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🤠 22 Awesome Things to Do in Winton, QLD (11 FREE Things!)

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The Queensland Outback hub of Winton is located between Longreach and Mount Isa. There are plenty of things to do in Winton to keep you busy for a few days while you’re visiting. Some of them are free, including the Musical Fence and Arno’s Wall.

The largest tourist attractions around Winton are the Waltzing Matilda Centre and two pieces of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail – the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’ and the ‘Dinosaur Stampede.’ You’ll be kept busy exploring all that Winton has to offer in Outback QLD.

We primarily stopped in Winton to do the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, but were surprised to find much more than a Museum on offer!

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MAP of Things to do in Winton

Use the interactive map below to locate all of the things to do in Winton.

🟡 YELLOW Pin Drops = Things to do in Winton
🔴 RED Pin Drops = The Long Waterhole (Free Camping)

PAID Things to do in Winton, QLD

Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Age of Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Canyon
Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Winton QLD

By far one of the most popular things to do in Winton is to spend a day at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs. This is the biggest piece of the four-part dinosaur trail.

As you head into the reception area to buy your entry tickets, you’ll be asked if you want to buy the Dinosaur Trail Pass. If you plan on visiting more than one part of the dinosaur trail, I’d recommend getting the pass as it works out cheaper.

Next, you will be booked in for your tours during your day at the Age of Dinosaurs.

Things to do at the Age of Dinosaurs:

  • Museum Trail
  • Laboratory Tour
  • Collection Room Tour
  • Dinosaur Canyon Outpost
  • Shuttle bus ride across the jump-up

Pack some lunch, water, hat and fly nets (you can thank me later!) and enjoy a day out chasing dinosaurs.

Opening HoursWINTER (Apr to Oct):
• 7 days per week
• 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

SUMMER (Nov to Mar):
• Monday to Saturday
• 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Age of Dinosaurs PricesAdult – $75
Concession – $70
Child (5 – 17 yrs) – $45
Family – $200
Dinosaur Trail Combo Pass
– Age of Dinosaurs
– Dinosaur Stampede
– Flinders Discovery Centre
– Kronosaurus Korner
Adult – $115
Concession – $100
Child (5 – 17 yrs) – $65
Family – $300
AddressLot 1 Dinosaur Drive, Winton QLD 4735
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Dinosaur Stampede Trackways

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Stampeded
Dinosaur Stampede, Lark Quarry QLD

Down at Lark Quarry, which is 110 km southwest of Winton, you’ll find one of the only known preserved dinosaur stampedes on the planet!

The 45-minute tour will take you through a theatre room, then into the big shed where the dinosaur tracks live. You can learn all about the proposed story behind the stampede and the history of what this section of outback Australia once looked like. Clue – it wasn’t always a desert!

After your tour you can walk up to the Spinifex Circuit lookout and take the longer 3 km Jump-up Walk if you feel like it. Be sure to let the reception staff know that you’re going and make sure to follow the signs.

The final two parts of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail are Kronosaurus Corner in Richmond and Flinders Discovery Centre in Hughenden. CLICK BELOW to check out our full guide to chasing dinosaurs across the Outback!

Dinosaur Trail (Full Guide) →
Opening HoursWINTER (Apr to Oct):
• 7 days per week
• 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

SUMMER (Nov to Mar):
• Monday to Saturday
• 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Dinosaur StampedeAdult – $30
Concession – $25
Child (5 – 17 yrs) – $18
Dinosaur Trail Combo Pass
– Age of Dinosaurs
– Dinosaur Stampede
– Flinders Discovery Centre
– Kronosaurus Korner
Adult – $115
Concession – $100
Child (5 – 17 yrs) – $65
Family – $300
AddressWinton-Jundah Road, Opalton QLD 4735

Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum

If you’re into truck and machinery history, head to the Diamantina Heritage Museum.

The museum came about in 2004 with a group of enthusiastic community members who busied themselves collecting vehicles, photos and memorabilia from around the region.

2007 saw the opening of the museum, laying tribute to the Australian road transport pioneers. Wander the rows of trucks and machinery, showing how the industry has changed and evolved over the years.

Cost• Adult – $12
• Concession – $10
• Child (6 – 15 yrs) – $5
• Under 6 – FREE
AddressLot 2 Hughenden Road, Winton QLD 4735

Opal Walk

Opal Walk in Winton is a hallway museum dedicated to Australia’s national gemstone, the opal.

