Thallon Silos & Camping, Thallon QLD

⛺️ Thallon Silos Campground (FREE + Low Cost Camping), QLD

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This campground is located in a very small town in the southern country Queensland region, between St George and Mungindi.

The Thallon Recreation Camping Grounds offers travellers a great place to rest while enjoying a view of the beautifully painted silos in the backdrop.

Onsite are all of the amenities to make you comfortable, such as power, water, free hot showers, flushing toilets, bins (recycling and landfill), plus a dump point.

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Thallon Silos Camping Grounds

Thallon Camping Ground, QLD

Camp Features

💲 $10/ night (power & water) or FREE (unpowered)
⏰ 48 hour limit
⛺️ Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
🐶 Dogs allowed
🚻 Flushing toilets
🚿 FREE Hot showers
♿️ Wheelchair accessible
💧 Drinking water
🔥 Camp fires may be allowed (check to see if Fire Ban)
🗑 Rubbish bins
⬇️ Dump point
⚡️ Generators allowed
📶 Telstra reception
🚗 2WD & Big Rig access

Thallon Silo Camping Grounds, QLD

Thallon Silo Camping Grounds, QLD
Thallon Silo Camping Grounds, QLD
Thallon Silo Camping Grounds, QLD
Kangaroos, Thallon QLD
Thallon Painted Silos, QLD

Camp Location

ADDRESS: William Road, Thallon QLD 4497

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Thallon Dust Storm (September 2019)

During our stay while camping at Thallon, we experienced a huge Dust Storm, which was incredible! Word spread around the camping ground the day before about the forecast of high winds on their way. So, we decided to stay put and wait it out, rather than head down to Lightning Ridge as planned.

Check out the footage we captured as the Dust Storm worsened throughout the day.

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Things to Do in Thallon

Thallon Painted Silo Art

There are a few notable attractions nearby, in particular are the Thallon Painted Silos, which are situated right behind the camping ground. The changing light throughout the day on the Silos make for a beautiful view.

Thallon Painted Silos, QLD

Painted Silos are growing in popularity around the country, but this particular artwork is the first of it’s kind in Queensland. ‘The Watering Hole’ was created by artists Joel Fergie (aka The Zookeeper) and Travis Vinson (aka Drapl).

Thallon Painted Silos, QLD

Apparently it took about three weeks to complete the four 30m-high silos and the guys went through over 500 spray cans! We loved the pinks and purples featured in the painting, with the significance more apparent as the sun grew heavier.

Queensland doesn’t lay claim to the only painted silos, there are many beautiful Silo Art Murals in Victoria and other states around Australia.

BIG Wombat

BIG Wombat, Thallon QLD

Taking pride of place in the town park is the BIG Wombat. Climbing on the wombat is encouraged with climbing pegs attached to get you to the top! This particular species of wombat is endemic to just two parts of Australia, including the local area around Thallon.

If you’re collecting Big Things as you travel, Thallon is where you’ll find the BIG Wombat. Download your Big Things checklist for QLD below, which includes all street addresses.

QLD Big Things Checklist

QLD Big Things Checklist

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Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Pub, QLD

Just 32km north of Thallon is one of Australia’s most famous Outback pubs. The Nindigully Pub is said to be Queensland’s oldest pub! It’s a great place to stretch your legs, grab a meal or a drink and wander around. The Nindigully is famous for it’s 5kg Road Train burgers. Attempt it if you dare!

Nindigully Pub, QLD

There are a few quirks to the pub, including the money that gets thrown and pinned to the roof, which is then donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service once a year. Free Camping is also available out the front of the pub and along the river.

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10 thoughts on “⛺️ Thallon Silos Campground (FREE + Low Cost Camping), QLD”

  1. I think the Silo Art is a wonderful way to attract people to come to your town. I also found the camping fee is way cheaper than the US, and it’s free on the unpowered sites. That’s really great.

    1. It’s a fantastic way to inspire interest in a tiny town for tourists. This camp was very cheap, they’re not all that cheap, but it depends on the location. Coastal camps, as you can imagine, are much more expensive.

  2. I didn’t realize that some campgrounds had a limit on how long you stay. I would love to snag a pig on that BIG Wombat. On kuddos that they even provide some pegs to help climb that huge thing 🙂

    1. Yeah they do have to have time limits so people don’t overstay their welcome, unfortunately. The BIG Wombat was so cool! I love that they encourage the climb too.

  3. I’ve seen some of the silo art in VIC and SA and thought it was such a cool idea to bring those little towns to life. The campsite and pub reminds me very much of some of the places we stayed in when we drove from Melbourne to Darwin, especially once we got into the NT and specifically Daly Waters. Those towns are so small but really interesting.

    1. I agree, Silo Art and any other creative community projects are such a great way to put little towns on the map and entice tourists to stay a while. There are loads around the country worth checking out. In fact, I’ve found that most towns have at least one unique thing to offer if you stop and have a look.

  4. That first pic of the silo art really drew me in. I love to look for street art when we travel. But don’t think we have ever seen artistically painted silos before. So fun to be able to see these when you are camping. Looks like a great place to camp.

  5. Silo art is a great thing! What a fantastic way to transform those unattractive but necessary things into artwork! Maria Island in Tasmania has some very ugly silos and I really wish they would do something like this, maybe celebrating the history of Maria Island and its convicts!

    1. I agree. Silo Art has become a cultural movement across the country by transforming the necessary into the creative. That would be a great idea for Maria Island in Tasmania.

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