Travel Gear & Accessories

Gear & accessory options for caravanning and camping.

General Gear & Accessories

Caravan Gadgets & Accessories

50 Most Popular Caravan Accessories

Including interior, exterior, kitchen, power, safety & vehicle accessories

Caravanning Essentials

70+ Caravanning Essentials!

Browse this list of essential caravanning items to see what you’ll need.

Road Trip Essentials

120+ Road Trip Essentials

Whether you’re camping or staying in motels, here are 120+ items to consider.

Kitchen & Cooking

12v Vacuum Food Sealers

5 BEST 12v Vacuum Food Sealers

Maximise your fridge & freezer space with a 12v vacuum food sealer.

BBQARM Review for Caravan (with Discount Codes)

BBQARM Review + Discount Codes

Honest review of the popular BBQARM + Discount Codes!

Camping & Caravan Rubbish Bin Ideas

15 Caravan & Camping Rubbish Bins

Store your rubbish easily with these different bin ideas.

Camping Food Checklist & Menu

Camping Food Checklist + Menu Planner

  • 4 pages
  • 12 food item categories
  • Checklists pre-filled with 100+ items
  • Menus pre-filled with 21 meals, 14 snacks & 3 desserts
  • Download once, use over-and-over again


Caravan Washing Machine Options (+ using them off-grid)

15 Caravan Washing Machines

Keep on top of the laundry with an RV washing machine (+ off-grid tips)

Best Caravan Clotheslines

12 Caravan Clotheslines

Get the washing dry with these clothesline ideas!

DIY Caravan Awning Clothesline

DIY Caravan Awning Clothesline

Ste-by-step instructions for installing a permanent awning clothesline.

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

BBQARM Clothesline Connector Kit

Easily attach a clothesline to the rear bar, draw bar or vehicle tow bar.


How to Use a Cassette Toilet

How to Use a Cassette Toilet

Everything you need to know about using a cassette toilet.

How to Empty a Caravan Toilet Cassette

How to Empty a Cassette Toilet

Step-by-step instructions on emptying a caravan cassette toilet.

How to Clean a Cassette Toilet

How to Clean a Cassette Toilet

Everything you need to know about cleaning a cassette toilet.

Can You Poop in a Caravan Toilet?

Can You Poop in a Caravan Toilet?

Get the lowdown on pooping in a caravan toilet!

Eliminate Caravan Toilet Smells

11 Tips to Eliminate Toilet Smells!

Here’s how to deal with a smelly caravan toilet.

Types of Toilets for Caravans

4 Types of Caravan Toilets

Different types of toilet options for caravans.

Caravan Compost Toilets

Caravan Compost Toilets

How to install, use, empty & clean caravan compost toilets.


Caravan Clothes Storage Ideas

15 Caravan Clothes Storage Ideas

Tips for keeping your clothes organised and easily accessible in the caravan.

52 Caravan Hacks and Mods

52 Caravan Hacks & Mods

The BEST organisational & storage hacks, modifications and ideas for your caravan.

Caravan Organisational Solutions

45 Organisational Solutions

Create a well-organised and functional space with these tips & ideas.

Caravan Packing List

Caravan Packing List

Never forget a thing with the ULTIMATE Caravan Packing List!

  • Pre-filled with 600+ items
  • 17 categories
  • ‘Weight’ column (to organise payload)
  • PRINTABLE – fully customisable
  • DIGITAL – completely interactive
  • Download once, use it over-and-over


Best Diesel Heater for Caravan

10+ BEST Caravan Diesel Heaters

Round-up of the best caravan diesel heaters for sale in Australia.

Caravan Diesel Heater Installation

How to Install a Diesel Heater

Step-by-step instructions & photos for diesel heater installation.

What Size Diesel Heater for Caravan or Camper?

2kW vs 5kW Diesel Heaters for RVs

Find out which is the best sized diesel heater for your caravan.

Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions

Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions

Helpful instruction guide on how to use a Chinese Diesel Heater.

Chinese Diesel Heater Problems + Troubleshooting

Chinese Diesel Heater Problems

Common troubleshooting questions + Error Codes.

