – Off Road1,1403601,500$49,500

Royal Flair Caravans

Royal Flair Hero Ranger Tear Drop
Royal Flair Caravans

Royal Flair has been making quality Australian-made caravans since 1975. Now, they’ve got the cool little Hero Ranger tear drop camper, which has been added to their range.

This camper features a kitchen tent and privacy tent, plus a handy kitchen at the rear with a slide-out fridge. Across the front of the camper is a 140w flexi solar panel and a pop-up roof tent for extra sleeping quarters.

Royal Flair Teardrop Range:

Hero Ranger9823181,300$49,990

Smidge Teardrop Campers

Smidge Teardrop Campers
Smidge Teardrop Campers

All Smidge Teardrop Campers are completely built in-house with all of the qualified trades on hand. No out-sourcing means that the build is able to be tweaked to reach the customers desired outcome.

Smidge Campers are manufactured by Suncamper Motorhomes in Sydney, who have been in the motorhome business since 1977.

There are two ranges in the Smidge collection:

  • Teardrop models (on-road)
  • Squaredrop models (off-road)
Teardrop ‘Dash’500250750$26,500
Teardrop ‘Drop’5504501,000$31,500
Teardrop ‘Dram’5504501,000$38,000
Squaredrop ‘Dash’8002501,050$30,500
Squaredrop ‘Drop’8502001,050$35,500
Squaredrop ‘Dram’8901601,050$42,000


Stockman Rover Teardrop Camper
Stockman Rover

All Stockman pod trailers and campers are proudly Australian made. Their campers consist of rooftop tents, ute tents and the Rover – an off-road teardrop style camper trailer.

Stockman Teardrop Range:


The Teardrop Camper Company

The Teardrop Camper Company
The Teardrop Camper Company

The Teardrop Camper Company are based in South Windsor, NSW. They offer teardrops that weigh between 330 – 760kg, so even a small 4-cylinder car or trike motorcycle could tow one.

Their teardrops are fully customisable, so you can personally order exactly what you’re looking for. The Teardrop Camper Company trailers are 100% Australian made, with all parts being manufactured in house.

The Teardrop Camper Company Range:

The Kasbah330$20,499
The Grand Tourer490$29,999

TrackStar Campers

TrackStar Teardrop Campers

TrackStar is mostly in the business of building hybrid caravans and camper trailers. However, they do have one teardrop caravan in their range.

TrackStar Teardrop Range:

TrackStar Tear Drop7505501,300$29,990

Travelbug Teardrop Camper

Travelbug Teardrop Campers
Travelbug Teardrop Campers

Travelbug Teardrop Campers came about in response to the booming camper industry while fulfilling the need for something smaller, more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. Travelbugs come in three different teardrop models, starting from $15,500.

Travelbug Teardrop Camper Range:

Escape Pod Longreach480$15,500
Escape Pod Emerald480$16,500
Snuggle Pod480$15,900

Tucana Teardrop Camper

Tucana Teardrop Camper Caravan
Stonegate Industries

The Tucana Teardrop Camper Caravan is the only teardrop produced by Stonegate Industries. The double bed can easily convert into a lounge area, with the addition of a large, fully enclosed tent for extra living space.

While this teardrop camper is a bit larger than some, the extra features are worth the extra weight.

Stonegate Industries Range:

Tucana Teardrop Camper7504501,200$32,999

Wild Monkey Teardrop Campers

Wild Monkey Teardrop Campers
Wild Monkey Teardrop Campers

Although Wild Monkey Teardrop Campers have only been around since 2019, the owner has been working with custom design and building for over 20 years. Wild Monkey Campers are handmade on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and are all self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

Wild Monkey Teardrop Range:

Splendour LX6004001,000$35,490
Splendour GT6004001,000$37,490
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Teardrop Camper Directory

Here is the full directory of teardrop campers and caravans in Australia. If you’re specifically looking for Australian made teardrop campers, look for the tick below.

Caretta AustraliaUnit 1/21 Mulgul Road
Malaga WA 6090
Century Trailers706 Beaudesert Road
Rocklea QLD 4106
Cool Beans Camperscoolbeanscampers.com.au✔️
Cruizy CampersUnit 6/236 Manns Road
West Gosford NSW 2250
Friday Trailer CompanyAdelaide SA
Getaway Teardrop CampersVarious locations, QLD
Jag CamperBrisbane QLD
Jolly Caravans2/148 Toongabbie Road
Girraween NSW 2145
Little Guy AustraliaUnit 34A, 34 Burleigh Avenue
Woodville North SA 5012
Livin Life Teardrop CampersWoori Yallock VIC 3139
Marli CampersFactory 1/11 Egan Road
Dandenong VIC 3175
Navitear155 Carolyn Way
Maiden Gully VIC 3551
Nimble CampersPO Box 365
South Melbourne VIC 3205
NooKee177 Killarney Road
Acacia Creek NSW 2476
Oz Canopies & 4×4126 Hamilton Street
Riverstone NSW 2765
Ridge Teardrop Campers22 Carter Road
Brookvale NSW 2100
Riptide CampersUnit 3/14 Logistics Place
Arundel QLD 4214
Royal Flair Caravans62 Willandra Drive,
Epping VIC 3076
Smidge Teardrop Campers9 Sefton Road
Thornleigh NSW 2120
Stockman13 Sahra Grove
Carrum Downs VIC 3201
The Teardrop Camper Company3/20 Walker Street
South Windsor NSW 2756
TrackStar Campers3/45 Buckingham Drive
Wangara WA 6065
Travelbug Teardrop CampersUnit 4/96 Link Crescent
Coolum Beach QLD 4573
Tucana Teardrop Camper1/120 South Pine Road
Brendale QLD 4500
Wild Monkey Teardrop CampersSunshine Coast QLD