Winton and the nearby Opalton are well-known areas for opal mining, which you’ll quickly realise as you walk by the many opal merchants along the main street of Winton.

Explore all that Opal Walk has to share. Learn about the history of how opal was mined in Opalton and check out the unique displays throughout.

Once you get to the end of Opal Walk, you’ll pop out into the Royal Open Air Theatre, which is also home to Australia’s Biggest Deckchair.

General Admission• Adult – $3
• Child – FREE
Address69 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Royal Open Air Theatre

Royal Open Air Theatre, Winton QLD
Royal Open Air Theatre, Winton QLD

This old picture theatre was built in 1918 and is one of the last remaining open air theatres in Australia. It’s actually still in operation today! 

Every Wednesday night from April – September you can come along for Nostalgia Night. Plus, there are various movies being shown, both old and new.

As you wander around you can feel how the place used to buzz in the yester-year with it being a major hub of activity for the town. 

Royal Open Air Theatre, Winton QLD

Not only was it one of four theatres in town, but it was also a Roller Skating Rink. You can have a look through the building up the back, which holds lots of old-time memorabilia and the projector room, which is still functioning.

General Admission• Adult – $3
• Child – FREE
Movies$15 per ticket
AddressVia Opal Walk, 69 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

The World’s Biggest Deckchair

Worlds Biggest Deckchair, Winton QLD
The World’s Biggest Deckchair, Winton QLD

While you’re at the Royal Open Air Theatre, check out the Big Deckchair, tucked up the back.

The World’s Biggest Deckchair was constructed by the Freemasons Taskforce of Victoria for an event. After the event, they had no idea what to do with it, so they donated it to Winton’s Royal Theatre to go with their deckchair theme. 

To visit the deckchair at the back of the theatre, entry is via the Opal Walk off Elderslie Street, Winton. 

Cost• Adult – $3
• Child – FREE
AddressVia Opal Walk, 69 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

For those who are collecting BIG Things while travelling, this will tick off the BIG Deckchair on your Queensland list (download below). If you’re keen on finding over 600 Bigs throughout the country, get yourself the Aussie Big Things Checklist.

QLD Big Things Checklist

QLD Big Things Checklist

See if you can find all 150+ Big Things as you travel around Queensland!

  • 17-page checklist
  • Pre-filled with 150+ items
  • Categorised into 6 regions
  • QLD Regional Map
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Corfield & Fitzmaurice General Merchants

Corfield & Fitzmaurice General Merchants, Winton QLD

To the right (looking on from the street) of the North Gregory Hotel lies the gorgeous old heritage listed Corfield & Fitzmaurice building. The old general store was the oldest business in Winton, which you can see displayed on graphic panelling inside.

These days, the building houses a comprehensive collection of Australian dinosaur fossils. Since the dinosaur bones of ‘Elliot’ the Sauropod where found on a farm near Winton in 1999, the region has been been transformed into the Queensland’s ‘dinosaur capital.’

Head inside to see the life-size sculpture of a ten-metre Carnosaur, plus some crafts and local opal mining information.

Cost• Adult – $5
• Child – $3
• Concession – $3
• Family – $10
Address63 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Winton Aquatic Centre

It’s fair to say that Winton gets HOT with average daytime temperatures in summer sitting around 37℃ and beyond. Even in winter, you can expect daily temps of 25℃.

To help combat the sweltering heat, the council has provided a recreational area with three different pools, water park, tipping bucket and four slides.

If you’re heading to Winton during the warmer months, make sure you visit the pool to cool off.

CostGold coin donation
Address45 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Waltzing Matilda Centre

Waltzing Matilda Centre, Winton QLD
Waltzing Matilda Centre, Winton QLD

There once was a guy named Banjo Paterson, an Australian bush poet, who wrote a ballad by the name of ‘Waltzing Matilda.’ You know what I’m talking about, that famous Aussie song that has shaped up to become an iconic piece of history for our country. 

Waltzing Matilda Centre, Winton QLD

Winton is where old Banjo wrote the lyrics, which has resulted in a pretty spectacular museum to be erected in honour of his song. The first museum was built in 1998, which later burnt down through an electrical fault in 2015. Since then, another grand museum has replaced the old with the new.

Cost• Adult $36.00
• Child (5 – 11 yrs) – $16.00
• Concession $32.50
• Family $85
Address50 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Horse & Wagon Tours

For an authentic late 1800’s experience that you’ll remember forever, book a horse and wagon tour with Winton Adventure Tours!

