Travel EXPENSE TRACKER Spreadsheet for travelling Australia

Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

for travelling Australia

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The Secret to Travelling Longer

When I talk to people about travelling full-time, the main question, hot off the end of every tongue, is always the same…

“How did you afford it?”

Probably like you, I didn’t win the lotto or have a trust fund up my sleeve. I’m an everyday Aussie, who was not at all rich.

The initial set-up was paid for by selling the house and the ‘stuff.’
Funding our travels came through working along the way, plus making a side income through blogging.

The biggest secret to being able to travel longer is in how SAVVY you are with your money.

The key component to stretching your travel budget further is in budgeting rather than blowing.

You should never swipe your card without knowing exactly how much is in the bank account, so that you can plan accordingly.

Financial knowledge  =  power & independence

That’s why I created the Expense Tracker just two months into hitting the road.

Recording with pen and paper was becoming tedious and there were no relevant apps on the market tailored directly towards road tripping Australia.

Take control of your travel funds with the Expense Tracker!

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Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

What’s Included in the Spreadsheet

Get Organised:

  • Keep all of your travel costs in one easy place
  • Quickly see how much you’re spending in each category
  • 13 sheets (1 per month + Year to Date)
  • 16 Categories (per month)
  • 150+ Subcategories (per month)
  • Automated running totals (Monthly & Year to Date)
  • Summary & Pie Chart visuals

As you input your information into the yellow boxes, the spreadsheet will automatically tally the figures up across the board. Subcategory names and variables can be changed to suit your own needs.

Either add your expenses in as you go, or keep the receipts and do it weekly/ monthly.

Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

What included…
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Accommodation


  • Track accommodation costs
  • Record camp names & locations
  • Record number of nights stayed
  • Tally total nights in each accommodation type (e.g. Caravan Park, Station, Free Camp)
  • Running cost of all accommodation

FUEL & GAS Expenses

  • Track all fuel & gas costs
  • Vehicle fuel refills
  • Jerry can refills
  • Generator & diesel heater fuel
  • Gas bottle refills
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Fuel & Gas
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Food & Drink

FOOD & DRINK Expenses

  • Track all food & drink costs
  • Weekly groceries
  • Eating out
  • Alcohol


  • Track all experience costs
  • Museums & markets
  • Tours & entry tickets
  • Festivals & shows
  • Change the variable names to suit your needs
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Experiences
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Medical & Maintenance


  • Track vehicle & trailer maintenance costs
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Supplies and spare parts
  • Track medical costs
  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions and essentials


  • Track all pet costs
  • Food, vet bills, medications, supplies etc.
  • Track all education costs
  • Resources, fees, stationary etc.
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Pets & Education
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Bills

ON ROAD & AT HOME Expenses

  • Track all bills
  • Insurances & registrations
  • Loans & credit cards
  • Vehicle & property expenses
  • Memberships & subscriptions
  • Tolls, permits & parking etc.


  • Keep track of all miscellaneous travel costs
  • Gifts, clothing, shoes, souvenirs, laundromats etc.
  • Track kilometres travelled
Travel Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Miscellaneous
Expense Tracker (2nd edition)


  • Fully automated running costs
  • Summary pie graph
  • Expenses table
  • Year to Date sheet will live totals

DETAILS: Customisable Spreadsheet – ⬇️ Instant Download

  • Log & track your travel costs
  • 13 sheets (1 per month + Year to Date)
  • 16 categories (per month)
  • 150 subcategories (per month)
  • Automatically calculates monthly + yearly travel expenses
  • Summary & pie chart visuals

COMPATIBLE FORMATS: Microsoft Excel & Google Numbers


Travel Smarter, Travel Longer

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What others are saying about the
Travel Expense Tracker…

A great starting point for me as I spend the next few years on the road.
– Malcolm

I find the Expense Tracker to be quite extensive and feel it will be a great benefit when travelling. I will enjoy using it when the time comes, so thanks again.
– Deb

I bought this and it’s so much easier than devising my own. It’s also got the categories etc. already set-up, plus the flexibility to adapt. It’s going to help me keep track so I can spend longer on the road.
– Laura

Love the Packing List and Expense Tracker.
– Rick

It looks user-friendly and will do the job I’ve been fluffing around with for 3 months.
– Neville

We have only been using the Expense Tracker for 5 days but so far pretty good, we are modifying it for our needs as we go along.
– David

I think what you are doing is fantastic. It’s enabling others to gain confidence and this little tool is amazing.
– Vanessa

I love the Tracker, it saved me a lot of time setting one up. I made a few changes to suit us. More than happy, we are currently using it now.
– Bonnie

We have just purchased this Expense Tracker created by MY RIG Adventures to help track our expenses and make posting our budget stats to our page easier for our friends and family to see and follow! It takes all the work out of it for us as we just have to fill in the blanks with our expenses.
– Erin (Rainbow Fam in a Van)

We’re really enjoying using the Tracker. We are using it monthly and find it easy to use and helpful for our budgeting on the road.
– A Lazy Lap of Oz

Shout out for your amazing effort with the Oz Big Lap Travel Resources. I purchased the Caravan Packing List, Travel Apps Planner and Expense Tracker and its fantastic to have such a detailed resource pack.
– Stacey (‘Love Your Travels’)

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