If you notice any teardrop campers that need to added or removed from this list, please let me know in the comments below. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect teardrop camper!

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Teardrop Camper & Caravan FAQs

Can you sit up in a Teardrop Camper?

Most people should be able to sit up in a teardrop camper, unless you’re particularly tall, in which case, sleeping may also be a bit squishy. The average height inside a teardrop camper is about 5 feet or 1.5 metres.

Can you stand up in a Teardrop Camper?

No, regular teardrop campers do not have enough internal height to be able to stand up in them.

Can you sleep in a Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop campers are specifically designed for sleeping in. Most models will have sleeping room for two adults, while some of the bigger trailers can sleep up to five (although that’s not the norm). Another option is to add a rooftop tent to accommodate more people.

How many people does a Teardrop Camper hold?

A regular teardrop camper will only sleep 2 people as the main cabin will generally only have a queen mattress. Be aware that for people who are over 6 ft, try out the bed before you buy as they’re not particularly long. Some teardrops are able to have a rooftop tent attached, which can then sleep a few extras.

Do Teardrop Campers need to be plugged in all the time?

Most modern-day teardrop campers are built with 12 volt power, which includes a solar panel and battery system. This will power the lights, TV, fridge and power sockets for charging devices. For using appliances with a heavy draw (example: toaster, kettle, air conditioner), you will need to plug into 240 volt power.

Do Teardrop Campers have A/C or heat?

Not all teardrop campers will have air conditioning or heating, however you can usually install it if you wish. Be aware that to run an air conditioner, you will need to be plugged into 240 volt power – it won’t run off the solar power. These 10 tips for keeping a caravan cool in summer are handy. As for heating, you can go for a diesel heater, which is perfect for keeping warm off-grid.

How do you keep a Teardrop Camper warm?

Body heat in such a small space is one way to keep warm in a teardrop camper. Another option is to install a small diesel heater, which will heat the space in no time. Here are 17 tips for heating a caravan and keeping warm off-grid.

Do Teardrop Campers have kitchens?

Yes, teardrop campers have a small external kitchen on the back of the trailer. There is usually a hatch that opens up and doubles as a roof, which then reveals the kitchen underneath. Most teardrop kitchens consist of a gas cooktop, sink, storage cabinets and a fridge.

Do Teardrop Campers have a shower or toilet?

No, teardrop campers do not have a shower, toilet or bathroom. A few of the more clever designs can be set up with an outdoor shower, you just need to pop a tent around the shower head. A few even have a storage slot for a portable toilet, but again, you would need a pop up tent for privacy.

Do you need to fit anything to your car to tow a Teardrop Camper?

Here are the standard additions that your car will need for towing a teardrop camper:
• ANDERSON PLUG – to charge the camper battery from the car’s alternator while driving
• ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER – to use the camper’s electric brakes (if fitted)
• TOW BAR – correctly rated for the weight that you’ll be towing
• TRAILER PLUG – to have the trailer lights & indicators working with the car

Can a 4 cylinder car pull a Teardrop Camper?

Absolutely. A standard Toyota Corolla can tow up to 1,300kg, which will well and truly cover many teardrop camper models. Teardrop caravans are generally about the same width as a standard size car, so you won’t have to worry about overhang.

What is the average weight of a Teardrop Camper?

The average Tare Weight (empty) of a teardrop camper is 600kg, while the average ATM Weight (maximum full weight) is 1,038kg.

Are Teardrop Campers hard to tow?

Teardrop campers are easy to tow, even in windy conditions. Due to their aerodynamic design and short profile, they easily follow along behind the car.

Do Teardrop Campers have brakes?

Not all teardrop campers will have brakes as it depends on their weight. Generally, electric brakes will be used on trailers that are over 750kg when fully loaded. Legally, all caravans that have a GTM (Gross Trailer Mass – maximum allowable weight) over 2,000kg must have electric brakes fitted.

Can you go off-road in a Teardrop Camper?

Most teardrop campers are designed for sealed or well-graded roads, much like any on-road vehicle. If you want to take a teardrop camper off-road (without voiding your warranty), go for an actual off-road model. These will be fitted with an off-road coupling, upgraded suspension and have higher clearance.

What is the top speed you can do while towing a Teardrop Camper?

The speed rating of a teardrop camper depends on the rating of the tyres that are fitted.

Below are the Australian speed ratings and maximum speed that each tyre has been rated for:

Tyre Speed SymbolMaximum Speed Rating (km/h)
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