Australian Made Diesel Heaters for Caravans

Australian Made Diesel Heaters

Find out if any diesel heaters are made in Australia.

Communication & Technology

Best Apps for Travelling Australia

25+ BEST Apps for Travelling Australia

Including apps for camps, resources, communication, safety & entertainment.

How to Use WikiCamps Australia (App Tutorial)

Full Guide to WikiCamps

How to use the WikiCamps Australia app for finding resources on the road.

UHF Radios for Travelling Australia

Guide to UHF Radios for Travelling

Full guide to using a UHF Radio while travelling (channels, safety & tips).

BBQARM Starlink RV Pole Mount

BBQARM Starlink Pole Mount

Get the best internet on the road with a Starlink RV Pole Mount.

Starlink for Caravans (Satellite Internet)

Starlink Internet for Caravans

Full guide including costs, getting set up, coverage & tips.

Best Camping Apps Australia

13 Best Camping Apps

The most useful apps for all types of camping in Australia.

Apps for Free Camping Australia

5 Apps for Finding Free Camps

The best apps for finding Free Camps in Australia.

Security & Medical

Caravan Security Tips (protect from theft)

10+ Caravan Security Tips

Keep your caravan and belongings safe while travelling with these tips.

Hide Away Safe for Caravan

Hide Away Safe for RVs

Discreetly secure your valuables with this lightweight RV safe.

Caravan & Camping First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kit Checklist

Make sure you’ve got a solid first aid kit with these 40+ items.

Camping & Outdoor

Muk Mat Review

MUK MAT Review

Our honest take on the popular MUK MAT (camping grass mat).

Tesalate Towel Reviews (Sand Free Beach Towel & Gym Towel)

Tesalate Towel Reviews

What we thought of the sand-free beach towel & gym towel.

Breezy Shade Review

Breezy Shade Review

Is the Breezy Shade actually useful? Find out what we thought!

Travelling Australia with Bikes & Scooters

Should You Pack the Bikes?

Is it worth packing the bikes or scooters for your big trip?

Your Vehicle

Airbag Suspension for Towing a Caravan

Airbag Suspension for Towing

Installing & using Airbag Man Suspension for towing a caravan.

Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

11 BEST Caravan Towing Mirrors

Browse the different types of towing mirrors to find which will suit your set-up.

SUV Doorstep Review

SUV Doorstep Review

Full run-down on the SUV Doorstep for easy rooftop access.

Your Travelling Set-up

Should You Tow with Full Water Tanks?

Towing with Full vs Empty Water Tanks

Is it better to tow with full or empty water tanks? Find out here.

How to Load a Caravan for Towing

How to Load a Caravan for Towing

8 tips for loading a caravan so it’s safe for towing.

Should a Caravan Be Level When Towing?

Does the Van Need to Be Level?

Find out just how level your set-up needs to be for towing.

How to Stop Caravan Sway

How to Stop Caravan Sway

6 tips for stopping caravan sway + prevention strategies.

Is It Illegal to Carry Fuel on the Back of a Caravan?

Carrying Fuel on the Caravan Bumper

The legalities behind carrying fuel on the back of a caravan.

Caravan Towing Checklist

Caravan Towing Checklist

Comprehensive pre-towing checklist to ensure you’re ready to roll.

Caravan Pre-departure Checklist

Caravan Pre-departure Checklist

  • 6 pages
  • Pre-filled with 50+ tasks
  • TICK off each task as you prepare
  • ADD in extra tasks
  • PRINTABLE – keep it in your glovebox
  • DIGITAL – use interactively on your device

Gift Guides

Gift Ideas for Caravanners

75+ Gift Ideas for Caravanners

Caravanners like to keep it simple, but here are some gift ideas that they’d love to receive!

Camping Gifts for Kids

100+ Camping Gifts for Kids

Here are over 100 camping gift ideas for adventurous kids who love to get out & explore.

Caravan Gifts for Her

26 Caravan Gifts for Her

Find the perfect gift for that special lady in your life who loves to go caravanning!

Caravan Gifts for Him

26 Caravan Gifts for Him

Choose the best gift for blokes who love to go caravanning with the help of this guide.

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