Travel Apps Planner

Travel Apps Planner

The ULTIMATE Travel Apps Planner

for travelling Australia

[Digital & Interactive]

$3.95 AUD

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With literally hundreds of Apps available, it’s hard to know which ones will actually enhance your adventures around Australia.

Common questions when trying to find the right Apps…

  • Is this useful, or merely a gimmick?
  • Will it work offline?
  • What are the features of the App
  • Is it FREE or is there a cost
  • What Apps are other travellers using

The truth is, you won’t 100% know until you get on the road, which Apps are the most useful for you.
However, you do need to start with some basics in order to at least find your resources as you enter unknown territory.

The Travel Apps Planner will take you through over 70 of the most-used Apps for travelling Australia across 13 categories.
Travel Apps Planner
Travel Apps Planner
Travel Apps Planner
Travel Apps Planner

APP Details

Over 70 fully-detailed Apps for you to browse (specific to road tripping, caravanning & camping Australia).

  • App name
  • App pricing
  • Offline capabilities
  • Compatible devices
  • Features & filters


Choose the Apps that you want to get as you work your way through the planner.

Travel Apps Planner
Travel Apps Planner

ADD Notes

Type in notes to help with your planning and sorting of which Apps will/ won’t be relevant to your needs.

JUMP Between Categories

Use the Table of Contents to easily and quickly jump between the 13 Travel App categories.

Travel Apps Planner
Travel Apps Planner


As you go through and download each of your chosen Apps, tick them off the list so that you can keep track of your tasks.

INTERACTIVE Digital Planner

  • Works on any device with a PDF Reader
  • BROWSE 70+ Apps for Travelling Oz
  • PLAN your own Travel App needs
  • TICK each one off as you download it
  • NOTES sections for typing into
Travel Apps Planner


  • 31-page interactive PDF
  • 70+ Apps specific for travelling Australia
  • Categorised into 13 sections
  • App details include – price, offline capabilities, features & compatible devices
  • Checkboxes to select Apps
  • Checkboxes to tick them off as you download your chosen ones
  • Notes section for each App to help with planning


1. Accommodation
2. Bushfire
3. Emergency
4. Entertainment
5. Fuel
6. Gas
7. Job Search
8. Keeping in Touch
9. Local Resources
10. Maps
11. Miscellaneous
12. Money
13. Weather

Save yourself a tonne of time wading through useless Apps. Get your Travel Apps for travelling Australia sorted in no time with this fun & interactive Planner!

Travel Apps Planner Details
> 31 pages
> 70+ Apps specific to travelling Australia
> 13 categories
> Checkboxes to select your chosen Apps
> Add notes to help with your planning
> Tick off Apps as you download them
> Works on any device with an editable PDF Reader (e.g. Adobe)

FORMAT: Editable PDF – ⬇️ Instant Download

* Please note, no physical items will be shipped to you. This is a digital product, which can be printed out if you wish to have a hard copy.

The ultimate Aussie Travel Apps Planner!

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What others are saying about
the Travel Apps Planner…

Having a list of all the available travel apps in one doc is a great resource. Very pleased with it.
– Bob

I have printed out the Travel Apps Planner and added it to my travel journal. Thanks so much for putting them all in one place! I also purchased the Packing List, where I could add in my own extra things and print it out.
– Ann

Shout out for your amazing effort with the Oz Big Lap Travel Resources. I purchased the Caravan Packing List, Travel Apps Planner and Expense Tracker and it’s fantastic to have such a detailed resource pack.
– Stacey (‘Love Your Travels’)

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