Horse & Wagon Tours:

  • 30 minutes
  • Leisurely horse-drawn tour of Winton
  • Including points of interest
  • 100-year-old Landau Coach
  • Morning or afternoon sessions
Cost• Adult – $50
• Senior – $45
• Child – $25
• Family (2A + 2C) – $120

The Crackup Sisters

The Crackup Sisters

The Crackup Sisters are a bunch of quirky ladies who travel around the outback putting on comedy shows using stock whips and acrobatics.

From 3 – 5 pm daily, visitors can ‘Play in their Yard,’ which includes a range of different activities and experiences that you’re not likely to find anywhere else!

Play In Our Yard:

  • International Flea Circus Training Facility
  • Outback Games
  • Mini Documentaries
  • Museum Pieces
  • Yellow Brick Road

Another experience on offer is to have a ‘Sleepover at their house.’ But this isn’t just any old sleepover. You’ll have all of the usual stuff available in an outback cottage, as well as puzzles to solve and interesting things to discover.

They also put on various shows, so be sure to check out The Crackup Sisters website.

Play In Our Yard• Adult – $15
• Concession – $13.50
• Child (5 to 17 yrs) – $10
• Family (2A + 2C) – $40
Address100 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735
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FREE Things to do in Winton, QLD

The Musical Fence

Musical Fence, Winton QLD
The Musical Fence, Winton QLD

The world’s first permanent musical fence can be found in Winton, which is a wire fence installation that can be played as an instrument itself. There you will find the music for Waltzing Matilda, so be sure to give that a red hot go! 

You will also find a drum kit and a range of other percussion instruments spotted around the park, which are all made from recycled metal materials.

Musical Fence, Winton QLD
The Musical Fence, Winton QLD
AddressBehind the Machinery Museum on Hughenden Road, Winton QLD 4735

Bladensburg National Park

Lark Quarry
Views from the top of a Jump-up, Winton QLD

Take the 20-minute drive south of Winton along the Winton Jundah Road until you reach Bladensburg National Park.

Enjoy the incredible views from the flat-topped plateaus, reaching out across the outback plains, that were once lush, tropical rainforest. Learn all about the ‘jump-ups’ when you visit the Australia Age of Dinosaurs and Lark Quarry Dinosaur Stampede (more on that down below).

Things to do at Bladensburg National Park:

Bladensburg Homestead WalkExplore the old homestead, including staff quarters, meat house and store. Back when 11 miles was a very long way from the nearest town, self-sufficiency was crucial.

Allow: 30 – 40 mins
Grade: Easy
Scrammy GorgeStarting at the homestead, take a scenic drive through black soil plains and jump-up country. Take the short walk up to Scrammy Lookout to take in the views.

NOTE: High clearance vehicles only
Allow: 2 – 4 hours
Distance: 40 km return
Route of the River GumGrab a self-guided drive map from the Winton Visitor Information Centre and wander the Route of the River Gum. You’ll pass by 15 places of interest throughout the Winton Shire and Bladensburg National Park.

Allow: Half day
Distance: 72 km return (from Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton)

North Gregory Hotel

North Gregory Hotel, Winton QLD

The North Gregory Hotel in Winton has quite an extensive and fiery history! It’s well worth taking a look at while you’re in town.

Why not get comfortable and enjoy a meal and drink while you’re at it?

North Gregory Hotel History



North Gregory Hotel was first established as a small single-story building.


2nd Hotel Built

The second North Gregory Hotel was constructed after the first one was demolished, this time a two-storey building. Rumours have it that it was a fire that ruined the first building, but although there was a small fire out the back, it didn’t damage the building.

1912 & 1913

Two Fires

Fires broke out in the hotel, but both were contained.

1912 & 1913

2nd Hotel Burned Down

The North Gregory Hotel burned down, along with four other adjacent buildings in town. The fire started in Corfield and Fitzmaurice, which was next door.


3rd Hotel Built

The third North Gregory Hotel was built, offering lounges, parlours, writing rooms, billiard room, traders’ room and sample room.


Another Fire – but saved this time!

A fire started in a nearby jewellery store, spreading to the North Gregory and four other businesses. Fortunately, the Royal Theatre was saved and still stands today.


4th Hotel Opened

The fourth North Gregory Hotel opened as a council-owned operation, becoming the largest employer in town.

1986 – 1987

Council Sold the Hotel

The council sold the Hotel, which is now privately owned and no more fires have occurred.

1986 – 1987

Check out this article for a full detailed history of Winton’s North Gregory Hotel.

CostFREE Entry
Address67 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Waltzing Matilda Legend Stones

The Waltzing Matilda Legend Stones were created in 1995 to commemorate the memory of Waltzing Matilda and the history that ties it to the little outback town of Winton.

The stones were made using 110cm high sandstone blocks with bronze features, depicting various parts of the Waltzing Matilda poem’s story.

Waltzing Matilda Legend Stones, Winton QLD
Waltzing Matilda Legend Stones, Winton QLD

Plaque excerpt:

In 1995 Winton Shire celebrated 100 years of the country’s most famous song and unofficial anthem, Waltzing Matilda, written by AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson.

On the top of each stone is a verse of the song and each verse is represented in stone below. As you move around starting from block one (1), each scene will reveal to you part of the story of Waltzing Matilda. We hope that when you reach block five (5), the song will be forever etched in your memory.

Address Across from Corfield & Fitzmaurice, Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Spinifex Circuit

Spinifex Circuit, Lark Quarry QLD

If you head out to do the Dinosaur Stampede Trackways at Lark Quarry, there’s a free nature walk called Spinifex Circuit.

The 3.5 km trail leads up and down a Jump-Up, which is one of the unique flat-topped hills spotted throughout the region. Start off with a view looking back to the dinosaur stampede, loop around and then circle back to the car park.

Important Notes for Spinifex Circuit:

  • Take plenty of water for everyone
  • Make sure you’ve got hats and sunscreen on
  • Fly nets are recommended (even in winter!)
  • Be sure to let the staff at the Dinosaur Stampede that you’re going and they’ll add you to a list
  • Check back in with staff upon return to get your name checked (it gets checked at 6pm every day to ensure everyone came back safely)
  • Follow the yellow triangles to stay on track
TimeAllow 1.5 hours
AddressLark Quarry Conservation Park
Winton-Jundah Road, Opalton QLD 4735

Arno’s Wall

Arno's Wall, Winton QLD
Arno’s Wall, Winton QLD

Winton used to be home to a very eccentric man named Arno Grotjahn. 

Over the years he built walls around his house stretching over 70 metres long and over 2 metres high. They were constructed with rock and concrete, brought in from his opal mine at Opalton.

Throughout the wall you will find every imaginable household item, plus heaps of other scrap pieces, embedded within. Have a look and see what you can spot!

Address19 Oondooroo Street, Winton QLD 4735

Willie Mar Heritage Site

Back in 1923, a Chinese man named Willie Mar started a market garden and shop in Winton.

When Willie arrived in outback Queensland, he started out as a cook and gardener on various stations between Hughenden, Richmond and Winton.

Willie was in fact married to a young lady back in China. During his time here, he only made it back to visit her twice. During his long visit back in 1929, his son Yen Shoo was born.

Willie came back to Winton not long after his son was born. 20 years later, his now grown son, Young Willie Mar, came out to Winton. He went on to learn his father’s business of gardening and running the shop.

Senior Willie Mar passed away in 1954 at the age of 86, while tending his beloved garden. The young Willie Mar kept the family business going until 2000, making it the longest running Chinese garden market and store in western Queensland.

Willie Mar Junior died in 2007, but the community of Winton have pulled together to keep the fond memories and history live on.

You can visit the site of the garden and store, plus read more about how Willie Mar managed to grow such an abundance of food in the hot, dry outback region.

Address68 Riley Street, Winton QLD 4735

Wander the Main Street

Winton QLD
One of the quirky shops on Elderslie Street, Winton QLD

If you take a walk down Elderslie Street, which is the main street in Winton, you’ll find that there are lots of quirky signs and businesses to wander through.

Take full advantage of the lush strip of green grass that runs up the centre of town – you won’t see anything quite so luxurious in these parts! There are a few different artworks and sculptures along the way, which really add to the town’s uniqueness.

Besides dinosaur bones, Winton is also known for its boulder opal – which is why you’ll find a few opal and jewellery shops spotted around.

There’s an old wagon situated in the middle strip of the street, which you can climb up onto and get your photo.

Why not stop in at the bakery for lunch or head over to the famous North Gregory Hotel or the Tattersall’s Hotel for dinner and check out the rich history.

FREE Opal Fossicking

Winton, QLD
Free opal fossicking on Elderslie Street, Winton QLD

As you’re wandering Elderslie Street, keep a look out for this opal shop, which has a little opal pit out the front. Yep, anyone is welcome to come and do a spot of opal fossicking for free!

The kids really enjoyed spraying the rocks with water to see which ones shone with opal. We scored a few nice mementos to take away from our visit and it was just one of the many awesome things to do in Winton, QLD.

Don’t forget to head inside the shop to have a look at the beautiful jewellery and Queensland boulder opal. The owners offer a wealth of knowledge and many stories of opals around the area. Very interesting!

AddressElderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Take a Dinosaur Hunt through Town

Winton QLD
Dinosaur rubbish bins throughout Winton, QLD

As you’re walking or driving through Winton, it won’t take long to notice the oversized dinosaur feet that encase many of the rubbish bins. They’re really cool and are something that I’ve never seen in any other town that I’ve visited.

The closest you’ll find in these parts is in Richmond (another section of the Dinosaur Trail) where the bins are surrounded by a dinosaur head!

Take a wander and see how many dinosaur items you can spot through town.

Hint: there’s a dinosaur mural hidden in an alleyway near the bakery.

AddressElderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

Outback Surf Club

The last on this list of things to do in Winton is to head to the Outback Surf Club at the Winton Outback Motel.

The owners have turned the outdoor area into a place to relax and have a drink, calling it the Outback Surf Club. There you’ll find a surfboard, which visitors are encouraged to get a selfie with and then donate to whichever charity has been currently selected. The first charity was the Royal Flying Doctors.

What a great way to end the day in Winton!

(Donations optional & encouraged)
Address95 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735
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Accommodation in Winton

Long Waterhole, Winton QLD
Free Camping at The Long Waterhole, Winton QLD

During our visit to Winton we stayed at The Long Waterhole, which is a fantastic FREE Camp about 3km out of town. It’s for self-contained vehicles only as there are no amenities on site.

There is tonnes of room for anyone and everyone, surrounding… you guessed it, a long waterhole! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re set up for self-sufficient camping.


North Gregory Hotel – Motel rooms and unpowered Van Park
Winton Outback Motel – Motel rooms and family units
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12 thoughts on “🤠 22 Awesome Things to Do in Winton, QLD (11 FREE Things!)”

  1. Winton is such a cool little town! I love the themes of dinosaurs and music/performance. I’d really want to go check out the Musical Fence and the open-air theater. It’s great to hear that it’s still in operation over a century after it was built!

  2. So opal is my favorite stone… even my engagement is an opal. I need to go opal fossicking and do the opal mine walk!!! Are you allowed to mine your own opal/keep it for free too?

    1. Oh gosh, you need to get out to Australia and do some opal fossicking. Lightning Ridge in New South Wales is the town to go for that! If you find any bits of opal in the pit out the front of the store mentioned in the post, yep you get to keep it for free.

  3. Musical fence is such an unique concept, and so good to know all made from recycled metal materials. I liked Arno’s wall too, embedded with household items. I really want to plane now.

    1. Lots of recycled materials used throughout the town. I guess it’s the way of things when you live in the middle of nowhere – nothing would ever get wasted.

  4. Can’t wait to be able to return to Oz. It’s been way to long. Been to Queensland, but never Winton. I’d love to visit the Waltzing Matilda Centre, I love that daft song, lol. And I have always enjoyed exploring Australia’s national parks.

  5. It looks like I will need plan a long visit to Australia when we can finally visit. We might head to Winton for the Age of the Dinosaurs. So good to know there is lots more to do as well. I love the idea of an open air theatre if we visit on a Wednesday at the right time. Some time in the Bladensburg National Park would round out our visit.

  6. Emma your have done a brilliant job, and I have enjoyed every page.

    My late wife and I visited Winton in 2014 and loved every second of it and by your account it has only got better!

    Now a question; you talk about driving slower to conserve fuel. What, from your experience, do you consider a reasonable touring speed towing a caravan given that you aim to conserve fuel but don’t want to hold up other traffic? Especially Road trains!!

    With gratitude


    1. Thanks so much Richard. We though Winton was great. There was quite a lot to explore for a little outback town – which is always great for the travellers.

      We found that sitting on around 90 km/hr was good for our set up. Obviously each vehicle is different, depending on its gearing. If there was traffic, we didn’t want to be rude, so we’d sit on 100 or even drop back a bit to let them overtake easier. Communicating on the UHF is always the easiest way.

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